The Reincarnate(Rewritten)

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Slave Market

Itoshi and I talked for a short while and before we knew it we entered a large but cozy looking town.

I questioned Itoshi on whether he knew what was going to happen to us in this town, he replied with"The girls more than likely will be sold off to be slaves,maids,prostitutes or if they are lucky they may be adopted into a rich family as for the guys we have very little hope we will either be sold off as slaves or traded into the military field and have a very high chance of dying in battle.

I was now the one eyeing him suspiciously "How do you know all of this,you're so ..young."I was interrupted by the sound of the man opening our cage,he dragged us out one by one, tied our legs and arms and connected us together.

We were led to the circular opening of the town and told to be quiet and stay put. We sat in silence in the center of this bustling village when suddenly one of the girls, as she was coming out of the shock of the whole ordeal started to cry and she was not crying softly it was more of a horrified bawl, the man turned around and in a sharp tone said"Shut . Up."

The girl cried louder in response,suddenly in one swift motion the man grabbed his sword and swung it,there was an awkward silence and then...the girls head slid right off of her shoulders,the air was still and "aaaghhhhh" the first scream was let out and like a chain reaction there were many more screams.

"Please calm down there is no need to get ......"It was too late the internal screams were aching throughout my head banging against my scull as if trying to get out, and they did,I grabbed my ears and out came a blood curdling scream , I felt a surge of heat run throughout my body and then..........

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