His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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(Warning 18+) Luna has now come to understand the many dark paths that were set for her. All three brothers have grown to taint the purity of her soul. Yet only one still wishes to protect the last remaining thing that makes her human, her heart. However, fate can be cruel and wicked. With more separation from the one he loves, what will come over Elijah? Does Felix plan on protecting Luna forever from his brother's grasp? An what are Crow's true intentions toward Luna? There are still so many fragments that Luna must piece together in order to understand the right decision that is destined for her to make. But what could it be? "We've always lived in separate worlds, yet our hearts we're always connected. The crimson flames inside me grow's bright and it will always yearn for your touch because you will forever be my other half." ©Copyright

Fantasy / Erotica
T. M. Luna
4.6 14 reviews
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×Author's Note×

*Warning: This story contains sexual content, mental abuse, incest, rape, violence, murder, and foul language.

This is the continuation of “His Demonic Obsession” Book 2, so if you haven’t read the first and second books yet, I suggest you do so the story could make sense. A new chapter will be published once a week every Monday. Hope you look forward to it.

And before you read this book I just want to say that it’s just a story! So please if you are easily triggered I don’t recommend you read any further than this. Another thing please leave the rude comments to yourself, any ignorant or offensive comments will be deleted.

The main female character will be going through a lot of emotional and life-changing events so do expect her character to change drastically. And yes, this is the last book “His Demonic Aggression” Book 3 of this series.

Oh! And one last thing before you start reading, you can now buy the “Demonic Series” Book 1-3 on Kindle, Link will be on my Bio, and everything has been re-edited. Paperback & Ebook are both available, An if you have Kindle Unlimited you can download the entire Demonic Series collection for free right now🖤

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