The Reincarnate(Rewritten)

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As"I was drugged and I was on the way to my kingdom but as I passed a village I saw a very beautiful woman...and I did something that I regret to this day..."

I prodded for him to continue As"I asked my men while under the influence to capture the woman,you are too young right now to understand what I did but I let her go after but i am sure that I impregnated her,and you are the product of that mistake."

I don't know why but I started to feel a warm substance running down my face....tears Rc"these are the feelings of the body that you are hosting,there is a very high chance of you losing control."

My hands folded into fists and I felt an overpowering surge but surprisingly I did not black out,I could see everything! My body burst out in black flames growing and growing with each wave of anger,within seconds the castle was in vast flames and the man in front of me was left unharmed he walked towards me.

Rc"achievement made Flame Wielder acquired "RC"Flame Wielder definition you can craft any weapon that comes into your mind." Suddenly what looked like a ......BUZOOKA!??

A bazooka generated into my hand,and without even trying to move, my body leaped and held the bazooka downwards towards the Arthur who was clearly in shock as I'm guessing he had never seen a bazooka and I fired,the confused Arthur jumped into action and opened a portal and disappeared.

Rc"Clear Universe acquired." I could suddenly see through everything I could see the whole.....universe!Rc"Portal traveler"Rc"Portal Traveler definition you can travel through other humans' portals and you can create your own portals and dimensions."......

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