His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Emily’s POV:

While sitting on some stairs, I played back the orders that my King had given me. To lead the warlock guards to the Realm Kingdom, apparently, Felix has been keeping Luna in a brothel? It’s almost laughable how desperate my brother has become in keeping Luna hidden. Though I’m very disappointed that I’ma have the Royal Families help me search, I need to be able to find Luna first before anyone else does!

“My Lady, we’ve checked this section. There’s no sign of the human or Felix...”

I heard one of the warlocks say while taking a bow.

“We’ve checked all of the north section, but what of the south? Has any of the Royal Families checked that area yet?”

I asked him with an intimidating tone as I began to stand up.

“No, my Lady. The King had sent the Royal Families to search throughout the east.”

He explained as he kept his head down...

“I see, then we head south. Ruby, come here!”

I demanded, Ruby has been one of the witches that’s been very useful in exchanging information with me. She’s known almost everything that goes on around the Realm, and in return for her usefulness, I give her human souls to feast on...

“Yes, Lady Emily?”

Once she approached me, I had sent the warlock guard to guide the others towards the south of the Kingdom. My nerves were growing anxious, not knowing if I’ll be able to find Luna first?

“Ruby, have you heard anything yet? From you know who...”

I said to her while pointing at a dead bird that so happened to be a Crow that was laying on the floor. My suspicion of Crow grew once I realized how often he would leave the castle, he swears to our King that he hasn’t heard of Luna, but that’s complete bullshit. There’s no doubt in my mind that Luna and Crow have been in contact with each other. Even when I tried to follow Crow through the Kingdom, I always tend to lose him throughout the busy crowd of demons! It’s also usually rare for us Royal’s to come down to the Realm. I can’t risk getting spotted or else it will cause a commotion, so I have to make sure my face is hidden within my hood. So I had to compromise and sent out a witch to do what I can’t do...

“Yes, he’s been playing with a few witches by the Lake of Oblivion a few hours ago from what I last heard...”

She began to explain with a wicked grin as we both started to walk towards our next destination.

“Lake of Oblivion, that’s south from here. Strange, what the hell is he doing there? We’re you able to see anything else that he was doing?”

I asked with curiosity as I looked up at the night sky, dawn was almost here and I can’t believe I’ve been out searching for almost an entire day! Why can’t Elijah just forget about this useless human already?!

“I’m afraid I couldn’t approach any closer once they began the ritual, it forbids any outsiders from entering the sacrificial circle.”

She said with a frustrated pout as she crossed her arms in annoyance, it’s not surprising though, from what my mother had told me long ago. Is that Lake of Oblivion is a place I should never get close to. She’s even reminded me numerous times to stay away from that place, where witches and warlocks practice black magic that could kill you. Though finding out that Crow has been participating in these dangerous rituals has me a little shocked. But it doesn’t matter, If I’m lucky, he’ll just end up killing himself in the process...

“Well that was a complete waste of my time, do you have anything else that is useful to me? If not, then just leave-”

“Oh! I almost forgot to share something else, when Crow and the other witches were in the middle of their ritual. Something strange did happen, a rock slide occurred right next to them and I saw Crow running towards it for some reason. At first, I thought he’s gone crazy, but in further observation, I noticed him picking up a human near the rock slide. It’s bizarre, but he left during the middle of the ritual and took the human towards the forest. I tried following him but I’m afraid I lost track of where he was. I also saw someone else with him, though I wasn’t able to get a clear visual on who it was since they kept their face hidden.”

Once Ruby was done explaining, I stopped in my tracks and held a motionless expression. My ears couldn’t believe what they were hearing!

“Emily, are you okay?”

Ruby suddenly asked once she noticed my blank stare, though I was completely annoyed once she stepped closer to me. So I made sure to give her a heartwarming smile, I then immediately grew out my claws and slashed her eyes out without any hesitation! She clearly wasn’t expecting it with how loud her screams of torment were. But she deserves it with how stupid she can be. As she began rolling around in the ground in agony, I couldn’t help but laugh a bit at how pathetic she looked...

