His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 154: Night Of Conviction

Felix’s POV:

“Can you stop pacing back and forth, you’re making me nervous,” Seporha said to me in frustration while she was sitting.

“That’s impossible for me to do right now, I can’t just sit still and just wait around as you can. You may not be as worried as I am, but I’m beginning to regret not going with them.”

I explained as I ran my fingers through my hair in frustration while watching the hourglass...

“It would have been suicide if you went, you’re wanted throughout the Kingdom. You will only be getting in the way, how do you think Luna would feel if something were to happen to you? I’m sure she wouldn’t be able to live with herself, so it’s for the best that you stayed here.”

Sephora explained in a stressful sigh as I watched her stand up and began to approach me.

“Well, this is a first hearing you sound concerned for others, especially to a human, or are you just saying that to please me?”

I said as I came to stop, I’ve been up on my feet ever since Luna left with V. And although it’s been over an hour since they’ve been gone, I’m been completely worried...

“Felix, I see you doing so much for Luna. I could tell that you truly care for her, but don’t you ever stop to think that Luna might be using you as a replacement for your brother? Or that maybe, she does love you, but...not as much as she loves Elijah.”

She spoke out in sorrow as she stood right in front of me, shortly after she began to wrap her arms around my neck and started to pull herself against me. As her body pressed against mine, I saw that her lips were growing that much closer to my face...

“Sephora, what are you doing?”

And right as I said that she didn’t say anything other than pressing her lips onto mine. I was a bit surprised by her actions, but I need to remember that this was Seporha who I’m dealing with it. From what she’s told me before, I am her first love. But I was unable to return those feelings to her, and I will always feel guilty for making her feel that way. It was never my intention to hurt her, I should have ended our physical relationship a lot sooner back then...

As I stood there, all I could do was give her an uninterested stare. The feeling of her hands was shaking and I could see the corner of her eyes beginning to water. I’m sure this is the last time Seporha will ever approach me like this. Not too long after, she finally opened her eyes and a pool of tears began to stream down, that’s when she decided to pull her kiss away from me...

“You really do love her, I envy her. I know that I sound horrible for saying that, I have V...but I only chose to marry him because you told me to.”

She cried out in pain as she removed her arms away from me...

“The reason why I told you to marry him, was because I knew he would take care of you. I also wanted you to stop killing your husbands because of me. I know I have no right in saying this, but you have to forget about me already. Try to live a happy life with V...”

I said to her as I began to pat her head gently, yet Seporha refused to speak and just kept her head low, so that’s when I decide to pull my hand back...

“Sephora, you mentioned earlier that Luna might not love me like the way she loves Elijah. You’re right, but I don’t ever wish to have her love me the way she would love my brother. I would want her to love me the way she would from her heart. Because I know with every fiber in my being that she could never love one more than the other. Elijah and I will always be in her heart.”

I began to explain as I looked out the window, and that’s when I noticed how heavy the snow was beginning to fall down.

“So you’re okay with sharing Luna’s heart with someone else-”

“Of course not, I would never want Luna to be with anyone else other than me. But I refuse to control her life like my brother has, I don’t wish to have her despise me, to hate me. But this cruel world has damned me and my brother because the woman that we both have fallen for, is not just my soulmate. But is also Elijah’s lover, which is why I come to accept the harsh reality. Elijah and I can’t both live in this world, one of us must die in order for Luna’s heart to be at peace, or else she will never be able to live a happy life.”

Once I finished speaking, I felt Sephora quickly grabbed my hand so desperately. It was as if she feared that I would disappear at any given moment...

“No, I refuse to believe that! I won’t have you die for the sake of someone’s happiness! I can’t -”

“One cannot change the destiny of one’s heart, unfortunately, what Felix speaks of is the truth. The future is already set in stone on who Luna will be with, and soon enough. She will be able to see it herself who’s she’s with...”

The voice of Raven’s words echoed through the room as I heard her footsteps down the hall, she then let herself inside the main room and placed down a few potion bottles on the table.

“What do you mean by that?”

Sephora quickly asked as she removed her hand away from mine, she then instantly made her way towards Raven in confusion. I think I already knew what Raven was implying, Crow, and I didn’t say anything to Luna about the specifics of the demon she will be receiving. The only thing we mentioned to her was that the demon once belonged to Crow’s mother. However, there was more to it than that. The reason why we didn’t say anything else was so we wouldn’t frighten Luna more than she already is...

“Sephora, as you already know. The generations of the Royal Kings Family have always had powerful demons throughout the centuries. And each demon held a specific power, of course, we all know the most powerful demon belonging to Elijah. The Crimson Flame, where he could burn anything he wishes with a simple touch. And then there are Felix’s demonic powers which are known as the Scarred Illusion, being able to erase one’s memory and to manipulate it how he sees fit. And although you could only do it for humans, I’m sure within a few more years he will be able to erase the memories of demons as well one day. And of course, there are Emily’s powers, known as the Wicked Feather. Where her demonic powers give her the ability to be quick and almost go unseen with how fast she can become. Then their’s Crow’s, his was more complex since after he killed his mother. He tried to take her demonic powers, however, it didn’t work with how emotionally unstable he was. So he took up the next best thing he could handle which was the power of the Wave Keeper. Being able to pick up any sounds throughout the Kingdom, his ability is quite bothersome though since he could pick up anyone’s conversation. So privacy is almost impossible since you never know if he’s listening or not-”

“I know all of that already! But what does any of this have to do with Luna- Wait, what power did Crow’s mother demon have?”

