His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 145: Twisted Fate

Crow’s POV:

“Felix!? Hey, are you there? Answer me, where is Luna!?”

As I kept shouting at him to give me an answer, it went dead silent once I told him about Luna’s life was in danger. Knowing my brother, he’s probably stunned right now and doesn’t know how to process what I just said?

“Felix, I need you to calm yourself, okay. Tell me where you’re at so I could get to you, Felix?! Say something, we’re running out of time!”

“Hello? Umm...Felix looks completely pale right now, I’m not sure if he can talk at the moment, but-”

“Who the hell is this?”

While I was trying to get through to my brother, some other female voice began to speak? And from what she just explained, I don’t think Felix is gonna be able to register anything unless I see him face to face...

“My name is Priscilla, and I guess you can say that Raven has been my mentor for the last few years. Listen, if you want to know where we are. Head for, Fallen Fountain.”

She explained, averting my eyes towards V and Seporaha, they both seemed confused at the situation like I was...

“Fallen Fountain? That’s practically up in the mountains, it’s hours away from where we are, isn’t it?”

V asked while looking into the moonstone, I personally had no idea where Fallen Fountain was at. I’ve heard about it when I was a child though, apparently, it was where all the mountains snow would melt and it would all come down to the main center of a huge lake. There wasn’t a point in me going to a place like that since there was nothing to gain from it. But now I have a reason to go, the only issue is that I have no idea where it’s at!

“It will be a lot easier to get there if anyone of you has seen the place before. You could easily teleport to the area.”

Priscilla began to explain, and all I could do was hope that Seporha or V know where it’s at!

“Have either of you gone there before?!”

I asked both of them with tensity in my voice, if either of them says no, I’m not sure what I should do after this. I have a chance in seeing my brother again, however, that might not even happen if-

“Yes, I’ve been there once, but it was a very long time ago.”

Sephora’s words instantly made my anxiety disappear, I finally felt like luck was now on my side! After hours of searching, I can now feel settled once I see Luna...

“Once you are there, you will head north until you see a small house hidden within the mountain.”

As Priscilla started to speak about their location, something felt a little off. How can she tell me all of this so easily, does she not fear for her life being in danger?

“Why are you telling me this? You don’t know if you can trust me, I could easily be lying to my brother to have him tell me his location-”

“You’re not lying, with the way you sounded earlier, I could tell that you are deeply concerned and worried about Luna’s well-being. Plus, she mentioned you when I spoke to her earlier, so I know I could trust you. Besides, I’ve also grown worried, if what you’re saying is true, and Luna really is dying. Then I wanna do whatever I can to help her, it’s the least I can do...”

She explained with heavy sorrow, I wonder what she means by that, why does it sound like she owes Luna so much? Whatever, I can’t waste any more time! The sooner I head out, the quicker I could get there!

“Very well then, Felix...I’ll be there soon. Dismiss...”

Giving them my last words, the light of the moonstone went dark once Sephora set it back down.

“Quickly! Take me to Fallen Fountain at once!”

I ordered her with eagerness in my voice, I must hurry and explain everything to my brother before he loses his mind!

“Yes my Lord, follow me this way.”

She muttered nervously as she started to lead me to the very back of the room where she grabbed the moonstone from earlier. That’s when I saw a massive fountain that had enough water to pull us down to our destination. So we both began to step inside, however, V was quick to grab my shoulder!

“Wait, I’m going with both of you!”

V immediately demanded as he started to enter the water with us...

“What would be the point in you coming? I understand that you helped my brother, but you should no longer involve yourself in my families affairs-”

“It’s because it’s you’re brother that I have to go, he also sounded very upset when he answered the call. It sounded like he needed to speak to me urgently, so I must go, besides...I’m already involved with your family since that human girl of yours wears my family collar.”

He spoke as he nodded his head towards Seporha, gesturing for her to chant the spell. She began doing so, it didn’t take long for the water to start pulling us in afterward...

“I don’t understand why you care if Luna dies? Don’t you think it’s best if she no longer lives in this world? She is the reason why the King’s Family is falling apart.”

