His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 121: A New Silence

(1 month has passed since Luna and Felix escaped the Kings Family)

Luna’s POV:

“Everything has changed, my old life has been stripped away from me. I’ve been given a new world to live in. However, I don’t feel like I belong here. This isn’t the world I was born in, but it was you who made me be a part of it.”

My thoughts run deep, and all I could do was just look up at the night sky while standing by the window frame. The fresh cool air ran up my skin, I could feel the crisp chill breeze brush through my long flowing hair. My eyes stayed focused on the two moons that inched closer towards each other every night, I’ve grown curious about what happens once the moons connected? Though perhaps it’s not important and that maybe nothing happens at all?

“Luna, what are you doing up? You should be sleeping.”

Following the sounds of his voice, I gazed my attention towards the demon entering the room.

“I know, I just, can’t sleep. It’s really nice outside tonight, isn’t it?”

I explained to him as I slowly began to shut the curtains...

“You’ve been having trouble sleeping for these last few days, is everything okay? Come, Luna lay down.”

He said to me as he took a seat right by our bed. It’s strange, but I would have never imagined myself sharing a bed with someone who isn’t my husband or boyfriend. But I don’t feel uncomfortable nor against sharing a bed with him. Besides, it’s not like demons need any sleep, but I know that he likes to lay down with me while I’m resting...

“Felix, I tell you time and time again, to not treat me as a child-”

“I don’t mean to, it’s just become a habit of mine. But considering the age difference between you and me. You are far younger and such a fragile thing, so how could I not treat you delicately?”

He explained with a playful smirk as he watched me lay down next to him...

“Okay, you have a point there. But that doesn’t mean you should always be babysitting me-”

“I understand, I’ll try to work on that. But for now, close your eyes and get some sleep.”

He said while covering my body with the sheets. Laying himself close to me, he pulled me towards his chest. The beating of his heart was strong and it brought me a sense of comfort...

“How long will you be gone for this time?”

I asked quietly while snuggling close towards his body...

“Not too long, I should be back by morning like always.”

He explained in a bitter sigh, every night Felix leaves within the city and feeds off on many human souls he can get. I still don’t like how that’s the only way for demons to survive. But It can’t be helped, if I want Felix to keep living, then it’s what he must do. People must die, I know that the humans they bring to the Underworld aren’t good. But it’s still hard to see them get slaughtered like cattle. However, it’s more difficult on Felix since he’s been needing to keep his identity hidden from the Realm Kingdom. He always needs to wear a cloak now to mask his identity, I never knew that abandoning the King’s name would result in betraying the Kingdom...

“I know I shouldn’t be apologizing, but I just feel awful leaving you alone here. I gave you my word that I would protect you and keep you safe, but I don’t feel like I’m doing a good job at it. I hope you’ll forgive me-”

“Felix, you’ve done so much for me already. You’ve been taking care of me to the best of your abilities, and I know that this place isn’t ideal for us to stay in. But it’s the best that we have, so we could make the most of it here for a while. So never feel sorry, Felix...thank you.”

I responded truthfully as I placed my hand against his cheek, those red eyes of his have always remained gentle. Whenever I’m with him, I feel like nothing bad will happen, and I feel at peace. Very soon, he gripped my hand that was resting on his face and began to caress it with his thumb. A light smile could then be shown on his expression as he inched his forehead closer to mine. With both our eyes still locked to one another, we both couldn’t help but giggle lightly. This is what I adore, the warmth and comfort that we both give each other. It’s what I wish...he was like.

“Luna, may I kiss you again tonight?”

I heard Felix whisper so sweetly, he’s almost like a child who wants his goodnight kiss. How cute...

“If you’re calling me a child, then you’re an infant.”

He suddenly responded as he brought his lips closer to mine...

“You still can’t play fair, can you?”

I whispered, Felix still always takes the chance to read my thoughts, and although I’ve grown used to it. He still plays dirty with me, pressing our lips together in sweet harmony, his lips were always so soft, so gentle. Kissing Felix was no longer a fear I held in the back of my mind anymore. I accepted him because I had nothing to worry about, I trust him, I believe in him. But most importantly, I’ve come to care about him. He’s become so important that I never wish to part from him. Because this time, I will protect those who I cherish dear to me. I won’t let anyone hurt them...

