His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 144: Bleeding Feelings

Felix’s POV:

It’s been a little over an hour since Luna has fallen asleep, it feels so surreal with what happened earlier between us. But I vow to always cherish and love her no matter what. It’s a shame that our blood bond ended, not knowing what she’s thinking or feeling. It’s going to be strange for a while, I know it will take time for me to get used to it. I don’t wish to disturb her right now, it’s been a long while since I last saw her sleep so peacefully. But I just can’t help myself, even as I lay next to her, all I could do is watch her. Her calm steady breathing was soothing to my ears, I wonder what she dreams about? As I pulled the sheets over her shoulder, I placed a light kiss on her forehead before gently running my fingers through her hair. But something caught my attention as I tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear...

“Her collar, it’s torn a bit,” I whispered in confusion as I touched the ripped leather that was around her neck.

What the hell happened to it? Wait, earlier when I was fighting Emily, I don’t really remember much after I blacked out. But I do recall chasing after her after I passed out. It’s a bit of a blur to me, but did Emily do anything to Luna? I don’t want to assume, but maybe her collar got rip with all the rushing movements we were doing when we were running away from my sister.

I need answers about what happened, and the only witch I could ask is Raven herself. She didn’t speak to me when she checked my wounds. And judging by the strong daylight outside, I’m certain she’s asleep right now. Looks like I’ll have to wait until she wakes up, in the meantime, I should look around to know where we’re at exactly. Getting off the bed, I patted Luna’s head very softly before I approached the window. Looking at the view, I was able to see the whole kingdom...

“So we’re hidden deep within the mountains,” I said to myself in a deep sigh.

Rubbing my neck, I decided to step out for a while. My mind could be at ease now knowing that Luna will be safe here, so once I opened the door. I was welcomed by a human girl sitting across the hall from our room. She had her legs bend closer to her body and her face was buried within her knees. It didn’t look like she noticed me, is she possibly sleeping? The hearing of the door being closed behind me seemed to have awakened her from her nap! She then brought her attention to me as I stood before her, her face grew pale once our eyes caught each other. That’s when she suddenly hurried herself to get on her feet! What the hell is this human doing? Wait a minute, her face looks familiar...oh!

“You’re that human girl that wrapped my wounds earlier, right?”

I calmly asked while placing my hands inside my pockets...

“Luna, what happened to her!?”

She asked while ignoring my question, I was a bit surprised to hear her ask about Luna. How the hell does she know her? Staring at her in confusion, she didn’t wait for me to respond as I watched her rush to the door! Though I quickly placed my hand around the knob and forbid her from entering...

“Luna has had a very long day, I’m sure you heard what her body just went through a few hours ago with me. Judging from where you were sitting, I’m certain you heard everything. She’s sleeping, and I would like it if she had privacy. Her body will recover very quickly, I didn’t take much energy from her. Only enough to stop the bleeding, the rest I could heal on my own.”

I explained to her in a cold-hearted stare, I don’t know where this human gets off in wanting to know about Luna’s health. But she gave me a serious glance before she began to walk away from me. Letting out a sigh of annoyance, I began to follow her since I wasn’t exactly sure where I was. Though as I started to look around, I noticed that Raven’s place isn’t that big. It’s actually really small, but that’s to be expected when you live in the mountains. If it wasn’t for the windows that brought in sunlight, this place would practically look like a cave...

“Hey human, how do you know Luna?”

I asked her once we entered a room that looked like one of Raven’s study rooms. From the looks of it, this looks like a place where Raven brews her potions, even the heavy aroma of herbs could be smelled-

“Okay, first of all, I have a name. It’s Priscilla, and secondly...Luna and I went to the same high school together when we were in the human world.”

She explained with a troublesome attitude, though I was taken off guard when I heard her explain her connection to Luna. What were the chances of running into someone that belonged in Luna’s past? Destiny really works in mysterious ways...

