His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 132: Delicate Time

Felix’s POV:

Time passed on, and before I knew it, night has taken over the sky. Luna remained unconscious, and I hope she remains that way until we reach the destination that Crow was leading us towards. Though it was the right thing that we decided to leave around this hour, the amount of warlock guards that I’ve seen is just ridiculous! Elijah must have sent hundreds- no, thousands of his Royal guards to find Luna and me.

“Crow, are you sure that we’re safe taking this path?”

As we walked through a narrow alleyway, I whispered, I’m not worried if I get seen, but it will become an issue if Crow is spotted helping me...

“Of course, I’ve taken this route numerous times. The guards never pass by here, it’s also the quickest way of reaching the warlocks home.”

He began to explain as I held Luna’s body closer to me, I’m not sure why but I’m getting a really bad omen in my magic the more closer we get to this mysterious warlock? Something just doesn’t seem right...

“This warlock, what’s his name?”

I asked sounding a bit concerned...

“I highly doubt you’ll know him, he’s quite young and likes to keep a low profile. He goes by the name of Hades, and I believe he’s 42 if I’m not mistaken? The only reason why I know about him is that, unlike you and Elijah. I actually spend time in the Realm Kingdom, instead of staying at the castle all day like you brothers.”

He explained as he turned to look at me, that stare at his pretty much sums up the difference between Crow and me. I’ve spent my whole life training and never really leaving the castle. I had my responsibilities as the eldest, so of course, I couldn’t be like Crow who had all the free time in the Underworld. Though I’m sure since he was the weakest sibling, he felt the need to make an effort to gain respect from this Realm. However, what Crow mentioned before about this warlock only being 42, did come as a surprise to me. I was expecting someone a bit older around their hundred’s at least. But he was right, I knew no one by that name. So I’m curious about how he knows where to find Raven?

“Okay, we’re here.”

Crow worded out as we both came to a stop in front of a very old small house. It looked completely abandon by how old it appeared, even the roof looked like it was about to cave in at any moment.

“You really weren’t lying when you said he likes to keep a low profile,” I said to him, Crow then began knocking on the door four times in a timely pattern.

And right before our eyes, the doors immediately opened. Of course, there would be a secret password to enter, how childish...

“Come on, let’s hurry inside before someone sees us.”

He pointed out as he rushed us to enter the house, with the door closing behind us, it became pitch black inside. Worried for Luna’s safety, I gripped my arms more firmly around her body. Though something else grabbed my attention, there was a strange smell in the air. I couldn’t make out what it was?

“Well isn’t this a surprise, welcome, I should be honored to have two Lord Kings coming to see me...”

Hearing this warlocks voice made me go on the defense, I didn’t know where he was in this dark abyss room, the only thing I was able to pick up was the sounds of his footsteps getting closer.

“Hades, I have some important business I need to speak with you about.”

Crow began to explain in high demand, and right as he said that, the flickering of a match went off and I directed my gaze towards the dim light fire burning away at a candle...

“So you’re Hades,” I said to the warlock with a tense stare.

He was sitting down a few feet away from us, but even I thought that was too close. I could easily kill this warlock without a second thought, but right now it’s impossible for me. Luna’s safety comes first, and I need to get the information that I need.

“And you’re Felix Kings- or at least that’s what you were once called. But now everyone calls you an abomination for betraying the King. And now your face is plastered everywhere throughout the Kingdom, you’re wanted dead. So care to explain why you’re here?”

He said with a devil-like smirk, this warlock was already pissing me off, but I had to remain calm and not let this childlike demon get to me. Remember, I’m a hundred years older than this pathetic parasite. Judging by the room, his heavy aura of magic could be sensed that Hades works with black magic that could be very dangerous for us. It involves draining your sanity and letting your demon take over you so the magic could do less harm to your body. We may be able to heal ourselves, but when it comes to using black magic. It involves making sacrifices on you’re body, this practice isn’t forbidden. But it’s also not recommended for us to use...

