His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 137: Devastation

Elijah’s POV:

When I decided to send the Royal Families to search for Luna throughout the Wisteria Kingdom. I demanded every head family, be it warlock or witch to come see me. If what the succubus said to me was true, and Luna really is wearing another Royal’s collar. Then I will find who has been lying to me! The stress in my grip crumbled the eternal flower I was holding, I thought that if I took a walk through the garden, it would lessen my anger. But I think it’s only made it worse, the last time I was here, I had Luna by my side. Releasing my grip, I watched as the crushed petals began to get blown away from my palm. With how strong the wind is today, I’m sure it will rain soon. Even the darkness in the clouds was beginning to cover the sun, as I stood there all alone, I looked beyond the garden and gazed at eternal flowers surrounding me...

“Are you still wearing the ring I gave you, have you decided to erase me from you’re thoughts, or is this separation killing you like it is for me? Luna, I highly doubt you’ll be able to survive without me...”

As I said that to myself, the sound of heavy thunder began to echo through my ears. Not too long after it started to rain profusely as I continued to stand alone in the garden.

“My Lord, everyone is now present and is waiting for you.”

Carla voiced out as she hurried herself to come near me...

“Took them long enough,” I responded in annoyance as I began to head back inside the castle.

I was completely soaked from the rain but that didn’t bother me, the only thing that kept running through my head was how I was going to strangle the truth out of these fucking demons! I could always just kill them one by one until someone confesses, but then there’s also the possibility of no one coming forward. So once I finally entered inside, I approached the main ballroom where I had them waiting. And as I came forth, they were all already on their knees. Yet none of them dared to look at me, judging from their nerves of sweat and noticeable fear of trembling. It’s obvious that they’re afraid of what’s going on, so I slowly began to walk past each individual as I ignited a flame within my hand!

“There’s a reason why I called you all here today, as I’m sure you’re all aware of what’s been going on in the Kings Family. I’ve ordered many of your Royal Family members to find two certain individuals for me. One of them being my brother, Felix Kings, or should I say, Felix Knight Rose, since he decided to abandon the King’s Family name. He’s committed treason and took someone very valuable to me, a human. Now this human was wearing my Family crest. However, I was told that she now wears a new collar. A Royal collar, now I don’t wish to assume that one of you has betrayed me. But tell me, how would a low succubus witch that lives in the slums of a brothel. Know what a Royal collar looks like? Perhaps my mind is just playing tricks on me...or maybe, there is someone in here that has become disloyal to the crown.”

As I finished talking, I observed everyone’s facial expressions and how they were breathing. But of course, no one was saying anything, at least they know not to speak until spoken to. But their silence was making me more infuriated! So I finally stopped roaming between them and stood in front of one of the warlocks who kept their head bowed before me.


I voiced out to the individual, once he lifted his head, he stood himself up. I was able to see which Family he belonged to...

“Judah, the eldest brother of the Olympian Family. From what I was told, you and my father were close. You’ve served my family well for many centuries, I would like to believe that you would never lie to me. So I will ask you this once and when I do, I expect an honest answer. Because if I feel the slightest bit of hesitation and disloyalty, I won’t waste a second of burning your body to ash. Now tell me, who do you think would betray me?”

I asked him with an intimidating growl, with the flame in my hand growing brighter, I placed it between Judah and me. But the look in his eyes showed no fear, if anything, he remained calm despite the threats that I have given him...

“My Lord, in all my years of living in this world. I would never go against my King, I gave the oath to follow whoever wore the crown. As well as everyone else in here, but I will say this, if there is anyone who would betray you, I promise you that it will not be amongst the elders of the Royal Families. But perhaps the much more younger generation of the demon family members would.”

He responded with honesty, his eyes never wavered and they kept looking at me without any worry. I guess he is being as truthful, but he did bring it to my attention that it could be one of the new young Royal’s that would go against me, but who?

“I see, very well then. I guess I should start burning each young warlock and witch then. I’ll start with you,” I calmly said in rage as I picked up a random witch that was near me.

With my hand wrapped around her throat, I began to burn her neck immediately. The screams of her torment vibrated within the room that everyone refused to intervene. Except for one demon...