“Whatever, I don’t give a damn about your name. Whether you’re Luna’s old friend or enemy, it doesn’t make a difference to me. You were brought down here for a reason, that makes you an unforgivable sinner. So you’re nothing but a servant now- where’s you’re collar!?”

I asked in high demand as I approached her!

“I will never wear those disgusting fucking collars around my neck, I don’t care if it’s a stupid law that you fucking demons have for us humans down here! I am no one’s servant, and I would rather die than ever serve any of you monsters.”

She voiced out in disgust as she stood her ground against me, these humans lack discipline and think they could do and say whatever they want! They are such vile creatures when they get brought down here!

“You insolent human, you dare speak to me that way! I’ll-”

While I grabbed her arm in anger, both of our heated hatred towards each other was put on pause once we saw something catching our attention! It shined so very brightly and I was able to recognize what it was. Immediately letting go of Priscilla’s arm, I made quick haste in grabbing the moonstone that stood floating in the center of the room. I wasn’t able to notice it a first, but now that it shines so strongly it caught my full attention...

“Wait, don’t answer the chant!”

Priscilla quickly warned me as she snatched the moonstone away!

“What the hell is your problem, I can’t believe Raven is keeping something like you alive-”

“It’s the King! He’s been trying to contact Raven for the past month. And especially now, since she saved you and Luna, he’s been non-stop in trying to reach her. Look, I know who you are, you’re the eldest brother of the Kings Family. I don’t know why you decided to betray your family, but I could see that you care for Luna. Even when I was bandaging your wounds from earlier, you kept asking her for. That’s why I was in such shock when I saw her again. But I’m in even more shock with how much she cares about you. I don’t really like any of you demons, in fact, I detest all of you. However, Luna has always been so sweet to everyone, so it’s not surprising seeing her care for monsters like you. I want to believe Luna’s good judgment in you, but so far...you’re no different from the rest of them.”

She spoke out in distress as she placed the glowing moonstone back in its place. Hearing her explanation only brought me more frustration, why do I feel like I have to be approved by this worthless human to be with Luna? It’s ridiculous, it’s even as foolish with how many times Elijah keeps calling! You would think he would understand that Raven is never going to answer him. He needs to give up already and move on with his life...if only it was that simple. I know that my brother won’t stop until he gets Luna back...

“Priscilla, tell me...why, and who brought you down here? You seem to know Luna very personally, and why does Raven insist on keeping you here?”

Once I asked, her expression changed drastically. Almost like she wished I never asked such a thing. She then continued to make her way around the room and started to clean up, she kept herself quiet and seemed deep in thought.

“I, the one who brought me here, was..”

As she began to explain her reasoning for being here. I’ve come to understand why Raven brought her, it seems that Elijah’s personal vengeance brought Priscilla to this hellish world. Raven treats all humans equally, even if they sinned. She will still protect them because I believe that’s the humanity that still lies within her. The reality is that Priscilla just had bad luck on her side when she was hurting the one Elijah loves. No wonder she was almost killed, hell...I probably would have killed her too. But things are different now, I could see how much she’s changed over these last years by the actions she’s done. Her concern for Luna’s well-being and helping Raven. I’m sure she’s aware that Ravens years are finally catching up to her, he will die soon, her age is coming to an end and Raven knows it too. She’s 467 years old, I have to remember that she only has 43 years left to live. As for Carla, I’m not entirely sure how old she is, all I know is that the life span of a human that’s half-demon, is 500 years. I know that to some humans, five hundred years still seem like a lot. But for demons like us, that’s like living up to only 50 years instead of 100...

“I see, so in a way, you do deserve to be down here. However. Raven has shown you mercy by saving your life, and now you repay her by showing gratitude towards her. So tell me, what has Raven taught you?”

It’s obvious that through the time of not being allowed to leave this place, I’m sure that Raven has taught her a few spells...

“I’m nowhere near Ravens level, but she’s taught me a few things. Like healing wounds, but I couldn’t stop your wounds from bleeding because-”

“Because of this...”

