The Reincarnate(Rewritten)

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The Apology

My free hand reached out and a small purple oval turned into a large oval and my out of control body walked into it and there stood Arthur I ran towards him as a bulky sword appeared into my hands he turned around as I was about to strike him.

He disappeared I turned and he was behind me,he was no longer calm and full of pride his eyes now had a glint of fear,I felt my face contort into an inhumane smile stretching my face like gum.

Rc"Petrified Smile."Rc "Petrified Smile definition this smile can stun or initially petrify any target for up to thirty seconds.

" My body full on sprinted towards Arthur but wait I can't kill him.I used all of my internal force to stop myself I only slowed down a little, I tried even harder trying to plead with this body's feelings I stopped finally!

I was breathing raspily with the sword of flames just above the petrified Arthur and whispered"he's your father you can't kill him."and finally darkness.

I awoke still in the portal fully naked(my clothes were burnt) I looked around and Arthur was sitting about fifteen feet away from me.

I sat up slowly rubbing my head looking at Arthur who very visibly flinched,I sat with my knees under me and looked down"I'm sorry father."I looked back up at Arthur who seemed rather surprised in a slightly shaken and a less confident voice he asked "how old are you?"I replied " three years and nine months."

He looked at me shocked "THREE YEARS AND NINE MONTHS!!?" I nodded and tilted my head confused,he started muttering to himself and then something appeared in his hand a ...bracelet?

He then said sarcastically "this bracelet is to conceal your aura,I could sense you coming from a mile away."

The bracelet looked like a vine with a few flowers on it,I took it and put it on while once again looking up at him,he looked away and materialized clothes into his hand I took the clothes and put them on and this time the clothes were more feminine pink and frilly "I'm done."

Arthur looked at me and said "I'm going to send you to a school although not a private school this school is very prestigious and will train you on how to control your power." I replied with an obedient "OK." while nodding.......

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