“Crow, I’ll let you do the talking.”

I bluntly said as I gave the warlock a hateful stare...

“To make the story short, we need to know where we could find Raven.”

Crow quickly asked as he took a few steps forward.

“Raven? I might know where she is, but what do I get in return once I tell you?”

Hades asked with a wicked smile as he kept looking at me...

“What is it that you want? Do you wish to gain more power? To join one of the Royal Families?”

As Crow began to offer what we can give him, he simply cut him off and pointed at Luna!


He spoke out as he continued to stare at me. My eyes immediately grew black and I couldn’t help but clench my jaw tightly together. My sharp teeth were even starting to crack against each other with how angry I was starting to become!

“Out of everything we could offer you, why would you want this simple human?”

Crow asked as calmly as he could, though just by listening to his tone, I could tell that Crow was becoming upset as well.

“On the day when King Elijah announced Felix’s betrayal, something didn’t make sense to me. Felix, from what I heard about you. You were supposed to become the next King, but you’re father ended up picking your little brother instead. However, you remained loyal to the crown despite the circumstances, but then out of know where you decide to leave the King’s Family. You kept yourself hidden from everyone, why would a Lord who had so much power just suddenly throw it all away? It all started to make sense to me once I saw you enter through those doors. That human you’re holding...”


While Hades was speaking, I heard Luna starting to mumble! No, not now, I can’t have Luna wake up yet! With my hands beginning to shake, I held on to Luna’s head and hoped she would keep her eyes close a bit longer!

“She’s important to you, isn’t she?”

Hades finally asked with an evil grin as he slowly began to stand up...

“Why the hell would you want her to begin with!?”

Crow asked while slamming his hand harshly against the table, very soon his claws began to grow!

“I don’t care to keep the human, or even kill it if that’s what you’re worried about. But that human girl doesn’t belong to either one of you, judging by the crest she wears on her collar. She clearly belongs to the Cerberus Family...or at least. That’s what you want me to believe...”

He said with a burst of amusing laughter while running his hands through his hair, how the hell does this warlock know so much!? It shouldn’t be possible-

“All you Lord’s are all the same, enforcing you’re laws and giving orders. You should know better than anyone that it’s against the law to touch a human that doesn’t belong to you. Yet here you are, holding this human for dear life. Now if I were to simply guess the crimes of what you’ve committed. This human, she belongs to the King, am I correct?”

He finished explaining with a twisted vile smirk as his eyes wandered around Luna’s body...

“Silence, you’ve spoken enough!”

Crow immediately grabbed Hades by the throat and began to bury his claws against his neck!

“Wait! Crow, don’t kill him. He’s the only one that could help us find Raven, so if you kill him now, will have no chance of finding her.”

As much as I hate stopping Crow, we didn’t have any other options to choose from...

“If you want this human, then you can have her. But in exchange, you must first tell us where Raven is hiding at?”

I explained as calmly as I could without giving in to my demon’s rage...

“Have you lost your fucking mind?! Felix, what the hell are you saying?!”

Crow growled with shock and disappointment as he threw Hades across the room. Yet Hades was able to get back up quickly without a scratch on him, his healing abilities were swift. He’s more of a demon than he is a warlock...

“I’m glad you accepted my offer. However, I’m not a fool...I’m sure you probably plan on killing me once I tell you Raven’s whereabouts. After learning the truth of your crimes and knowing how important that human is. I could easily predict what you’ll do to me, so for this trade to be fair. I’m always prepared, I’m sure you both noticed a strange smell in the air when you both entered the room, right? Well please don’t worry, it’s not the scent of rotting corpses nor is it poisonous. It is, however, able to paralyze anyone I want.”

And just as he said that he had immediately snapped his fingers! At first, I was a bit confused about what was going on, but then I realized I was no longer able to move nor was I able to speak for that matter! Fuck, I should’ve paid more attention to that smell earlier! This isn’t good, what am I suppose to do?! Even as I stared over at Crow, he too wasn’t moving!

