His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 134: What I Want

Luna’s POV:

Clenching onto the coat I was wearing, I nervously stared at Crow who was looking at me so intensely. Even with him sitting away from me, he still looked so intimidating to approach. I could tell that he was very serious about what he wanted to talk about. Though I’m not sure if I’m ready to have this conversation right now, at the same time, I also really wanna know if we have met before?

“When we first met it wasn’t here in the Underworld, was it?”

I asked as I took one step forward towards him, his eyes soon opened wider with what I asked, it was as if he finally figured something out...

“Years ago, I remember something very faint. But looking at you now, it’s as clear as day to me. Luna, that name, I’ve heard it before, by the lake. I held someone’s hand...”

Once Crow began to speak, my whole mind felt like it was in a twilight zone! My ears couldn’t believe what they were hearing, is this real? Is Crow the demon I met years ago by the lake, I was only a child, but I could only remember seeing a pair of red eyes?

“Crow, do you remember seeing a little girl?”

“I remember her crying by the waves...”

He quickly answered as he rushed himself to stand up, his stare grew more shocked as we both began to walk towards each other subconsciously.



As we both called out each others names, we stood facing one another. Yet we remained silent, unsure of what we should say next. This all just feels so strange to me and I wasn’t sure of what I should do? But Crow gently raised his hand and placed it by my cheek so very carefully, his expression showed so much sorrow and pain that it made me feel sad. Why is he giving me this reaction?


Hearing his sudden voice call out Crow’s name made him quickly pull his hand back! He then moved in front of me, blocking my view of whoever came inside. But I already knew who’s the voice belonged to. Peeking over Crow’s shoulder, I saw that it was Felix. However, he looked completely out of breath and looked more pissed off than when he left, what happened to him!?

“Felix, what’s wrong-”

“Luna, stay back, it’s not safe approaching him right now!”

Crow quickly warned me as he pushed me back a bit. And when he said that, I immediately looked over at Felix and was able to notice how black his eyes became!

“I’ll fucking kill you!”

Felix growled in rage as he rushed himself towards Crow! He then pinned him back forcefully against the wall, it even caused the house to shake and I almost lost my balance! Is this how strong Felix can get?!

“Felix, what are you doing, let Crow go!?”

I yelled out in panic as I tried to get near them.

“Don’t get any closer to us!”

Crow quickly warned me as Felix gripped his hand around his brother’s neck more tightly!

“I trusted you, but you’ve been betraying us from the very beginning!”

Felix shouted as I saw his horns beginning to grow out of his head!

“What the fuck are you talking about!? I would never lie to you or Luna!”

Crow responded in frustration as he tried to push Felix away, this was all so fucked! Why is this happening, what triggered Felix to act this way all of a sudden!?

“Then tell me why are their warlocks guards searing the brothels right now!? Everywhere I turn, there are more guards than before! Don’t think I’m fucking stupid, I know that Luna has been speaking to you about everything of what we’ve been doing this past month! And there’s no way in hell that Elijah would suddenly send out a search at these specific places! You and V are the only ones that know where we’re hiding, and I trust V a lot more than I trust you right now!”

Felix finally explained as his claws started to grow out! But I was even more surprised that he knew about me speaking to Crow! This isn’t good, I have to put a stop to this before they both hurt each other! But what can I do, I feel like I’ll just be getting in the way!?

“Felix, please let him go! This is your brother, I don’t believe that he would ever betray us-”

“Of course you’ll be quick to defend him. After finally reuniting with each other, you’re so quick to take his side. It shouldn’t surprise me though, after sleeping with him I’m sure you’ll take his side and leave me as well. After all, you both looked like you were getting really close when I came back.”

Felix spoke out in a defeated tone, he sounded so hurt and it just pissed me off that he’s assuming so much! How dare he bring up something so sensitive about Crow and me! Does he think I wanted to sleep with him!? I had no choice, out of everyone, I thought Felix would be the one to truly understand me. Especially with the blood bond we share, he should already know what I felt going through that! But I guess I was wrong...

