The Reincarnate(Rewritten)

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Fast forward

Two and a half weeks later

As Arthur was building his palace back(that I destroyed) we lived in a less lavish mansion looking home which left me questioning, why was the village that I came from so old and deserted when there are places like this.

I walked around my pink and frilly room scoffing its soo bright,Rv chimed"Choice 1 Oblivion the power to make any object smaller than 1600 square feet disappear in seconds , Choice 2 Creator the ability to make any object you put your mind to but you must be over level fifteen in this skill to create anything larger than a bed." I grinned from ear to ear and started what I would like to call the "Super Bedroom Makeover!"

5 minutes later

I sat on a now white bed with a flat surface with no frills!I threw myself backwards in thought,"maybe I should ask arthur for more information about this school."

I rolled off of the bed onto the floor while pushing my fingers into my ears,"But he makes me so uncomfortable!"

I rolled a couple more times on the floor before I let out a loud sigh"let's do this!"I opened the door to see a large man in armor outside(Arthur put him there.) "Excuse me sir but can you please take me to my Father."

He got down on one knee and said "yes ma'am,would you like me to carry you?" I looked at him disgusted forgetting that I was supposed to be three,that's why he was talking to me in that manner,"You disgusting pervert are you trying to..."I covered my mouth and looked at my feet in embarrassment " thank you."

He looked at me oddly "OK miss,follow me."We walked for about ten minutes before we reached Arthur.I walked into the room shyly.

"Father,can you please discuss with me what exactly I will be doing at this school?"He didn't even look at me but replied"training."I scoffed"what exact training!?"

He looked at me and smirked"training." I saw what he was getting at, he was planning to tell me.

I turned around and stormed out of the room." I can't believe him!"

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