“Now then, the sooner I tell you what you want. The quickly we could both leave with an equal trade. First off, Raven doesn’t live inside the Realm Kingdom. She lives deep within the mountains, though I’m afraid, even I don’t know where to actually locate her. Though there is a place where she comes and visits every early dawn, she could pick herbs and a few eternal flowers at the main field located south of here. I’m sure you know what the place is called, ‘Fields Gate Mist’. Well then, I told you everything I know. So I’ll be taking this human off you’re hands-”

Seeing Hades reach his hands towards Luna’s body made my blood boil! My heated black eyes grew more sensitive as I kept replaying my mind shredding this warlock to pieces! But no matter how much I tried to move, it was no use. The only thing that I was able to do was growl deeply underneath my breath!

“My, even with you paralyzed your whole body still shakes. I expected no less from a Lord, but don’t worry. Like I said before, I plan on keeping this human alive. I might even return it to its rightful owner, but before I do that. I’ve grown very curious about why this human is so important to you and the King? Is it her soul that tastes divine? If so, I’ll be sure to taste her flesh and body very thoroughly...”

He explained as he stuck his tongue out in a sexual motion, he then gently began to pull Luna’s body away from mine! I’ll kill him- suddenly, a heavy gasp could be heard as I saw Hades drop Luna back into my arms! A hand could be shown sticking out of Hade’s chest, and as I paid closer attention. His heart has been torn out and was being held by someone’s hand! But whose hand does this belong to?!

“Thank you Hades for that helpful tip, I just wish things didn’t have to come down to this. But you threaten to harm someone very important to me. And for that, you must die...”

The dominance of Crow’s voice could be heard loud and clear as I was slowly starting to move my body again!


Hades grunted out as he coughed out a heavy amount of blood!

“That’s enough talking out of you,” Crow said in annoyance, and without any hesitation, he aggressively crushed Hade’s heart in front of me.

Not too long after he did that, I watched as Hade’s body began to vanish into dust. That’s what happens to us, once we die. We vanish into thin air like we never existed. So the moment Hade’s body was gone, his hallowed demon dispersed into a light foggy mist until all that remained were Crow, Luna, and I...


Having gained full control of my body again, I wasted no time in wanting to ask how Crow was able to break free!? Though before I could even speak, he immediately began to explain as he sat down...

“As I said before, I’ve spent enough time in this Kingdom to know how everything works around here. From the many rumors that I’ve heard with my sensitive hearing. I knew that Hades was using black magic, I even knew about his tricks of paralyzing witches and warlocks for his sick pleasure. He might’ve been a sick twisted demon, but I will say this much, he’s always been wise and was known to always speak the truth.”

He explained in a deep sigh...

“You knew all this time what he was planning?! Why didn’t you fucking tell me, and it still doesn’t explain how you were able to break free from his spell!?”

I shouted in anger as I approached him! I should really kick the shit out of him for this! But if it wasn’t for him saving us, Luna probably wouldn’t be here right now?

“I didn’t think he would use his spell on us in the end, and to answer your question. Right as we entered his house, I was able to smell his magic right away. So before he turned on his candle, I drank an elixir when it was still dark. It was honestly dumb luck that I had one on me, I planned on using it if anything were to go wrong when I entered the Lake of Oblivion. But who would have thought I would end up using it in this situation?”

He responded with a bit of annoyance as he hunched himself over in frustration...


The sound of a light voice soon rang through my ears as well as Crows and we both focused our attention on Luna, her eyes looked liked she was in shock. And although I expected her to awaken soon, I’m hoping she wasn’t conscious the whole time Hades was speaking about her.

“Luna, how long have you been awake for?”

Crow suddenly asked with hesitation in his voice, I’m sure we were both nervous about how Luna would respond...

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