His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 150: Hourglass

Luna’s POV:

It’s been a couple of hours since we all discussed the plan. V and Seporaha left a little while ago and went back home to prepare for the feast that was quickly approaching. Sephora mentioned that she will be helping me get ready later, I hope I could pull off being her. Raven also wanted Felix and Seporaha to stay here since she doesn’t want to risk everyone getting caught if this plan doesn’t go so well. At first, Felix was completely against the idea, but after a long talk, I manage to convince him to stay...

“Luna, I know you’re overthinking stuff again,” Felix pointed out as he took a seat next to me.

We both were in our room where Raven was letting us stay, and I was able to see a clear view of the sunrise slowly beginning to rise. The window in our room shows a clear image of the kingdom down below. I was even able to see the King’s castle from here...

“Even with our blood bond gone. You’re still able to know what I’m feeling, there’s no hiding anything from you.”

I responded with a tender smile...

“I’ve come to read you’re body language so well, Luna. I know I’ve been saying this all night, but I’m so sorry that you had to go through all of this. I wish that I could take all this pain away from you, to be able to erase your memory. That way I know it will be easier for you to live your new life after this. But I know that you will always refuse to remove any fragments from your mind. Luna, come here...”

Felix voiced out as he brought his hands around my body. Pulling me closer towards him, we both rested against the couch. Pressing my ear against his chest, I listened to his steady beating heart. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath in and instantly relaxed in Felix’s arms. His body was warm, strong, and comforting. I’ve grown used to his touch, and I no longer feel guilty nor shy being with him like this. I think after sleeping with him, there was no longer a point of distancing myself.

“I know that it would be a lot easier for me if my memories vanished. But if I let you do that, I feel like I wouldn’t feel human. And quite frankly, I don’t know what I’ll feel like once I become a demon? I just hope that my heart will still beat the same.”

I began to explain in sadness...

“You will still be the same Luna, the same woman I fell in love with. You will still be you, nothing will change that. I will make sure, that nothing bad will happens. I know you told me to stay here, and I will. It just kills me that I can’t be with you tonight...”

He responded with frustration as he tightens his hold on me. I knew what he was referring to, it turns out that I would have to be the one to enter Elijah’s study room and retrieve the book myself. With Crow being a royal, he must stay attended at the feast no matter what. As for V, he has to stay and keep watch over Priscilla. I just hope that Eli doesn’t recognize her if he sees her. I mean, I know that she will be wearing a blindfold, but it’s not for certain that he won’t notice her? So in the end, it’s all up to me to get Raven’s spellbook! Who would have thought this is how my life would turn out?

“You know when I was a little girl, I pictured myself getting married, having children, and growing old with the one I love. I never would have expected my life to turn out this way instead, it was a nice fantasy while it lasted, a fairytale that could never happen, something I could never have-”

“What foolish words do you speak of? Luna, you can still have all that, the only difference is that you won’t be human. We can get married, have as many children as you want, and although we won’t age, we can still live a long life together until the very end.”

Once Felix spoke, my heart skipped a beat! Immediately raising my head to look at him, I was in absolute shock by his words, and it made me extremely happy! It even moved me to tears knowing that Felix was picturing our future together. I’ve been so focused on the negative, that I completely forgot to look at the positive side for once. With the feeling of his fingers wiping my tears away, I couldn’t hold myself back from kissing him. Both my hands gripped his shirt, as he pressed my lips strongly against mine. The muffling of our deep breathing grew as I felt my body beginning to tingle, the rapid of our heartbeats grew faster! The sweetness of Felix’s tongue was divine and it only made me want more as he too began to devour mine. With his hands grabbing my waist, he had me move on top of him until I was straddling over his body...


Moaning out his name, Felix refused to pull away from our deep kiss. That was until I felt his fingers gliding below my inner thighs! So I instantly jolted my body forward until my body was pressed up against his chest...

“Whatever happened to the little shy girl that was once too embrassesed to kiss me?”

Felix finally spoke in a playful smirk, he then moved his lips down to my neck. The sounds of him sucking on my flesh burned greatly in such satisfaction that my own body was already feeling hot!

“I...don’t care anymore... you’ve already seen everything of me...and I’m already all your’s,” I responded seductively, and once he pulled his lips away, we both stared so passionately at one another.

He then began to unbutton my shirt very slowly, but he wasn’t able to get very far since we both heard someone knocking at our door! We then instantly looked at one another and immediately chuckled a bit...

“Who is it?”

Felix voiced out in high demand as he went back to buttoning my shirt up. There was no rush between us, although I was a little disappointed. I wanted to do more, but it can’t be helped...

“It’s me, Raven needs to speak to Luna about something.”

We heard Crow speak from the other side of the door. Things instantly became awkward for me because I still haven’t had the chance to talk with Crow yet. I feel like I need to, it just doesn’t feel right leaving things how they are. Especially with what happened between us, but most of all...there are some things in my past that I need to remember from him.

