His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Lovers Withdrawal

Luna’s POV:

Standing there was almost like a dream, was what I just heard Carla say real? As she kept holding on to me, the feeling of her body trembled along with her tears. Is this really Carla? Because I never saw her act this way before, she’s always been so calm and was never one to show emotion...

“You’re son, Eli is your son?”

I asked while choking out my words in disbelief, but all Carla continued to do was cry in distress.

“How is that possible? No, there’s no way it’s true.”

I said as I felt my own body shaking as I gripped both of her shoulders!

“I would never lie about my child. Elijah is my son, and I failed him as a mother. I thought that maybe if I gave him everything here in this world. He would be happy, to take his father’s throne. I just wish I wasn’t so selfish with myself, all I wanted was what was best for him. But I can’t give him happiness, because the only one that can touch his heart, is you.”

She mumbled in grief as she looked at me with such pain in her eyes...

“How, why did you abandon him in the human world!?”

I asked feeling completely confused and frustrated! My head was beginning to hurt and I knew that I was becoming too overwhelmed with what was going on...

“I never planned on getting pregnant, especially by Elijah’s father. I loved the King dearly, and he loved me. But when I found out I was with child, I didn’t know what to do? It was my first pregnancy, so I was scared because I was no longer living for myself anymore. But for my baby, I didn’t want him to live such a life down here. So I made the difficult choice of leaving him in the human world...”

She explained with guilt as she finally pulled away from me, I had so many questions that I wanted to ask her. Like how did she end up here in this world, how did she meet Elijah’s father? Why is she half a witch?! It’s like the more she speaks, the more questions I wanted to ask. This was something I didn’t think I would have to go through at this feast, wait! If Carla had Eli here in this kingdom, then doesn’t that mean that Felix, Crow, and the rest of them knew who Elijah’s mother was?

“Eli...does he know who you really are?”

“No, and he must never know. Because I know that he will hate me for what I’ve done to him....”

She said while avoiding to look at me, it’s like she’s almost too ashamed to speak.

“And what exactly is it that you’ve done to him?”

I asked with a stern look as I brought both my hands into a tight fist. It was becoming quite clear why Elijah has distanced himself from everybody. And I hate to put myself in this category, but it’s because of someone like me who’s betrayed him, lied to him, Elijah has even had his own brothers go against him. And now even his own mother has done something to him, but what exactly?

“You need to understand, Luna. I felt completely alone down here, and when I found out that my husband, the King was dying, I didn’t want to live anymore. Because I was afraid of being alone, but Raven told me that it’s possible to bring Elijah back here. He could only come back on his 18th birthday. I had no choice of being half a demon, Eli was also born half a warlock. But if he continued to live in the human world, his warlock would have died out when he turned 18...”

“Wait, so Eli was never dying in the human world? It was only his warlock self that was going to die?! You...lied to him-”

“It was the only way to have him come back home to me. So I needed Raven’s help, I’m so sorry Luna. I never wanted to hurt anyone, but when I saw how happy my little Eli was because of you. It made me very grateful that he found someone so important, but at the same time, I was hurting from the septation of not having my son with me. I did something unforgivable to you and Elijah. I tore you both apart for my selfishness and I’m sorry for what I did! But you would never be able to understand being separated from your child-”

Quickly slamming my fist onto the table next to me, the pain was so excruciating that I felt like I broke my hand! But I didn’t care, because the pain in my heart ached more! It wasn’t just because of what she’s done to Eli, but from what she said about being separated from her own child! I couldn’t even look at her face anymore, it was just pissing me off the more I stared at her. So all I did was look at the floor as I felt the tears in my eyes fall...

“How dare you say that to me. Out of everyone, I thought you would be the one to understand what the fuck I’ve gone through! My baby was taken away from me, your son is still alive! So what fucking separation did you have!? Elijah was happy being human, he was happy being with me! But you never cared about any of that, you only cared about yourself. You made the decision of leaving him in the human world because you thought that what was best for him, but deep down...that was a lie! What you wanted, was for Eli to be a replacement for you’re old King!”

“He is my son, and I just wanted him to be happy here with me! I thought that maybe he would be able to when he moved down here. To be an amazing King, to lead this kingdom, but then I realized that I ruined his life. Because all Elijah wants is to be with you, you were the first person in the whole world that showed his heart, but he’s completely changed now. I know it’s my fault, so I made a vow that I would never tell Elijah who I am, that I will serve him until the day I die. Luna, what reasoning do you have for needing this book?”

“Do you think I could trust you, after what you just told me?!”

“Don’t do this! There’s a reason why my husband took this book away from Raven, everything in here is inhumane an-”

“You have no right to speak of what’s inhumane!”

I shouted in rage as I quickly grabbed the book...

“Wait, please! If I’m thinking of what you plan on doing, then please reconsider! This isn’t the life you want for yourself, just stay here and bring Elijah’s happiness back. He’s losing himself, he needs you. Luna, I beg you, don’t do this. Do you have any idea how heartbroken my son will be if he sees you live a cursed life? Listen, if you stay, I’m sure Elijah won’t hunt down Felix anymore, everything could go back to how it was.”

She said with desperation as I watched her get on her knees pleading...

“Eli is hurting because of me, but all of his real pain is because of you. Carla, I no longer have a choice. And what’s worse, is that I’m confused about what I want. I thought that my heart was already set on someone, but seeing Elijah again, hurts me. Because I truly do love him and I don’t know what is right or wrong anymore? But I am set on what I have to do...”