“Luna, I love you...so very much.”

Felix worded breathlessly while continuing to devour my lips, his hands began to wrap around my body and I couldn’t help but lean in closer towards him. Hearing him say that made butterflies run down my stomach. It was almost too embarrassing to listen, I guess I’m still not used to hearing another man telling me he loves me...

Though I still feel guilty within my heart, not because of Felix. But because of him, he’s made my heart grow numb. I hate it because I’m not sure if I could ever love someone else again other than him. Felix, I’m sorry...my body and soul are willing to accept your feelings. But my heart still can’t beat for you yet, so please give me some more time. I know I’m being selfish for asking this, but I really want to fall for you. Because I know that the love that you have for me is pure, and I know that I will never get hurt if I stay with you. So why can’t my heart connect with yours?!

“I will always love you, tonight, tomorrow, and every day that is to come. I will give you as much time as you need, and I will never stray away from you. Luna, as long as you let me be by your side. That’s good enough for me, you and Crow are the most important to me now. So don’t worry so much, okay little one...”

He said with that gentle smile, leaving one last peck on my lips, he ran his fingers through my hair before he stood back from the bed. Soon, the sudden knocking on the door could be heard and it made me instantly panic! I’m always paranoid that will get caught, but I have to stay strong and not be afraid all the time. So I immediately set myself up and stared at Felix who focused his tense stare at the door...

“Who is it?”

Felix asked in high demand as he carefully began to walk towards the door, placing his hand on the knob, he waited to open the door until someone responded...

“It’s me my Lord, V.”

My shoulders instantly dropped once I heard who it was. Felix then quickly opened the door and we both stared at V who was standing there holding a basket of food. V has been so nice in looking after us ever since Felix and I been on the run. It’s been really hard to trust anyone, but V and Felix grew up together when they were a lot younger. They’re practically around the same age now, it’s still hard to believe that they’re both in their mid 200′s!

“What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here until tomorrow-”

“I’m sorry my Lord, but this is the only time I could come this week. All of the Royal family members have been asked to move closer to the King’s Family estate. Not only that but we’ve been ordered to patrol high security in the Realm Kingdom.”

He explained with uneasiness as he looked at me with worry...

“Are you serious!? The cities are already full of warlock soldiers! Also, so many witches are already searching for Felix and me...”

I yelled out in disbelief, this can’t be happening, it’s going to become more difficult for Felix and me to live here-

“Luna, I need you to calm yourself. I won’t let anyone find us, trust me when I say I won’t allow anyone to harm you. V, do you think it’s still safe to stay here?”

Felix asked while grabbing the basket of food from him, setting it aside on the table...

“Truthfully, I don’t know. I highly doubt any warlock soldiers would look in this building. However, I can’t be for certain, the King has made it very clear that he wants you dead, and that Luna must be captured alive. So in the meantime, I say you both stay put for a few days. Felix, I know you must feed, so I’ll be sure to send some of my human slaves to this building so you won’t have to risk getting caught-”

“I appreciate it, but you know I can’t stay here and do nothing. I can’t have Luna stay here for the rest of her life, she deserves a better future than this!”

Felix raised his voice in frustration as he slammed his fist against the concrete wall!

“Felix! It’s okay, we can stay here for a while-”

“Are you really okay with this!? Staying in this disgusting brothel full of succubus witches. This isn’t the life that you should be surrounded in, it’s not where you should be! I know I’m the one that brought us here, but it was the only place I could think of that will keep us well hidden. But I don’t want you to stay in this kind of environment forever, I want to be able to see you smile, to not see that worried look in your eyes. To not feel that fear within your heart, I know that you’re still living in fright and I want to change that. Luna, you know that we can’t stay here forever...”

Felix said in sadness as he cut me off, he then turned his gaze back at V who couldn’t help but stare at the floor in sorrow.

“Luna, I’ll be back tomorrow morning. Please stay here until I come back, it’s no longer safe to leave this room, but I promise you. I will find a way to make this world safe for you, just wait a little bit longer...”

