His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 138: Rivals

Crow’s POV:

After I was done speaking with Elijah, I ended up going back to my room, as I began to unbutton my shirt, I approached my mirror and looked at how bloody my shirt was. I didn’t even notice Luna’s blood that had stained my shirt from when I picked her up from her fall. That rock slide looked really bad, so I’m just glad that Felix was able to heal her wounds. I’m even more relieved that Raven was able to take Felix and Luna away to safety before Emily could do any more harm! At least Elijah wasn’t able to pick up Luna’s scent from my shirt, I’m sure all of his anger is driving him mad...

"I would destroy everything.”

What Elijah said earlier kept replaying in the back of my mind, I didn’t want to believe that he would kill everyone. But Felix did mention before that if anything happens to Luna, it will cause major chaos. And he was right, I mean just look at what’s happening now! He has everyone looking for those two, and the King just looks like an absolute mess. I never saw a warlock look so exhausted in my entire life. I don’t even know where Elijah’s mind is at this point, what is he thinking? How long does he plan on continuing this search?

As I began to strip off my clothes, I kept looking at Luna’s blood that was imprinted on it. Even as I held it against my nose, I closed my eyes and inhaled her scent deeply. I’m still surprised that Elijah didn’t question who’s blood this was. But I’m sure the King has a lot on his mind, however, I need to be very careful from here on out. Elijah isn’t stupid, he was able to point out V so directly. Everything he was saying made perfect sense as to why V was the one who had probably betrayed him. Felix and I just got very lucky with Emily interrupting the situation...

Dropping my shirt onto the floor, I was ready to head to the shower. But I was able to pick up something in my hearing, it was Elijah...he was speaking to Carla right now. So I immediately sat on the floor and tried to listen carefully to their conversation. Early I was able to hear Raven and Luna speak to one another, so my mind was at ease knowing that she was safe. I’m sure that Felix will recover from his injuries, as long as they have Ravens magic. She should be able to heal anything, I hope.

“I’m gonna go look for her....”

“My Lord, please you mustn’t. You haven’t been fed in two days. Your demon won’t be able to handle the stress going out into the Kingdom...”

“I don’t give a fuck about my health, Luna is out there! She’s hurting, and I feel useless being in here!”

“You need to let the Royal Families handled this-”

“It’s a complete waste of time, none of them will ever be able to find Raven! Not even you know where she could be!”

“You have Crow, I’m sure Luna is bound to talk about where she’s at. And once Crow can identify and describe to us where she’s at will be able to find her and bring her back! So I beg you, please stay, or at least until the feast is over...”

“When will the feast be held?”

“I’ll have it ready by tomorrow night, I just need to clean up and make sure the invitations are sent out to the Royal Families.”

“Very well, but after the feast is over. I will search for Luna, and I won’t have anyone get in my way!”

“Yes, I understand, my Lord...”

After a while of listening to them speak, my ears began to pulse in discomfort. So I lightly touched the inside of my ear and felt a warm liquid coming out. Instantly pulling out my finger, I saw that I was bleeding again! It’s no wonder I was starting to feel pain, I reached the limit of magic I could use. Without being able to devour human souls, It’s going to take some time before I could use my hearing abilities!


I yelled out in frustration while bringing my fist down against the floor. This isn’t good, I need to warn Felix and Luna about Elijah somehow! Knowing our brother, I’m certain that he will burn anything that gets in his way. It will cause panic within the Wisteria Kingdom, but how the hell do I find them!? I feel like shit never goes the way I want it to...


Raising my head, I stared ahead to see who called out my name. It was Emily who had entered my room, she closed the door behind her, and I wasted no time in standing up! the tension between us was very obvious, judging from her posture. It was evident that Carla had her all healed up, what an annoyance Carla can be!

“And what do I owe the pleasure of having my big sis visit me?”

I asked with a sarcastic tone, though the way I was looking at her showed exactly how much disgust I had towards her...

“Cut the shit, Crow. I know that you’ve been helping Luna and Felix-”

“Then why haven’t you told our baby brother yet? Oh, that’s right, you have no fucking proof! Also, I know what you did to Luna. You poisoned her, but it looks like your little plan of wanting her dead didn’t go exactly the way you wanted it to, huh?”

I sneered as I began to change into a new set of clothes as I stood back up on my feet and headed for my drawer...

“Oh, brother...you have no idea what you’re talking about. Granted, if I wanted to tell Elijah about you betraying him. I would, but I highly doubt he’ll believe me. Just like how he won’t believe in anything you tell him about me either. He’s seen how dedicated I am to helping him find Luna-”

“You have a sick way of showing you’re dedicated. Though I can’t help but laugh with how Raven kicked your ass. You should know better than to fight against a half-demon, they are far stronger than you and I combined. Perhaps Felix and Elijah stand a chance of killing Raven, but I am a little disappointed, I was hoping that Raven would have ended your life. Oh, how I would have loved to see you squirm in pain, that would’ve been a funny sight to see.”

I explained in a satisfying smirk, but as I finished putting on my shirt. A hand was placed wrapping around my throat and I was pushed harshly against the ground! Letting out a painful growl, I looked up to see that Emily had pinned me down! She was straddling me and had both hands around my neck. Her eyes have turned black, and I could feel her claws digging into my bare flesh! The feeling of her nails piercing me made me instantly retaliate, so I quickly pushed all my weight onto her and held her down this time!

“You don’t get it, do you? Whenever something doesn’t go your way, you always resort to violence. It’s no wonder Felix left, I think anyone would be tired of dealing with you!”

I spoke in annoyance, but something was off, she wasn’t fighting back. In fact, all she did was give me a blank stare...

“Tell me something, what is Luna to you?”

She suddenly asked, as I felt my blood trickling down my neck, the blood drops soon began to fall against Emily’s chest...

