His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Luna’s POV:

What happened to me, and what am I feeling right now? Who are these unfamiliar hands that are touching me, they feel so cold? Why does my body feel so heavy, I can’t move nor speak, even making an effort to open my eyes is becoming difficult to do. Where that hell am I exactly? The last thing I remember is rolling down the rocky slope. Oh, that’s right! I was trying to reach Crow, but I ended up getting hurt...

“You threaten to harm someone very important to me, and for that, you must die.”

That voice, it’s Crow who I hear speaking. But who is he telling that to? And why does he sound so angry and frightened, who’s so important to him? Very soon I felt my body jolt back a bit, and I was now being carried by someone else! However, these new sets of arms that were now holding me felt warm. This comfort made me feel less tense and my nerves felt more relaxed. Finally lifting my eyelids open, everywhere I looked was completely dark almost. The only source of light I was able to find was a small lit candle that was on the table...

“It still doesn’t explain how you were able to break free from the spell!"

Spell, what is he talking about? As I focused my attention on who was carrying me, I saw that it was Felix! But he seemed very angry, though that’s when I noticed who he was arguing with, my sights locked gaze over at the demon who was sitting down. Despite not being able to see his face, his pure white hair was all I needed to see, it was Crow!


I wasn’t sure what to say in the middle of these two brothers arguing, all I knew is that I was confused and a bit concerned about where I was? Though my small words were able to reach the two of them as they both immediately looked over at me...

“Luna, how long have you been awake for?”

Crow suddenly asked as he was hesitant to stand up...

“I’m not really sure, I just started to overhear you guys talk, what’s going on, where are we?”

I asked the both of them as Felix began to put me down, but as I peeked over Felix’s expression, he looked very upset.

“First off, how are you feeling? That was a harsh fall you had earlier, you gave Felix and me a scare...”

Crow asked in concern as he approached me, it feels so long since I saw him, it almost doesn’t feel real that he’s here.

“Oh, yeah...I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking and-”

“No, you weren’t thinking! You could have gotten yourself killed!”

Felix responded in anger as he stared at me with disappointment in his eyes, he was clearly mad and I can’t blame him for that...

“I said I was sorry, it’s not like I intentionally wanted to fall. I don’t get why you have to be so upset? Look, I’m fine, nothing bad happen-”

“The only reason why you’re okay, is because I gave you my blood! If I haven’t done that, then you would have been long dead already!”

He continued to shout at me, it was beginning to irritate me! I get that I put my life in danger, but I’m not someone who is just gonna stand by and do nothing when someone I know and care for might die in front of me! Crow was putting his life at risk and Felix couldn’t do anything, so I decided to take it upon myself to take action for a change. I’m tired of not doing anything, I just wanna help!

“Felix, I understand you’re upset. Especially with what just happened with Hades a few moments ago, but don’t take out you’re frustration on Luna-”

“This has nothing to do with Hades! It has everything to do with Luna’s stubbornness, she doesn’t think of the consequences of her actions! Not realizing the painful stress and trauma she causes on others!”

He finally growled out his rage at what he was feeling, even Crow couldn’t calm him down at this point. And quite frankly, I didn’t care, Felix is being so mean right now and I’m not gonna keep my mouth shut!

“If saving my life is so stressful for you, then don’t save me next time!”

I yelled back without even thinking, I just wanted him to stop shouting at me. But my words came out hurtful in the heat of the moment, but I’m just so upset that I just didn’t care what I had to say...

“You’re just like Elijah, selfish. Only caring about what you want and what you feel. You disappoint me...”

His words hit me like daggers, and I instantly regretted what I had said. The realization of my actions wasn’t just harmful to me, but to Felix as well. As I stood there in silence, unsure of what I should say next. Felix just immediately began to walk out!

“Wait, where are you going?!”

I asked feeling guilty for my actions, I tried to stop him from leaving, but Crow quickly grabbed my arm before I could even chase after him.

“I need some time alone, don’t follow me,” Felix said with a hurtful voice of sadness...

I almost felt like crying as I watched him leave the room, Felix and I have come such a long way and here we are arguing! I really have so much growing up to do, it’s no wonder Felix treats me like a child sometimes...


“Luna, just let him be for a while. Usually, it only takes a few minutes for him to cool his head down, though I am impressed.”

Crow explained with a light chuckle as he finally let go of my arm.

“Impressed? With what?! There’s nothing in this situation that you should be impressed about!”

I raised my voice while shoving my fist against Crow’s shoulder. I swear, Crow never takes anything seriously, it’s so agitating!

“Can we stop with the violence already? Honestly, I never met a human who isn’t afraid of hitting a demon. But I think that’s why I find it so impressive, you’re the very first human to ever argue with Felix. Most humans who even try to speak against us are usually killed right away. But you, you made Felix very upset. It’s almost too funny to watch, seeing a powerful demon argue with a weak fragile human such as yourself, Luna...why are you crying? I told you that Felix will come back soon-”

“It’s because I hurt him, I never wanted to hurt Felix’s feelings. But here I am being selfish like he said. I hate myself, I really do...I’m always hurting everyone I care for. I’m tired of it, I don’t wanna do this anymore! Do you have any idea how much I’ve had my family worry about me! Even before Felix erased my friend’s and family’s memories, I made them worry so much! Mom, Dad, Alexa, Ren even...Elijah, and now Felix as well! I can’t keep doing this, I’m sick and so tired of being weak and useless! But no matter how much I try to stay strong, it won’t matter because I’m already so broken inside, I just want this pain to stop!”

