His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Crying Echo

Crow’s POV:

Hearing Luna’s cries of wanting to stop me, kept echoing through my head. Of course, I was able to hear her and it was almost difficult to ignore her voice, how I wish she didn’t find me. At least not here, not when I am about to enter the Lake of Oblivion. Though I knew this was Felix’s doing, how else was Luna able to know where to find me? Though I have to say that you’re an absolute idiot brother, why would you bring Luna with you to this dangerous place!?

My sensitive hearing has improved a lot in these past few weeks, but I could only focus on listening to one demon at a time. But with more practice, I’ll be able to hear everyone at the exact moment, hopefully. However, for these past few days, I’ve been paying close attention to Felix’s and Carla’s main voices. Carla hasn’t been planning anything, she remains faithful to her precious King. But Felix on the other hand, you’ve been busy doing everything that you can do in protecting Luna. Even so far as to give her a new collar from the Cerberus family. I’m surprised that V even agreed to go along with this crazy plan of yours...

But it doesn’t matter, it’s not like it will change anything. Elijah will still try and find you both and when he does. Both of your lives will come to an end, Luna will be forced to live the rest of her days locked away without ever seeing the outside world again. And Felix, I’m sure our brother will give you a slow and painful death. So either way, you both will cease to exist in my eyes. But I don’t want that to happen, which is why I need to get stronger to protect you both. So I will gladly give up half my life if it means no longer being weak! But just when I was about ready to enter the water, a strange noise grabbed my attention along with the other witches that were with me. Following the sounds, we noticed a big rock slide coming near us! Though something felt strange, I was no longer able to hear Luna’s voice. No, theirs no way she would be stupid enough to come down here where I am at-


Suddenly, a very faint voice called out my name! She sounded like she was in a lot of pain, and that’s when I started to worry! I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, right? Luna’s okay, she’s not hurt. With my eyes wandering around the rocky hill, I was able to make out someone standing at the very top of the slope! There was no doubt in my mind that it was Felix, but where’s Luna?!

“Hey, is that a human over there?”

“She has a collar, but what is she doing out here alone?”

“Maybe she was abandoned? If so, we could always sacrifice her as well.”

Listening to the witch’s walk towards the rock slide, my heart felt like it dropped in such deep despair once I saw her face! The human that they were talking about wasn’t just some regular human, it was Luna...


Hearing Felix yell out her name from afar made me instantly run where she was at, I can’t have these witches see Luna’s face or even Felix’s for that matter!

“Get away from her!”

I growled in a panic as I quickly rushing towards Luna’s side. Her body looked lifeless as I desperately moved the rocks off of her body. I wasted no time in picking her up and rushed myself up the hill where I knew I would run into Felix. Ordering the witches to leave, I postponed the ritual for another time. But right now I didn’t care about any of that since I could feel Luna’s body getting colder by the minute. She was losing a lot of blood and there was even a deep gash on her forehead! My hands were trembling and I didn’t know what to do other than hold her close to me! Fuck, even right now I’m completely useless...


I immediately stopped where I was at once I heard Felix shout her name in fright. The look of death almost took over his face once he saw the condition Luna was in when he finally saw me holding her. Though I, on the other hand, couldn’t help but become angry! I strictly told Felix to protect her and this is the outcome?! Even though we haven’t seen each other in weeks, we both didn’t care other than to argue about the situation that Luna was is in! Though despite blaming Felix’s action, he hurried in taking Luna away from my arms as he rushed himself back into the woods. I knew that this wasn’t the time to be arguing with one another, but I’m royally pissed! As I offered to keep watch in case anyone passes by, I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to beat Felix’s face into a bloody mess! But I had to control my emotions and calm myself...

“Why would you bring Luna here?”

I asked as I watched him gently lay Luna down...

“You should already know why, her stubbornness wasn’t gonna take no for an answer. She really wanted to see you, and there are some things she’s been wanting to talk with you about.”

He explained with a frustrated sigh as he suddenly began to take off Luna’s clothes!