“Very well, will be out shortly,” Felix responded calmly as ever, I think he’s trying to forget what happened between Crow and me.

Because he doesn’t want any more problems to start, it’s just like Seporha mentioned, almost everyone wants him dead now. That’s including his own family, the only one left that remains by his side is Crow. So, of course, he doesn’t want to lose his last family member that he cares for, which reminds me...

“Felix, how long were you and Seporaha dating?”

I know I shouldn’t be asking something so personal, especially with how close we were just a few minutes ago. I was honestly expecting Felix to be annoyed by my question. But I was utterly surprised by how honest he was being!

“I was wondering why Seporha was apologizing to you earlier, it makes sense now that she probably spoke to you about her and I. Luna, there is nothing to be jealous over, the last thing I want is for you to feel insecure about my past and who I’ve been with. The relationship I once had with her ended forty years ago, it’s nothing but a faded memory to me now. It was nothing more but a physical relationship on my part, but the situation grew complicated once I found out Sephora had feelings for me. So I immediately cut things off with her, many witches laid with me solely out of wanting power or for just simple pleasures. So for hundred years, I tried to numb my emotions with anyone I slept with. But that instantly changed once I met you. Luna, it was you that made me no longer afraid to love someone. After my mother was killed, I honestly believed that love was nothing more but an illusion, something that everyone gets blinded by. But I’ve come to realize that isn’t true, you showed me that love isn’t blind. That love can create something beautiful, you are what I bleed for, my soulmate. My Love, my everything...”

As Felix was done talking, he had me in his embrace the whole time. Just when I thought he couldn’t make me cry anymore, he proves me wrong with his words. Shortly after, we both got off the couch and held each other’s hands as we made our way to the door. But what he mentioned earlier kind of made me giggle once Felix was opening the door...

“Does something amuse you?”

He asked curiously...

“Huh? Oh, is just that, you said that the relationship ended forty years ago. I just can’t take you seriously when you say stuff like that. It’s just hard to believe that your demons live up to be thousands of years old, you all look so young-”

I quickly cut off what I was saying once the door was wide opened, there I saw Crow, his eyes wandered at my hand that was holding Felix’s.

“Sephora and V are already waiting for you, and so is that human girl that’s been helping Raven make your brew,” Crow explained as he started to walk away from us.

“What brew?”

I asked anxiously as I tried to catch up to him, though he didn’t say anything and just kept walking further away from me, is he upset? Suddenly, Felix held me back and gave me a calming smile. So without saying anything else, we both headed our way back to the main room where everyone was at. The first thing that caught my eyes was the huge hourglass that stood in the middle of the room!

“What is that for?”

I asked while slowly approaching it...

“Hurry and drink this, once you do, I’ll explain,” Raven said as she handed me a cup.

The liquid was red and I was having doubts about drinking it, so I looked over at Priscilla and she gave me a reassuring gesture. So far Raven has been kind to me, and I haven’t seen her do anything that I would consider evil. Of course, I know she’s the one that made the poison for Emily, however, she had no idea that Emily was gonna have me drink it. So it’s not her fault, I shouldn’t question Raven’s help since she’s doing a lot for me. I didn’t think twice after that and just quickly swallowed it without wanting to know what it tastes like...

“Good, now what I gave you will boost your stamina significantly. You won’t feel tired nor fatigue for the next few hours, that should be more than enough time for you to get my book and return back to us. The hourglass here will show how much time has passed since you drank the brew I made. The only downside is that once the effects wear off, your body will instantly shut down. You will no longer be able to walk nor breathe, I know that sounds frightening to you. But you’re body must be kept in high energy for as long as possible, if I were to send you to the feast in the weak condition you are in. I guarantee you that you won’t make it back and if you did, your body will only be in a worse condition than it already is. You may not feel it, but that’s because I’ve been having Priscilla give you numbing potions every couple of hours. And if it wasn’t for that, I’m sure you would be begging for someone to put you out of you’re misery. Now then, I’ve done my part so far. So I leave the rest in Crow’s hands until the sun goes back down, now excuse me, everyone... I’m going to sleep.”

And just like that, Raven let out a deep yawn and walked out of the room. Whereas I, on the other hand, was left incomplete dismay!

“Luna, everyone, don’t freak out! I know what Raven just said was crazy! And, to be honest, I think it’s insane also. But she’s right, Luna...when Raven examined your body yesterday, you’re heart was barely beating. Even you’re blood wasn’t as warm as it’s supposed to be for a human, so the only way we were gonna let you go to this feast was to boost your health for a little while. Yes, we understand that this is only killing you faster. But you won’t die once you come back here with the book, you will live Luna. That’s a promise I’m giving you here and now...”

Priscilla finished explaining with determination in her eyes, and as much as I would love to believe in her, I’m still trying to process that all of this was happening!

“As much I would love to kill you and Raven right now for what you just did, I need to admit that you’re both right. I just would have wanted something less drastic!”