V said in a stressful sigh...

“I don’t expect you to understand why I’m risking so much for her, we see humans as a small fragile life to us. But Luna’s life isn’t small, not to me. I even wonder why these emotions that swirl inside my heart goes against me, perhaps it’s because I don’t wish to believe what these feelings inside me are real...”

I explained to him as the water reached our chests, yet V still has a few words left to say as I felt his hand gripping my shoulder tighter!

“Crow, have you fallen for-”

“Careful with the words you say or else it will cause conflict with those around you. Boundaries shouldn’t be crossed, and I won’t let what I feel break me as it did to my brothers.”

I said with a demonic gaze, shortly afterward we were all completely underwater until we finally reached up to the surface. The landscape of mountains surrounded us and I immediately began to head north. Now that I know what this place looks like, I can come and go as I please without having to rely on anyone getting here...

“V, wait! I’m coming to-”

“No, you need to head back home and wait there until I return-”

“What, why should I? It’s not fair that you get to go-”

“Both of you shut up! I don’t care what either of you decides to do, right now my main focus is getting to where Luna and my brother are at-”


I was then suddenly interrupted by someone calling out my name, the vibrating echoes that rang through the mountains made it difficult for me to know where it was coming from!

“Hey, Crow...isn’t that Felix over there?”

V pointed in the direction of someone running towards us, without thinking twice, I rushed myself towards them! Frustration, hate, anger, pain, worry. All these emotions were eating away at me, even as I reached closer to my brother. The look of fear was written all over his face, even looking ahead of him I saw a human girl following up behind him. Is that possibly Priscilla? Strange, Raven never mentioned a human living with her before?

“Crow, start talking!”

Felix demanded as we both finally reached each other, however, he was quick to grab me from the shirt with both of his hands! I almost stumbled myself back with how strong he was holding me, his hands were shaking along with his words and I wasn’t sure how to tell him?

“Show me where Luna is-”

“Not until you start fucking explaining!”

Felix kept growling at me and I knew that it was going to be difficult to get through to him!

“I need to see her first, I must know if she’s still breathing!”

I shouted in frustration as I began to shake his shoulders, we’re wasting time bickering back and forth like this!

“That’s enough, both of you! We can all talk inside, Luna is doing fine right now. I checked her earlier and her pulse is still beating normally. Now let’s hurry inside, I don’t want to risk the chance of being seen out here.”

Priscilla’s shouted as she quickly intervened, she then separated the both of us and began to lead us to the house. Felix and I just stared at each other until we both came to an agreement and made our way to follow her along with Seporha and V. Not too long after we enter Raven’s home, I instantly sat myself down near a chair and ran my fingers through my white hair. Felix soon sat across from me and waited for me to speak, this was going to be very difficult to tell him, I just hope he doesn’t lose his shit once I explain everything.

“Felix, have you noticed anything strange in Luna’s health in the past few weeks?”

I asked him, he then began to think carefully as his eyes grew more intense.

“No, well she would always feel tired, it’s like no matter how much she rests her body was always exhausted. There would also be times where she would eat very little, but I thought it was all stress after what our brother did to her.”

He explained anxiously will his hands began to shake...

“It was never stress, it was her body growing weak. Because her insides were beginning to shut down...”

I said out of grief as I stared at him with sadness in my eyes...

“What do you mean?”

Felix questioned in a heavy growl.

“On that day when you and Emily were fighting, my main focus was listening to Luna and making sure she was okay. But something was wrong, I couldn’t hear her other than her gagging in pain. I believe that Luna possibly passed out after that, so that’s when I overheard Emily speaking, it turns out that Emily had Luna drink something a while back. I have to assume it was when she was helping Luna and Ren escape. Well, it turns out it was probably the same brew that Emily had Raven make for her. But it wasn’t a potion, it was poison...”

As I spoke with hesitation, I prepared myself for the worst-case scenario once I saw Felix’s eyes turning black!

“V, help me restrain him now!”

