His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Reach For You

Elijah’s POV:

The night I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. As I stared out the window from my room, the clouded weather of rain was pouring down heavily. This rain was what I needed, it’s slightly soothing for me to listen to. While I was getting ready, a knock could be heard coming from my room...

“You may enter,” I spoke out as I finished buttoning my shirt.

“It’s me, I’m here to tell you that a few royal family members have already shown up and are already waiting at the ballroom,” Crow said as he entered.

It’s strange, but I feel like I haven’t seen him in a while. I know that he’s usually in his room most of the time, but lately, I’ve been feeling like he’s been avoiding me.

“Crow, where have you been these last few days?”

I asked, his face grew a bit surprised by my sudden question...

“That should be fairly obvious, if I’m not here, where do you think I am? I’ve been out searching for Luna this whole time, luckily my hearing abilities have come back. So if I hear Luna’s voice at the feast tonight, I’ll be sure to let you know right away.”

Crow explained in a calming matter, he then bowed his head and left the room shortly after. Did I believe in anything he had to say? Of course not, I no longer trusted anyone. For all I know, Crow does know where Luna is at and he’s been keeping her away from me. But if my Luna is here tonight, I will make sure I find her if it’s the last thing I do! So as I grabbed my coat, I prepared myself and made my way out of the room. But as I began to walk down the hall, I was greeted by Emily waiting for me by the railing...

“You look very handsome tonight, my King. Is there anything I could do to please you for the night?”

She asked with a flirtatious smile, I then watched as she slowly started to make her way closer to me...

“What will please me is finding Luna tonight, so I’m having you and Crow keep an I out for her. If you see her, you are to come and tell me immediately.”

I ordered as I quickly walked past her, I didn’t give Emily a chance to say anything further as I began to make it downstairs.

“My Lord, here’s the list of the royal family members that showed up so far. I’ve made sure to count the many humans that showed up, and every head family has brought forty humans...”

Carla quickly explained as she came rushing towards me, Carla’s job was to keep count of everyone being here and to make sure that every human wore the crest of the family they belonged to.

“Very good, I want you to tight security on every entrance and exit as well. Have every warlock guard patrolling tonight, no one is to leave until I see every human here, understood.”

I said to her as my eyes already began to wander around the room.

“Yes, my Lord. Is that all?”

She asked while taking a bow before me.

“Has Raven answered any of our summonings?” I asked...

“I’m afraid she hasn’t, but I’ll keep contacting her.”

She said in shame as she lifted her head.

“Very well then. Carla, if I do not find Luna by the end of the night. Send word to every head family member here to prepare their guards.”

I ordered her, the feeling of my eyes were growing black and I needed to finally do things by myself if I wanted results!

“My Lord, are you planning on-”

“As I said before if Luna could not be found, I will go and search for her myself! I will burn everything in the kingdom until I get her back. I will have an army to help me find her, so I suggest you get ready for what might happen tomorrow. Because it will be a blood bath for those who get in my way.”

I explained in a deep growl, however, Carla didn’t know what to say other than having her face grow pale. So I left her behind and began to greet every royal that came up to me. I know that the night just started, but I was eager to meet the humans already. Just looking at them had me growing anxious, of course, I cut out the male humans that were here and I was able to eliminate the girls who had light color hair and different skin tone that didn’t resemble Luna at all. I just wish I could just rip off all of their blindfolds! But if I did that, it will cause chaos and only make it that more difficult in finding her...

So within time, I slowly went through every human that belonged to the royal families. But it was ridiculous of the number of humans there were! My patience was running thin, but I had to stay focus. Especially with who I was mainly waiting for, even as I observed the room they both weren’t here yet. It’s been no secret that I’ve been accusing this particular warlock a while now. Despite the lack of evidence I have, there’s just something about him that makes me question his motives.

“Excuse me, my Lord. I would like to give you these three offerings. They’re all virgins and I hope this will please you.”

Realizing who it was, I accepted his offering and looked at the three girls who were constantly crying as they all held each other in fright. Just by looking at them without even removing their blindfolds, I already knew none of them were my Luna...

“Thank you, Judah. I see that you brought all you’re human tonight as I asked.”

I said to him as I gestured for Carla to come over...

“Of course, My King. Orders are orders, now forgive me for asking this. But have you found the human girl yet?”

He asked while taking a bow, with how old Judah is, he’s already in his late 800′s. He’s served my family for many years and was loyal to my father. So I don’t see the harm in letting him know what I was planning tonight. He respected my authority, not too long after our talk was over he dismissed himself and went to talk with the other family members.

“Yes, My King. You called for me...” Carla said in despair as she avoided eye contact.

“Take these two humans to the dungeon, but leave this one here,” I said as I pushed the two humans towards her.

And right as I said that, all three human girls immediately began to scream in a panic once I separated them.

“No, please! Don’t hurt her, she’s my friend! I beg you, take me instead-”

I was already annoyed with tonight, the last thing I wanna deal with is these fucking humans crying and begging for their lives to be spared! So I immediately killed the girl that was pleading and gouged her heart out! The hearing of her screams came to an instant stop once she fell to the floor. With her bloody heart still beating in my hands, I took one bite out of it before I threw it on the floor where the girl’s corpse was now at.

