His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 152: Sensual Vision

Luna’s POV:

“Remember what we told you, don’t say a word, and leave the talking to me and Crow. I’m certain that once we enter Elijah’s estate. It will be impossible for us to leave, so no matter what happens tonight. Don’t take off you’re blindfold, and try to avoid the King if you can. Our main goal is to take Raven’s book back.”

As V went over the plan with me, I watched as Priscilla prepared to put on the collar around her neck. We were both in a carriage along with V, and as the horses pulled us closer to the castle. The more nervous I was becoming...

“Hey, everything is gonna be okay,” Priscilla said to me as she placed her hand on top of mine.

I’m sure she noticed how panicked I was getting, I’m just glad she’s sitting next to me, or else I’m sure I would be having a full-blown meltdown!

“Priscilla, aren’t you worried that Elijah might recognize you? I know that we’re wearing these blindfolds and all, but-”

“That won’t happen, the King won’t waste his time looking at each human. I’m sure he will cut down to only unfolding the women’s blindfolds that look similar to you, Luna. And from what I’ve seen between you and Priscilla is that she’s a bit shorter than you and since her hair is a lot lighter than yours, she will instantly be skipped. So there’s no need for Priscilla to worry, all she needs to do is stand close to me if the plan goes wrong. Because if it does, I could take her to the main dungeon floors and take her back to Raven. I’m certain that Elijah still has that wishing well down there, so it will most defiant be useful. As for you, I’m certain that Crow will do everything in his power to protect you at all cost.”

V bluntly stated as we all felt the carriage come to a full-on stop. I was already extremely nervous, even before I left Raven’s place. Felix kept trying to calm me down, but once it was time to leave. I had no control of the anxiety taking over, it’s just like what Crow said, was I prepared for all of this?! Well now that I’m here, I can easily say no! But it’s not like I could just turn back around, I’ve already set my mind on doing this...

“My Lady, if I may.”

The sounds of V’s voice brought me out of my thoughts as I saw him holding his hand out towards me. That’s when I realized that he was outside already, I didn’t expect it to rain so much tonight! Hesitantly taking his hand, he helped me step out of the carriage, shortly after Priscilla followed behind me. But what caught my eye was the number of naked humans coming out of a cage wagon behind us! Do they all belong to the Cerberus family!? This is crazy, they wore such filthy rags around their bodies and blindfolds! I guess all human slaves live in such awful conditions...

“Luna- I mean, Lady Seporha. Don’t pay attention to what isn’t important, just act natural, and everything should be fine. Priscilla, I want you to follow up behind us, and if anyone tries to speak to you, stay silent. Usually, in these feast’s humans don’t speak without permission of their master.”

V said as we began walking, I know for a fact that Priscilla was now getting nervous. I wish I could hold her hand as she did for me earlier, but I can’t act like Luna, I can’t be myself right now. I must play the role of being V’s wife and act the way Sephora would. The feeling of my heart began to beat strongly as we started to approach the castle. And that’s when the sudden reality hit me! I’ve come back, after so many weeks of being gone from here, I’m entering back into this place! Where so many painful beautiful memories were born for me, I wonder if anything has changed since I’ve been gone?

“Lady Seporha, Lord V. We’ve been expecting you, please step inside.”

Said one of the warlock guards as he opened the door for us. Inhaling deeply, I grabbed hold of V’s arm out of fright as we both began to walk inside. And sure enough, we were now in the ballroom surrounded by many demons that also brought their human slaves! I need to calm myself and think positive, that everything is gonna be okay. All I have to do is get Raven’s book back and-

“Well if it isn’t Seporha and V, it’s about time you two came. What took you so long? Usually, you’re first one’s here when it comes to this feast...”

Suddenly a witch and warlock couple came towards V and me and started talking to the both of us! I had no idea who they were and I know I’m not supposed to speak, but I worry that it will raise suspicion to everyone!

“I guess we wanted to be fashionably late this time,” V responded in a polite greeting as he got closer to me.

“I see, well it’s a bit strange that you’re wearing a blindfold Sephora. You never wear them at these feasts-”

“My wife wasn’t really in the mood in coming here tonight. But since it’s mandatory, she plans on keeping herself distant from everyone a bit. Now if you would excuse us...”

V quickly said as he pulled me along, and as much as I appreciate V being there for me. I wish I could tell him to slow down! These heels are way too tall for me to walk in, I could barely keep up with him!

“You’re doing good, just keep your composure-”


The hearing of a girl screaming made me instantly jolt my body forward! What happened just now?! Where did that screaming come from!? This was almost like deja vu for me, it was just like that other time when I was here! Even though I didn’t see it, I still heard Crow and Emily killing the witch and warlock family...

With my eyes wandering around to see what was happening, my body and heart instantly grew cold at what I was witnessing! I watched as someone ripped out a human girl’s heart out, and as she fell to the floor I watched as one of the other girls took her blindfold off only to pass out shortly after what she’s seen! I then spotted Emily walking towards the warlock as she kicked the human corpse out of her way! I honestly thought that seeing that would make me feel faint, but watching all of that was no longer horrific for me once I saw the warlock turning around to face my direction. The stain of blood ran down his mouth towards his chest and the look of death was printed on his face, just looking at those familiar pair of blues eyes turning black was really surreal for me!


