The Reincarnate(Rewritten)

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As I was picking berries I suddenly heard clattering, the clattering of HORSES!!!??

I ran towards the sound,my tiny feet tumbling down the dirt paths and finally! I saw what seemed to be a carraige. I ran in front of the carriage and prayed that it wouldn't hit me when Rv:" Danger,Danger if you proceed in this choice you may shorten your life span to nineteen years of age to twenty-five years of age.

"It was too late, the carriage stopped,and out stepped a greasy, creepy looking overweight man, he walked up to me and with one motion he swept me up holding me by my legs like a piece of meat, he walked towards the back of the carriage, at the back of the carraige was a cage...... not filled with cattle or even produce but children?I made a mistake!

The children seemed to be as young as one and a half to sixteen years old,he threw me into the cage with everyone else locked it and got back into the carriage.

For the entire ride the cage was in silence until one of the girls collapsed, i was frightened by the sound of her body dropping to the floor, I crept towards the girl and checked her pulse and to my horror she was .......DEAD.

Only now did I realise the condition of the cage, the cage was covered in waste there were also a few more corpses in the cage I sat back in shock and stayed in that position until i fell asleep.

I woke up later that night and i was hungry, I remembered the berries i had picked earlier, I had alot of them a few were crushed of course and as i took them out I could feel the glares of the other kids on me.

I looked back at their dead and hungry eyes and asked in a low voice "does anyone want some of these berries?"I got glares as a reply.

I sighed and laid them out on a clear spot in the cage and everyone started snatching them up like rabid animals,when they finished a boy next to me looked at me suspiciously and asked "why are you being so kind to us?I replied "Am I not supposed to be kind to my fellow travel companions?

He snickered"You're funny, what's your name?"

In a heavy tone,I hesitated for a second and then replied with "Yukai Sua." The boy then replied with"my name is Itoshi Izouh,nice to meet you...........

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