His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Finding you

Crow’s POV:

It was no use, no matter how much I searched. I still couldn’t find Luna or Felix anywhere, time passed by so quickly that I didn’t even realize it was already evening. My hearing was still not fully recovered and I was beginning to worry, is Luna really dying? In the back of my head, I kept thinking that maybe Emily was just saying that to get me all worked up. But I still can’t ignore how anxious I was becoming...

“Damnit! Why must this be so complicated!?”

I shouted in frustration as I came to a stop at Fields Gate Mist. This was the first place I came by to check when I began my search, but of course, I had no luck in finding them. Sitting myself down, I was instantly surrounded by a thick coat of mist. Even with the sun shining brightly through the clear sky, the fog still covered my view. It was calming, I felt more relaxed and it helped me clear my mind a bit. I just had to think of the possibilities of where Raven could have taken my brother and Luna. So I began to wander around until I spotted somthing from the distance, it was the pond that Raven used! I did hear her chant that spell that teleports you from one place to another when you’re in the water. So there’s no doubt that she used this pond to escape, the question is...where did she take Felix and Luna?

“There has to be someone who could help me? I can’t ask any of the Royal Families- V!”

I just remembered about V, maybe he’ll know where Felix is at?! As I quickly stood myself up, I didn’t waste any time as I hurried myself to the Cerberus Family! After searching for hours throughout the Kingdom, I finally have a lead! I just hope that V will be willing to help me, I’m not really close to any of the Royal Family members, hell...I’m not even close to my own family...

“What annoyance,” I growled quietly as I approached a heavy crowd of warlocks patrolling the area.

Seems like Elijah had sent more guards looking for Luna, things are starting to get out of hand. Even the citizens of Wisteria look a bit frightened of what’s happening. They probably don’t even know what’s going on? Why can’t my brother see the harm of what he’s doing to this Kingdom!?

Trying my best to avoid being seen, I hurried past several warlocks until I reached the Cerberus Family. I can’t risk being seen, if Emily finds out I’m here who knows what she’ll do? She’s already in charge of leading the guards everywhere, the last thing I need is for her to send them here! So I decided to sneak my way through the Cerberus backyard estate, hard to believe how much bigger their garden is compared to ours. But at least it makes it easier for me to hide, does V’s Family need so many guards walking around their house though!? How am I supposed to get inside? Not even my Family has this many guards, then again I don’t think we need any. I mean, who would be stupid enough to invade my home. Especially with the powers my siblings have, I’m sure anyone would be intimidated entering the King’s Family estate-

“I never wanted you to get involved..”

That voice! I was able to pick up somebody speaking a few feet away from me, it sounded a lot like V’s voice, but who is he talking to? As I looked over a hedge, I was able to spot V and Seporaha sitting next to each other. They were holding hands, and it looks like Sephora has been crying, even her dried-up tears left a trace down her cheek...

“You’re my husband, you don’t hide things from me,” Seporha said in frustration.

“I won’t have your life be put at risk!”

V growled back in anger as he stood up...

“And you think I’ll be okay with your life being in danger?! I could’ve helped you and Felix-"

“Stop lying to me! Do you think I believe in anything you tell me about us? You don’t care what happens to me, the only reason why you decided to marry me was for the sake of needing a child. This marriage was never out of love nor trust, but solely out of having an heir...”

V explained in rage as I watched him let go of Seporha’s hand, she too then stood up with hesitation as she tried to speak.


“I’m not a fool, before you even met me, I already knew who you were. Whenever I would drop by the King’s Family. I would always see you with Felix, so I knew what feelings you had for him. Even now, whether you still love him or not. It won’t change anything between us, I love you because that is my job as a husband. The reason why you’re willing to help me isn’t out of the kindness of your heart. But because you don’t want the King to kill the demon you love...”

He explained with sorrow in his eyes, I have to admit, what V is saying is the truth. I honestly thought that Sephora and my brother Felix would one day wed. But Felix didn’t want to get married to anyone, that’s the only reason why my brother stopped seeing Sephora. No wonder I never sleep with the witches in his world, they’ll all eventually start developing feelings for you just because you fuck them numerous times. I’ll just stick with fucking my food, less drama to deal with. Anyways, I need to put this conversation between them to an end, I’m wasting time just standing here...

“Excuse my interruption, but I have something very important to discuss with you two.”

I demanded while stepping out of the bushes...

“Who’s there!? Huh, Crow...what are you doing here? Oh, my apologies, my Lord! Forgive me for being so rude, I didn’t know it was you!”

Sephora quickly bowed her head the moment she saw me, however, V held a look of someone nervous, and why wouldn’t he be. The King practically accused him of being the traitor, so I’m sure he’s probably thinking that the King had sent me here to kill him...

“Calm your face, V. I came here on my own,” I said while approaching them.

“What reason do you have for coming here?”

He asked in high defense as he scooted Sephora behind him, it was obvious that he doesn’t trust me, and I don’t blame him for that. I’m most certainly wouldn’t trust him either, however, since my brother Felix does, then I should too...

“Do you know where my brother is at? It’s urgent that I find him, Luna’s life could be in danger-”

“Wait, how do you know that Luna’s life- Of course... there’s no hiding anything from you’re sensitive hearing.”

He muttered underneath his breath while running his hand through his hair...

“My Lord, you’ve known all this time about my husband and Felix betraying the King? If so, why haven’t reported it?”

Sephora asked in shock as she gave a confused expression...