“Huh, what did you do- Oh my God!”

Shortly afterward, one of the girls removed her blindfold and saw what was in front of her. It didn’t take long for her to vomit quickly at what she saw, though she suddenly passed out due to the shock of what she just witnessed...

“For the sake of your life, I suggest you keep your blindfold on.”

I heard Carla say to the last remaining girl that was standing in fear. Her body was shaking so much that she was finding it difficult to even stand up. If it wasn’t for Carla supporting her, I’m sure she would have collapsed as well...

“Clean this mess up,” I ordered Carla as I began to wipe the blood off my mouth.

“Yes, my Lord.”

She responded as she began to take the humans away, I then began to look at my surroundings, everyone didn’t dare to make eye contact with me and just kept their voices low to themselves...

“My King, here let me clean you off.”

Emily suddenly voiced out as she came from behind me. She then began to lick off the blood off my chest as she held on to me tightly...

“That isn’t necessary, get off and look for Luna like I ordered you-”

“Elijah, I don’t think she’s even here. In fact, I’m not sure if she’s even alive-”

“If you dare finish that sentence, you’ll be the next heart I rip out! Now enough of this, and go look for her!”

I yelled out in anger as I forcefully grabbed her by the throat, and without any hesitation, I threw her body across the floor! I hate how much violence I have to enforce to get these fucking demons to do their jobs! I was also getting tired of Emily’s comments, my eyes then caught the attention of two individuals that finally came. I followed their movements very carefully and watched as they approached Emily’s body. It was V and Seporaha that were offering to help Emily get up. But knowing Emily, she was quick to stand back up on her own and shove V out of the way as she walked away in anger. I then noticed the many humans that they brought and hurried my way towards them! Luna has to be in there somewhere, I’m sure of it!

But it was very strange because the closer I got to them, my eyes weren’t focused on the humans behind them. I was focused more on the witch that was standing next to V, I’m fully aware that it was Sephora. However, she seemed very different for some reason? And what caught my attention, was that she was wearing a blindfold. She has never done that before, but it wasn’t just that, for some reason, I just couldn’t look away from her...

Just as I was about to call Seporha’s name, I was interrupted by a group of witches that came up to me. And just like the rest of the witches here, they asked for the same thing of wanting to sleep with me in exchange for giving me their humans. It was difficult to pay attention to what they were saying since I kept looking at where V and Seporaha were heading. I then spotted Crow coming towards them and I watched as V handed Sephora over to him...

Wait, what the hell am I doing? Why am I caring what they’re doing right now!? My priority should be finding out if Luna is with them! Ignoring the witches that surrounded me, I pushed them out of the way and marched my way towards where V was at!

“V, bring your humans to me now!”

I demanded in a possessive growl...

“Of course, Sephora and I will obey any order you give us. All forty humans are here an present for.”

He responded in a calming matter as he bowed before me. Yet his words didn’t sound sincere at all and I couldn’t help but look at Seporha who was walking further away from me with Crow by her side...

“I’m surprised to see that your wife is blindfolded, that’s pretty rare of her. Usually, Sephora is the most talkative at these feast’s yet I haven’t seen her say a single word.”

I pointed out as my eyes kept following her, and what made it more suspicious was that whenever she faced my direction, she was quick to look away. Something isn’t right here-

“My wife wasn’t really in the mood to come today, so she’s keeping herself isolated a bit. But she hopes that you find Luna very soon, I also hope that bringing these humans would put your mind at ease. So please, pick as many humans as you want...”

V was quick to stand in front of me and block my view from Seporha, he then eagerly began to line up the humans for me to go through. Taking his word for it, I decided to go through the many humans he had. But in the mix of all this, many of the head family members would come up to me and offer their humans to me as well. It was very irritating for me since I couldn’t balance both things at once. And what was more frustrating was that everything was taking a lot longer than I thought! But the reality set in once I finally finished going through the humans that resembled Luna. I was completely shocked that I didn’t find her in the mix of all this! This is impossible, it had to be. There’s no way that Luna isn’t here, where else could she be at!?

“I apologize if my humans weren’t to your liking-”

“Silence, I don’t wanna hear you fucking speak,” I said you him in a hateful growl, with my eyes growing black I immediately rushed myself away from him!

I needed to get away from here before I caused any bloodshed with how outrage I was feeling! Ignoring the many royal families offering their humans to me, I quickly made my way upstairs and decided to go back to my room. I truly thought that this was the end of my search tonight, that was until I heard someone yell out in pain! I then watched a book fall down the stairs and was only a few feet steps away from where I was standing...

Approaching the book, I picked it up and looked ahead of what was in front of me. At first, I thought it was some witch that dropped this, but as I paid closer attention I noticed that it was Seporha who was laying on the floor, or at least that’s what I thought it was until I noticed a unique ring on her finger! At that very moment, I thought my heart had stopped beating, was this all a dream?

“Luna, is that you?”

I asked in sorrow as I slowly made my way towards her. My inner demon immediately felt overwhelmed once I saw her lift her head to look at me, that’s when everything around me stood completely still once I heard her say my name!


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