His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Temperature Of Hearts

Luna’s POV:

With everything we have gone through, I feel like our hearts grew closer. I never wish to forget this feeling, Felix has become someone unreplaceable. Even now with how we’re holding one another, his warmth has always comforted me. I was never afraid of him, even from the beginning, I always trusted him. I had no reason to, but my heart always felt at ease whenever I’m with him. And I think that deep down, I felt that he was always my soulmate. I was just too afraid to accept it because I didn’t know what to do. But now, I’m no longer scared of what I feel for him.

We embraced one another so strongly that the heat between us escalated. Our breathing quicken and our hearts kept beating quickly, I don’t know what will happen to my body once Felix takes some of my energy from my soul. But as long as I could save his life, that’s all that matters...

“You’re a brave little girl, Luna. Sleeping with a demon. I promise to make you feel good, you won’t feel pain after I’m done, but know that you will feel very weak after I have your body. Having your energy drained will make you feel very sleepy for a while. But before that happens, I plan on savoring every inch of you.”

He responded in a playful motion as he glided his thumb against my lips, studying his movements, he positioned himself more comfortably underneath me. My whole body was aching for his touch, that even the lightest of friction between our skin called chills down my spine! The tension was rolling throughout my body, and I’m sure he felt the same way. His face drew closer towards me until his lips kept brushing against mine, his hands were running down my back that I jolted my body more against him...

“Why do you always have to tease me? Even now...you still read my thoughts.”

I pointed out feeling breathless as I ran my fingers through his soft thick hair...

“This will be the last time I know what you’re thinking, so I plan on taking advantage of it.”

He said in a flirtatious growl as he stuck his long wet tongue out and ran it down between my breasts! My legs immediately tingled and my mind grew eager for more. But what he said did sadden me a bit, it’s true that once we connect. The blood bond will be broken between us, Felix has always known what I felt. It’s going to feel weird having my thoughts all to myself again...

“If the thought is that lonely to you, I’ll give you as much of my blood as you need. Luna...”

He spoke out seductively while he held both my hands gently, moving along with his body, we both could no longer resist each other. The rhythm that we both followed one another was almost too much for us to bear. Releasing his grip, he steadied himself and slowly began to move his hand down towards his shaft. Feeling the head of his texture teasing my entrance, my eyes instantly widen in arousment. My memories replayed back to when I gave him head earlier, and I couldn’t believe how big he is. My jaw is still a bit sore since his dick couldn’t even fit in my mouth. So I’m a little nervous, will my body be able to handle all of him?!

His light kisses around my breasts sent butterflies in my stomach with how kind and sweet he was treating me. It felt reassuring that I didn’t have anything to worry about, though I didn’t expect to have his hands suddenly move behind my ass! He had pulled me completely forward so that my lower wet lips folded more tightly against the tip of his cock. Letting out a gasp, I quickly wrapped my arms around Felix’s back. It didn’t hurt since I only felt the head of his shaft entering, however, I could tell that it was going to be very painful for me. But I know I’ll be okay, this pain is nothing compared to Felix’s wounds. I will endure whatever it takes to have him be with me!

“Luna, you’re so tight and wet...come here, let me taste your beautiful lips.”

He moaned out to me with such a lustful gazed, his red eyes were so captivating and I felt like I was being swallowed by his love. So I eagerly placed my lips against his and drowned myself in his passionate taste. The shocking pleasure struck me as I felt a heated mixture burning at my lower core. My eyes grew watery as we both kept gazing at one another, with every inch that entered inside, I automatically clawed my nails behind his back even more! His growls of satisfaction could be felt vibrating at the back of my throat as we both devoured each other’s tounges.

The contact we had was making it difficult to sit still, my insides were begging for more friction. I know he wants to be careful with my body, but this feels like torture! His grunts responded by tightening his grip on my hips. He then pushed me further down against his aching cock, the pulsing of his thick hard veins triggered my insides to insanity! And before he could even start moving, the mix of pleasure and pain overcame me until I felt my mind going blank! I felt an overwhelming desire of lust leaving my womb, so I immediately pulled back my lips and let out a heavy moan of excitement.

“My little Luna, did you cum already? How adorable, let me see your face...”

He moaned as I felt his fingers touching my clit, the juices flowing out of me have already coated his fingers along with heated dick. I couldn’t believe that I came so fast already! This is so embarrassing, I wish I could just bury my head within the sheets...

“I’m glad that I’m able to please you this easily. I was a bit worried that all I would do is cause your body to feel pain, but looking at your cute face makes me feel so relieved-”

“Stop looking at me so much, this is embarrassing for me...”

I cried out feeling shy as I tried to hide my face against his neck. However, he quickly stopped what I was trying to do and gave me a quick kiss!

“Never be shy around me, I want you to show me everything. Luna, don’t hold anything in, let out you’re feeling’s towards me. Let me feel your heart and body...”

He responded as he shifted our lower bodies, the feeling of him stretching me was almost too much for me to bear!

“More, please...give me more.”

I moaned out in greed as I adjusted his long shaft more further in me, his demonic grunts slowly began to grow louder as I watched the color of his eyes starting to turn black. That’s when I knew, he was slowly beginning to heal finally...

“I’ll give you as much as you need.”

He responded as he began to push and pull my hip down against him, he groaned loudly at my movements, causing another climax of desire to run through me! So this is what it feels like making love to your soulmate, the feeling of being complete and loved. Our bodies felt so compatible that it blew my mind how it didn’t hurt feeling his cock inside me for the first time! I mean it did hurt a little, but not as much as I thought. But feeling his shaft inside my womb, there’s no denying how big he is. I’m even surprised it fits so perfectly inside...