Felix voiced out with anger, he was obviously concerned for my well-being. But he quickly controlled his frustrations as the grip of his hand suddenly entwined his fingers with mine...

“So with Raven being gone for a few hours until nighttime, we need to get you ready now.”

Sephora strictly said as he placed a huge bag on the table!

“Ready for what?”

I asked in confusion...

“First off, here’s the collar that you will be wearing. And I was able to make you two these blindfolds, I coated them with my blood so you’ll be able to see through them.”

Sephora explained while handing Priscilla the collar that I was once wearing. I then took the blindfold from her and I was given a flashback of when Elijah had me wear one...

“Luna, don’t think this is going to be easy. You will be representing me when you go to this feast, therefore I don’t want you to do anything that will tarnish my family name. It’s already mind-boggling enough of what you plan on doing with yourself. But you’re going to have to get used to how we live from now on. This means you will have to get used to seeing bloodshed and killing that might happen...”

While Sephora was explaining all of this to me, Felix had let go of my hand and went to talk with V. Priscilla was busy mixing herbs in a pot and I don’t think she was paying much attention to what Seporha was saying. In fact, I don’t think anyone was, Seporha does talk a lot and it’s not like Felix and Crow haven’t already told me to prepare myself for the gruesome things that might happen during the feast. I was planning on just ignoring it if anyone was getting killed, less stress for me to avoid...

“Crow, can you please go get me some more cold water from the lake.”

I heard Priscilla asked Crow who was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. And without saying a word, he grabbed the bucket that was next to his feet and made his way out the door. I could tell something was bothering him, and I need to make sure I say something before I leave. So I quickly followed behind him and left Sephora on her own. I don’t think she notices me leaving since I heard her talking still while she began to pull out different types of dresses from her bag...

“Crow, wait! Let me help you!”

I yelled out as I grabbed onto his sleeve, but he completely blew me off as he shook himself away from me! He didn’t even acknowledge me whatsoever, just what is his problem? Did I do something to upset him?

“Go back inside, it’s cold out here.”

He bluntly stated as he continued to walk further away. Annoyed with his tone, I angrily took the empty bucket out of his hands. He then finally turned to look my way and gave me a cold stare...

“What is wrong with you?! Ever since I agreed to Raven’s help, you’ve been so distant with me! Are you angry? You haven’t even spoken a single word to me after the whole forbidden spell discussion! Why are you-”

Dropping the bucket I was holding, I was surprised by Crow’s sudden actions! Crow was now holding me so desperately that I could feel his hands shaking as he embraced me!

“How are you okay with all of this, aren’t you afraid, scared, because I am!?”

Crow whispered out in fear while tightening his arms around me more...

“Of course I’m afraid, you think this is easy for me? This isn’t what I want, but-”

“But what?! No one is making you choose! I feel like you’re being pressured to pick this path because of Felix and me. And that isn’t right, I know what Felix said wasn’t fair to you. But you can’t let him stop you from-”

“Felix isn’t the only reason why I decided to change my life, I have to keep my word of what you told me as well. And I can’t do that if my dead...”

Crow’s arms never let me go as he went to look at me.

“What are you talking about?”

He asked in confusion...

“The birthday gift that you wanted me to give you, remember? You wanted me to live and smile more, so I chose to live this life, not because I wanted to. But because I needed to, and I won’t have any regrets-”

“Don’t use me as a reason for doing all of this! You say it so easily as if becoming what I am will be nothing of a change, I’m not saying that I don’t want you to do this! But what I’m trying to say is that I hope you’re doing this for all the right reasons, and I don’t think you’ve grasped that yet...”

He spoke out in a serious tone, Crow was probably the most worried one out of everyone. I understand why we both share a connection that I don’t think anyone would ever understand...

“It’s not that I’m trying to use you, I’m trying to just-”

“Luna, you haven’t thought about anything! It’s been less than a day since you decide, and can you honestly look me in the eye, and say that you aren’t worried about what he will say if he were to ever see you change!? Have you even prepared yourself to face him again?”

Crow asked while lifting my arm, he then showed the ring I was still wearing and was implying about Elijah! I’ve been trying to picture Eli in my head many times, but it’s been too difficult since it’s been several weeks since I last saw him. I’m beginning to wonder if I really am ready to face him again, this was starting to become complicated for me!

“I don’t know, I just...I just want to keep living! Crow, please...don’t hate me for this!”

I cried out instantly feeling the pain of my chest pounding heavily! That’s was when Crow pulled me back to his embrace. The shaking of his body and his trembling breathing showed that he was crying as well. Even if I wasn’t able to see him, I already know Crow so well...

“The last thing I would ever do is hate you. Luna, promise me when we come back here. We can finally talk about everything...”

He pleaded with heavy sorrow, raising both my arms, I return his embrace and gave him the comfort that he needed.

“Of course, we can talk as long as we need to. I promise I’ll come back to you...”

I gently whispered to him, and just how quickly the sun rose to the sky, it quickly went back down until night was upon us. And it was time to face my fears, to face him...Eli.

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