“Ruby, there’s a reason why I give you human souls. It’s so that you can give me the information that I need in return, but when you leave out something so small or big that could be useful to me. It will affect me dearly, so the next time you forget to tell me something important. I won’t just claw out you’re eyes, but I’ll be sure to claw out that worthless heart of yours as well. So for now, you’re dismissed until further notice.”

I said while stepping over her body, she remained to shout out in pain as I began to walk away from her. It was now crystal clear that Crow has been helping Felix and Luna this whole time! But even if I brought this attention to Elijah, I’m sure he wouldn’t believe me. He already has issues trusting anyone, and right now the only thing that remains in his mind is Luna. It truly disgusts me, and it was setting me off in a full-on rage the more I thought about it. So with all my magic inside me, I hurried throughout the Kingdom until I reached the Lake of Oblivion! But once I arrived, it was completely quiet. There’s only one place throughout the lake that holds rituals, but as I tried looking around. I couldn’t see anything that would give me a hint or a clue that would lead me towards Crow...

“Ruby said that she saw Crow enter the forest with the human,” I said to myself as I looked in the direction where the forest was at.

Quickly rushing towards that direction, I continued my search until I was able to find a set of bloody clothes that were laying on the floor. Picking it up, I began to smell it. I almost vomited once I was able to trace back on who it belonged to. Judging from how torn, dirty, and bloody her clothes were, I’m sure she was caught in that rock slide. But I’m sure Crow was able to heal her wounds by giving her some of his blood...

“So you’re still alive, Luna. How fortunate for me...” I voiced out in a wicked grin as I dropped her clothes back down.

It really was Luna who Crow was seen holding, which means that the warlock that Ruby wasn’t able to see was most likely Felix. I knew that they were close by, I just need to know where they are now! Rushing towards the main roads where most of the brothels were located, many of my warlock and witches have already begun searching each building, but deep down I had a feeling we weren’t going to find them that easily...

“Lady Emily!”

One of the warlocks yelled out my name as they hurried towards me!

“What is it?”

I asked feeling aggravated as I looked around my surroundings.

“When you were gone, some of our guards spotted a suspicious warlock earlier lurking around the alley over there. However, when we tried questioning him, he quickly ran away. So I sent some of our warlocks to chase after him-

“What did he look like?!”

I asked desperately as I gripped the warlock from the neck while pulling him closer to me! Felix is close by, which means so is Luna!

“I don’t know, his face was hidden...”

Said the warlock, I didn’t waste any time and quickly threw him back down, I then ran at full speed towards the direction of where Felix was last seen! I didn’t bother taking the alleyways since it would cost me time, so I jumped on top of the roof and began my search! A few minutes pass by and I had no luck in finding him, but something else did happen, in the corner of my eye, I was able to spot Crow jumping from one building to another just like I was!

Luckily he wasn’t able to see me as I kept myself hidden behind one of the roofs, I couldn’t contain my happiness as I knew that I had to head in the opposite direction of where Crow was coming from! There’s no way Crow will risk getting caught with Felix and Luna, he will be branded as a traitor if he was. So once Crow was out of sight, I sprinted as fast as I could where I last saw him coming from. It was a dark narrow alley, but I eagerly followed the path. The more I ran, the more I was able to hear the sprinting of heavy footsteps. That’s when I knew my search was coming to an end once I turned the corner and saw Felix running with Luna in his hands!

“Well isn’t this a surprise, I finally found you.”

I voiced out in excitement, Felix was quick to react and set Luna down behind him. My thrill of joy and happiness came over me once they both began to panic. Yet Felix was able to have Luna run away, but was there really a point? He knows that there’s one in this world that can outrun me, not even the King. With my daggers out in display, Felix attempted on attacking me once I told him I was after Luna. Despite being able to slash his flesh, he still kept on fighting me! This is pissing me off! I know that Felix is strong, but this is ridiculous! No matter how many times I cut him, he refuses to back down. It was obvious that he was buying some time so Luna could get away!

