His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 136: Human & Witch

Luna’s POV:

Is what Emily said true, am I really dying?! If so, then it explains everything as to why I’ve been feeling so weak. Even now with my heart aching in pain, it was difficult to breathe, let alone even speak! As my lungs felt like they were on fire, I couldn’t help but cough uncontrollably. The taste of my blood could be felt running down my throat as my body began to shake! But despite all of that, I tried my best to ignore the pain and listen to what Emily and this witch called Raven were talking about. I’m not entirely sure if this witch really is the Raven that Felix wanted me to find. But from what she said earlier about the letter Felix had given her, I hope she’s telling the truth...

“Don’t be a fool Raven, if you try and take Luna away from me. Not only will you be betraying the King’s Family, but Elijah will have you killed for this! So if you were smart, you will turn around and leave-”

“I must apologize in advance for this, My Lady.”

I heard Raven speak sympathetically...

“Huh? Apologize for what-”

While I was still laying across the floor, I looked up to see why Emily was no longer speaking. I got my answer when I saw that Raven had punched Emily right in the stomach, I was in absolute shock that there was someone who would go against her! I didn’t even know how strong Raven’s punch was until Emily began to vomit out a heavy amount of blood. Even Emily looked surprised at what was going on!

“You bitch, I’ll kill you...”

Emily grunted in discomfort as she fell on her knees, holding on to her stomach she hunched herself and continued to puke violently!

“It is not my time to die yet, I am fully aware of the consequences of my actions of what I’m about to do. But I was given orders from your oldest brother...”

I heard Raven calmly explain, she then walked closer towards me, and before I knew it. She was carrying me in her arms, this witch must be strong with how easily she lifted me!

“My father...should have killed you from the beginning you became one of us!”

Emily voiced out in pain as I watched her struggling to get up...

“He probably should have, now excuse me, I’ll be taking my leave now,” Raven said as she took a small bow.

How can she still be so respectful towards Emily after what she just said, but most importantly...

“Felix, where is he...”

I cried out for Raven to hear as she began to walk away, the mist that was surrounding us was only making my body feel colder. I still wasn’t sure if I could fully trust this witch that was carrying me?

“Lord Felix? If you’re asking where he’s at, he’s right over there.”

She gestured with the detection of her voice. Averting my eyes, the pain in my chest doubled in stress when I saw Felix laying on the field! He was only a few feet away from me...

“It seems that Emily did quite a number on him, judging from the wounds that refuse to heal on his body. I could only assume that the dagger I made for the King did this, I’m curious as to why Emily has it? No matter, you both require aid. Especially you, Luna...”

She explained with a bothersome sigh as she picked Felix off the ground, he was completely unconscious as I watched her throw his body on top of her shoulder! Just what kind of witch is Raven?!

“Wait, I’m not...letting you leave...”

We heard Emily growl in rage, however, Raven didn’t seem bothered one bit, she didn’t even acknowledge looking at her as she began to walk us towards a pond?

“Lady Emily, with all due respect. You can’t even stand up to stop me, I made sure that my punch impacted your internal organs. I’m sure you have internal bleeding right now, your body will be taking the time to heal itself. So just lay there and save your breath, anything you have to say won’t make a difference.”

Raven responded with an annoying sigh, not too long after she entered us inside the water, she began to chant a spell. I knew what she planned on doing since I had gone through this many times before. She plans on taking us somewhere, but just where?

“Elijah...he’s hurting...and it’s all because of you...”

Hearing Emily speak, made me immediately look at her. She laid herself on the ground and started to cry in sadness for her King. With the water starting to consume me, I felt like my own heart was already drowning in guilt. I didn’t even care to hold in my breath once my body was completely underwater. Because the more we sank further, the weight of my conscience began to eat away at me. I knew that once I left Elijah, it was going to hurt him. But seeing Emily cry in sorrow for him, made me realize that I truly broke his heart. Even my own heart still grieves in pain, I shouldn’t regret leaving him, but why do I want to!?

As I looked up at the darkness around me, I thought that if I were to die now. Will this be what’s waiting for me, to be alone in an endless abyss? If so, I’ll accept it, I’ve made others hurt because of me, so I don’t deserve to be happy once I’m dead. I’ll take the sins I’ve committed and suffer for them. As I thought that, my body suddenly felt a heavy push. And before I knew it, I finally submerged and quickly exhaled. I would love to say it was relieving, but it felt like hell once I was able to breathe again. My lungs felt like they were going to burst at any moment!

“Looks like I need to hurry, judging from your lack of breathing and rapid heartbeat. It seems you’re lungs are starting to shut down.”

She explained as I felt her body moving me, I had no idea what was going on as all I could do was keep my eyes shut while gasping for air! I would be screaming right now with how much pain I was in, however, the lack of air was causing me to choke almost...

“Raven, you’re back early? What are you- Oh my God!”

As Raven finally set me down, I was able to hear another girl’s voice. I’m not sure if my mind was playing tricks on me with how little oxygen I was receiving. But this girl’s voice sounds so familiar to me?!

“Some things came up for me, is something the matter?”

Raven asked as I could hear rustle movement in the background, I couldn’t even open my eyes without seeing the blur of my tears blocking my view...

“It’s just that, I know who she is.”

I heard her responded in disbelief as I heard her coming closer to me...

“Do you now? How strange, the world works in mysterious ways. Quickly, take this warlock and tend to his wounds.”

Raven ordered her as I suddenly felt someone’s hands lifting the back of my head!

“Yes, of course!”

The girl responded sounding so submissive...

“Okay Luna, I’m gonna need you to swallow this.”