“I hate you,” I calmly said, yet my hands were in a tight fist and I was shaking all over.

“Luna, I...”

Felix quickly stopped what he was doing and called out my name in regret once he realized what he said. But I didn’t wanna hear him speak anymore, so I immediately ran out the door but I didn’t get very far with how fast Felix caught up to me! He had wrapped his arms behind me and held me back from going anywhere!

“No, let me go you fucking asshole! I hate you, you’re horrible!”

I cried out in sorrow, I feel like I have no one left who can stay by my side at this point...

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what’s been happening to me these past few weeks. Every day, I try to make you smile. To make you feel less hurt, I don’t want to be like my brother Elijah. To keep you all to myself, to have jealously consumed me. Because the last thing I want is to have you hate me, I can handle you leaving me. As long you’re happy in the end, I don’t care if you abandon me, but my heart won’t ever be able to handle you hating me. Luna, please... forgive me.”

I heard Felix apologize in total shame as he buried his face behind my neck. He refused to let me go as he kept holding me for dear life, his voice was shaky and I knew he was keeping his tears from shedding.

“How can you not understand that I have no one left but you! You should know better than anyone what I’m feeling! I would never betray you, never lie to you, and I would never leave you...”

I choked out my words as I gripped my hands onto Felix’s strong arms where I could feel us both trembling in grief as my breathing grew heavy.

“Luna, I love you. I’ve given you my heart, and if you wish to shatter it, then I’ll accept it...”

He whispered loud enough for me to hear, yet his grip was more forced with how frightened he had sounded.

“You’re a bigger idiot than I am...”

I replied quietly as we both listen to our rapid heartbeats.

“I’m sorry for what I said, I don’t hate you...”

I apologized to him, I could feel how relieved Felix’s shoulders had dropped. However, we both suddenly heard the rushing of footsteps coming towards us! So Felix quickly hurried in putting the hoodie over his head as he made sure my coat covered up my naked body.

“Stay away from us, Crow!”

Felix’s voice was in high demand as he blocked me from Crow’s view...

“No, you don’t understand! I never spoke a word to Elijah or to anyone about what Luna had told me! The last thing I would ever do is put either of you in danger! As I told you before, my loyalty may go to whoever wears the crown. But you and Luna are both very important to me, and I would never do anything to break that trust!”

Crow explained sounding desperate as he made his way towards us, and although I wasn’t able to see him, I was able to hear how sincere he was.

“Felix, I trust him...not because he’s you’re brother. But because I know that there’s good in him, this may sound crazy to believe, but he has helped me in the past...”

I said while placing my hand against his chest, the beating of Felix’s heart soon began to slow down, his eyes that were once pitched black turned back to the shade of red soon after.

“Okay, I’ll trust you. But tell me, do you know what’s going?”

Felix asked in a deep sigh as he faced Crow’s direction.

“After you chased Luna earlier, I began to focus on my hearing in hopes of finding out what’s going on, maybe I could find some kind of answer as to why Elijah is having the warlock guards search those places. And from what I was able to overhear in some of the Royal families, they mentioned that a witch spotted a strange warlock keeping a human alive in a brothel. I tried to listen to Elijah, but he’s not speaking right now. But it’s no longer safe for the two of you to stay where you've been living.”

“Fuck, what are we supposed to do now?!”

Felix asked in frustration...

“There’s only one solution now, and that’s to find Raven at Fields Gate Mist! Dawn is almost approaching, so we need to head out now!”

Crow pointed out as he began to look around to make sure no one has seen us. I was starting to become mentally drained with everything that was happening. First the argument with Felix, and then finding out about Crow meeting me when I was a child and to top it off. I still have no idea why I’m naked and who this Hade’s demon was that they were talking about. And now Elijah knows where I’ve been hiding, it’s all becoming so very stressful for me! I’m also so very confused about where we have to go now?