“Just accept you’re death already, brother,” I said to him in frustration as he kept dodging my attacks.

Though once I said that, Felix angrily unleashed an excruciating kick against my arm. The breaking of my bones could be heard as I dropped one of the daggers on the floor!

“Like I said before, Emily. If you try and harm Luna, I’ll kill you.”

He said with hatred in his voice as his eyes began to turn black, I knew that I had to hurry and get out of here. Because once Felix and Elijah let their demons out, it becomes almost impossible to stop them...

“It won’t matter if I kill her not, she’s going to die anyway!”

I yelled out in pain while grabbing my fractured arm. The look of confusion could be shown in Felix’s eyes, and that’s when I took the chance of getting past him! The pain in my arm was almost unbearable and I thought it would fall off. But I can’t stop now, I’ve come too close to getting Luna and I won’t stop until I reach her!


Felix’s frightful growl could be heard calling my name as I kept running down the alley! I thought I would lose track of where Luna was, but to my luck, I was able to see her laying on the floor. As I quickly approached her, I noticed how misty the area was, that’s when it occurred to me that we were at Field Gate Mist. Suddenly, a heavy cough caught my attention and I looked down where Luna was laying. She was holding her chest tightly, it looked like she was in serious pain. I then realized a small puddle of blood right next to her, a trail of blood could be seen running down Luna’s jawline. That’s when I knew that she was coughing up blood, her organs were finally beginning to shut down...

“What a beautiful sight, you have no idea how badly I wanted to see you. To see you’re last moments of sorrow and grief, as you take your last breath of pain. At first, I thought I should just kill you, but what’s the fun in that that when it will be too quick and easy. No, let me see you suffer in agony.”

I said in divine pleasure as Luna continued to have trouble breathing.


I heard her choke out my King’s name in sadness, even in her last dying moments, she still asks for my Elijah, how amusing...

“Elijah? Don’t worry about him, I promise I’ll take good care of him for you. And if you’re wondering where Felix is at, he’s on his way to die here with you. And since your going to die anyway, let me tell you a secret. Do you remember the potion I had you drink a while back? Well let me tell you that it was more of a poison that is now slowly killing you, and I can’t wait to see your corpse. You made the biggest mistake in crossing me, Luna. You took what I hold dear to me, and for that, you must be punished... ”

I said to her in amusement, what I always wanted from the beginning was now becoming a reality. Once Luna is gone, Elijah will no longer have to suffer. He and I can finally begin a family where both deserve-

“Did you say, Luna?”

The sudden voice of someone speaking made me quickly pull out my dagger, immediately facing the direction of where the voice might be coming from, it wasn’t Felix. No, he’s far too injured to be here so soon. This voice sounded much more lighter like it belonged to a witch. So I began looking around until I was able to see who it was...

“Raven, what the hell are you doing here?!”

I asked feeling defensive, she came out of nowhere. But there she stood before me, looking over at where Luna was laying...

“Before I speak any further as to why I’m here, I must be sure if what I heard you say was true. You called that human, Luna, did you not?”

She asked again, only this time she began to come near where I was standing!

“Yes I did, what of it?”

I respond in annoyance as I stood my ground, why does Raven even care who this human is!?

“How unfortunate timing for you.”

She suddenly said as if she was feeling sorry for me, how dare she speak to me that way!

“And why is that?!”

I responded in anger, my hands were starting to shake a bit with how close Raven approached me. The only distance that we had from each other was the dagger that I held pointing at her...

“Because I’ve been given orders from you’re older brother, Felix. That she is to be protected from the King’s Family.”

She calmly stated as I watched her pulled out a letter from her cloak.

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