The Reincarnate(Rewritten)

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Where am i?

I awoke to loud obnoxious screams, the screams of what seemed to be an infant, these screams started to get louder and louder over time.

I listened to these weak and tiny screams for what seemed like forever not even paying attention to my surroundings and came to be too much.

I almost forgot about this damn phobia! Not even in this life could I live without phonophobia this phobia has tortured me for most of my life and here we are,again history repeats itself.

A sudden burst of energy hit me like a shot of adrenaline, the voices in my head started to let out screams in this vortex that i like to call mental screaming,which in turn was the worst part.

The screams in my head started to become so loud that they were drowning out the sound of the actual screams.I tried to calm myself down, I tried to lift my finger to my face to bite down on it but to no avail,I tried so hard to concentrate on just lifting my hand,something that I had been doing my whole life that I didn't even realize the screams had stopped.....but what happened to the screaming infant?

I started to think....I tried lifting my head and with enough concentration...... I did it! I looked down and saw a.....HUGE STOMACH!?I turned my head to the side and saw a skinny and frail right arm,I quickly came to the realization that the screams were coming....from me?

"what's happening to me?" I muttered anxiously and that same voice in all of its robotic glory said "your soul has been transported to the body of a starving two month old abandoned by her parents."

I replied with"Am I not supposed to be dead? Wait but who are you" RV "You have died already but you have been reincarnated, as for who i am not even I can answer that question but from searching into my database I have found out that I am an unknown entity and my purpose is to help you survive in this unknown world." Mc: I've already died? And I'm a new person? But I'm a BABY !!??"

RV: you will understand in time."Mc:that is not a complete answer! This time the voice did not reply. I yelled(in my head) "Who am I??" Rv: You are Izara Isouh". Mc "No not my old name.... doesn't this baby have a name? ..........

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