“It’s none of your business-”

“Really? Even after you fucked her, you were okay with Felix and Elijah taking her away from you?”

She asked in a devil-like smile, it caught me off guard, I didn’t think Emily knew anything of what went on between Luna and me?!

“How did you know-”

“Carla has kept me well informed of what has happened between the two of you, and I must say. I didn’t think Elijah would have ever given you such an order. So I’m curious, does Luna hate you now for what you did to her? Is she disgusted by your actions, does she despises you like your mother-”

“Shut up!”

I shouted in anger as I quickly began to choke her! Though it didn’t matter how much strength I had, it still did not affect Emily! I didn’t want to hear anything else she had to say, I knew that she was trying to get a rise out of me, and it was difficult not to lash out! But having her bring up Luna and me, set me off!

“I really hate you, Crow. But I do find you amusing to play with.”

She said while placing her palm against my cheek, she then let out a snicker before pushing me off without any effort!

“If I had the power to kill you, I would have ended your life a long time ago.”

I growled, I never knew I could hate someone so much that I would want them to die every day in front of me!

“Believe me, I would like nothing more but to kill you with my own two hands as well. However, I risk the chance of getting killed by Elijah’s if I ended your life. Right now, our King finds you useful since that hearing of yours is the only thing that makes you helpful. If it wasn’t for that, I’m sure Elijah wouldn’t care one way or another if you were dead or alive.”

“Elijah, you’re completely submissive towards our little brother. It’s almost sicking how far you’re willing to sacrifice for him-”

“You’re the last person that should be saying that. You say how sick it is for me to do whatever I’m told, Crow...all you ever did was listen to what father said. You even killed your own mother to prove a point to him, even when our father killed my own mother. He ended up marrying his sister and had you shortly after, yet you killed your mom just to please your father! So what did you achieve!? Nothing, my mother died so our father could re-marry! But it was completely pointless! You never cared about anyone, not even your mother! You killed her without a second thought! If anyone should be disgusted, it should be me for what you did! I may be betraying Elijah, but I’m only doing it because I love him! At least I know how to love someone-”

“You’re wrong, everything you just said... it’s all completely wrong!”

I immediately cut her off from what she was saying as I sat across from her. We both held so much resentment towards each other, that I’m surprised that we went this long without murdering one another. I knew that that deep down, Emily blamed me for our father killing her mother. She sees me as a waste of a demon being born, and even after I killed my mother. I’m sure that made her despise me even more...

“I’m wrong? Now that’s a funny joke, you’re the one-”

“Yes, I killed my mother! But I did it because I needed to, I had my reasons. But you were right about one thing. I didn’t give a damn about loving anyone, but I know for a fact that the love you have for our King...it isn’t love, no...it’s envy, lust, and desperation. Emily, Elijah will never love you-”

“You know nothing about love-”

“I may not know much about it, but from what I’ve seen with Luna. She’s showed me what love could become. It could be a terrifying and beautiful thing, and I’m willing to become vulnerable for her...”

“Elijah, Felix, and now you! You’re all completely blind to this one fucking human! What is it that Luna has!? She’s weak, worthless and knows nothing-”

“She’s honest, beautiful, kind and she never saw me as a monster. You can say whatever you want about her, but it won’t change how I feel. You might find this hard to believe, but you must accept that Elijah is her true love. Your brother Felix is her soulmate, and although there might be no place for me in her heart. Just seeing her smile, is good enough for me.”

I explained with honesty in my voice as I struggled to get up, my body is beginning to feel weak, it’s been a few days since I last devoured a soul. Soon the sudden laughter of Emily’s voice caught my attention!

“Haha! Do you really expect me to believe something so ridiculous!? You’ve gone absolutely insane if you believe what you just said. Elijah and Luna being lovers? Felix’s Soulmate? Impossible, but let’s say what you speak of really is the truth. It won’t matter in the end...”

She responded in a light chuckle as he hurried herself up, she then began to approach my balcony and open the window doors.

“What do you mean it won’t matter in the end?”

I asked with confusion as I began to approach where she was at...

“As you mentioned before, the poison I gave Luna...”

She spoke out in a smile as she sat on top of the rail.

“From what I heard, Raven was able to heal her from it-”

“Is that what you believe?”

She quickly stated as she began licking her lips in a playful motion...

“What the fuck are you talking about?!”

I voiced out in worry as I quickly approached her, yanking her body in range! I was beginning to panic and was fearing the worst-case scenario!

“What I had Raven brew for me, cannot be reversed. There is no cure, Raven may have probably slowed down the process. But Luna will die, after all...I’m sure you were able to hear their conversation. I mean, did Raven mention anything about her staying alive?”

She pointed out with a smug on her face, letting her go, I took a few steps back and began to retrace what I heard Raven tell Luna. That’s when I noticed the words that Raven said...she never told Luna she was healed, only that she was able to slow down the damage of what her body was going through! Emily realizing my silence, she saw how distraught my eyes have grown. My chest tightened and my heart felt like it was about to split in half! It can’t be true, Luna will live, right? She won’t die-

“You better hurry and find her, who knows how long she has left.”

Emily suddenly whispered close to my ear, and that’s when I wasted no time jumping off the balcony! Once I landed on the ground, I quickly hurried back to the Kingdom and rushed myself into finding Luna! But where could she be? Where is Raven hiding?! Damnit, if only my hearing was working right now then maybe- Wait a minute, that’s it!

“Field’s Gate Mist,” I said to myself as I ran towards the woods, if I take this path I should get there quickly!

It will lead me south, I don’t have many options right now. But if I get to the place where Luna was last seen, then maybe I’ll get some kind of clue on where she could be at! Luna, you need to stay alive! You promised me that you would, so please, don’t die!

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