His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 147: Two Opposites

Luna’s POV:

“So, I really am going to die, and there’s nothing that could be done-”

“No, I won’t accept this! Luna has gone through enough pain! These past months have been nothing but hell for her, I won’t have her die this way!”

Felix raged in anger as he continued to force his hands around Raven’s neck! Crow then quickly ran towards them and tried to pull Felix away from her. Even V and Seporaha tried to help, I didn’t know what to do? My mind was starting to get fuzzy and I felt like passing out. After hearing Raven say that I will die for sure, my body and heart felt completely cold. I always said that dying might not be so bad, but things are different now. After so long of being controlled by Elijah, I finally have a chance of living my new life with Felix. But now that’s being taken away from me...

“Whoa, Luna are you alright?!”

Priscilla voiced out in concern as she helped support my body. I didn’t even notice that I was falling over, did I almost faint? I had no control over what my body was doing, everything just went numb, though I was very fortunate that I had Priscilla by my side. The attention caught Crow and Felix’s to look at me with worry, and they both quickly came to my side in a hurry!

“I understand that this is all very difficult to accept. Crow, Felix, I need to speak with the two of you.”

Raven began to express her sympathy as I watched her walk towards her seat. Once she sat herself down she wiped off a bit of blood that ran down her mouth, I guess Felix was strangling her very roughly...

“Why the fuck should we listen to anything else you have to say-”

“No, wait! We should hear her out, but first...I think it’s best if Luna goes back to the room and rest.”

I heard Crow explain to Felix, he then patted my back lightly. I appreciate him trying to calm me down, but I don’t think there’s anything that could put me at ease anymore.

“Are you serious? This is ridiculous, I’m not going to waste my time here just hearing Raven speak useless words! I’ll find a way to save Luna’s life on my own-”

“Lord Felix, when you wrote me that letter. You gave me an order to keep Luna safe, and I plan on carrying that to the very end. Yes, Luna’s human soul will indeed die. But there is a way of keeping her alive still...”

Once Raven spoke, she slowly began to take off her hood and I was finally able to see what she looked like! The seriousness in her eyes was a bit frightening, but what stood out to me the most was the scar embed across her face!

“Raven, you’re not talking about-”

“Priscilla, I need you to go outside and collect some water from the lake.”

Raven quickly said to her as she cut off whatever Priscilla was about to comment. Very soon her eyes wandered towards me and the color of her purple shade eyes became almost hypnotical...

“Yes, of course. I’ll...go get it right now.”

Priscilla responded with hesitation, she then immediately let go of my arm and I watched her head out the door. But before she left, the expression on her face changed into pity when she stared at me, why? Even with what Raven said earlier, it didn’t make sense to me. She said that my soul will die, but I could live? What does that mean?!

“I see, very well then. I’ll hear what you have to say, just let me take Luna to the room-”

“No, I wanna know too! I’m not-”

“No, I won’t have you listened to what Raven is about to explain, you already look completely drain from the face. The last thing you need is more stress added to your body. Sephora, please take her back to the room and keep her company until then.”

Felix said with a stern attitude as he began to walk me out of the room, I would have loved nothing more but to fight him on this! But he was right, I didn’t have much strength in me to fight anymore. I just feel so mentally exhausted, even with the brew that Raven had me drink a few minutes ago. It only numbs the pain away, but it’s not stopping my body from feeling so fatigued...

“Yes, my Lord.”

Sephora voiced out as she came near me and helped me walk. But right as I was about to leave, Felix immediately wrapped his arms around me and whispered closely in my ear.

“I promise, that I will do everything in my power to keep you alive.”

“I know you will,” I whispered back to him with passion in my voice.

His words were so reassuring and had me feel hopeful a bit, but deep down I’m still trying to accept what the outcome could be. That’s death...