I whispered out to myself in despair as I felt the chill running up my spine. I couldn’t feel my legs nor was I able to move! Everything around me grew silent and I felt as if I was all alone in this room with him. It was as if my body grew completely numb at who I was finally seeing. I can’t do this, my heart isn’t ready to face him yet! I need to leave, I can’t be here- With my mind running wild in fright, I was able to feel V tugging at my arm. His touch brought me a sense of calmness, but it wasn’t enough. I truly feel like I’m about to have a panic attack! And what was worse is that I felt his eyes staring at me, I didn’t even notice how Emily’s body was laying in front of us!? My eyes were just glued on Elijah approaching where I stood! The beating of my heart was growing hot and I could feel my palms starting to sweat...

“It seems that he broke your jaw, but you’re healing very quickly. Would you like me to help you get back up?”

I suddenly heard V asked while reaching his hand out towards Emily. She then quickly slapped his hand out of the way and got back up on her own. Her eyes were pitch black as she suddenly focused her attention on me! I’m just hoping she doesn’t realize who I am! But I was very fortunate to just have her give me a dirty look as she pushed her way through V and me. Truth be told that I would love to feel relieved that she didn’t say anything, but that could never happen once I noticed Elijah getting closer towards us! What do we do now!? I knew that there would be a high chance of seeing Elijah here, but I didn’t expect to face him this soon! Though someone was able to bring me back to my senses as I looked at the demon standing in front of me.

“It’s nice to see that you both finally arrived, now if I may. I would love to take your wife to the main floor. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind having a dance with me, right Seporha?”

Hearing Crow speak, he was quick in taking my trembling hand. He then immediately began to pull us away from V and I noticed that he gave me a slight nod. I’m sure that was his way of telling me to go along with what Crow was doing...


“Shh, it’s alright. I won’t let Elijah get close to you, just follow my lead, okay.”

Crow quietly said, nodding my head, he led me to the dance floor where everyone else was dancing. With his hand wrapping around my waist, he pulled me in close as we both danced further away from where Elijah and V were. Even as I watched them speak to one another it didn’t seem to matter how far we got because I still felt Eli’s eyes watching me!

“What if he knows it’s me, he keeps looking at us,” I said to Crow nervously as I leaned my face toward him.

“He won’t, listen to me, the room with the two doors that were close too. That’s Elijah’s study room, you should be able to spot his desk instantly. Remember what Raven said, it should be underneath it.”

He explained while gesturing his eyes, following his sight I noticed the room that he was hinting at.

“But what if it isn’t there and- oh!”

As I questioned in doubt, Crow quickly grabbed my thigh and raised it slightly against his leg while leaning me back! Grabbing ahold of him more tightly, I looked into his eyes and saw how determined he was...

“The moment you start talking like that, you already accepted to fail. If you plan on giving up right now, then I will never forgive you. Because you gave me your word, that you will live, that we would be able to talk when we get back, and that you will continue to smile. Or was all of that just a lie?”

Crow’s words plunged deep within me and I knew that I couldn’t betray my words. I won’t let them be lies, I need to have more courage and become the strong woman I strive to be...

“They weren’t lies, you’re right, I need more confidence in myself. So I will do everything I can, I will find Raven’s book. And I won’t let anything stop me....”

I responded while placing my hand against his cheek, giving him a reassuring smile he brought me back up and began to pull me closer to the door. Once we blended within the crowd, I was no longer able to see Eli.

“Luna, as much I would like to help you. This is as far as I could take you, Elijah is already growingly suspicious of me. So if he notices that we’re both gone, I’m sure he’ll realize something is wrong. That’s why I need you to quickly find the book and come find me as soon as you can. And if anything happens, call out my name.”

Crow quickly explained while giving me one last hug. I then suddenly felt him placing a light kiss on my forehead before he hurried in bringing me to Elijah’s study room! Closing the door behind me, I observed the entire room of where I was standing and was amazed at how big the room was! There were so many books on every bookshelf, not only that but I noticed that there was a moonstone just like the one Raven had at her place. It was glowing so brightly that I slowly started to walk near it, even as I touched it, nothing happened. But it felt so strange once I held it in my hands, it was warm yet it kept vibrating on and off.

I know this isn’t the time to be sidetracked, but this almost reminds me of my phone. How it lights up and vibrates whenever someone calls. I wish phones were a thing down here, I could only imagine how much more useful it would’ve been if I had one. Letting out a depressing sigh, I placed the moonstone back down on the stand and immediately made my way towards the only desk that was in the room...

“From what Raven told me, it should be underneath this. All I have to do is push this out of the way...”

As I said that, I began to put all of my strength into pushing the heavy desk. And sure enough, I was able to see a hidden floorboard with a latch on it! I then wasted no time in getting on my knees and opening it! But once I did, the look of horror and utter shock was plastered on my face!

“Where is it?!”

I voiced out in confusion as I stared down at an empty box!

“Is this what you’re looking for?”

Her voice was instantly alarming as I hurried to get back up! It was Carla who was holding a book in front of me, she held such a calming stare while leaning by the door frame. How the hell did she know I was here? And is that the book I’m looking for? But most importantly, does she know it’s me?

“If you want Raven’s book, you’ll follow me.”

She said as she began to walk out of the room, I was hesitant at first, but if that’s really Raven’s book. I have no other choice but to follow her, keeping my distance, she led me upstairs until we came across a room. Not too long after entering, she closed the door and set the book down near a table. I could only assume that this is Carla’s room that we were now in...

“I know that’s you, Luna. Please take the blindfold off.”

She said to me, I shouldn’t be surprised that she was able to recognize my disguise. Carla was always very observant compared to anybody else. So as I removed the fabric from my eyes, we both stared at one another. She then suddenly rushed towards where I was standing and hugged me! It was really unexpected, I didn’t know what to do!? But what she said next only shocked me even more!

“He needs you, he’s completely broken. So please, save my little Eli. Save, my son...”

She cried out in pain, and I was at a loss for words...

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