“What the hell are you doing!? Give her some of your blood so she could fucking heal-”

“I need to know how much I should give her, I can’t just give her a heavy amount of my blood, it will-”

“It will what?! It doesn’t fucking matter how much blood you give her, she’s already taken your blood many times before already!”

I shouted in disbelief at what I was hearing, why would Felix give a damn of how much he needs to give her!?

“It does matter, the more blood I give her, the stronger our bond will become-”

“Why does that matter?! Are you worried that you won’t be able to control yourself?! Fine then, if you’re too scared then I’ll give my blood to her instead!”

“Enough, you won’t ever be able to handle a human blood bond! If I can barely contain myself, what makes you think you could? Just shut your mouth and look away.”

He ordered with a stern tone of anger, his own eyes even turned black as he began to undress her...

“I don’t take orders from you anymore, you left the Kings Family, remember. Besides, does it even matter? I’ve already seen Luna’s body in its most vulnerable state.”

I responded in annoyance as I saw the dark bruising around her rib cage, just by looking at it I knew she had a few broken bones. I’m sure she has internal bleeding as well, and although I could hear her heartbeat. It was beginning to slow down along with her breathing, I’m sure Felix noticed it as well since he quickly pulled out a dagger from his cloak. Slashing his palm, he immediately began to suck his blood and held Luna in his arms, pressing his lips against hers, the passing of his blood could be shown entering Luna’s mouth as a small trace of Felix’s blood ran done her chin. The pain of worry and guilt went away once I saw Luna’s injuries beginning to heal. Letting out a relieved sigh, I sat myself down and continued to stare at both of them...

“You don’t have to hold her body that close, do you?”

I asked in annoyance, even after Felix was done giving his blood to her, he continued to embrace her as if it will be the last time he could ever hold her...

“It really is my fault that Luna got hurt, I’m completely useless. All I wanted for Luna was for her life to be safe, to be happy, to pick the path that would make her life easier, and to have her smile more. But I think I’m starting to regret bringing her with me, I haven’t been able to change anything. Luna, she’s still hurting, and I wish I could take the pain away from her heart.”

He explained with sorrow as he buried his face along Luna’s neck in grief...

“You’re too harsh on yourself brother, believe me when I say you did the right thing in taking Luna. I know I said to leave her in the King’s family, but I’m glad you didn’t. In this past month, she’s been speaking with me, and although I wasn’t able to talk to her in return. I can tell how much more honest she is now, compared to when she lived in the castle. Luna can speak how she feels freely, so don’t say you’re useless. You’ve done more for her than I, you’re far stronger than I am, don’t regret what you’ve done.”

I said as I tried to reach for Luna’s hand. However, Felix pulled her away from me, how childish of him...

“Are you really jealous right now of me wanting to hold her hand? You can’t be serious, don’t become an Eli.”

I responded with a deep sigh...

“I’m sorry, it’s just that... feeling Luna’s heartbeat is making it difficult for me to let her go right now. I don’t feel comfortable having anyone touch her at the moment.”

He explained in a painful growl as he held her naked body more closely. I guess Felix wasn’t joking when he said a blood bond could be dangerous. The more blood you give to a human, the more attached you become.

“Whatever, here...at least cover her with my coat. It will be night soon and it’s only gonna get colder.”

I said as I began to take off my jacket and lay it against her body, her old clothes have become stained with her blood, so it’s best if she just wears my coat for now...

“Thank you... Crow, do you plan on going back to the Lake of Oblivion?”

Felix suddenly asked as he covered Luna’s body.

“And what if am? It’s no business of yours of what I do.”

I answered with an uptight attitude, it shouldn’t be of anyone’s concern.

“You know, at first I thought you were doing this because you gave in to your demon’s greed. But since you’re doing this for yourself, then it’s not my business what you decide to do. But know that Luna will be affected by this if you go through with it.”