“V, I want you to stay here and listen to what Raven has to say-”

Once Felix released his hold on me, the door began to close and I was able to hear Crow giving out orders to V until the door was shut between us. That’s when Seporha began to help me back to the room, although it was a bit awkward between us with how silent we both were. I was relieved once I made it back to the room, but I wasn’t expecting Seporha to stay with me in the room as well! I mean, I know that Felix gave her orders, but I didn’t think she would actually listen. In fact, I’m surprised she’s helping Felix and me, just who exactly is she?

“I’m sorry, but who are you? I mean, I know you’re name is Seporha...but other than that I don’t know much about you. Felix said that you’re a family friend-”

“A family friend, I guess that’s all I ever will be to him. Yeah, a family friend...my full name is Sephora Cerberus, and my husband V is the head of the Royal Family. And from what you heard earlier, my loyalty is to the crown, so I did everything I could into finding you. But little did I know that my husband V was involved in helping you and Felix stay hidden. So when I found out about it, I was very upset and furious with him. It wasn’t just because he was lying to me, but because he dragged our family into danger now. If Elijah finds out we helped you, I know that my entire family and I will perish in his flames...”

She explained with worry as she expressed her feelings while looking out the window. I was honestly surprised when she mentioned being married to V! I didn’t think they were together since they both seem so distant from one another when I first saw them. Maybe I’m just overthinking?

“I’m sorry that you got drag into all of this, the way things are between Elijah and his brothers have become so complicated-”

“Luna, I know everything about you and the King. Crow and V explained what you’ve gone through, so I understand why you left. But did you have to leave with Felix? His own brother, I know that the King has done such horrible deeds to you. But you’re actions only made things worse. Listen, I’m not trying to blame all of this on you, but you have to take responsibility for what you’ve done. You can’t rely on Crow and Felix to solve all you’re problems...”

As Sephora continued to speak, it made me realize a lot of things. That I need to grow up and stop crying like a child so much. I know that Felix told me to rely on him more, but I shouldn’t be so dependent on him or Crow.

“I’ve known Raven for years, she always made forbidden spells, so I wouldn’t doubt her abilities in saving you. But just know that whatever decision you make in the end, it will lead to consequences no matter what. I just wish that Felix and V didn’t have to be drag into all of this, I know that you’re afraid right now, but we all are. We’re all risking our lives because of you, and I’m sorry, I don’t want to make you feel guilty because I know this isn’t entirely your fault. But everything is so fucked!”

She voiced out in despair as she sat on the floor, I watched as she placed both her hands against each side of her temples. She was frustrated and worried like I was, so as I continued to sit on the mattress. My eye wandered out the window as I tried to think of what I should do? If Raven really could save my life, what will I have to sacrifice? I know that everything comes at a price, so should I accept whatever help Raven is willing to give me?

“You mentioned earlier that Crow and V told you everything about me and Eli, then you should also know that Elijah is the reason for the actions I’ve done. I’m not saying that everything is his fault, but he is the reason why I am hurting and-”

“Tell me, Luna, after everything you’ve gone through with him, in the human world...and in this world, do you still love the King? If you still do, then please...let Felix go. Stop using him as a replacement for you’re Elijah. Don’t mix up on wanting to be loved by someone, Felix is an honest, loving, strong amazing devil...and I would have hoped that he would’ve been King one day. But he’s changed so much, and I know that it’s you that has changed him. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing? I just want what’s best for him, because he deserves it. His mother is gone, his father never showed him love or kindness, his only sister hates him, and now the King wants him dead. Felix, he has nothing now, no one. I beg you, don’t hurt him any more than you already have. He’s gone through enough pain, so don’t give him a false image of your love to him...”

She cried out in sadness as she looked my way, her red eyes soon turned black and I could tell that she was hurting. What she said truly pained me, I even felt like crying as well, but I had to accept what she was feeling because it’s her emotions and I could tell that she cares about Felix very much. I think I understand what kind of relationship she probably had with him...

“Before I answer you’re question, tell me something, have you always loved Felix?”

