His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Forbidden Spells

Felix’s POV:

Once Luna left, I wasted no time in wanting to know what Raven could do to save her. But I can’t avoid this gut feeling inside me that sends chills down my spine. Even as I looked over at Crow, he to looked concerned with worry. How laughable we both must look right now, being so anxious and nervous with what Raven might tell us. I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to handle the truth of what she might say?

“Start explaining, you said that there is a way to save Luna’s life. What did you mean by that?”

Crow asked in high demand as he approached Raven’s desk. He then slammed his hands harshly against the table and held such an intense look. Raven, on the other hand, looked calm as ever. I could never tell what she’s thinking, she always keeps the same look, expressionless. The scar that my father gave her years ago never healed, maybe she should have never made him that dagger in the beginning. But she was too loyal to my father since he let her live, I don’t know much about Raven’s past or why she chose to live in this world?

“The blood eclipse is in three days.”

We heard her say, Crow and I immediately looked at each other in disbelief! I completely forgot about the eclipse, I’ve been so occupied with Luna’s safety and with everything else that’s been going on that I failed to notice about it! Hell, I’m sure Crow even forgot about it as well! So this is Raven’s plan, to use a Forbidden Spell on Luna...

“I don’t think you have to say anything else, but there has to be another way of saving her life-”

“I’m surprised that you’re against the idea, weren’t you the one that once told me that it would be best for Luna to be what we are?”

I reminded Crow, I have to admit I’m a bit shock to see how he’s against this so suddenly.

“I know what I said, but this feels wrong. I’m fine with Luna becoming what we are, only if she’s okay with it. But if she’s not, then we shouldn’t force her-”

“So you’re okay with her dying?!”

I shouted with annoyance as I grabbed him from the shoulder and spun him around to have him look at me!

“Of course I don’t want her to die, but we can’t make her do this-”

“This is the only choice we have, I won’t let Luna’s life end this way-”

“That is not your decision to fucking make, it’s Luna’s! Get it through your damn head, Felix! You’re no better than Elijah at this point, her life isn’t ours to control! It’s her’s, and if she wishes to die as a human, then respect what she wants. She’s gone through enough hell as it is, so why put her through more?! If she does decide to live, then will both have to take responsibility for her until the day we both die.”

Crow voiced out in anger as he gripped a set of hair from his head in worry. His words really woke me from my senses of what I was doing. And he was right, I shouldn’t choose Luna’s path, it’s all up to her in the end. But my heart aches not being able to do anything else for her, but I won’t be like my brother! Yet I don’t know what else to do for Luna at this point? All I want is what’s best for her, I just hope it’s the path I want her to choose...

“I’m sorry, I just don’t want her to suffer anymore. Luna, she needs to be happy, and if she chooses death...I don’t think I’ll be able to live anymore. She has my heart already, Crow...if she dies, then I wish to die with her. She is my world, my soulmate-

“You’re soulmate, I think I’ve always known. I just wish that destiny wasn’t this cruel to us, our little brother, will burn everything if Luna no longer exists. So no matter what happens, if Luna chooses death. Then I’ll lose both my brothers in the end...”

As Crow was explaining everything with such deep sorrow, the look in his eyes showed how painful this was for him.

“If she wishes to continue to walk in this realm, Luna will have to give up her humanity. Her soul is already poisoned, so there is no chance of saving it. The only option is for her to accept a contract with a demon, she must live her life as a witch. To either devour the hearts of people or consummate with them and devour their souls slowly, she will live her days killing humans like the rest of you. So understand that she will live a cursed life in this world.”

With Raven speaking the reality of what Luna’s life will be like, it made me feel guilty of wanting her to live...

“Tell me, why must she become a demon like us? Why can’t she be what you and Carla are, just half-witch and half-human!?”

Crow asked in frustration as he pulled himself away from me to face Raven in a panic. I already knew that Luna wouldn’t be able to be half of what Raven and Carla were because if it was that easy, Raven would have brought it up already. And hearing Raven explain it, made perfect sense but it was also devesting to listen to...

“As I said before, the brew that Emily had me make. Attacks not only her body but her soul as well, and within time, it slowly began to poison her. So in order for her to become half of what I am, she needs a healthy untainted soul to balance the energy within her when she accepts a demon inside her. That’s how Carla and I were able to keep our human soul alive, we sleep to keep ourselves still whole. And when night approaches, that’s when the other half of our demon comes out. But in Luna’s case, her soul is far too weak now, and if I try to put a demon inside her. She will have a painful death because her soul will be devoured by it. This is why the only option is to extract her soul until her body is nothing but an empty vessel. This is why she needs to stay alive when I’m doing this ritual. Because If she dies before I could do anything, it won’t work. Her soul must be kept alive for her body to accept whatever demon is placed inside her. Once it’s successful, her soul will immediately die.”

She said while pulling out a book from her desk, her eyes grew tense and I knew she was being serious with her words...

“Raven, have you done this ritual before?”

I asked as I began to walk towards where she was sitting, looking at her book I noticed that she was going over the kind of demons that would be suitable for Luna. There were either weak or strong demons, but I’m curious as to why Raven is looking at this? Shouldn’t Luna be given a weak demon, won’t that make it easier for her?

“I’ve tried this ritual before on a human, and unfortunately it was unsuccessful. Your father soon found out what I was doing, and as punishment, he gave me this permanent scar on my face. The King only spared my life because I provided useful spells for him and the Kingdom of Wisteria. Though he hated how much stronger I was, his thoughts about my existence were nothing more but an abomination. So, of course, he was completely against the idea of a human becoming a full-fleshed demon.”

