His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 130: Sealed Aggression

Elijah’s POV:

Sometimes I wish I could sleep, that way I could escape this cruel reality and just fantasize about us still being together, becoming one. But it’s no use, no matter how much I try to ignore what my heart is feeling. I can’t stop my anger from breaking me, and it’s all your fault...

“Luna, is this what you wanted? To have me become a diabolical mess, to torture me and have me suffer?”

I said to myself in total darkness as I kept myself in complete isolation in the deepest parts of the dungeon floors. Chains could longer keep me bound, and there was nothing that could stand in my way from burning my Kingdom to ash. However, the only thing that is keeping me from losing control is the risk of harming my Luna. My hunger strives and grows each passing day the more we are apart, you kept my body satisfied and controlled this beast inside me. But now with you gone, I’ve only come to crave you more, where are you, Luna?

Pulling out the collar from my pocket, I stared at the crest that V gave me earlier today. The symbol of the eternal flower could be shown imprinted on it, proving that it belongs to the King’s Family. Even as I placed it against my lips, I was able to smell her faint scent all over it. Her delicious fragrance immediately set my body into motion. I could feel my heart beginning to beat heavily along with my rapid heated breath. The low growls of pure lust were making my blood boil as I pictured her in my arms. I could see myself stripping away her layer of clothes and devouring her lips. My imagination was running wild that I could feel myself getting harder by the minute...

Unable to bear this discomfort any longer, I began to stroke my shaft in such an aching motion. The touch grew more sensitive as I displayed myself fucking Luna’s tight pussy. Even remembering her sensual moans made my cock throb in heat, but I knew that I could never reach the limits of what I was addicted to. Even as I came, it wasn’t enough to satisfy me, the pleasure that I needed will always be inside you, Luna...

As I tried to settle myself down, I replayed back what V had told me before. That Felix said that Luna no longer belongs to me, how amusing. Does Felix believe that Luna won’t come back to my arms? No matter how far apart we are from each other, my Luna could never love anyone else other than me. She will never be satisfied without my touch, our bodies have grown connected that it’s practically impossible to pull us apart. She is mine, and I am hers, it will forever stay that way until our last dying breath...

But something is concerning me, Felix took this off Luna’s neck. I fear that her life will now be in more danger, what was Felix thinking!? Did he not think about Luna’s safety, or does he just not care what happens to her? No, Felix wouldn’t do things without a reason. I’m sure he’s planned something, but what? He and I have always had a different perspective on things. The only three things we both have in common are that we strive for more power, we both wish to kill one another. And lastly...we will do anything to protect Luna. However, Luna is not for you to protect, brother!

“There you are, my King.”

The sounds of Carla’s rushing footsteps could be heard once she opened the gate...

“I specifically asked to be left alone, unless it regards Luna’s whereabouts!”

I growled in frustration as I slammed my fist against the cold hard wall behind me. The crackling noises of the cement began to break around me and I could hear it echoing throughout the dungeon floors.

“My King...it’s Luna, I’ve received word from one of the Royal families that a succubus witch that lives in a brothel, claims to have seen a human girl being brought into a room by a strange warlock. She couldn’t see his face since he kept his identity hidden beneath his hood. But the witch gave great detail about what the girl looked like, and everything matched Luna’s description including the collar she once wore before. She said she found it bizarre that a warlock was keeping a human inside the room and keeping her in there, she assumed that she was being kept alive since the warlock never brought anyone else to the room except a basket of food. Which could only mean-”

“Felix has been keeping Luna locked away in a fucking brothel?! I’ll kill him, I’ll rip his damn throat out!!”

I shouted in disgust as I felt the horns on top of my head starting to grow, even my wings began to pierce through my back!

“Please my King, don’t lose control. We finally have a lead on where Luna might be at-”

“News of this cannot be spread through the Kingdom, any regular witch or warlock could see how strange it is to bring a human to a brothel and not kill it. Humans never last long in the public Kingdom, that’s why we lock them away in the dungeons. So if this gets out, it will raise suspicion on who this human is and why a warlock refuses to kill it. It won’t be long now before everyone puts two and two together that this warlock could be Felix. I’ve had his name and face be known to the Realm that I wanted him dead! But I’ve kept Luna’s identity be kept a secret so nothing bad could happen to her. Carla, where is the witch that gave this information!?”

