His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 142: Burden Of Sinners

Elijah’s POV:

“I’ve given you my word, that I won’t break this kingdom apart. But once the feast is over, and I still don’t have Luna by the end of it. I will burn everything to the ground until I find her!”

I growled with impatience towards Carla. Emily brought it to my attention that we hold files of the Royal collars that we possess. That’s including the other Royal Families collars as well, the King’s family holds approximately 150 humans in the dungeons. However, the other Royal Families holds no more than 40. So I devised a plan, for every family to participate in tomorrow’s feast, I asked them to bring every human they owned. There are exactly six Royal families, including mine. So with 40 humans in each Family, that will make 200 humans in total...

“I understand, My Lord. We will find her no matter what-”

“Have you sent the invitations already?”

I quickly asked Carla while leaning myself back against the chair.

“Yes, every family should be receiving them by now.”

She explained with a bow, she then proceeded to bring the moonstone towards my desk and all I could do was just look at it with annoyance. This past entire month, I’ve been trying to summon Raven continuously. But she never answers, at first I thought she finally died. However, that wouldn’t make sense since she still has a few more years to live. So once Emily and Crow explained about her betrayal against me, it all came together as to why she was refusing to speak to me. I am a bit shocked though, Raven has been loyal to my father for centuries and her loyalty to the King’s Family was absolute, so why would she suddenly go against me!?

“My King, are you still upset at me?”

I heard Emily asked as she welcomed herself inside the room.

“My Lady, you’re not allowed to just come inside without the King’s permission.”

She voiced out to her in my defense...

“It’s okay, Carla. I want you to leave us and make sure everything is prepared for tomorrow.”

I ordered her as I began to tap my finger against my desk...

“Yes, of course.”

She answered with hesitation as she began to walk out, I’m not sure what’s been up with Carla lately, but she’s been acting a bit strange around my siblings for some reason? Once Carla closed the door behind her, Emily began to approach my desk, she then picked up the moonstone and chanted a spell to summon Raven...\

“There’s no point in trying to summon her, she won’t pick up no matter what,” I said to her in a frustrated growl.

“I see, well that’s too bad. But you never know, maybe she will answer one day?”

She said with a playful grin as she set it back down in front of me.

“What do you want Emily?”

“I’ve come to ease your mind, you’ve been stressed for a while now. So I just wanted to help you relax.”

She explained with a flirtatious gaze, her body soon leaned over against my desk. I was able to see her cleavage in full display, her nipples were practically sticking out as well with how low cut her shirt was.

“If you think you could distress my body... you’re delusional. The last time I fucked you, you almost died. Maybe I should’ve killed you because so far you have proven to be weak, you let Luna escape! Not once, but twice! The day when Felix took Luna away from me, you were completely useless! And, what’s more, is that you lost one of the daggers while you were fighting Felix!”

“My Lord, I know I failed you before. But things are different now. I’ve proven my loyalty over and over again to you, I gave you my word that I would kill my brother. My own flesh in blood, to make you happy at all costs. I would gladly give up my life for you, despite the feelings I have against Luna. I told you that I would bring her back to you, no matter what. But I will never change what I feel about her, you deserve more...you could do better, you deserve to be with someone that will never hurt you. That will never leave you...”

The trembling of her voice rang deep through my ears, her eyes held such sorrow and grief once she explained her loyalty to me. It made my heart hurt because I wish it was someone else who was telling me this...

“Words are just words until their proven by actions. You, have yet to prove what you’re capable of. So I will give you one last chance to prove you’re worth...”

I growled as I raised my hand around her neck, pulling her face closer towards mine, I could feel her heavy breathing brushing against my lips. Very soon her face grew flushed the tighter I gripped her throat. Her nails began to grow out as they clawed against my desk. She even arched her head back a little, causing her breasts to be pressed further towards me. This witch really likes being torment in the most painful ways, how amusing. Slowly leaning myself forward, I was able to feel her skin gliding against my lips...


She moaned out hungrily for my touch as her breathing grew more sensitive.

“Emily, don’t give me a reason to stop your heart from beating, because if you fail me one more time. I’ll burn you until there’s nothing left... and one more thing,” I voiced out my threats to her as I quickly threw her harshly against the ground!

Her painful grunts cried out as the breaking of one of her arms could be heard...

“There’s only one person who could call me Eli, and that’s Luna. So watch how you speak to me.”

I said to her while taking a seat back down, reaching out for the files in my drawers. I was about ready to review the members that would be attending. But before I could even start going through them, I averted my eyes back at Emily. Even with her arm being shattered, she tried to stand herself upright...

