His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 122: Point Of No Return

Felix’s POV:

“I’m sorry my Lord, I wish I could do more than just drop off food. But my wife Sephora has grown suspicious of my actions lately. Every time I leave she questions what I’m doing, she’s truly dedicated, and only wishes to serve the Royal King’s Family. However, once she heard of your betrayal, she made it her duty to find you. I didn’t want to believe what I was hearing, Felix. I’ve known you for many years, and although I may have never met your mother and sister. I have met your father once before. He had no doubt in choosing you to be the next King, so when I found out that Elijah was Crowned King instead, it really didn’t make sense to me. Felix, that human girl that you’re protecting, is she-”

“She may look like some small fragile human being to you, but me. Her existence is everything, I love that human girl...”

I began to explain to V as we both made our way through the many dark alleyways. This is all fucked, the last thing I ever wanted was for Luna’s life to be in any more danger. Elijah, why can’t you just let Luna go?

“Luna...you know, I did hear the king say that name before when he came to the Royal council a few weeks back. He spoke to me and wanted my opinion of demons and humans being together. And not just sexually, but actually...together as in marriage. I would have never thought that the King himself would be curious about something like that? It’s always been a taboo for demons and humans to be together like that, but I never understood why?”

V explained as we quietly made it to a hidden bunker, but as I looked around, I noticed the many posters of my face on every wall...

“My little brother really wants me dead, huh? It says to capture me dead or alive, and the reward, becoming a member of the King’s Family. How foolish, I’m just relieved that Elijah hasn’t posted any pictures of Luna. The last thing I want is for everyone to know what she looks like, that will only make things more difficult to keep her hidden.”

I said with an upsetting sigh as I watched V open the hidden doors off the floorboard...

“From what my wife told me, only the Royal families know about Luna’s identity. We had to swear an oath to never speak of her existence in this world. But the collar on her neck is dangerous enough for her, what do you think will happen if a warlock or a witch sees the King’s family crest on her. They will immediately contact the Royal Families, so even if she’s not wanted to the public eye like you are. Her life is still in danger-”

“It doesn’t come as a surprise that Elijah wants to keep Luna’s identity to a minimum. He’s relying on the hope that Luna will keep her collar on. But I plan on changing that, V...I need you to give me one of your collars with your family crest on it.”

I said to him as we both made our way inside the bunker, we both then closed the doors behind us and began to light up the candles on the chandelier.

“I know what you’re trying to do, you plan on switching her collar so she can’t be found. That plan might work, but what you’re asking of me is absolute suicide. What will happen if the King found Luna wearing a collar that belongs to my family name? What do you think will happen to my family, my wife...look, I understand that you wish to keep that human safe. But you risk the lives of my family name.”

He explained with fear as he sat on the floor looking so defeated. I know what I’m asking is very selfish and dangerous. In the past, if any witch or warlock stole or killed any of the humans that belonged to the King’s family. They were instantly put to death, I never wish to bring harm to V or his family. But I don’t know what else to do? As I took off my cloak, I heard the rattling of some chains echoing throughout the room. Following the sounds, I locked my gaze at two naked human girls sobbing. They were both hugging one another and looked completely terrified...

“Are these two my dinner for tonight?”

I calmly asked him as I slowly began to approach the two girls, yet their cries grew louder and they both backed themselves as close to the wall as they could...

“Yeah, I know I usually bring four, but like I said it’s been difficult to sneak away from my wife. And with the King boosting high security, it’s not gonna make it any easier for me. Felix, have you tried searching for Raven? I’m sure she will still help you, her loyalty to the King’s Family is to all of you, regardless if you abandoned the King’s name. I know that she will still help you...”

He explained while I began to reach my hand towards both of the girls. I had them stare at the ring I wore, the brightness in the ring kept both their eyes locked and they no longer cried in fear. Erasing their human minds made them grow hallow until they both held a blank stare.

“So you still kill your food humanely, I usually just tear their throats out to shut them up and then devour their hearts.”

V worded out in a light chuckle as he watched me rip open both their chest. As I started eating the very soul that lies within them, V stood himself up and began to approach where I was...

“Felix, I never really asked you this. But what made you want to leave the King’s family? Surely it can’t be because of that human girl?”

He asked with a curious tone as he kicked one of the girl’s lifeless bodies away. He then took a seat right next to me and leaned the back of his head against the concrete wall, though I took my time devouring the last remaining flesh that I held in my hand...

“I know it shouldn’t be any of my business, but I’m just curious since I always looked up to you when we were children. You always worked hard to be the next King, and you never held any sympathy for the humans. But fast forward to now, it’s completely changed.”

He said as I felt him wipe away the blood from my mouth, I then leaned myself back against the wall as well...

