His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 149: Life & Death

Luna’s POV:

I was caught off guard when Raven knew I was listening to what they were saying! Deep down I didn’t want to step outside, I’m not ready to face anyone yet. But I know that I needed to, especially with everything they were planning, I have to give them my answer to what I want. Should I continue to live, but if I do, what kind of life will be waiting for me? Will I be happy being a demon? I don’t think I will, in fact, the thought frightens me. Death sounds more peaceful at this point, but what Crow told me months ago resurfaced my memories...

He once said that death may be peaceful, but it will be extremely painful for those I care for. I don’t want to be selfish and hurt others, but I also don’t wanna regret the decision I make in the end. Taking a deep breath in, I slowly began to open the door until I was able to see everyone staring at me. Crow and Felix both look absolutely in shock seeing me, while V and Raven didn’t seem all that surprised. If anything, V looked like he was deep in thought, as for Raven, her expression always looks so calm.

“Luna, how long were you out there? I thought I told Seporha to take you back to the room?!”

Felix worded out in disappointment as he came towards me. He then quickly grabbed my hand and was about to lead me out of the room! Though I immediately shook my hand away from his grip and ran towards Crow. Getting behind his back, I’m sure I looked like a child, but I refuse to be kept in the dark of what’s happening! I already know what must be done, but I’m still unable to speak. Crow seemed to understand the situation I was in and decided to speak for me until I figure out what I should do...

“Luna, enough with these child-like games and come to me. You shouldn’t be in here right now.”

Felix sternly voiced out as he reached his hand towards me...

“I think after hearing everything we said, Luna is probably unsure what is the right thing to do for herself. So let her be, we have to understand that we’re asking a lot from her-”

“What about you Crow? Are you okay with this, that demon once belonged to you’re mother...”

I finally spoke with hesitation as I gripped the back of Crow’s shirt. I then instantly felt Crow jolt his back a bit, this whole ritual isn’t only going to affect me, but those around me as well.

“I appreciate you’re concern Luna, but it’s okay. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked the idea of that demon wandering around again in this world. But I needed to remind myself, that it wasn’t the demon that tried to kill me. I don’t despise it nor wish to kill it, no, the one that I hate...was always my father. So I’ll be okay with it...”

He explained with a deep sigh, I’ve yet to know the full details of what happened between him and his mother. And now that I think about it, there’s so much that Crow and I have to discuss.

“Forgive me, Luna. I didn’t mean to be so aggressive with you, I just don’t want you to be so overwhelmed with all this. I also didn’t want you to feel rush by giving us an answer, you’ve lived you’re whole life as a human. So I need to be understanding of how drastic this is for you. Luna, I know you heard what I probably said, and I meant it. I know I’m not being fair with you, but if you decide to die here and now. Then I won’t hesitate to follow you...”

Felix worded out in grief as he approached Crow and me, this isn’t fair of him! He’s horrible for saying that to me! I didn’t believe him at first but hearing him say it again, I could see the seriousness in his eyes!

“Felix, you can’t put that burden on her shoulders-”

“It’s not a burden, Crow. It’s me showing Luna that where ever her heart goes, my heart will follow-”

“How is that any different, you’re horrible! I hate you, I hate you, Felix! Why...how can you be so cruel!? How do I have a choice, I refuse to die! I can’t bear anyone else getting hurt, I won’t let death take any of you away from me! ”

I cried out in anger and sadness as I released Crows shirt, I then ran towards Felix and began to beat his chest with all my might! But in the end, all I ended up doing was sobbing in his arms as he embraced me...

“So it’s settled then, we will start the ritual three days from now-”

“Wait! Luna, look at me...are you really willing to become what I am. A beast, a monster that devours the souls of humans. To live a long cursed life with me in this world?”

Felix suddenly asked as he cupped both my cheeks, raising my head, he had me staring directly at his intense gaze. He looked so hurt and his voice pained me, I wonder if his heart is hurting like mine? Because right now, I don’t know if my heart will even beat the same once this is all over?

“Remember what you told me when you helped me escape that night. You said that I shouldn’t forget who I am, to not lose my sanity, to stay strong. Felix, I won’t regret anything because it’s my life, even if my soul is no longer a part of me. I will still be me, your soulmate, though I’m not sure if we both need souls to be soulmates...”

I said in a light chuckle as I tried to laugh off my sadness, but it still didn’t stop my tears from coming down.

“Luna, soulmates don’t require a soul. It’s how we connect, how we understand one another, and how we trust our love.”

Felix responded with a lighthearted smile as he brought me close to his chest, he then began to pat my head so sweetly as he snuggled himself close to me. I already knew that our hearts were always connected, even when we first met, I didn’t fear him, because deep down I already trusted Felix from the very beginning. And that hasn’t changed, I will always love him. But I wish my heart could stop aching for another, even now, I fear hurting him even more once I change. Because I don’t know what he will think of me, will he finally hate me, will his love vanish? Elijah, will you be able to forgive me? What am I thinking, do I even have the right to worry about Eli?

“Well it seems that it all comes down to getting Raven’s book back, and I think I might have a solution for it. Though it’s taking a big gamble if we decide to do this...”

I heard V say as I looked over at him.

“Care to explain?”

Crow asked while Felix and I pulled away from our embrace. I was still a bit emotional but I had to stop crying. It’s a little embarrassing breaking down in front of everyone, so I shouldn’t get too carried away with my feelings right now...

“It’s obvious that Elijah might go through checking all the humans at the feast. So I was thinking that what if Luna went without a collar-”

“Are you out of you’re fucking mind?! Luna won’t last two seconds without getting caught-”

“Hear me out! There’s more to it than just that, Crow. What I thought was that maybe, Luna could disguise herself and pretend to be my wife at the feast. Usually, some warlocks and witches wear blindfolds across their eyes as well to keep the peace between the royal families. We all know what happens when jealously is created between the royals...”

