The Reincarnate(Rewritten)

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I was driven into complete darkness. Suddenly the bright blue light came and went changing to a duller atmosphere I saw a light in what seemed to be a dull,small but warm space?

I heard a woman screaming in pain or maybe anger while another woman yelled "JUST ONE MORE PUSH!" There was an abrupt silence and then the cry of an infant,in what seemed to be a first person view there was a burst of light,I or in other words the infant was thrown over a middle aged ladies' arm and tapped lightly on the back.

I was then wrapped in a rag and placed on another woman, drenched in sweat and tears, she looked at the baby and with a whisper she said "yukai sua" the memory stopped and started to play again to the woman feeding the baby and soon after a crying baby it then switched to a memory of the same woman who I assumed was the midwife, the woman who gave birth to the baby said "I'm not producing any milk " in a sad broken voice.

MW"I'm sorry miss but there is nothing I can do about your problem but I can advise you not to become attached to the child because there is an extremely high chance of the child passing without drinking any milk...."

The woman cut her off "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN ADVISE ME NOT TO GET ATTACHED!?THIS IS MY BABY YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!! ARE THERE NOT ANY FOODS OR HERBS ANYTHING THAT YOU CAN SUBSTITUTE MY MILK WITH!!!???crying the woman looked down at the baby its precious smile smothering its mothers heart.The woman lifted the baby onto her hip wiped her tears and walked out the door.

The memory stopped and changed again to the babys' perspective, the baby was awakened by the the small shack like home shaking as if it was in the middle of a small earthquake or tremor the woman who laid in a the bed with a man of whom i would guess was her lover sat up in a hurry with a misguided horror on her face and tapped the man beside her.

She then said "they're here" the man sat up and rushed out of the bed and started to pack the few things they had in the hut with them, the woman was about to pick the baby who at this point was weak and fragile when the man grabbed her hand and shook his head,the mother of the child whisper shouted in return "WAIT...YOU WANT ME TO LEAVE HER HERE!!??He replied with "LARZIA THE CHILD IS GOING TO DIE ANYWAY JUST LEAVE IT HERE AND YOU WILL SUFFER LESS" she screamed in reply "NO I CANT" He covered her mouth took the bags up and fled with her.

I sat in the darkness of wherever I was and said "what is this supposed to mean?" Rv: you were abandoned by your mother and died of starvation a few days later at the same time you committed suicide and your soul was thrown into the body of this child because her organs had yet to completely shut down and the ones that had already shut down were repaired.

"Mc:"Oh" I was returned to the body of the small infant of the name Yukai sua i was once again in the small childs body when I heard my tiny stomach growl.

Rv:" It seems it is time to feed you" and with that out of nowhere came a bottle, it landed in my mouth and I suckled on it, I drank three bottles of milk before my stomach was filled. I was provided with a diaper and clothing that matched this era, as the months went by I was learning very quickly everything about this world(I had nothing better to do) and soon enough three and a half years had passed.

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