Sephora suddenly asked as she turned herself to look at me, it looks like she finally caught on to what Raven was trying to explain...

“Everyone tends to forget that my father once had a sister, Iezabel Kings was her name. I never really spoke to her, she always kept to herself just like Crow. Like mother like son I should say, there were many reasons why my father kept her away from everyone. It was because the demon she had was dangerous, the harmful chaos that she could’ve caused was something my father wasn’t going to risk. So he kept her locked away in the dungeon floors, it became very complicated, but the power of the demon she had was called Fragment Glass. She was able to see not only the past of those around her but the future as well. Of course, there were limitations to her abilities, she was only able to see certain images, but my Father still feared that she would use her abilities to cause panic throughout the Kingdom.”

As I finished explaining, I got back up on my feet and made my way towards the moonstone.

“The power to be able to know the future? I had no idea there was a demon like that! So that’s what you meant when you said that Luna will be able to see who she’s with in the end! But, is this okay? To give Luna such a powerful demon like that!?”

Sephora asked in shock!

“It’s not like we have a choice, it’s what must be done if we want Luna to live,” Raven spoke in a heavy sigh.

Placing my hand on the moonstone, I quietly began to chant a spell and tried to summon the moonstone at Elijah’s study room in hopes of having either Crow or Luna answer. If everything went according to plan they should be in the room already, Though I shouldn’t get my hopes up of either one of them responding since I didn’t really explain to Luna how these moonstones work. But also, I highly doubt Crow will pick up since he must be present at the feast...

“So, do you plan on telling her about her demon after she changes? You know she might never forgive you for not telling her the full truth of this demon, and where exactly is this demon, Raven?”

Sephora questions with worry...

“I have it stored away, so when the time comes, I will bring it out. Felix, I know we said that you should stay. But if you’re that paranoid and unsettled, then just leave. You’re a distraction to my work right now-”

“What!? No, we can’t have Felix leave! You said it yourself that it could cause problems-”

“That’s enough Seporha, I appreciate your concern. But Raven is right, I should’ve gone with them even if Luna was against it. I really can’t be here, Raven...how long has time passed since we been talking?”

“It’s been one hour already, they still have some time before they return. Why do you ask?”

Raven calmly asked as I watched her stir a few bottles together...

“Because I’m feeling uneasy about something, I’ll be back within the hour, so if you don’t hear from me-”

“Are you kidding me right now, do you really think I’m just gonna let you go?! Have you not been listening to a single word I’ve been telling you?!”

Sephora shouted in anger as she grabbed hold of my sleeve. Though I immediately shook her off and began to walk out the door. I was hurrying myself to get into the lake without any more interruptions, but Sephora wasn’t making it easy for me. She kept shouting at me to stop and even went so far as to push her body weight against mine! The heavy force of her strength made me tripped at my footing as we both then tumbled over the snow until we came to a stop near the lake bed...

“Sephora, that’s enough! What is the purpose of doing this!?”

“You’re not thinking! If you go now, what will you do if you see Elijah with Luna? What then, how do you plan on taking her back!?”

She yelled in despair as she dug her black claws deep within the snow. Slowly sitting myself up, I patted the snow off of me as I watched Sephora cry in heartache.

“I have to go, Sephora please forgive me...”

I said to her as I got back up and continued to walk towards the lake. Chanting the spell in a hurry, I entered the water and felt the heavy wave beginning to bring me down. Blocking out Sephora’s cries, I close my eyes and pictured the one place where I knew it would be safe to emerge from.

I’ve mentally prepared myself for the worst-case scenario of what I would have to do. If Elijah really is with Luna right now, then I will pull her away from him. Because I know that Luna is always hurting whenever she’s with my brother, even before she left, she wasn’t ready to face him, and knowing how Elijah is, I wouldn’t doubt that he will make it difficult for her. My brother has always made Luna feel guilty for her decisions, even now, I feel that he would be relentless towards her...

With my mind overthinking, I almost didn’t realize when I submerged. So as I opened my eyes I saw myself surrounded by many white roses, a sigh of relief escaped my lips with how calm I was with seeing my mother’s garden still alive and well. So as I began to step out of the pond, I approached a full-bloomed rose. Reaching my hand out, I gently glided my fingers against the petals. It’s a shame that once you pick it, the flower will begin to wither away. But then again, that’s what makes them that more precious. Though I wonder if Raven can make at least one Rose last forever? I should probably ask her, so I gently pulled the stem out from the root and placed the rose inside my jacket.

As much I would love to admire the flowers, I have very important matters to attend to. So I quickly rushed myself out of the garden and was very careful the closer I got to the castle. It’s times like these when I truly wish I still had the blood bond with Luna. What is she feeling right now? Is she frightened, in pain, sad? What I would give to know what she’s thinking...

“Luna, are you really okay?”

I said to myself as I finally reached the back garden of the estate. But something was odd, I was excepting there to be many guards, but to my surprise, there aren’t any? Paying attention to my surroundings I was able to pick a strange sound, and the closer I got to the noise. I realized that they were screams! But where are they coming from! So I immediately ran closer to the castle, only to realize that the sounds were coming from my room right outside the balcony! I tried my best in listening to who’s voices I was hearing, but I’m not like Crow who can make out whose voices belonged to who. But as I tried to concentrate, I was able to pick up something...

“What have you done!?”

“Get away from her!”

“I’ll kill you!”

“She’s mine!”


Just what the hell is going on!?

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