I asked in high demand as my eyes grew black...

“We had one of the Royal families escort her here after the witch told him this news, he thought it was important to bring her back here and-”

“Bring her to me, and make sure that only the Royal Families know about this. Have them search every fucking brothel, and tell them whoever brings me back Felix’s head first, could claim his demon.”

I bluntly stated as I felt my long black wings twitch with agitation...

“Yes, My King.”

As she took a deep bow she immediately left the room until I was left completely alone. I’ve grown so used to the cries of despair coming from the humans begging for their lives to be spared down here, that it’s grown bizarre not hearing anything. Ah, I remember now, I killed them all to contain my sanity. Carla mentioned earlier that she will bring a new set of humans soon, but I don’t think I will be able to wait that long. As I stood there deep in thought, I closed my eyes while running my fingers through my hair as I waited in silence...

“My King, I apologize for making you wait. But here’s the witch that’s been staying in the brothels...”

I heard Carla say as I slowly re-opened my eyes and saw her standing next to the succubus. She was very tall, taller than Carla almost. I could smell her erotic display just by where I was standing. This witch knows how to attract others, even her lack of clothing shows what she wants...

“Good, you may leave now,” I ordered her, the look of sorrow could be shown on Carla’s face once she looked at me.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise of what I’m about to do, so once she took her bow, she made her way out closing the gate behind her...

“Oh my, I heard stories of how beautiful our King was. I just never would have imagined I would ever see you in the flesh, standing in front of me. You’re breathtaking my King, you will make any witch jealous of your perfection.”

She spoke out flirtatiously, she soon began to approach where I stood until she was standing right in front of me. This witch has no fear of speaking to me so comfortably...

“Your words flatter me, but I’m surprised that you don’t fear me.”

“Because you and I both know you won’t kill me until I tell you everything you wanna know, but what’s the fun in that if we can’t make each other feel good? Don’t you agree, My King?”

She responded with a seductive look, her breasts were now pushed up against my chest and I couldn’t help but chuckle softly. Of course, this witch had a motive, she wishes to taste her King’s body. Though I have ways of making demons speak, she wants me to feel good? I’ll gladly do that then, giving out a smirk I began to run my fingers along her rib cage in a circular motion. She already began to moan as she started to rub her lower body waist against my groin. It didn’t matter what she was trying to do, even with her releasing her pheromones. It did not affect me, is she really a succubus? What a poor display...

“Elijah, please let me taste you...I promise I’ll make you feel amazing.”

She begged with desperation, her hands soon found their way around my pants. She couldn’t even wait for me to respond as she desperately began to unzip me. What a greedy witch this one is...

“Well aren’t you the impatient one,” I said to her as I effortlessly gripped onto her upper waist and slammed her down on the cold floor!

She immediately grunted in pain, however, she didn’t resist even with how rough I was treating her.

“How about this, you answer a few of my questions, and then I’ll reward you. How does that sound?”

I explained in a deep growl, she quickly nodded as her breathing grew heavier, I knew what she was doing. She was trying to speed up her heartbeat to make her body heat up more, that’s how she makes her pheromones stronger. This witch has no idea that none of her tricks will work on me, but I’ll play along so I could get as much information out of her...

“Before you ask anything, don’t you wanna know my name-”

“It won’t matter in the end who you are, now tell me. When did you first notice the human girl living in the brothel?”

Cutting her off quickly, I started to ask her the questions I needed to know. Though I made sure to fondle her breasts to make her believe she had me under her seduction...

“I don’t remember when I first saw her, but if I had to guess...she’s been staying there for at least a few weeks. I was only able to see her twice...”

She spoke out feeling bliss as I reached further down between her inner thighs, I was slowly giving her what she wanted as she moaned out her words.