“You’re so tight, Luna...you’re body...let me keep holding you more.”

It was so hard to pay attention to what he was saying with how high my body was becoming. The screams of pleasure were aching and I could feel my cum soaking his cock over and over again. The sounds of our pre-wet cum kept echoing through my ears as I kept slamming against him. Very soon his horns began to slowly grow out and I wasn’t frightened, I only felt more aroused seeing his demonic powers consume me...

“Luna, breathe...you’re body is getting hotter, I’m almost at my limit...”

He growled in dominance


I panted in sweet seduction, unable to speak properly, I held on to him tightly!

“Do you want me to stop?”

He asked breathlessly, I knew he was still worried for me, but the last thing I want him to do is to stop!

“Don’t! Please... keep making love to me!”

I cried out to him with passion as I stuck my tongue inside his mouth. He then responded withholding my body tighter, his black eyes growing darker as he continued to thrust himself into me with more force! The pleasure was shocking and radiant at the same time, I started to lose the sense of reality as my vision was starting to get hazy with the amount of heat we were releasing!

“Yes! Like that Felix...more...don’t stop!”

I yelled out as I began to nibble at his lower lip, every inch of him was addicting, and I only wanted more! He then captured my lips again and worked my body into a frenzied need as I kept gasping for air...

“My Luna, look at me...”

My watery eyes remained focused on his beautiful black eyes that I never wished to look away from him.

“You’re mine, and I’m yours...”

He growled to me in satisfaction.

“Yes...I’m yours...I’m all yours! Felix, I love you!”

I moaned in agreement, his devil-like smile gave me more goosebumps and set my adrenaline to overdrive once I noticed his wounds were all healed! He doesn’t need my body anymore, but that didn’t stop him from forcing himself into me more strongly! His furious pace caused me to cry out in addiction as we both couldn’t stop moaning so loudly! He was relentless, the grinding of his pelvis pounding against my clit with every stroke was building up a wave of climax for me again! He slammed into me harder than the last with every thrust, and I was close to coming over the edge! I desperately was trying to catch my breath as I felt our bodies sweating against each other...

“Felix, I’m going to...”

“Cum, Luna... I want to feel more of you!”

He grunted heavily as he buried his face between both my breasts! With one final push, I felt my inner walls clamp tightly around his huge cock! I instantly wrapped my arms around the back of his neck and held on to him so aggressively. My womb felt extremely hot causing me to arched into him. Throwing my head back, I exhaled one final deep moan as I screamed out his name with such fiery passion. He then instantly let’s go of his release, the feeling of his warm fluids ruining inside my pussy made me instantly twitch in high delight. With his cock jerking inside me, it made my body clench harder around him. He soon let out a dominating growl as he felt our cum mixing in such sweet bliss...

“Felix, I love you...”

“And I will always love you, Luna.”

Raising his head, he looked up at me and I followed his lead into placing a kiss on each other’s lips. When it was over, he held me so closely as I trembled in his arms. His lips left delicate kisses along my face and I felt how loved I was. I knew that we no longer shared a blood bond, but despite that, I felt that we were a lot closer than before, and I will never regret this moment with him.

“Luna, are you okay?”

He asked sounding concerned.


For some reason I felt completely exhausted now, which was strange since I felt full of energy a while ago. Instantly cutting myself off, I immediately clenched my teeth tightly as I felt Felix pulling his manhood out of me! I wasn’t expecting him to do that, but I shouldn’t be surprised since he was still fully erected inside me. I’m sure he could keep going, but my body has reached its limit already...

“Forgive me Luna, but I’m sure you’re body has hit its limit already. I know that your body probably feels heavy by now, so I want you to rest now, okay.”

He said while laying me down against the bed, placing the sheets over me, he planted a tender kiss on my forehead before he stood himself up. I wanted to keep holding him, but I had no energy left inside me to even speak. Sleepiness was starting to take over me, and I shouldn’t be surprised by how tired I was. It has been a long while since I last slept, but as I paid close attention to Felix’s movements. I saw him getting dressed as he looked out at the horizon of the window that was in the room, his stare grew tense at what he was viewing, I’m sure he was looking down at the kingdom from where we were...

“Luna, thank you for healing me. I promise you from the very depths of my heart. That I will love you unconditionally, to protect you for as long as I live. As much I would love to keep holding you more, I must control myself before I strain your body. You could honestly make me lose my mind, I never knew that I could feel this way about anyone. So thank you, Luna...for accepting my heart.”

He explained with such deep passion as he began to approach me. But this time, he placed a deep kiss against my lips, my eyelids were no longer able to be kept open. And just like that, I felt myself falling into a deep slumber as I felt someone gliding their fingers softly along my cheek. Felix, I’m sure what we’ve done, will cause major issues with certain demons, even loving you might cause a problem. But I won’t ignore what I feel for you, so no matter what happens, I will stay by your side in this world. And I won’t let anyone separate us, not even him...

Elijah, I hope I don’t see you again. Because I feel like the moment I do, my chest will begin to hurt for you. I don’t want to love you anymore, my mind is made up of who I should be with. However, this heart keeps betraying me, and still long’s to feel you. I could keep saying how much I hate you as many times as I want, but I don’t think it will change anything between us. Eli, I wonder if your eyes still remain that beautiful shade of blue, or has it already vanished completely into that demonic shade of black like your heart?

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