The Reincarnate(Rewritten)

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What did i do!?

My body burst into what looked like flames and it was not the usual fiery feeling running through my body but literal flames!

The flames stood upright and they were the color of charred wood.....completely... BLACK! I looked at my shaking hands covered in black flames when suddenly everything went dark.

Although it seemed to me that i was still awake i was in total darkness, i could'nt hear, feel smell and ofcourse i couldnt see, i remained in this state until suddenly it felt like i jumped back into my body or awakened from a dream, I opened my eyes slowly.

I tried to sit up but my body felt drained and stiff like I had just finished the most intense workout of my life.

I layed their for a while just thinking, when I noticed that the air had a really sense scent to it.

I finally got the strength to sit up and look around and to my up most horror I saw fire!? Along with smoke and burnt houses, It smelt terrible,like a spoon?I spun my head around franticly looking for someone.....anyone.

I turned around fully when i saw just what i was looking for! I saw the silhouette of a person.

As this person drew nearer and nearer to me I realized, it was ......Itoshi! I sat up quickly with tears in my eyes and asked pitifully "D...Did...I do....this?"

Itoshi replied with a sigh "Yes." I completely broke down crying and sweating profusely whilst saying"IM SORRY IM SORRY IM SORRY IM SORRY IM SORRY." Itoshi sat next to me and placed my head on his lap and said" Its okay,its not your fault."

Although his words were soothing they could not remove the images that I had placed in my head fortunately they did help me to fall asleep.

I awoke to the discomfort of my eyes being stuck down from tears, I wiped them and saw that I was still on Itoshi. I tapped him awake, he sat up and said "Oh, you're awake."

He rubbed his eyes and I said "Itoshi?" He looked at me and picked his head to a side in question."Why are you still alive?"He was clearly taken aback but replied " I didn't scream."

I lapped my feet and leaned in towards him "what do you mean you didnt scream?"

He chuckled and patted my head " you killed the fools who could not keep their composer in a difficult situation , you killed the ones that scream."

I looked at him suspiciously "what is your motive in being so kind to me?" He grinned and replied mockingly "Am I not supposed to be kind to my fellow travel companions?This is how I was raised,and either way we should stick together as it seems that we are the only survivers." He pointed towards the charred village.

He had a point,we should stick together.He continued with "we should probably start moving as I believe that it won't take long for people to come and investigate this scene." I nodded,stood up and held my hand out to him,I lifted him to his feet and we walked in the opposite direction of the town.

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