“No, wait! Let her go, please!”

The shouting of a witch ran past my ears and I subconsciously let the witch go...

“Who dares to speak against me?”

I asked as I turned around to see who it was, and to my surprise, it was Sephora! I’ve spoken to her before, if I remember correctly, she’s married to V...

“Forgive me for speaking out of turn, but please don’t do this.”

She begged on her knees with despair written all over her face...

“And why should I listen to you? Why are you even here, to begin with, you are no Royal, even if you are married into it the Royal Family. You’re still nothing but a pathetic weak demon.”

I said out in disgust as I marched my way towards her. I then roughly grabbed her from the shirt and pulled her up towards me...

“Elijah, please let her go! She’s just trying to protect our family, she didn’t mean to disrespect you at all!”

V quickly came to her wife’s aid as he rushed towards us. V and his family have always protected the Royal Kings. But that won’t change anything with what I’m about to do with them, she spoke against me, and I won’t let anyone interfere!

“V, if you don’t wish to die with her. I suggest you get back on your knees and watch what happens when one tries to defy me!”

I said in high demand while slamming Sephora’s body against the floor! She then immediately coughed out some blood and grunted out in pain, but as I was watched her cry, V kept begging for me to stop, and I realized something! I remembered the conversation we once had a while back. I asked V what he thought about the humans, he had the same thoughts I did. I even remember specifically asking him if he would ever consider marrying a human before. He said that he has, and at this point. I’m not taking any chance of ignoring something like that! Wait a minute, that’s it! I know where I met him before, so I quickly let go of Sephora and stared directly at him...

“V, I wasn’t planning on killing you today. But I finally remembered something, when I first met you. I thought it was in the Royal Council room, but I couldn’t be more wrong, could I? You’re right around Felix’s age, you’ve been close to the Kings Family despite your lack of power. But I was curious as to why you finally decide to marry after so long? And out of everyone, you chose to marry Sephora, a witch that was a lower class than you. Sephora, you’re older than Felix, aren’t you? Yet from the rumors I’ve heard, you’ve killed a few of your past husbands. You were fairly close to my older brother. So I wonder, did Felix introduce you to V? Did he tell you to marry him and become part of the Royal Family? V, you’ve been known to hunt humans in the human world, and you bring them here first to my family. I never gave a shit on who was dropping off these human souls, as long as I had my fill, I didn’t give a damn. But I now recognize who you are, V... you’ve been serving my family for years, no...decades. However, Crow, Emily, and I, we’ve never cared about which humans we received. But there was one in particular who did care what humans he wanted. That was Felix, he would never like going into the dungeons. So he would pick which humans he would want for himself before Carla would cage them in. V, Sephora...how close are you two with Felix?”

I asked both of them as I finally put everything into motion. Everything was starting to connect, and I thought I was overthinking things. But I’m not a fool, Sephora would often sleep with Felix in the past, but she finally stopped once she got married. I just had no idea it was V!? It’s too much of a coincidence, so there’s no doubt in my mind that all three of them are close to each other.

“Elijah, forgive me...but-”

Before V could give me his answer, we were all interrupted by the slamming of doors being opened! So I immediately stopped approaching V, and stared at who came inside!

“Lady Emily, are you okay?! What happened to you?!”

Carla quickly rushed towards her side and began to heal her wounds. Emily had leaned herself against the door and was holding her stomach in pure agony. She then fell to the ground and was completely wet from the rainstorm that was passing. Just what the hell happened to her? She’s supposed to be the third strongest demon in this Kingdom, so who could have possibly done this to her- unless, it was him!

“Where did you fight Felix at!?”

I asked with desperation as I marched my way where she was laying. The only other demon that could leave these types of wounds on Emily, would be Felix!


“Hurry and speak!”

I lashed out at her while grabbing her hair from the scalp!

“My Lord, please. She still needs to be healed, her intestines are badly injured-”

“I don’t care what’s wrong with her, she let Felix do this to her even after I gave her the daggers! She’s utterly useless to me, she let him get away-”

“It was Raven! It wasn’t me, she was the one that interfered when I was close to getting Luna! She was the one that did this to me and helped Felix and Luna escape!”