He said while setting Luna back down, I’m sure it will be a few hours before she wakes up. But what Felix said was true, the last thing I want is for Luna to interfere in my actions. Just look at what happened to her today, she tried to stop me only to end up getting hurt in the end...

“Listen, I understand why you’re doing this. All you want is to get stronger, but this isn’t the right way-”

“You have no idea what it feels like being the weakest sibling! Do you think this Kingdom even takes me seriously!? I won’t be made out as a fool!”

I spoke out while slamming my fist against one of the trees, the intensity of my strength caused many branches to fall and it even made the tree tip over a bit...

“You’ll become a bigger fool if you go through with this ritual, Crow...don’t do this. You will only cause more harm to yourself and those around you.”

He explained as he stood himself up to face me...

“What I do in the end will be my decision, you should probably leave now before the witches come back,” I said while avoiding his gaze, I know I’m being stubborn, but this is my life and I’ll decide which path I’ll take.

“Very well then, but before I leave. Let me ask you something?”

Felix asked while placing his hand on my shoulder...

“What is it?”

“Do you know where I could find Raven?”

He questioned, his gaze was tense along with the grip he had on me.

“Raven? I remember you mentioning this to V when you were both talking-”

“You really can’t mind your own business when it comes to listening to my conversation, huh? There really is no privacy with you, but yes...I’ve had no luck in finding her.”

He said with annoyance as he pulled his hand back, turning himself around he made his way to where Luna was at.

“It shouldn’t come as a surprise, Raven is very secretive about her life. Hell, even Elijah has the Royal Families searching for her.”

I explained as I stared up at the late evening sky.

“What, why?! What business does Eli have with Raven!?”

Felix asked in shock, he sounded worried as well, I wonder why?

“Isn’t it obvious? If he finds Raven, he’s most likely to find you. Even if you don’t find her first, Raven has ways of identifying every warlock and witch in this Kingdom.”

I pointed out, though Felix quickly picked up Luna’s body and looked like he was about ready to leave! I know I told him earlier that he should get away from here. But seeing him take Luna away ached me a bit. There are still some things I need to discuss with Luna, and I don’t know when will be the next time I see her?

“Look, if you’re serious of wanting to find her. I can take you to someone who might know where’s she’s at. The only thing is that this warlock is very complex about stuff like this. He will ask for you to trade something in return...”

I began to explain as I made my way to stop him from going anywhere. I know what I’m about to do will cause more problems, but if this is what I need to do, then so be it.

“Fine then, if what your telling me is true. Then I’ll believe you, but tell me, brother. If you know where Raven might be at, why haven’t you mentioned it to your king yet?”

Felix asked while giving me a suspicious look, he had every right to doubt me. But what I say is the truth, I just hope Felix believes me...

“My loyalty may be to whoever wears the crown, but my loyalty also goes to my family as well. Now then, we should leave once nightfall approaches. It will make things easier and we won’t stand out as much.”

I said as we both stared directly at each other. I’m sure Felix wanted to know if I was being serious or not, though to my relief he turned himself around and sat back down, and placed Luna on top of his lap...

“Crow, there aren’t many who I trust. But I’m trusting you, not only with my life but with Luna’s life as well.”

He spoke out in a tiresome tone, I could only imagine how difficult it’s been for Felix these last few days. I know that we demons don’t require sleep, but we do require to feed on human souls a lot. Judging by Felix’s appearance, I can tell he hasn’t been feeding as much as he needs to...

“I know, the last thing I want is for you and Luna to disappear from me,” I responded with honesty as I sat next to where Felix was at.

We both then waited for night to come, few words were exchanged. But it was mostly silent and the calming of Luna’s breathing made it easier for me to relax. Though I knew that deep down, once Luna opens her eyes. It’s going to be difficult to talk to her, I mean the last time I spoke to her I kissed her. I don’t think she’s told Felix about it, but will things be awkward between us? Of course, it will! What am I saying?! We had sex...fuck, things will be complicated between us no matter what! All I could hope for is that Luna won’t hate me for everything that has happened.

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