“Fields Gate Mist? What is that-”

“Will explain on the way there! Felix, hurry up and grab her! We’re running out of nightfall!”

Crow responded impatiently as he began to lead the way...

“Hey, easy with you’re hands!”

I voiced out in surprise with how Felix picked me up, I know I’m used to his touch, but right now this coat isn’t really covering much!

“What happened to my clothes!?”

I finally asked in annoyance as Felix carried me with ease, soon Crow and Felix began to explain to me what happened when I was unconscious. Even with what happened to my body after the rock slide! I had no idea I was injured that badly, no wonder Felix was so angry with me, I really could’ve died. But I am relieved that Crow didn’t go through with the ritual. I just hope he doesn’t go back to Lake of Oblivion. It’s hard to believe what Hades did also, at least everything turned out okay in the end, I’m just glad I wasn’t fully awake when Crow killed him...

“Wait! No, no...we have to turn back!”

Crow suddenly shouted as he came to a quick stop!

“What are you talking about, this is the fastest way to get to Fields Gate Mist?!”

Felix responded in confusion as he kept running...

“It’s Emily!”

Crow growled in disgust, hearing Emily’s name made Felix stop in his tracks...

“She’s here, I’ve been concentrating on my hearing and I wanted to know what Emily is doing? Or if she knew more about what was going, but she’s leading the warlocks to every brothel! And I could hear her voice getting closer-”

“You need to leave now!”

Felix said in worry as he began to be more cautious of our surroundings!

“What!? There’s no way I’m leaving you and Luna-”

“I’m not asking you! If Emily sees you with us then that’s it! Elijah will want you dead for betraying him, you are the only one that could give me the information I need, and I need you to stay close to Elijah in case he’s planning something.”

He continued to explain as he held me closer to him, I was beginning to worry as I looked up at the sky and saw how quickly daylight was coming.


“Crow! It will be okay, I promise. So please, go back home.”

I said to him with a smile, I don’t want him to worry about us nor do I want his life to be in danger...

“Okay, I’ll be listening, no matter what. You’re not alone, Luna. I’ll try and do what I can to lead as many warlocks away from this place! Felix, take good care of her this time.”

Crow said as he stared at Felix with such seriousness, they both then nodded at each other in agreement and Crow gave me a concerned look before he quickly rushed himself towards the opposite way we were heading.

“Let’s get going!”

Felix said as he turned us around, he kept running as fast as he could, however, we kept having to hide with how many warlocks were out searching for us! With every corner we kept running into, we had to take a different route to not get caught.

“Felix, will we really be okay?”

I asked in worry as I felt my chest beginning to hurt. At first, I thought it was because I was stressed, but I knew that wasn’t the case once I was beginning to have problems breathing! This isn’t good, what’s going on with my body!?

“Of course we will, we just have to not be seen-”

“Well isn’t this a surprise, I finally found you...”

No, not now! That smug voice, I already know who it belongs to, why!? Why did we have to run into Emily now of all times!?

“Shit! Luna, I need you to run far away from here! Keep heading south until you come across a misty field!”

Felix said in a panic as he set me down...

“What?! I’m not going anywhere without you-

“Go now, find Raven!”

He shouted as he kept shoving me to run away, I know that it’s no longer safe being here, but how does he expect me to leave and look for someone who I’ve never met before?! I have no idea what Raven looks like, and even if I do get there, there’s no guarantee that I’ll run into her!

“What’s the rush? Let’s play, It’s been so long since we last all saw each other.”

We heard Emily laugh in amusement as she began to approach the two of us!

“I won’t let you get any further than this, Emily!”

Felix growled in rage as he moved in front of me...

“Oh brother, as much as I would love to kill you right now. You’re not the one who I’m after...”

Emily said in a wicked grin as her eyes looked over at me, she then slowly began to pull her two black daggers out. That was when I felt as if my heart would stop beating because I knew that these were the same daggers that injured Felix horribly last time!

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