Emily yelled out in anger as she looked at me with tears in her eyes...

“That’s impossible, Raven would never-”

“Oh, it’s true brother, I heard it very clearly.”

The sounds of Crow’s voice caught my attention as I saw him walk inside the front door...

“You fucking asshole! If you heard me fighting her, why didn’t you come and help me?!”

Emily asked, her eyes soon turned black as I let go of her hair...

“Emily, out of everyone...I would expect you to know why I didn’t help you. I mean, you said it yourself, what is a weak demon like me good for?”

Crow responded in a devilish smirk, I knew that Crow and Emily hated each other, and I’m sure Crow is getting a kick out of seeing Emily getting hurt. But Crow has a point, he’s completely weak and would have been of no help if he was there...

“So Raven has betrayed me, what the hell happened out there?”

I asked her, Emily then quickly tried to catch her breath and began to explain. That apparently once she was done fighting Felix, she ran into Luna only to find her injured. Yet Raven showed up out of the blue and attacked Emily. She then took Felix and Luna down the pond and disappeared...

“Crow, is what is Emily saying the truth?”

I question him as I saw the emptiness in his eyes, I didn’t want to believe anything of what Emily spoke. Mainly because it meant that Luna was hurt, what happened to her, is she okay?! What caused her injuries, did Felix do something to her?! I swear, if Raven or Felix hurt her, I’ll make them suffer for it!

“Yeah, it’s just like Emily said...”

Crow responded in shame as he kept his head down.

“Everyone is dismissed.”

I voiced out in frustration as I tried to keep my composure in check...


“My Lord, what do we do about Raven now?”

“Do we try and look for?”

“There’s no way we could find her, she’s always kept her identity hidden.”

“No one knows where she could be.”

With everyone speaking all at once, I no longer gave a shit about my rage. I just about had it with everything! Just when I think I’m a step closer to finding Luna, she just ends up getting that much more further away from me! I will no longer stand by and do nothing! I will go find her myself if that’s what I must do!

“Everyone leave, now!”

I growled at the top of my lungs as I hit the wall with my fist, the brutal strength behind my hit ended up shaking the room and caused the chandelier to fall! The impact of it hitting the ground caused the glass to break into a million pieces. Very soon everyone began to hurry and leave without speaking a word. They are so lucky that they kept their mouths shut because I was about ready to rip someone’s throat out!

“Carla, prepare a human to my chambers,” I ordered her, my mind wanted to go berserk.

But my heart felt so empty with sorrow...

“I’m sorry my Lord, but we’ve still yet to receive any humans still. It won’t be for another week or so until we get a new batch of human souls.”

Carla explained in guilt as she came down to her knees in forgiveness.

“Then hold a fucking feast for tomorrow or the day after. I’m not waiting for a fucking week...”

I responded in annoyance as I placed myself against a wall and sat myself down. As I ran my fingers through my hair in frustration, I was fighting so hard with my inner demon and trying to not lose control. But I wasn’t even sure if there was a point in even doing that anymore, maybe I should just let my demon take over? But I think that would just make Luna fear me even more...

“Yes, my Lord. I’ll plan it right away!”

She said while picking up Emily’s body, she then took her leave and walked away with Emily in her arms...

“Crow, please...tell me, did you at least hear Luna’s voice before Raven took her?”

I asked feeling guilty within myself, I should have never kept Raven alive, I should have killed her on the day she brought me to the Underworld. Because maybe then, I would have prevented any of this from happening! Just what the hell does Raven want with Luna, why would she help Felix and go against me?

“Yes, hearing Luna cry in pain. It was a bit hard for me to listen to...but she did call out a name? The name that she called, was yours.”

When I heard Crow say that, the darkness inside my heart felt like it finally felt a bit warmer for the first time in a long while.

“Luna, I still belong in your heart,” I spoke out obsessively while placing my hand against my heavy chest.

“Hey, Elijah...what would you do, if Luna died?”

Crow suddenly asked with sadness in his voice, it’s honestly very strange that he’s asking that question. I don’t know if I should be concerned or not, but I looked him dead in the face and told him the truth...

“I would destroy everything.”

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