“How did she look!?”

I desperately asked with curiosity as I tensed my fingers around her lower core.

“She...looked malnourished when she was with some warlock earlier today. But I couldn’t get a clear look at him, however, the human girl didn’t look in good health.”

She explained breathlessly as I felt her legs beginning to tremble. Though I was mainly concerned for Luna’s well-being, is Luna really okay? I was beginning to worry since her life is in more danger now with her collar off!

“When was the last time you saw her?!”

I asked the witch who started to move her hips forward, her slow response was making me lose my patience!

“A few hours ago, she wore a cloak and a collar. That’s all I remember, my King...why do you insist on asking so many questions about a human? I thought you would be curious of the warlock-”

“A Collar?! Impossible, tell me right now what collar she was fucking wearing!?

I growled as I pulled my fingers away from her lower region. My hands then moved quickly around her throat and before I knew it, I was choking out her words! This was news to me that Luna was wearing a different collar! But I didn’t wanna believe it because then that would mean that someone owns her now! No, I would never allow anyone to have her!

“I don’t know, I didn’t get a good look of which crest she was wearing!?”

She screamed in panic as she tried to get away from me, but she was completely weak and could barely leave a scratch on me. Her desperate attempt of wanting to flee has failed as she struggled beneath me...

“Well this was completely pointless, you wasted my precious time. I think it’s best if we end thing’s now.”

I said to her with an annoying sigh, this bitch doesn’t know shit of what is going on, but one thing is clear. Now that she’s seen Luna’s face, I can’t allow her to live. I’ll be risking this witch telling the other demons about Luna’s existence. And that just won’t do, so I began to ignite my hands on fire and felt the burning of flesh, eating away at this witch’s throat...

“No, what are you doing!? Please don’t, why isn’t my scent working on you?! I beg you, please don’t kill me, I’ll do anything you ask!”

She begged in torment as her body began to twitch in agony, it’s so amusing seeing her squirm like a pathetic little insect...

“Did you really believe that little smells will be enough to restrain me? You’re more stupid than I thought, and why should I keep you alive? You have nothing important to tell me, so it’s best if I just kill you here and now-”

“Wait, I remember now, her collar looked different!”

She suddenly shouted in terror as she tightens her hands around my arm. Quickly releasing her neck, the smell of a rotting carcass could be traced around her throat. It was completely burnt to a crisp almost, I’m surprised her head is still attached? But what she said did catch my attention, but how do I know she’s not just saying that so I won’t kill her?

“How do you know it was a different collar? You said it yourself that you didn’t see what crest she was wearing, so explain?”

I asked in a playful smirk while leaning closer to her agonizing eyes that held fear, it was only a few minutes ago that she looked at me so hungrily for my sexual pleasure...


Her words came out muffled as she began to cough up blood. I damaged her vocal cords, so she was unable to speak. But even still, killing her is still an absolute must. Just because she could no longer speak doesn’t mean she won’t have other methods of telling others about Luna’s life. So I decided to place my hand against her chest where her heart was. But before I could even tear her chest open, she grunted her last words to me. That’s when I was able to hear her more clearly...


“I see, I guess you were useful in the end after all. Allow me to give you your reward.”

I whispered in a sinister growl as I buried my claws deep inside her chest. Pulling out her beating black heart, I raised it high above me and ignited a flame that engulfed it. It only took a few seconds before her body and heart turned to ash, the last remaining flames that consumed the heart left my hands. So I reached my hand further away from me as I stared at my sharp claws...

“Gold she said, I wonder which Royal Family would betray me?”

I asked myself while clenching my jaw, a gold collar is only used in the Royal Families including mine. The rest of this Kingdom is only allowed to have their humans wear plain black collars. Usually, lower-class demons never see the humans that belong to the Royal Families. So the succubus that I just killed would have never known about that unless she saw it herself...

“It seems that you have more than just Felix that is trying to keep you away from me, Luna. It doesn’t matter if this whole Kingdom goes against me. I won’t let that stop me from reaching you...”

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