The Reincarnate(Rewritten)

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I laid in the fetal position realising that I was still alive i sighed not even in death could I be truly free from life,I sat for a few of what felt like hours just thinking,....thinking about what I should do from here.

Should I make another attempt? Should I try to get another job?Should I start from the bottom all over again?I sighed heavily not wanting to even think about my mother, I opened my eyes.

To my surprise I was in total darkness,I asked in a confused yet surprised voice"where am I?""wait a minute why do i sound so....different? I don't know how to explain it but I sounded emotionless.

I looked around but I saw nothing! Wait my eyes are open right?I peeled at my eyelids, they are open!Did I damage them in the fall?Am I.....blind?

Just great I have become an even more useless melenial,how am I gonna work?Suddenly a bright blue flash of light shined from the corner of my eye.I'm not blind!?

I thought I would wake up in a bright hospital, surrounded by beeping moniters , needles in my arms, bandages, casts and that overwhelming moth ball hospital scent just thinking about it made me want to gag!

I looked down to see my naked body, bones twisted into awkward inhumane positions and yet..... I felt nothing, nothing at all.I brushed my hand against my nose and .....I was not breathing, I dug my twisted and broken fingers into my arm feeling for a pulse and I had no pulse.I cant even feel my own touch!Was I actually.....DEAD!?

My body immediately went into fight or flight mode and I started to argue with myself "This is just a dream!" "I'll just wake up and be OK right." "You wanted this you need to atone for your sins." My mind was so chaotic and loud that I didn't even realize that there was a voice along with the blue light.

With the blue light came a robotic voice, it sounded like the voice from google translate!"full body analysis" "78% damage" "full body repair and reconstruction" I was confused but my confusion was suddenly met with a sharp pain, my body abruptly started to shake and my bones snapped back into place before my own eyes.

Not even in death could I be free from pain? Everything started to hurt I felt something warm running down my face...... they were....tears? But why was I crying?Infact why did I not know I was crying?My attention was soon redirected to the pain all over again, it felt like I was being stabbed by a thousand knives! I collapsed in pain......

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