I asked her feeling very awkward, it wasn’t my intention of bringing it up. But I felt like I had to, maybe it was closure that I needed? I shouldn’t be surprised nor jealous of who Felix has been with in the past. He is a lot older than me, so it’s only natural that he’s been with many women. I mean, it’s not like I’m any better, I slept with both of his brothers already. But no matter what the circumstances were, it just sounds wrong when I think about it...

“He was my first love, and I think I will always love him. First loves are always the most difficult to forget, don’t you think?”

She answered honestly while tilting her head back, she then waited for me to say something as she grieved in her feelings of guilt. Sephora must feel awful for admitting her feelings, especially since she’s already married to V. But it’s not her fault, you really can’t help who you fall in love with.

“Yeah, it is. Elijah was my first love, and I think I will always love him. One might think I’m insane for still having these feelings for him after what he’s done. But when someone shows you how gentle, kind, caring and how loving they are toward you. It’s hard to forget about someone like that. Eli was my first, my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first everything. He made me cry, made me laugh, made me angry...and regardless of all that trauma I’ve been through. I didn’t think I would find anyone else that can make me smile as he did. I honestly believed with all my heart, that Eli would be the only one to ever make me happy. I even came to accept that he is my one true love, and deep down, I really wish he wasn’t because the love that he has for me, is poisonous that is slowly killing us both. So to answer you’re question, I do still love him. I love Eli so much that I’ve grown to hate him for it. I even told him that I will kill him one day for what he’s done to me. But now I don’t think I have the strength to do it. Sephora, you mentioned that I should let Felix go, I’m sorry. But I can’t do that, Felix to me is someone who I can’t be apart from. He’s not a replacement, nor is he someone that I’m just using so I could live. The blood bond that we once shared, showed him everything of what I felt and what I thought. He knows everything about me and I wish to learn more about him. I have fallen so deeply for Felix, so much that I didn’t even notice because I was so comfortable, and trusted him from the very beginning. We both grew so close these past few months that it just became completely natural for us. I just didn’t think that he would be my other missing piece, my soulmate...”

As I finished talking, I slowly stood myself up and began to walk towards the door that led outside the room. My head was starting to hurt and I needed to drink some water, I’m probably really dehydrated, but I’m glad that I was able to express what I felt to Sephora. But she didn’t seem all that shock at what she heard me say...

“What a wicked cruel life you have, I think from the moment you met Elijah. Your life was already set by him. You know, it’s very rare for a demon to meet their true love, but it’s even rarer for one to meet their soulmate. Yet you became very unfortunate in finding two men, only one of them could be your other half and I wonder what path you will end up deciding?”

“I chose Felix because it was the right path for me to do, I know that I will be happy being with him-”

“You can’t be with him if you still love the King-”

“I love Felix more than anything, Elijah may be my first love...but that’s something I alone will have to deal with it. I’m sorry Seporha for saying this but, you said that earlier your love for Felix is still there. How is that fair to you’re husband? Do you love V more than Felix? Or do you even love him at all?”

I knew it wasn’t my place to ask something so personal, but if she really does have these strong feelings for Felix. Then she has no right to speak about my flaws in what I should do with my love life. When she herself is no better than I am, just looking at her reaction showed how conflicted she was. She couldn’t even say anything back, so I let out a troublesome sigh and finally opened the door...

“Where are you going?”

She asked while I heard her starting to get back up...

“I need to use the restroom, and wash my face,” I responded quickly as I shut the door behind me.

I would prefer to be alone instead of having to be stuck in the same room with her. If all she’s gonna do is bring up sensitive subjects my way, then I rather just avoid her. So as I started to walk down the hall, the voices of Crow and Felix could be heard so clearly with how loud they were yelling at each other, what’s going on this time? Did something happen for them to be so upset? It’s really hard to ignore them when they sound so stress like this, so I decided to approach the room they were in and carefully place my ear against the door, trying my best to keep quiet, I kept myself from breathing heavily. However, my heart really did feel like it stopped beating the moment I heard Raven speak! I’m human, that’s how I wish to remain but do I really have a choice anymore in what I want?

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