The Reincarnate(Rewritten)

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What am i

As me and Itoshi were walking i heard his stomach growl. we had travelled for three days on end with little rest.

I looked infront of us and suddenly became excited as i squinted towards what looked like another village!

Itoshi and I though tired and frail ran towards the village. After a few minutes we reached the village out of breath.

As we stood there gasping for air i looked up and for some odd reason as soon as the villagers saw us they ran into their homes,I looked at Itoshi for answers but he also had a confused look on his face.

We made our way through the town when an elderly man walked directly in front of us and pointed his cane at me and said "Begone demon this is no place for you we are blessed by the goddess Maria!"

A few more men wielding swords and spears walked from around the corner and said "BEGONE DEMON." I took a step forward "what demon?" The old man roared"DONT ACT CLUELESS DEMON BEGONE OR BE KILLED. I began "I'm not..." and at the top of his lungs the old man yelled "CHARGE" the men started to run from behind him and got into a triangular formation running at us at full speed.

The surge ran throughout my body once again, I tried to surpress it but it was too late,the flames burned directly upright but as i was losing control a spear somehow managed to hit Itoshi and I blacked out.I awoke to yet another burnt town.I started to throw up "how many have I killed this time?"

I looked around, expecting to see Itoshi but ,I never saw him I sat in shock for awhile and I started to cry,I cried until I was dry heaving on the floor.

"This world.....this world does not deserve to have life, this world and its people who harm the innocent...this world in which I was turned a demon I....SHALL...DESTROY!"

Once again I surged but this time I did not black out, I was awake the entire time and I completely rampaged, I killed every living thing I saw for miles and miles ahead, wild horses,travelers,monkeys i was even a threat to flies.

This rampage raged on until I came across what seemed to be a kingdom RV :New skill,Eagle eye ,Accept or Deny use. Mc "Accept" I saw right through this kingdom and saw what seemed to be never ending prey for my blood lust......

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