His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 146: Deeper Emotions

Luna’s POV:

I was curious as to why Crow was acting so sad, his eyes showed pain with the way he was staring at me. But once he began to explain what Emily did to me, It all made perfect sense. Even Felix who was still paralyzed from his body could be seen clenching his jaw tightly in devastation. I could tell that he was very angry with me and I felt very guilty for not telling Felix sooner about what Emily told me. But after his severe injuries, I wasn’t focused on anything else other than taking care of him. However, I need to come clean and tell the truth to them...

“Crow, Felix... I’m sorry that you had to find out this way. I can see how stressful and hurt you both are, but the truth is that I’ve already known for a while.”

I said nervously as I sat down next to Felix, I watched as both their eyes grew wide in shock and disbelief!

“What, why didn’t you tell us!?”

Crow suddenly shouted in rage as he stood up in anger, I get he’s upset at me for not telling him, but...

“The reason why I didn’t say anything, was because I didn’t know what to think? How am I supposed to react when I’m told I’m dying? Should I immediately cry, beg for my life to be spared, get angry? If I’m being honest, I just felt really sad that my life was being taken away because of your sister. It’s not like I knew for months about this, I just recently found out a few hours ago when Emily was explaining it to me. I did plan on telling you all, I just didn’t know when or how?”

I explained to everyone as calmly as I could, but deep down I felt like I was having a panic attack. Of course, I’m terrified of dying, but getting consumed by my dark emotions would only make it worse.

“It’s all my fault...”

I heard Felix growl in despair as he struggled to left his arm towards me, I’m surprised he could even move a little after the elixir Priscilla gave him.

“What, how is any of this you’re fault? You didn’t know-”

“We did know, we knew that Emily had Raven brew her something. But we didn’t know what exactly it was, even after Felix destroyed the bottle...or at least that’s what he thought he did. We should have known that Emily would never give up something so easily. If I just would have followed you both on that day when Emily took you to the Secret Garden, then maybe I would have been able to stop you from drinking it!”

Crow explained in extreme guilt as he threw his fist against the concrete wall. The shaking of Raven’s house vibrated strongly as I tried to comprehend what he just said. It’s awful that Crow and Felix were blaming themselves for something that couldn’t be helped. It’s nobody’s fault but my own, I should have never trusted Emily to begin with. It would have been a lot better if I had just found a different solution on how to leave. But at the time I didn’t care about what I had to go through, I only cared about getting Ren back to the human world.

But these brothers don’t seem to understand that, suddenly, a loud tapping noise was coming from a nearby window! Crow was quick to move in front of Felix and me as I watched V and Seporaha move towards the strange noise. Everyone remained quiet and all I could do was cling on to Felix’s sleeve as I thought of the worse case scenarios! As if the noises didn’t startle me enough, I thought that maybe the warlock guards have found us?! Though my fears came to an end once I saw V peeking out the window, his deadly tensed eyes changed back to normal once he opened the window. And within a few seconds of him doing that, a falcon flew in and glided around the room. It then landed on Crow’s shoulder and we all instantly noticed the letter tied around the falcon’s leg.

“A bird? Why...who sent it here?”

Felix asked as he slowly tried to stand up, however, the effects of the elixir remained in his body. I did my best in trying to support him up, but he was too heavy for me. Though I didn’t expect Seporha to come and give me a hand, she helped me stand Felix upright on his own two feet so easily. I shouldn’t be surprised though, witches and warlocks are far stronger than regular humans such as myself...

“Don’t push yourself so much-”

“I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me-”

“You always say, you’re still the same old Felix. It’s like I told you before, you need to start letting others help you.”

She said with an annoying sigh, it’s strange, but with the way she’s talking so comfortable with him. It sounds as though they were once close to each other. If I was to compare myself to Sephora, without question she’s far more beautiful than anyone I’ve seen. She has such a mature voice and there’s no way I could ever compete with her...

“V, stand by the window in case you see anyone. Priscilla, I want you to keep searching in that book you were looking at earlier and see what poison Emily had Raven brew for her, there has to be a cure!”

As Crow started giving demands, he began to untie the string that was wrapped around the letter that was attached to the bird’s leg. Seeing all this made me feel childish, what the hell am I thinking right now? Here is everyone else working on the important things of what’s going on, and here I am comparing my looks to some witch, it’s ridiculous!

“To answer your question, Felix. Looks like our little brother had sent a letter.”

Crow said as he placed the falcon down near a table...

“Huh, why?! How did he know where to send the falcon-”

“The falcons are trained to follow the scent of every royal member that is head of the family.”

Felix quickly explained to calm my nerves...

“And from the looks of it, the family crest that is embedded in this letter belongs to the Cerberus Family. Meaning that it followed V’s scent, though I’m not sure why the King had sent you a letter?”

Crow said with confusion as he started to read the note...

“What does it say?”

V asked in suspense, yet Crow didn’t say a word other than grip the letter tightly! It was to the point where his hands began to shake uncontrollably until finally, he threw the letter harshly against the floor!

“Damint, how can I forget about somthing like this?!”

Crow shouted in anger, it was almost hard to watch him have a mental breakdown! Letting of go Felix’s arm, I knew that Seporaha was able to help him stand. So I rushed myself towards Crow’s side and tried my best to calm him down...

“What...does the letter say? What the fuck is going on?”

Felix asked in worry as he tried to approach us. Crow then suddenly wrapped his arms around me, but only this time I could feel how fast his rapid heartbeat was beating!