She said without taking her eyes off her book...

“What?! You’ve tried this ritual before on a human and it didn’t work! Then what hell is the point in trying it again if it might kill her faster?! Why didn’t it work the first time!?”

Crow anxiously asked, his nerves were starting to show how panicked he was becoming. I know that he’s upset to hear that Luna might die either way, but for some reason, I felt like something else was bugging him.

“I know the reasoning for my failure when first I attempted this ritual, though I’m afraid there are three issues that will forbid me from helping Luna,” Raven responded with confidence in her abilities as she closed the book.

“And what are the three issues?”

I suddenly heard V asked from behind me, I almost forgot that Crow asked him to be here.

“Well the first issue is that I can’t use just any regular weak demon on Luna, it must be a powerful devil-”

“Why can’t it be a weak demon? Luna won’t be able to handle the strength of something so powerful!”

I spoke out in worry, I thought that a weak demon would work best for Luna. But now I understand why Raven pulled out that book earlier, she was looking at which demon would be most compatible for her...

“I thought the same thing when I first did this ritual, but that’s when I realized why the human died. It was because when I transferred the weak demon into the human body, the demonic powers weren’t strong enough to cope with the change of living in a vessel that was once human. And when that happens, not only does the demon die, but so does the human. Which is why it can’t be weak.”

“So where the hell do we find a powerful demon? It’s not like we could walk around this kingdom and expect to just find one floating around! Do you have any fucking idea how rare it is to find a devil like that? I should also mention that Elijah’s fucking guards are everywhere in Wisteria, so how do we-”

“I’m fully aware of that V, I know that it’s almost impossible to find a demonic creature right now. But we do have an easier solution, don’t we Crow?”

When Raven drew his attention towards Crow, V and I instantly averted our eyes towards him. What was Raven implying, does Crow know something we don’t!? That’s when I noticed that his eyes have grown pitch black! So I immediately pinned his arms behind his back and he immediately drew out his claws and tried to fight me off!

“Crow, what the fuck are you doing?!”

V shouted in shock at Crow’s actions, I already had a feeling my brother was going to try and attack Raven with how jet black his eyes turned!

“Get off me, I won’t do it! I won’t do that to Luna! You’re an evil fucking witch Raven, I’ll kill you!”

He roared out in rage as he struggled to get free, so I’m quickly slammed his head against the desk and restrained him from moving!

“Calm yourself! What the hell are you talking about, what won’t you do?!”

I growled in confusion s I watched Raven stand up and gestured for me to let my brother go...

“Crow, you know that this is the only option we have. I know what I am asking is wicked, but if you want Luna to live. Then this is what must be done, and judging from your brother’s reaction. I’m sure you haven’t told him anything, have you?”

Raven asked as she began to walk towards her bookcase.

“Crow, explain now!”

I ordered him with frustration, the more I didn’t know what was going on. The more impatience I was becoming!

“There is a demon that would be perfect for Luna to use, however, I can’t do the ritual unless Crow approves it. After all, he did have me watch over it for many years.”

Raven began to explain as she put the book she once had, back on the shelf. Very soon, Crow turned around to face me and held the look of death in his eyes. I do remember Crow summoning Raven in the past and asking to see if a specific demon was still alive. Though I didn’t care to ask what demon it was, nor did I think it was any of my business to get involved with what he was doing. But once I heard my brother say whose demon it was, it all made sense why he was acting this way. Crow will be reliving a painful past that I know he wishes to forget, I’m just surprised that Crow had Raven watch over it until it died out. But it takes a while for powerful devils to die without a host, it must’ve been really hard for Crow to go through this...

“The demon that Raven has locked away, belonged to my mother.”

He spoke out in grief as he looked away from everyone, I didn’t know what to say? Things just grew awkward with silence, so I tried to ask something else...

“What’s the second issue?”

I asked Raven as I placed my hand on Crow’s shoulder for comfort.

“When the King punished me for casting forbidden spells. He ended up taking my casting spellbook away from me, however, Carla did tell me that you’re father hid my book underneath his desk. I must get it back since for me to begin the ritual, I would need to chant a specific spell to do so. But it’s been many years and I’ve completely forgotten what the words were. So I need that book back as quickly as possible before the Blood Eclipse.”

She explained while running her fingers across her scar, she then stared out the window and watched as the night was beginning to fade away into the sunrise. It’s hard to believe how many hours have passed since we’ve been discussing all of this...

“Getting your book back might be the most challenging thing to do, however, this feast that Elijah is having tomorrow night might work to our advantage. The only problem is that we risk getting Luna getting caught in the process. We need to figure out a plan...”

V pointed out as he took a seat and began to think of what we should do. He was right, the feast is the only chance we have in getting Raven’s book back.

“What is the last issue,” Crow asked in sorrow as I watched him run his fingers through his hair with such stress.

“The last issue is that none of this matters if Luna doesn’t agree. It is her life after all, so tell me, Luna. What path will you choose, death or a cursed life?”

As Raven spoke, she directed her question towards the door that was closed behind me. So I quickly shifted my head around and saw that the door was beginning to open! That’s when I saw Luna peeking her head out, how long has she been standing behind that door!? Did Raven notice all this time, why the hell is Seporha not with her? But most importantly, what is Luna thinking right now!?

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