Quickly cutting her off, I pulled out the dagger from my back pocket that Emily tried to kill me with. Even though my memories are a bit vague, I do remember grabbing it when Emily dropped it on the floor when she was fighting me. But after that, I really can’t recall what happened next?

“The dagger, why do you have it?! Raven made that for the King-”

“It’s a bit complicated why I have it now, however, the other dagger that Raven made years ago is still in the King’s possession. Priscilla, do you remember Raven telling you anything when she brought Luna and me here?”

I asked while placing the dagger near a counter, Priscilla looked speechless as she approached the black dagger carefully.

“She mentioned you and your sister fighting, oh! When Raven brought you both here, Luna was actually in a much worse condition than you were. She wasn’t screaming in pain, but her body language and her terrifying facial expression showed how much she was suffering. However, Raven was able to make the pain stop, Luna looked like she was hurting badly though-”

“What are you talking about!? What did Emily do to Luna, did she hurt her?!”

I growled with agitation while slamming my fist against the table in front of her!

“I don’t know, but I wouldn’t doubt it. From what Raven told me about your sister, she’s a dangerous witch and should be avoided.”

She explained with fright in her voice as she crossed her arms close to her chest. I need to accept the fact that Emily probably did something to Luna when I was passed out. Fortunately, Raven was able to help her...wait! If Emily got close to Luna, then that means-

“Fuck, I need to speak with V right away!”

I shouted in a panic as I sprinted towards the moonstone!

“What, why!? Who the hell is V-”

I didn’t bother answering her questions as I began to chant a spell to summon the Cerberus Royal Family! I need V to answer, if there was even a small possibility that Emily saw the collar that Luna was wearing, then that would put V and his whole family in danger now! That’s unless Emily already told Elijah about it and has already killed them all! No, I’ll never forgive myself if I’m the reason for their death!

“Why isn’t the chant fucking working!?”

I yelled out in anger as I gripped the moonstone strongly!

“Give it here! It’s because Raven had it strictly made for only her and me to use. Look, if it’s that important to contact this V demon. Then allow me to chant the spell...”

She explained as she grabbed the moonstone away from my hands, she then held it close to her body and began to chant her words until the moonstone started to glow! But despite it finally working, I wasn’t able to get through to V! But that wasn’t gonna stop me from trying to reach him. With each time he wasn’t answering, I grew more anxious and worried, is he dead?! My mind was beginning to run dark, that was until I finally heard someone answer!

“V, are you there!? It’s Felix!”

I quickly voiced out, but I was welcomed by a voice I wasn’t expecting!

“Felix, is that you!? Where the hell are you?!”

I suddenly heard my brother speaking in a panic, why is he the one answering the call!?

“Crow! What are you doing at the Cerberus estate?! Did Elijah send you-

“No, you fucking idiot! I’ve been searching all over for you and Luna!”

He explained with such heavy stress in his voice...

“Felix? Is something the matter? Why do you sound so frightened?”

I was finally able to hear V speak and the weight of guilt was no longer crushing me.

“V, you’re alive!? Okay good, Listen to me! Their’s something I need to tell you-”

“Where’s Luna!?”

Crow interrupted me in rage as his voice began to growl!

“Now isn’t the time Crow! I must speak with V this instant-”

“What could be more important than Luna’s life!?”

He yelled in absolute fury, I just about had it with Crow’s words! But what he said made me question what he was asking...

“What the hell are you talking about!? Luna is fine, she’s-”

“Her life is still in danger!”

He shouted in sorrow, his words could be heard trembling and I was beginning to worry...

“How? She’s...perfectly fine-”

“Felix, Luna is dying...”

Crow’s words stabbed me liked daggers, they felt more painful than the real daggers that Emily inflicted on me. None of this can be true, it’s a lie...Luna’s okay. She’s alive, she’s not going to die, right?

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