“Because it’s none of my business what my brothers want to do with their lives. However, I am concerned about the human Felix is protecting, if what Emily told me is true-”

“Emily!? She’s not to be trusted, I fear for what she has done to that human girl.”

She spoke out in concern as I watched her cross her arms in worry...

“What are you talking about?”

I questioned as I marched my way faster to where she was, though V managed to stop me from getting any closer as he placed his hand against my chest.

“A few days ago, I had an argument with Emily. And she mentioned that it would be a waste in finding Luna because she would be dead by the time anyone found her. I know It’s natural for us to kill humans, but killing a human that belongs strictly to the king? I couldn’t believe what she was telling me, because she was explaining it so calmy like there was nothing wrong with what she was doing, Emily poisoned that human girl. I didn’t know what to make of it, whether I should believe it or not...”

Sephora’s words went silent after that, and that’s when I knew, that everything was true! Luna’s life is passing away by the second, and I’m sure Felix has no fucking idea!

“Tell me right now where they are!”

I roared out in rage as I yanked V’s shirt, his expression showed how clueless he was at the situation...

“No! Please, let him go! He doesn’t know anything! I’ve already asked him if he might know where they’re at! He doesn’t know anything!”

Sephora cried out in a panic as she latched on to my arm, begging me to let V go! My hand couldn’t stop shaking in rage, so I quickly released V from my grasp...

“Wait, you mentioned in the King’s ballroom. That Raven had taken Luna and Felix away, right?”

V suddenly asked with desperation in his voice...

“Unless you know where Raven is at? There’s no point in bringing her up-”

“We could try and summon her, all Royal Families possess a moonstone, so we could try and-”

“There’s no point in doing that, use you’re head Sephora. Do you really think that the King would send so many warlocks throughout the Kingdom searching for Raven if he knew where she was at? Elijah has been trying to summon Raven for the past month but she hasn’t answered? So what makes you think she’ll answer our calls?”

I asked in a stressful sigh...

“Then what else can we do? We need to at least try.”

V said as he began to walk away from me, very soon Sephora followed behind him and hinted at me to go with them. I was growing impatient and needed to Luna as soon as I could, but it’s just as V mentioned. There’s not much I can do right now other than giving Raven a call. All I could do is just hope she answers, and if she doesn’t, then I’ll do whatever it takes in finding my brother along with Luna.

Once I entered their home, V led me to a room that looked like a library. With Sephora closing the door behind us, we were the only ones inside. I didn’t pay much attention to their estate since my mind was focused on something more important. I’m sure V and Sephora were able to pick up how anxious I was getting since my nerves were getting the better of me...

“Please wait here, I’ll go get the moonstone,” Sephora spoke out with a respectable bow as she went to the very back of the room.

“She really respects you, Kings...”

V pointed out as he took a seat near his desk.

“I can see that you don’t,” I responded in a laughable smirk as I also took a seat across from him.

“All I ever wanted to do was serve the Royal Kings Family. But seeing how you’re little brother is ruling this Kingdom, doesn’t make me respect him. Emily is no better, I didn’t even know about the conflict between her and my wife. As for Felix, I was hoping that he would be King, but after learning his betrayal of Elijah, I learned something new about him since I never would have expected him to go against the crown. However, he will always be a dear friend of mine, despite his past relationship with my wife, it can’t be helped.”

He explained with an honest heart, his eyes never wavered when he spoke.

“And what about me?”

I asked while crossing my legs, I’m very curious about what he thinks, mainly because I never really socialize with any of these Royal demons. It’s quite rare when they see me, and when they do. They never dare to approach me, I always thought it was because they feared me. But as I grew older, I realized it was because I’m the only one that looks different from the rest of my siblings...

“It’s odd, but everyone in the Wisteria Kingdom doesn’t really talk about you. You don’t involve yourself in the King’s Family. So there’s not much to say, but I will say this. All of your siblings are really unpredictable.”

He responded with a troublesome sigh...

“So you’re reasoning for helping my brother is due to the fact of your friendship? Well isn’t my brother lucky, but he’s a bigger idiot for getting you involved. If the King finds any evidence of you helping Felix, it will not only be you that pays with your life. But you’re entire family as well, though I’m sure Elijah will kill you last. Since he will make sure that you watch all of your loved ones die.”

Once I finished explaining, V’s eyes grew stern and his jawline tighten. He knows the risks that he’s getting involved in, so he better prepare himself for whatever happens.

“Aren’t you risking your life as well? You said it yourself that Elijah didn’t send you here. So that means you’re looking for Felix and Luna for your own reasons, why?”

He asked, and It wasn’t hard to answer his question, but I wasn’t sure what to say? You know, I don’t think it even matters at this point...

“That’s simple, it’s because I have someone I want to protect,” I said to him while leaning myself back against the chair.

His expression changed drastically, it was almost laughable at how wide his eyes grew. He wasn’t expecting me to say something like that, someone like me who shows no interest in anything, suddenly has someone he wants to protect with all his heart. It’s even shocking hearing me say that, the silence soon followed between us until we heard the faint footsteps growing louder...

“My Lord, I’m sorry for the wait. But I brought the moonstone, but something strange happened when I brought it here...”

Sephora began to explain as she rushed towards me! With the moonstone at hand, she raised it close to me and the unthinkable happened. It started to glow! At first, I thought maybe it could be a Royal Family member calling. But when I answered the spell, I didn’t expect to hear his voice speak through!

“V, are you there!? It’s Felix!”

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