He said without turning around, with his back facing me I could tell how angry he was with everything that’s been going on. He never wants to show me the anger in his black eyes, but I could always tell just by his tone...

“My Lord, there are some other things that I need to discuss with you...”

V worded out as he bowed his head down.

“Very well, Luna...please give me your word that you will stay here until I come back.”

He asked me as I watched him grab his cloak...

“I promise, I’ll wait for you. But please, make sure you come back to me alive.”

I said to him as he finally stepped out of the room. His head slightly turned to the side, and with his hood covering his face, I was only able to see his red darkened eyes.

“I will always come back to you, now try and get some sleep.”

He said as he began to close the door behind him. The hearing of Felix’s and V’s footsteps soon faded away until I could no longer hear them. Soon, all I could hear was silence and the isolation of this new world that I was brought in. I know that Felix told me to rest, but I just can’t. I feel so anxious and I don’t know what to do? So I decided to get off the bed and grab the lantern that was right next to the bed frame. This room was cold and it was very empty with only the bed and a desk, there was nothing to do in here other than sleep and wait for Felix to come back. However, when night approaches, I always enjoy looking at the night sky, so I took a seat on the floor and leaned my head against the window frame, and admired the beauty of the many stars above me...

“Hey, Crow...I’m not sure if you could hear me, or if your even interested in listening to what I have to say every night? But I don’t have anyone else to talk to, Felix is never with me when darkness arrives, he’s been needing to feed a lot more often. I can’t help but worry about him, I don’t mean to annoy you. But you’re the only one who I could talk to when it comes to me being concerned. I don’t wish to put more stress on Felix, nor do I want him to worry about me so much. He’s been doing alot in keeping me safe, and I could never thank him enough for it, you might be wondering why I’m even telling you all this. Well, it’s because I trust you, you helped me escaped that place when you didn’t need to. I will always be grateful, I probably sound foolish talking to myself, but this is the only way I could keep myself sane right now. So even if you can’t hear me, I like to pretend that you are. Crow, how are you, are you doing okay? Is everything still that same since I left? Probably not, huh? I don’t know why, but I’ve been feeling so tired for these past few weeks, no matter how much rest or sleep I get. It’s like it’s never enough, it’s coming to the point where it’s been difficult for me to even lift my own body sometimes. I don’t know if it’s because of stress, or if it’s something else? I don’t want to bring it up to Felix since a lot is going on lately, I’m sure you probably already know this, but it looks like your brother really wants to find me. So many warlocks and witches are looking for Felix, even the Royal families are moving closer to where you’re at. I’m honestly terrified, what will happen to me if I’m found? I’m trying so hard to be brave, but I’m still afraid. Crow, I’m sorry...but I’m still a cry baby, I know you're probably fed up with listening to me cry all the time. But I can’t help it....”

After speaking out my thoughts, I began to shed the tears that I’ve been trying so hard to keep inside. Placing my hand over my eyes, I felt something cold touching my eyelids! Pulling my fingers away, I stared at the ring that I was wearing. The brightness of the red diamond shined so brightly underneath the moonlight. My hand couldn’t help but shake, so I brought my hand to a tight fist and brought it towards my chest. Gripping my hands close to me, I was able to feel a light beating. At first, I thought it was just my own heart that I was feeling, that was until I felt something else beating very lightly, it followed the same pattern as my own heart almost. What is this, why does feeling this beat pattern makes my heart feel heavy?

“Eli, what did you do with this ring?”

I asked myself as I stared at the jewel more carefully, why am I even wearing it still? I shouldn’t wear this, I need to take it off. But as I tried to remove it, my whole body felt this heavyweight of guilt and heartbreak! I can’t, I really can’t do it...this ring, I can’t take it off! Elijah, I love you...I love you so much that I’ve grown to hate you for it! All I wanted, was for us to be happy. But what you wanted wasn’t happiness. No, what you wanted was total control over my heart, and you succeed, you can have my heart! But know that my mind, body, and soul won’t give into you anymore...

“Elijah, we were always together. And through time our love blossomed into something beautiful. However, the darkness that swallowed your soul, not only tainted who you were but you’re heart as well. And before I knew it, I allowed you to taint me as well. Eli, what’s become of you?”

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