“Crow, what are you-”

“Elijah...there will be another feast tomorrow night at the Kings Family. Only this time, every royal family member is ordered to bring all of their humans...”

He spoke out in sadness as I felt him patting my head, I was still a bit confused as to why he was making it sound like a big deal. But once I heard everyone speak, I realized how problematic this was...

“No way, it never even crossed my mind, what the hell do we do now!?”

Sephora voiced out in a panic as he sat Felix down near a chair, she then made her way to grab the letter that Crow threw on the floor!

“He’s not giving up on finding you, how annoying. This is gonna be a big issue for all of us...”

V worded in as he leaned the back of his head against the window

“So that’s his plan? I have to admit, it’s a smart move on his part. Though I am a little relieved that Emily didn’t tell Elijah of the collar Luna was wearing. I guess she didn’t pay much attention to that since she wanted Luna dead.”

Felix grunted in frustration as I watched him grip his hands to a tight fist.

“I still don’t get what’s going? Why are all of you-”

“Luna, do you remember the first feast Elijah brought you to? You probably weren’t able to notice at the time, but we royal’s hold these types of feasts not only to show respect for the King’s family. But it was also where the King orders several specific humans to be brought from every individual family. The collars that the human wears signify who they belong to, however, that’s when humans are given up to the King as special offerings. Or where humans are traded to one another, but this time the King has ordered for all humans to be brought...”

As Crow was done talking, he pulled himself away and placed his hands on my shoulders. I didn’t even know what expression I was giving him, I just felt numb everywhere. It’s like my life is always being pulled back towards Elijah.

“Evey family holds forty humans, so that’s forty collars. Luna, if we don’t bring you with us...”

Sephora held her tongue back as she was finding it difficult to speak any further on what to say.

“Elijah will be able to know who’s been helping Felix all this time...”

V worded in with frustration as he finished Seporha’s sentence.

“What am I suppose to do now?”

I whispered in grief, the pool of tears was beginning to fill up my eyes as my memories began to resurface about Eli. I don’t think I can handle seeing him again!?

“We’re gonna figure this out...all of us, okay,” Crow said with determination as he tried to make me feel better.

“What do you suggest we do, there’s no way around this, Luna will have to come to the feast-”

“The chances of Luna getting caught are high, we can’t risk having her go-”

“Are you insane!? Do you know what will happen to my entire family if we don’t bring Luna with us! We have no other choices-”

“Right now we need to focus on getting Luna cured! I can give two shit’s about this upcoming feast right now!”

The arguments that everyone was having with each other were beginning to take a toll on me. I didn’t know what to do, I just felt completely broken and frighten! Why does my life keep getting more complicated!? I wish there were someone that could help me figure stuff out, I know that I’m an adult, but deep down I feel so fragile like some sort of child.

“How am I ever suppose to get a good night’s sleep with all of you speaking so loudly?”

The sudden yawning of someone speaking caught everyone silent. We all then turned our heads to the witch approaching Priscilla who’s been busy all this time looking through the books in hopes of finding a cure for me. I didn’t expect to see Raven already up, but I guess it is our fault that we woke her. It’s strange, but V and Seporaha looked very intimidated by Raven’s presence. I wonder why? Crow and Felix don’t seem to care at all that Raven was awake. If anything, they both looked finally relieved in seeing her...

“Raven, we need-”

Raven quickly raised her hand in a way of silencing Crow from speaking, no one spoke a word as all we did was watch her brew something in a cup. Once she was done, she immediately brought it to me...

“Drink it.”

She said while handing it to me.

“What is this?”

I questioned while looking at the strange liquid...

“The potion I had you drink earlier, the effects are about to wear off. Any moment now you’re body is going to revert to its painful torment state when I first brought you here. The only way to stop it is by having you drink these brews until your life reaches its limit-”

“What the hell do you mean reaches its limit!?”

Felix shouted at the top of his lungs as he was able to finally stand up and rush himself towards Raven. I guess the paralyzing elixir that Priscilla had given him finally worn off! Crow was fast enough to grab the potion out of her hands before Felix pushed her harshly against the wall! I’ve never seen Felix lose his composure this way before other than with Crow, the look of worry and rage could be shown by his black eyes as he gripped Raven’s neck so strongly!

“Felix, don’t-”

“It’s okay, believe it or not...Raven and Carla are probably the only two half witches that could handle Elijah’s and Felix’s strength. She won’t get hurt that easily, here, please drink this Luna...”

Priscilla explained as he took the cup out of Crow’s hands and gave it to me. I was a bit surprised that Priscilla knew who Carla was, but what shocked me even more, was finding out just how powerful those two must actually be. Though I was still a bit hesitant as I looked down at the bright liquid and averted my eyes back at Raven. She held such a calming stare that it didn’t look like she was in any pain, Crow then placed his hand behind my back and gestured me to drink it as well. So I decided to just quickly pass it down my throat without having to taste it, once I finished drinking it, I felt no different. I guess it really is numbing the pain away...

“Tell me right now, that you can save Luna’s life.”

I heard Felix growl his words in despair, my heart was already feeling cracked by the news of the feast that Eli was preparing for tomorrow, but once I heard Raven speak, I felt so completely shattered.

“It’s useless in having Priscilla look through my books, she won’t find anything in them. The reason being is that the poison that I brew for Emily was specifically made for killing humans and demons. I had no clue at the time that she planned on using it on Luna, I was given orders to obey. It’s truly unfortunate that it had to end this way, and I’m sorry...but there is no cure.”

Raven explained in deep guilt as she looked my way sympathetically.

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