I order him as we both in sync pushed Felix down with all of our strength!

“Get off me! I’ll kill her, I’m going to fucking kill her! Emily is mine!”

My brother shouted in rage as he was starting to lose control, V and I were beginning to have trouble holding him down! At this rate, he’ll go on a rampage and no one will be able to stop him!

“Here, this should help!”

I suddenly heard Priscilla say as she quickly poured a liquid down Felix’s throat! And right as she did that, my brother’s strength immediately died out and he completely stopped moving!

“What...have you done to me?”

Felix asked shakingly as V and I pulled away from him...

“I gave you an elixir that will paralyze your body, the effects will wear off shortly. Felix, I understand that you’re upset, even I’m shocked at this news, but getting angry isn’t going to solve anything. Right now we need to find a solution that could help Luna, leave your hatred to the side, and focus on what we can do now.”

She calmly explained as she went back towards the table, Sephora then followed her and observed her every movement.

“What are you doing now?”

She asked while V and I sat Felix upright and leaned him against the wall. His eyes remained black and he refuses to retreat his claws back into his nails. I’m hoping that he will take Priscilla’s advice and calm himself...

“I’m trying to see what symptoms Luna had when Raven brought her here, since Raven is in slumber until sunset, I can’t really ask for her help at the moment. But this book contains all the poisons and venoms that Raven had created. I just have to see which one it is, I just pray that’s it’s curable!”

She said with worry as she began to flip through the pages of the book...

“Crow, why...how can you be so calm after learning what Emily did?”

I heard Felix mutter his words in anger...

“Just because I refuse to go berserk like you, doesn’t mean I’m calm. When I learned what Emily did, I was fuming with rage. I always hated your sister, but now...she sickness me to the core. I understand that you want to kill her, but I can’t let you do that. Because she’s mine to kill, and out of respect for your mother. A brother should never have to kill his own sister, and right now, you need to be there for Luna-”

“Crow, is that you?”

My heart beat heavily once I heard her soft voice speaking my name! So I quickly got back up and turned myself around and saw her standing by the door!


Calling out her, my chest tighten a bit once I slowly began to approach her. The look of life in her eyes brought me comfort and it made me feel like I could breathe easily now...

“What are you doing here? How did you- Felix?! Oh my God, are you okay?! What happened to you!?”

She yelled in panic as she ran past me to get to my brother!

“I’m fine, I just lost control for a bit,” he explained as I watched Luna cupped both his cheeks to look at him more closely.

I knew that they’ve grown closer these last few days, but something feels different about them now. It’s like they’re more connected somehow, almost as if...

“Luna, how are you feeling right now, are you okay?”

Priscilla immediately asked as she approached her, she then placed her palm on Luna’s forehead to check her temperature.

“I’m fine, I just feel a little tired still...”

She responded looking flushed as she avoided looking at anyone.

“So this is Luna? I have to say I pictured her to be taller, she’s such a small little human.”

Sephora worded in as she walked towards her...

“Umm, who are you?”

Luna asked as she scooted herself closer to Felix, it’s truly amazing how calm he is now, just a few minutes ago he was about ready to lose himself. But now his eyes returned to their original red color, however, he still looked completely dead from the inside as he leaned his head against Luna’s chest. I guess he doesn’t want to be the one to tell her what’s going on. Letting out a heavy sigh, I approached where they were. Crouching myself down, I wrapped my arms around both of them. Embracing them as gently as I could, my brother who I always admired, and Luna who I accepted. I vow to never hurt either of them, but I know that the words that I’m about to tell her. Is going to affect not just the three of us, but Elijah as well.

“Her name is Sephora, she’s a family friend...but right now that’s isn’t important. Luna, there’s something I need to tell you...”

With my voice shaking, Luna caught notice of this and wrapped her arm around my back. My eye felt like they became full of tears as I snuggled myself between the both of them.

“Crow, what’s wrong?”

Luna asked in worry as she tried to comfort me, these warm hands of hers that I’ve grown to yearn for, will this be the last time I feel them?

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