“V, everything that I left behind. My home, my name...I left it all due to my selfishness. My whole life, I was given one purpose in living. And that was being King and nothing more, my father, who raised me, who trained me for so many years. It was to the point where I would be fortunate enough to see my mother’s face maybe once a year. Even my baby sister was starting to grow so big, and I never realized how much she’s grown. So I never stopped treating her like a child, I truly believed that I was next to claim the throne. However, I never excepted it to be taken away from me so easily. When I heard that my father was having another child, I thought nothing of it. Especially when he decided to throw him out to the human world, though everything changed once I heard he wanted Elijah to return home. It made no sense to me, that was until I found out who Elijah’s mother was. That’s when everything was starting to piece together, and when my father told me that he will be passing down his crown to my baby brother. I didn’t know what to feel, my whole life of what I worked so hard to achieve now seemed meaningless. I couldn’t hold the last wish my mother wanted me to do, to be King, to marry my sister, and to rule this Kingdom. I failed her, so I lived my life in silence. Locked myself away with my piano and just follow my new King and that was it. However, once I found out about this human girl name Luna, I’ve grown curious why she was so precious to the King. And before I knew it, Elijah created a blood bond between Luna and me. Since I already explained to you what a blood bond is, I’m sure you could understand what ended up happening to me. I was able to feel the human emotions, at first it was nothing but a nuisance. But as time passed, I began to understand why humans were so unique. They live the lives that they want, their feelings are true. They do what they think is right, I always thought that all humans were selfish and disgusting beings. But Luna showed me a different side of her kind, that not all humans are vile creatures. Some are pure and kind, just like her. She made me realize that theirs more to my life than just being my brother’s shadow. So that’s why I decided to leave because I wanted to find my purpose, my reason for living. V, you asked why is it a taboo for a human and a demon to be together. Well, it’s because the human heart is a dangerous thing, it holds the soul that could change us. Just look at my past father, he fell in love with a human, then Elijah was born. Fast forward to now, we have a mad King controlling the Realm Kingdom just so he could find Luna. And here you have me, risking my life to protect her. We demons have a heart also, but the difference is that we don’t have a soul as humans do. But Luna, makes me feel like I have one, which is why I couldn’t help but fall in love with her. So I left the Royal Family, not only was it so I could protect Luna...but because my life no longer held meaning in that family.”

As I finished explaining, V grew silent and we stared at the dim lighted Chandelier that hung above us. The minutes soon turned into hours as I waited for V to say something. Though I watched as he suddenly leaned himself over and grab hold of the human corpse that was right next to him. He then began to take off the collar that was around the girl’s neck and offered it to me...

“Are you sure?”

I asked him as he reached out my hand to take the collar.

“Yeah, take it, it’s gonna be a long dangerous journey for you. So you’ll need all the help you can get. You know what, what you say is true, my life was already set when I was born as well. My Royal family married me off to another Royal Family, my wife Sephora is a very complicated woman. And even though I’m her 4th husband now, I do love her. However, I’m not sure if I love her because I need to, or because I want to. But hearing you explain your life with that human girl of yours, I kinda envy you. Because you were able to give up everything and follow what you wanted, I don’t think I could ever do that.”

He explained with sadness in his eyes, and even though he was smiling. It was obvious that he held nothing but sorrow inside of him. Taking the collar, I looked at their family crest. It was a lot different from the Kings Family crest, so it shouldn’t be a problem anymore if Luna wore this instead. I just wish she didn’t need to wear one at all, but it’s for her safety. So I firmly took a hold of it and shoved it in my pocket.

“I’m no one that should be envied, I failed at attaining what was rightfully mine. Like I said before, my purpose was to be King. But now things are different, because this time, I found a new purpose...and I won’t lose it,” I said with determination.

“I see... well, things are bound to get worse before they get better. So you’ll need to stay strong, especially with that human girl.”

He responded with a sigh, I then slowly opened my eyes and watched as V stood himself up and grabbed each of the dead girl’s arms...

“I’ve come to accept whatever wickedness Elijah will throw at me. But I won’t bend to his will, I know that the situation I am in is bound to get more difficult. And about what you mentioned before, I’ve been searching for Raven for the past few weeks, yet I’ve had no luck in finding her. Though I know for a fact that she lives in the mountains, it’s become very complicated in locating her.”

I explained as he began to drag the two corpses behind him. Every time I finish consuming the hearts of every human he gives me, he burns the bodies afterward...

“If you’re having trouble finding her, why don’t you ask Crow to tell you where she could be? You did mention to me in the past that Crow’s mother took care of Raven when she was once human many years ago. Even after Crow was born, Raven did grow close to the Kings Family. ”

He pointed out as he pulled out a bottle from his jacket, he then doused the purple liquid that was in the vile and splashed it all over the dead bodies. And just within a few seconds, the corpses immediately caught on fire and we both watched the burning purple flames engulf them until there was nothing but ash...

“The main issue with that plan is that, to speak with Crow, I will need to sneak back to the King’s household, and I can’t risk doing that. If I were to get caught, then-”

“You won’t need to go back to the Kings Family, look...I don’t know if you heard? But ever since you left and took Luna. The Kings Family has grown unstable, Crow...he’s been visiting many brothels within the Realm Kingdom and from what I’ve been told, he’s been seen numerous times down by the sacrificial Lake of Oblivion.”

After hearing what V had to say, I couldn’t believe his words! This is ridiculous, what the fuck has been going on in the King’s Family in my absence!?

“How disappointing, here I was hoping for Crow not to lose his sanity. His ability to stay strong and level-headed is a complete embarrassment. He can’t even control that demon of his yet, so what the hell is he thinking of visiting the Lake of Oblivion?! V, I must thank you...I had no idea what became of my siblings. Though now that I know the mental state of how Crow is. It’s time I pay him a visit and have a little talk with him...”

Crow, when I find you. You better not have let your demon control your inner mind. Because if you did, then I will have no choice but to kill you!

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