I screamed out exactly what I was feeling as I fell to my knees, with my eyes full of tears I began to hyperventilate in panic. Yet despite everything I have just said, a pair of warm comforting arms could be felt holding me. At first, I thought it could be Felix, but the feeling of these hands wiping away my tears felt different. His fingers felt slightly bigger, they were rough but had a nurturing touch with how he was holding me...

“Calm you’re breathing, and listen carefully to my heartbeat. Luna, you’ve gone through many unfortunate events. I wish I could erase the pain that you’re going through. But I want you to know this, that you aren’t useless... you are far from being weak. You’re only human, yet you’ve been able to change Felix’s heart. And in some way, even Elijah’s, when he first brought you to this world, there was no doubt in my mind that you were just a typical human that could break so easily. But how wrong I was, Luna...you showed me how delicate and strong anyone’s heart can become. And on the night when we connected, body and mind, I realized how important you became to me. I’m still unsure of what my feelings are, I’m not sure if I’ll ever know. But I do know this, seeing you again today. Made me certain about one thing, and that’s wanting to protect you. You really can’t be left alone anymore, and I will always blame Elijah for it. He made you rely on him so much in these past months. Never letting you go, and always being watched by him. It’s no wonder why you became like this, so don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault, it’s his...”

After hearing Crow talk along with the beating of his gentle heart. I was finally able to feel at ease a bit, even as I rested myself against his chest. He lightly raised my head and placed a light kiss on my forehead.

“Thank you...Crow, it’s so strange but I was honestly scared when I first met you. I thought you hated humans, even me...but once you started to open up. I was able to see how kind you were, even when your words came out harsh. I know you were just doing it because you wanted me to become strong. Even when we slept together, that’s still something that I’m processing within me. Because I never thought that we would ever get close like that, but you’re right. After that night, there was no doubt that you became important to me. So when Felix explained what you planned on doing to yourself, I wasn’t going to let you do it. Because I’ve come to care about you so much, this whole time when we couldn’t see each other, you were still able to hear me, weren’t you?”

I asked with a sniffle as I felt him pulling his kiss away, he then stared into my eyes and gave me a tender smile...

“Of course, I heard every word. Besides, even if I wanted to ignore you, I don’t think I’ll be able to.”

He responded while suddenly squeezing my face playfully.

“Ouch, let go of my face! Your hands are too rough!”

I said with an annoying pout while smacking his hands away from me! However, Crow just continued to laugh as he ruffled my hair afterward...

“Stop, you would think being at the age of 84 you would act mature, but here you are acting like you’re a kid!”

I responded with a simple smirk as I pushed his arm away, as I began to fix my hair, Crow look at me and smiled...

“What? Is there something on my face?”

I asked with curiosity as I placed my palm against my flushed cheek.

“You’re finally smiling.”

He pointed out as he began to help me get back up on my feet. I guess it’s really rare seeing me smile, even Felix pointed that out before. I need to stop crying so much and smile more...

“Yeah well, it’s not like you act your age either. And I’m not 84 anymore, I’m 85 now...”

“What, when?”

I asked while gripping his shoulders in shock, I wish he would’ve told me sooner!

“A few weeks ago, why?”

“Happy late birthday! I had no idea you’re birthday had passed already, I wish I could’ve gotten you something-”

“It’s okay Luna, we demons don’t really celebrate our birthdays in the Underworld.”

He explained nonchalantly, I don’t get why these demons don’t make it a big deal about their birthdays? I mean, it’s the day that you’re born, and it should be treated as a special day...

“Yeah, Felix mentioned it to me before, though he did say that you Royal’s usually have a feast,” I said to him with a bit of awkwardness once I brought up Felix’s name.

My eye then drifted to the door where Felix had walked out, I wonder when he’ll be back?

“Yeah, though I’m not sure if there will be one. Since Elijah has everyone focused on finding you and Felix. A feast is the last thing he will be planning...”

He explained as he followed my gaze in the direction I was staring at.

“I see, well this won’t do! Everyone deserves a gift on their birthday, so go ahead! Tell me what you want and I’ll do everything within my human abilities to give it to you.”

I spoke out trying to sound excited as I looked back at Crow with a smile.


He asked with a mischievous tone...

“As long as it’s legal,” I responded in a light chuckle.

Crow then suddenly placed his hand underneath my chin and had me stare at him, his bright red eyes looked so mesmerizing that they reminded me of red roses.

“Then, what I want...is for you to live and to smile more.”

He said as I felt his gaze getting closer towards me...

“Okay...I’ll do that.”

I whispered as his face began to inch closer to mine, I wasn’t expecting him to ask that, but I did say I’ll give him anything if I could do it. But why is he suddenly getting closer to me? But before he could even press himself any further against me, I quickly turned my head away!

“I hope nothing bad happens to Felix, he’s been gone for a long while now...”

I’m sure Crow caught on with me avoiding him since he immediately began walking away from me. I hope I didn’t hurt his feelings or anything, I know I told him he was important to me. But right now isn’t the time to be caught up in my emotions! I see Crow as family, and I hope he will always be there for me. Because I will always be there for him...

“He’s fine, trust me. Felix is second best to Elijah if anything, you should worry about anyone who runs into him.”

He explained in a heavy sigh as he sat down...

“Do you think he’ll forgive me with what I said earlier?”

I asked while gripping the fabric I was wearing, wait! Why am I wearing this coat? And why am I naked underneath!? In fact, how did I even end up here? I was so distracted with everything else that I didn’t even notice where I was at!

“Is that even a question? Of course, he will, Felix wouldn’t waste his time arguing with you if he didn’t care.”

He said as he took notice of my reaction to what I was wearing, before I could even ask him questions, he brought up something that triggered my memories from the past!

“Luna, I’ve been meaning to ask you this since you last left. But it’s about the conversation we last had in my room, remember? I asked you... if we ever met before?”

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