“What are you talking about?”

I asked V, I was so confused as to why some of them wear blindfolds for? I thought only humans had to wear them?

“Luna, do you remember when Eli put that blindfold on you at the feast before. It was so no one could see what you looked like. If a warlock or witch saw your face or any other human’s bare face, it will cause problems. Because if you make eye contact with any demon there, the chances of them being interested in having you or killing you would have caused a lot of chaos for Elijah. He would have probably killed anyone who would have wanted to trade a human for you. It’s no different with us royal’s when we go to these feasts. Their’s times where many witches come up to me and offer twenty humans for me to have, but in return, they would want me to sleep with them. Even Felix was offered many humans, though of course, many warlocks wanted him to marry their daughters. The same thing has happened to Elijah as well, so if you have no intention of trading, that’s when you wear a blindfold to show that you’re off-limits. But I don’t see how this will work, everyone in the kingdom knows what Seporha looks like. Just comparing their height difference alone is massive! Luna is far too short, hell Sephora is almost taller than me, Luna here doesn’t even go past my chest. Elijah will notice right away it’s her- Hey, what are you doing?”

I subconsciously ended up punching Crow in the arm, I know that I’m short but he doesn’t have to point it out in such detail!

“Shut up! Enough about my height already, it’s not my fault that you’re all taller than me!”

I said in a pout, though Crow couldn’t help but laugh as he crossed his arms.

“Look, other than their height difference. Sephora and Luna both have the same skin and hair color. All Luna needs to do is not speak-”

“That still leaves you one human short on you’re human list. Remember that you need to bring forty humans, or else my brother will end up knowing it’s been you who’s been betraying him.”

Felix quickly pointed out...

“So you plan on using the human girl. Well, she’s a free human to do what she pleases, so if she denies helping you, then you’re better off coming up with a new plan.”

Raven quickly stated as I watched her take a seat in her chair. That’s when I suddenly heard a door being opened! At first, I wasn’t sure who it was, but I remember Raven sending Priscilla out to get some water. So it was probably her- I instantly paused once I ended up piecing everything together, and that’s when I knew what V wanted! He plans on having Priscilla take my place and have her wear my collar!

“Sorry I took so long Raven, this bucket of water was pretty heavy-”

“No, I won’t have Priscilla risking her life for me! She’s already gone through the pain of what Elijah has put her through! I won’t have her-”

“Luna, what are you talking about?”

Priscilla quickly asked in concern as she placed the water bucket down, she then walked towards me with a confused stare and I felt very uneasy.

“Priscilla, will you be willing to help Luna even if it means risking your own life?”

Raven bluntly asked, the look on Priscilla’s face was unreadable as she stayed silent. I had no idea what she was thinking until she gently held my hand...

“Yes, I am.”

She answered with an honest smile!

“What, no! You have no idea what you’re getting yourself onto! I’m not gonna let you risk your life for someone like me-”

“You’re not just anybody, Luna. I’ve done horrible things to you-”

“I told you that was all in the past! We were stupid high schoolers-”

“That doesn’t matter, I feel like no matter how many times I apologize. It will never be enough to fix what happened, it’s true that I’ve gone through a lot because of Elijah. But that is nothing compared to what you’ve gone through, and what hurts me the most is that you’re still going through so much pain. I know what you plan on doing, and I don’t blame you for wanting to live. I just hate that your life had to be this difficult, so please, let me help you. It’s the least I can do...”

Priscilla begged in tears as she held on to my trembling hand. She feels guilty for what she’s done in the past, but for the sake of her life, I really wanna reject her help. But at this point, I don’t think she will take no for an answer. So the best thing I could do was just give her a small nod, and although she looked relieved with accepting her help. I for one wasn’t happy in dragging her into my mess.

“Alright, let’s say Elijah does fall for this plan. It still doesn’t fix the issue of Luna’s height- I mean her body difference between Seporaha.”

Crow worded out in hesitation, V and Felix soon began to think of how they should fix the issue...

“I’m not sure what we should do about that?”

“How can a couple of men be so smart and yet so stupid at the same time? All she needs is a pair of good high heels to match my height. No one will be able to tell the difference, though of course our hair length isn’t the same and neither is our eye color. Though fixing your hair up should be easy, and just like what my husband said, as long as you keep quiet and wear the blindfold. You should be able to blend in very well.”

I suddenly heard Seporha speak in a heavy sigh as she walked in on all of us...

“Sephora! I’m sorry, I told you that I was going to the bathroom but I ended up-”

“No, it’s okay. The one that should be apologizing, is me. I crossed the line in telling you what you should do, I had no right to say those things when I myself am still getting over my feelings.”

She said as she made her way next to V...

“How long have you been listening?”

V asked as he was surprised by his wife’s sudden approach.

“Long enough to know that this plan of yours is insane, but it’s not like we have a lot of options. Also, this feast will be a lot more different compared to the other ones. The King is betting on finding Luna that night, so we need to be prepared that he will have tight security and guards patrolling everywhere. I’m sure Elijah won’t allow anything to come in or out once the feast begins. These feasts last until the morning, which should be more than enough time for you to find whatever Raven needs you to get for her. And if you succeed in retrieving it, I’m sure that Crow could lead you through the dungeon floors and bring you to the wishing well and have him bring you back here. My husband will also make sure to bring Priscilla back alive once it’s all over.”

With Sephora finishing explaining the rest of the plan to us, I was becoming very overwhelmed with everything. It’s a lot easier said than done, this is going to be a challenge. I think this could be the last time I could ever pray to God because once this is all over, I won’t be human anymore.

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