I heard Raven speak to me as I felt something being pressed against my lips. What does she plan on having me drink?! As I tried to open my eyes, my vision was starting to clear up a bit. That’s when I saw Raven holding a vile close to my mouth!


I gagged out my words as I tried to push the bottle of liquid away from me, the last time I drank something from a witch, it ended up being poison!

“Very well, I will force it down you’re throat then.”

She said with an attitude of annoyance as she forcefully opened my mouth. She then began to pour the liquid down my throat and I felt it burning my insides even more! So I quickly shoved her away from me and began to cough violently!

“Are you fucking insane, what the hell did you have me drink!?”

I yelled while gripping my neck in a panic, but that’s when I noticed I was able to breathe finally! I was even able to speak without feeling any pain!

“Here, change into this. I’m sure that coat your wearing isn’t enough to keep you warm.”

She pointed out as she tossed a pair of clothes my way, realizing that I was still naked underneath, I quickly began to change in a hurry!

“What I gave you was a potion that would numb the pain and slow down the damage your body is in.”

She began to explain as I watched her starting to mix stuff in her pot. I really didn’t think witches used pots, but looking at her table. I could see many vile’s and bottles that were filled with strange-looking liquids...

“Oh, I’m sorry for yelling at you earlier. I had no idea who you were until Emily said you’re name. I don’t usually trust anyone, but you did save me. So thank you, Raven.”

I said with gratitude once I was done changing, looking around, I noticed a small bright pond in the middle of the room! So that’s where we emerged from...

“I don’t need your apology, nor your gratitude, I was only following orders from what Felix told me to do.”

She said as she placed a letter at the corner of her table, wait!

“Felix, where is he!?”

I have completely forgotten about Felix! My body was in so much pain that I didn’t have time to think about anything else. So before I could even ask about Felix’s well-being, Raven had quickly cut me off and began to explain his condition...

“I’m having someone taking care of his wounds at the moment. I’ll let you know when you can see him, he’s lost a lot of blood-fighting Emily. so he’ll need some time to heal, but it’s not surprising since she possesses such a dangerous weapon I created.”

She nonchalantly said while focusing on her work...

“The daggers, you made them? Why would you ever make something so dangerous that could hurt your own kind-”

“The past king ordered me to make a black dagger that he could use. However, recently King Elijah had me make a new one for him. Since the old dagger, I made centuries ago is beginning to crack.”

She explained in a tiresome sigh, Raven’s voice sounded very sleepy for some reason? This is strange because I thought witches didn’t require any sleep. And what was even weirder was that she kept her face hidden beneath her hood still. Slowly standing myself up, I carefully approached the table where Raven was at and wasn’t sure if I should grab the letter, but right as I was about to reach for it, I couldn’t help but notice that Raven was yawing.

“Are you sleepy?”

I asked giving her a confused stare...

“Yes, it’s almost time for me to take my slumber, daylight is almost here-”

“But I thought demons didn’t require any sleep?!”

“That’s true, warlocks and witches never need to sleep since the human souls they feast on are all they need to build up their energy. But I’m very different, I’m only half a witch. So excuse me while I take my leave, I’ll awaken once the sun sets.”

She explained in a low whisper as I watched her exit the room. Once she was gone, I quickly sat down and placed my palm against my forehead. My eyes widen in shock at what I just heard her say! She’s just like Carla, half a witch, but how? I then paid back attention to the letter that was on the table and noticed that Felix’s name was written on it. I was a bit hesitant at first, but I decided to read it. From what Raven told me, Felix wrote this to her before we left the castle...


I write to you on behalf of my father name. Though this will be the last time I call myself Felix Kings. I no longer wish to be part of this family that holds no meaning to me. I’ve decided that I will follow my path, but I’m afraid there will be consequences for leaving. But I don’t fear the King’s Family, I don’t fear the King. Elijah, my brother will try and kill me for the actions I’m about to commit. and I don’t wish to drag you into my family affairs. However, you’ve served my family for many centuries, so I make one final request. If anything were to happen to me, If I am no longer alive, or if I require your help. I ask that you protect someone very dear to me. Her safety is what’s important and I want you to help her with anything she needs. I know that I can trust you in taking care of her, she is my world and I wish for her to be happy. I know that she is human, but that doesn’t matter to me. Because she doesn’t see me as a monster, she sees only my heart. I couldn’t help but fall deeply for her, she is precious to me. So please, protect her from the King’s Family. Protect my Luna...

~Felix Knight Rose

Once I was done reading it, I gently placed the letter against my chest and held it close to me. His words truly touched me, but they made me feel so horrible as well. Because from the very beginning, Felix decided to leave, but he didn’t plan on taking me with him. I decided to go, yet he still thought ahead of my well-being. All this time, I’ve been important to him. I’m all he cared for, he wants me safe, yet when I thought I was dying, the one demon I called out... wasn’t Felix, it was Elijah. Averting my eyes towards the ring I was wearing, I felt my tears beginning to fall. Why did I say his name, why can’t I just take this fucking ring off!? Why do I feel so guilty leaving! I should be happy being away from Eli, but what Emily said earlier still runs through my mind! Eli is hurting because of me, and I understand what he’s going through. Because I feel completely suffocated being apart from him. I hate this, I really do and I don’t wanna feel like this! I need to forget about him, I need to move on, I need to love Felix. I know that he will take care of me, that he will never hurt me, never lie to me. But I don’t know if I deserve his love...

“Luna, is that really you?”

With my vision still focused on my ring, a voice called out to me. It was the same voice from earlier, slowly raising my head, I almost felt like I was about ready to faint once I saw who it was, how can this be possible, how is she here?!

“Priscilla, you’re alive?”

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