His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Lake Oblivion

Luna’s POV:

I’m glad Felix is with me right now, I would never be able to walk alone in these creepy woods by myself. Despite how quiet it is, it just makes it all more frightening. Not knowing if you’re alone out here or not, all that could be heard were the leaves being crushed beanthe my feet as I walked. But soon, I was able to hear another loud noise? It was coming from the direction we were headed, as I tried to pay more attention to the sounds. I finally realized that it was the sounds of water, we were by the lake finally!

“Is this the place!?”

I shouted feeling relieved, however, Felix quickly turned himself around and placed his palm against my mouth.

“Shh, we must keep quiet. I don’t want Crow to know that were nearby, to speak with Crow. We must wait until he is alone and away from the other witches...”

He anxiously explained, I was a bit stunned with how nervous Felix was becoming. But it has been a while since he’d last seen or even spoken with Crow. So I could see why he would be acting this way, so without saying anything, I nodded my head in agreement. Felix soon held my hand and we began to approach the lake, however, we made sure to be very cautious once we came upon a rocky platform that was a few feet away from us. Felix immediately had me crouch down alongside him and I was a bit confused at what we were doing? Tapping his shoulder I was about to ask what was going on, that’s was until I suddenly heard the many voices chanting something in such a perfect union!

But where is it coming from? Felix soon patted my head and gestured his eyes down below where the rocky platform was, following his gaze, I was in disbelief at what I was witnessing! I almost yelled out Crow’s name once I saw him surrounded by many witches, what is he doing!? My mind was running everywhere that I didn’t even realize how tight I was holding on to Felix’s shirt! I’m surprised we were able to spot Crow so quickly, I didn’t think we would have any luck in finding him today. But then again, Felix does know his little brothers better than anyone...

“Psst, what are they doing?”

I whispered next to Felix’s ear...

“They just finished sacrificing a human, now they must chant a spell and decided on who will enter the water. I can only hope that Crow isn’t chosen, because if he is...I’ll have no choice but to kill him-”

“What do you mean to kill him?! You can’t seriously mean that...this is your brother-”

I couldn’t contain my anger at what Felix just said. Wasn’t the point in coming here, to stop Crow from doing this!? As I lashed out at what I was feeling, Felix once again clamped my mouth shut to silence me! But this was ridiculous, I understand that Felix is supposed to be kept hidden from everyone, but when it comes to saving your own family member. It no longer matters in keeping one’s identity a secret!?

“I understand it might sound ruthless hearing this, but I can’t do anything if Crow enters that Lake. I risk losing my own life if I enter those waters. Listen, we must wait until this spell they are casting, is over...”

He quietly said to me, though I was so angry with myself that even the many crows that were in the trees began to squawk in a high symphony. All I can do was just sit there with my heart beating heavily, as I watched the many witches word out their final chants. That’s when I felt my body tremble forward at what I saw next! Even Felix held on to my body very closely as we both saw the bomb fire they were circling engulf in a thick black smoke! It slowly began to ascend towards the sky until it finally came back down and covered someone’s body. The feeling of Felix’s arms gripping around my waist only made me come to terms with what he was trying to tell me...


I spoke out in sorrow as I saw the ash of smoke unveil Crows’ face, the black mist that once surrounded him soon vanished, and I just felt sick to my stomach...

“This isn’t real, right? Felix...you aren’t gonna let your brother do this, are you?”

I asked feeling breathless, my chest felt tight and I began to shake Felix’s shirt to get some kind of answer from him. I know that he can’t enter the Lake, but he should still try and stop Crow from entering the water!

“I can’t interfere, will risk getting caught. I know I said that you and Crow are important to me, but you are my priority. Luna, all we could do is hope that Crow survives this gamble he’s taking if he succeeds. He’ll be stronger but at the cost of cutting his life span in half...”

As he began to explain in grieve, I felt like I was in some kind of twilight zone. Is Crow willing to do that to himself!? No, I won’t him!


The shouting of my name could be heard as I let go of Felix’s shirt and rushed myself down the rocky slope! Taking the long route would be too late to reach Crow, so I hurried down the steep hill!

“Crow don’t do it! I know you can hear me, you idiot! I won’t forgive you if you enter that lake!”