I explained to her while gripping the book close to my chest, seeing this made Carla quickly stand back up! She then began to approach me very carefully as she reached out her hand towards the book I was now holding...

“I can’t let you-”

“Without letting her finish her sentence, I dashed out of the room and tried to run as fast as I can. The only issue was that these heels that I was wearing were making it very difficult for me to balance my footing! I then suddenly heard Carla’s footsteps catching up to me and it sent me to a full-on panic! I can’t have her take this book away from me or else all of this would of all been for nothing!

But as I reached closer to the stairs, I stumbled myself forward and tripped on my own feet. Letting go of the book, I tried to cushion my fall with my own two hands. At first, I was relieved that I didn’t get injured, but my eyes caught on to where Raven’s book was. It landed a few steps away from me, but it also landed next to someone’s foot and I watched as they went to pick it up! Seeing who it was, I immediately looked back down and felt my whole body grow stiff! Why now!? I’m not ready to face him, epically after what Carla had just told me! I can’t do it, my heart won’t be able to handle it!

“Luna, is that you?”

Hearing him call out my name made me instantly cry, this wasn’t how it was supposed to be! I need to hurry and getaway! Away from him before I lose sight of why I’m here! So with all the courage I had left, I lifted my head back up to look at him...


Time stood still, everything around me was almost non-existent. I remember this feeling, the feeling of being completely infatuated by someone. Very soon Elijah took one step forward towards me. His eyes remained pitch black as I saw the heartache of his tears coming down. I hate this, I hate myself... because I want nothing more but to hug him right now! But if I do that, then I will be forgiving everything he’s done to me! So I tried ignoring my feelings as I hurried back up on my feet and rushed towards him only to take the book away from his hands! And without saying anything else, I quickly ran back upstairs and ran down the hall without looking back! Because I knew if I stayed any longer, I would end up doing something I might regret.

“Carla, have the guards lockdown every entrance!”

I heard Elijah growl in high demand, my chest felt like it was about to give out as I tried to look for a place to escape! I would have gone downstairs, but there are just too many guards! And I don’t think I would have found Crow in time, I don’t even know where he’s at right now!?


His demonic growls only made me that more frightened, so I quickly came upon a room and slammed the door shut! Locking it behind me, I was in such a panic that I had no idea whose room I was in! The only thing that I was focused on was running away and finding a way out of this place! Frantically looking for a way out, I spotted a window and made my way towards it. But just as I opened it, the smashing of the door came crashing down! Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised that a flimsy door wasn’t gonna hold a demon back! As I looked out the balcony, I realized how high up I was! There’s no way in hell I could make this jump without breaking my legs!

“Luna, what are you doing...where have you been this whole time? Please, let me look at you.”

Elijah spoke out sounding concerned, but all I could do was grip on to the railing in sadness. I didn’t want to look at him, because it will only make it that much harder on me!

“Don’t come near me, I beg you! Please stay away-”

Suddenly the feeling of Elijah’s arms were wrapped around me and I could no longer hold my emotions anymore! I immediately had a breakdown feeling utterly breathless...

“Luna, I searched for you...for so long. Do you have any idea of the pain I’ve been in since you left? I can’t bear it any longer, so please...don’t push me away. Let me hold you, my Luna...”

He said as he held me tighter in his embrace. Part of me wishes to push him away, but my other self never wants him to let me go! He then turned my body around and had me finally face him, the only difference was that I saw his beautiful blue eyes looking at me. But this time his stare wasn’t anger nor was it hatred. But solely sadness of being alone, I caused this. I’m the reason why he held this expression...

“Eli, I’m sorry. I didn’t want any of this to happen, I never wanted to hurt you, but I can’t be with you. I can’t do it, I can’t forgive you because if I do, I will only hate myself more...”

I choked out my words to him, he then cupped both my cheeks and brought his face closer to mine. The heartache I was feeling grew more as I felt how close we were.

“I don’t want forgiveness, all I want, all I need is you. Luna, I love you so much that it’s killing me. You are my life, without you I have nothing. I can’t bear to be separated from you again, I can’t...it will break me more. Luna, let me hear you say it, even if it’s a lie. I need to hear you say the words I’ve been yearning for...”

As Elijah spoke quietly towards me, he began to brush his soft lips against my mine. But what kept him from kissing me was that he was waiting for me to respond. Words could not express how lonely I felt within, his touch is what I always crave, but hearing him say I should lie was what shattered me. Is Elijah’s heart this heartbroken? If so, I really am a horrible woman, one brother holds me to the light of happiness. The other pulls me to the lust of darkness, my lover, my soulmate...why couldn’t they both be one and the same? With my tears continuing to fall, I brought my arms around Elijah’s neck and kissed him. This is what I have truly been longing for, I can’t fight what my heart wants. But at the cost of hurting others, I have no right in feeling guilty when I’m the one who causes it.

“I love you, Elijah... that will never be a lie...”

I responded as I pulled away from our long kiss, his hands then began to move towards my dress and began to pull my top down. He then buried his face along my neck and his hot heated breath send chills through my entire body...

“Luna, my beloved...let me hold you. Let me ravish you, this body, these lips...I need to taste every part of you. Luna, your heart belongs to me, and I won’t let you give it to anyone else.”

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