“I just want to be useful to you, Elijah...why is Luna still so important to you? She doesn’t want to be with you, even when I found her, she didn’t want to come with me. Why can’t you just accept that she no longer loves you-”

“Because you’re wrong, I pay attention to every little detail that everyone tells me about her. Every Royal Family member knows what she looks like, so they should know by now how important she is to me. Even when Crow explained to me about Luna’s life was in danger, the name that she called, was mine. Even though I haven’t seen her, I have this feeling inside me that she’s still wearing the ring I gave her. It’s these small details that hold big meanings to me, so I won’t accept her leaving. In fact, Felix was the one who took her on the day he jumped off the cliff, yet she still reached out her hand in hopes of grabbing mine. So I know that deep down in her heart, it still beats for only me. And when the day comes I can finally hold her again, I won’t ever let her go...”

As I spoke the truth of what I felt in my heart, Emily’s expression grew more depressed.

“Emily, you need to let your emotions go already. Stop wasting your time loving someone like me, because I will never return those types of feelings to you, I’m sorry...”

I said to her in annoyance as she began to approach my desk once again.

“Then I’ll stop loving you...if you stop loving Luna.”

She answered with determination as she slammed both her hands against the wooden table!

“You know that I will never stop doing that-”

“Then I guess I’ll never stop loving you either!” She quickly replied as I watched her eyes tear up...

“Do whatever the hell you want then, but know that you will only get hurt in the end,” I growled back at her, she was becoming a pain in the ass, I didn’t realize how obnoxious she could be.

“Now regarding the feast that is coming up soon, I’m going to need you and Crow in helping me find Luna within the 200 humans that will be coming tomorrow night,” I said to her in high demand as I passed her the paper files regarding the list of humans attending.

“Why can’t we just have the Royal Families do it?”

She asked in a troublesome sigh...

“I won’t risk exposing this plan to them, there’s no guarantee on who I can fully trust. Even when I came down to the conclusion that V was the one that’s been lying to me. I find out that Raven has been probably helping Felix this whole time. But something still doesn’t make sense to me, Raven does not need human souls since all she needs is sleep. So I know she wasn’t the one that gave Luna the collar. This proves that there’s still someone else helping Felix, and I have this feeling that the Ceburus family might be one betraying me. But I lack evidence in proving my assumption.”

As I finished explaining, I crossed my arms and thought carefully about how I would spot Luna within that amount of people surrounding her...

“How do you know for certain that Luna will even come?”

“Because if she doesn’t, I’ll be able to know which Family member she came from. Her absence will decrease the number by one, and like you mentioned to me before. Every Royal member holds 40 humans in their dungeon. So if one of the Royal Families only shows up with only 39 collars then-”

“Then you’ll finally know who’s been betraying you. So they don’t have a choice but to bring Luna! I have to admit my king. You’ve grown a lot wiser every day, however, theirs still one problem...”

“I know, all of the humans will be wearing blindfolds. It’s a requirement so the humans don’t cause a panic if they see too many multiple demons. Hell if they see any of our demon’s true forms. It will only cause chaos once the feast begins, they already get easily frightened by the sounds of their own screams as they get killed. So it’s going to take a while before I go through each human individually. I don’t wanna risk any chaos happening or else I’ll miss my chances in finding her!”

I shouted in anger while slamming my fist against the table! My main worry is that any witch or warlock could kill her without even knowing it. That’s the one thing that makes these feasts diabolical, the collars may symbolize who the humans belong to. However, the Royal Families trade their humans with each other throughout the feast. I’m still not sure if there’s more than one Royal Family member lying to me. So I’m going to have to be very quick and make sure I see every human’s face before they all start getting mixed. Because once that happens, I’ll lose track of who’s who!?


I suddenly heard Emily call out to me...

“I want every warlock guard patrolling the outside of this castle, I won’t be allowing anyone to leave once they enter. So make sure everything is ready and secured for tomorrow. Now leave me.”

I said in high demand...

“But, don’t you think-”

“That’s an order!”

I voiced out in a dominating growl as I began to flare up my hand in a heated flame!

“Yes, my Lord.”

She answered back in shame, she then gave me one last look before she stepped herself out of the room. Once I was left alone, I immediately stood up and walked towards the floorboard. As I removed the plank, I reached down and grabbed one of the bottles that held the only liquid that could quench my demon’s hunger. So as I pried it opened, I carefully began to drink every savory drop that passed down my throat. The thick heavy red liquid could be felt flowing through my body, I know that Luna’s blood will never be enough to satisfy me. But my body keeps aching for her the more time we are apart, I feel like I’m slowly growing insane!

“Luna, I need to bask deeply in the taste of your heart and soul. To feel your crimson touch filling my body with your love...”

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