Yelling at the top of my lungs, I looked at what Crow was doing! I watched as he began to take off his shirt and stare at the crystal clear lake with such sadness in his eyes. He looked so tired, so broken. Crow, what’s happened to you since I left? Ignoring Felix’s words, I continued to make my way down! I have to reach him before it’s too late, I was so focused on what I was thinking that I didn’t pay attention to where I was stepping. And before I knew it, I had lost my footing and began to tumble myself forward! I was no longer able to control where I was going, and my body fell down the rocky slope, the painful sharp rocks scraped my entire body as I kept rolling down! The noise of heavy boulders could be heard falling next to me as I grunted in pain, my body soon slammed harshly against the concrete floor and I felt the air being knocked out of me...

“What is that noise?”

“A rock slide...”

“No, look! There’s a human laying down over there...”

The faint noises I was hearing were difficult for me to understand as I felt like I was choking on my own breath. But that wasn’t gonna slow me down from stopping Crow, though even with my head spinning and my eyesight being hazy, I tried to stand up. But something was wrong, my body felt numb and heavy. I was laying on my stomach so I couldn’t see all that well, but as I tried lifting my hand in front of me. I was able to see blood covering my whole palm! Is this my blood, where am I hurt, was the fall that bad?

“Crow...don’t do it...please...”

Crying out to him, I ignored my injuries as I drag my body across the floor. But very soon, I was able to feel the horrific pain I was in! Immediately bitting my lower lip, I tried not to scream. With my arms trembling, I did everything I could do to get on my feet. But no matter how hard I tried, it was no use!

“Who does this human belong to? If she doesn’t have a master, we could always sacrifice her-"

“Get away from her!”

With my vision still blurry, I couldn’t see what was going on in front of me. I was only able to make out multiple shadows coming towards me. However, the voices were clear enough for me to listen. The approaching of their footsteps was getting louder until I was able to hear him, he told everyone to stop coming near me, and I was able to feel his body heat as he rushed towards my side...

“My Lord, this human doesn’t belong to you, it wears the Cerberus Royal crest around its collar...”

“We could always leave her here to die-"

“Enough, I’ll be taking this human back to the Royal Family, will postpone today’s ritual.”

I heard Crow shout in high demand as he lifted me in his arms, though any movement he made, my body feel like it was breaking! The pain was too much for me to withstand that I could no longer hold back my tongue as I began to yell out in absolute torment! All Crow could do was hold on to me tightly as he hurried himself to get away from the witches that were around us...

“Yes, my Lord.”

I heard the witch’s voice out altogether, my mind was running everywhere, I think I kept blacking out because there would be moments where my body no longer felt pain...


Calling out his name in discomfort moan, my eyes remained closed and I felt something wet running down my face...

“You’re a fucking idiot! Why would you do that?! Hey, do you hear me?! I need you to keep your eyes open, Luna! Did you think I couldn’t hear you? You fool, I’ve always been listening...you wanted me to stop. But I couldn’t...I need to get strong, it’s the only way I can protect-”

“Crow, hand her over to me now!”

I heard a faint voice shouting in worry, was that Felix?

“And why the hell should I do that? You’re supposed to protect her, but you can’t even do that!”

I heard Crow yell with frustration as he suddenly stopped walking...

“Don’t you dare start blaming me for all of this! It’s because of you that Luna was reckless, she wasn’t going to stay silent and just watch you make a stupid decision!"

Felix shouted in anger as I felt his hands pulling me away from Crow’s embrace!

“Why did you bring her here, it isn’t safe for either of you to be out here like this!?”

Crow stated in concern as I felt someone’s fingers wiping away the warm liquid off my forehead...

“Now isn’t the time to speak, I have to get Luna back to the room so I could heal her, she’s lost a lot of blood-”

“There’s no time for that, she needs to be healed now!”

Crow said with an upset growl...

“How do you expect me to do that when we risk getting caught!?”

Felix asked with impatience.

“I’ll keep a lookout, just hurry and heal her before she falls into a coma.”

I heard Crow explain as his footsteps began to fade away from me, what’s going on? Where is Crow going? Am I gonna be okay, I didn’t want any of this to happen, I told Felix that he didn’t need to worry about me. Yet here I am again causing trouble...

“Felix, I’m sorry...”

I quietly moaned as I felt his heart beating quickly!

“Shh...don’t speak, you need your energy. Luna, why must you be so reckless?”

Felix spoke as I was no longer able to hear him, everything felt numb, and I could no longer tell what was real anymore. Everything just went dark and I couldn’t help but be afraid. It’s like all I do is get into trouble and make everyone else worry about me, when will that change?

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