His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Vow Of Condemnation

Elijah’s POV:

I finally have you in my arms, after what felt like an eternity. I can’t stop shaking as I held her with every fiber in my being. Nothing else mattered, all I needed was to feel your warmth, her touch. To know that her heart beats only for me, even as I began to taste her bare flesh. My addiction towards her grew more as I couldn’t contain myself from devouring her lips...

My fingers ran throughout her entire body until I began to slowly strip her layer of clothes off. This sensation that I was feeling within me was a mix of so many emotions, anger, lust, hatred, love. It’s all-consuming me, Luna you are the only one that could ever make me feel this way. It pains me knowing that I caused these tears you shed, even with your eyes gazing at me now with such bliss. I know that you still feel suffocated in your heart...

“Eli, why did it have to be you who I fell in love with...”

I heard her moan in sweet despair as I felt one of her hands running through my hair. A heavy growl left my lips once I felt her soft fingers running past my neck.

“All I want, are these gentle hands of yours...to have your smile back. But I know it’s a cruel thing for me to ask of you, but that’s how I am, a selfish beast that only wants you. Luna, the reason why you love me is that you could never ignore this pain that swells in your deep soul. Your heart bleeds for me, to endure chaotic ecstasy. Luna, my beloved...you are the only one who could tame this demon inside me.”

As I whispered my words deep into her ear, she immediately gasps in heat as I felt her inner thighs beginning to tremble. Once I pulled her shirt down, the beautiful display of her breasts caught my attention. I then quickly closed the gap between her and me and began to suck on her hardened nipples, with every flick of my tongue touching her rosebud sent an everlasting aroma throughout her body. I’ve marked every inch of this skin of hers before and I will continue to do so for eternity. But the rage that’s been fuming up inside me was getting harder to control, I wanted to ask her so many things, but I can’t bring myself to say anything. Because I fear what she’ll tell me, has my brother touched you, has he touched these lips that belong to me? Just thinking about it made my blood boil!

“Luna, stay here with me. Please, don’t leave me in darkness again...you are the only light I have left in this world.”

I voiced out in desperation while pushing her lightly against the ground, I then watched the heavy amount of her tears falling down her face. She then raised her hand and gently placed it against my cheek as both our eyes intertwined with one another. Admiring her beauty only made me that more possessive towards her, how can I ever let someone else touch her?! I made many mistakes that harmed her, I really am a toxic devil...

“Eli, will you be able to still look at me this way if I were to change?”

I was honestly confused by her sudden question and I didn’t know what she was asking of me? But as she pulled her hand back, she slowly began to take the ring off that I made for her. The sadness in her eyes was broken once she placed it on the floor next to her, she then grabbed the book from earlier that was laying near us. I didn’t pay much interest to what Luna had in her hand before, but now realizing what she held. I now knew that this book was the reason for her coming here...

“What are you asking? Luna, give me the book-”

“I can’t do that, this book is the only thing I have left to stay in this world with you. Eli, tell me...will you still love me, if I became what you are?”

She cried out in sorrow as she wrapped her arms around the book for dear life. My heart immediately felt like broken glass once I heard those words leave her lips. Why is she asking this!? What the hell is this book that she’s holding so importantly!? Without saying a word, I tried to take the book away from her. If I wanted to, I could easily take this away, but I risk hurting her if I unleash my full strength!

“Luna, give me the damn book!”

I growled in frustration as I felt her body beginning to shake!

“No, I won’t, I can’t! This is the only thing I have left!”

She shouted in grief as she tried desperately to get away. And although I was quick in grabbing both her hands, that didn’t stop her from biting my arm! Her small teeth didn’t harm me, but the pain of how much she was willing to protect this book was very unsettling for me to watch!

“That’s enough!”

I yelled out ferociously, holding her tighter, I quickly grabbed the book away from her and noticed the handwriting on it. This obviously belonged to Raven, it looks like she really needs this for some reason? But something was wrong, as I went to try and open it, was unable to do so...

“Of course Raven would put a seal on it. Luna, what the hell is in this book? It quite clear that it’s very important to you-”

“If I were to tell you, I fear that you will hate me...”

She choked out her words as she gave up on biting me. I’m sure she realized that it did not affect me, but what she said earlier did make me worry. She said if I would still love her if she became what I am, and I really hope I misheard.

“How many times must I tell you, their’s nothing in this world that will ever make me hate you-”

“What if I became a demon-”

She bluntly said to me, and without realizing what I was doing. I had instantly wrapped my hands around her throat! The look of death was shown on Luna’s face, but she looked completely calm. Though I couldn’t say the same thing for myself!

“Luna, if you ever become what I am, I’ll kill you. I won’t let you live a cursed life, to walk in this hellish world, to suffer the pain of what your body will become. I won’t let you destroy your soul, Luna...I will end your life here and now if you truly plan on doing that to yourself!”

I cried out as I felt completely suffocated!


The way she called out my name felt empty, she no longer fought back as I watched her body relax beneath me. What are you thinking right now!? Why would you ever want to live such a monstrous life like mine?!

“I told you before, that if the day ever came where if you were to ever kill me, I would make sure you followed me in death. Luna, if I take your life here and now, then I won’t hesitate in ending my own life either. So please, don’t do this, you’re life is my life. And I don’t want death to separate us, the Luna I fell for has a gentle heart, a beautiful soul. She’s the kind human girl who I never wish to forget, so I will never let you be what I am, a monster.”

I said to her as my hands began to shake uncontrollably. These hands that always tried to protect her... made love to her...will they now kill her?

“I see, Eli...I’m sorry, but I don’t have a choice. I never wanted my life to come to this. But I won’t change what I must do, so if you truly intend to kill me. Then do it now because this will be the last time you ever see me as a human. My Eli, I’m so sorry that both our lives must end here. I understand why you never wish for me to live such a life like yours. I wish I could’ve been able to help you more in the human world, to have you still be human. I would have wanted us to age together, to live a peaceful life. But I know that is nothing more but a fantasy, the dark reality is that we could never be happy again. Together in this world isn’t possible for us, so go ahead and kill me if you must, there’s no point in fighting against you because you always get what you want, right.”

“Why did our lives have to end up this way!? I don’t want this, I can’t let you bleed the way I do! Please... please, Luna I beg you, don’t make me do this!”

I began to cry more in despair, the pain in my heart tightens. It’s as if someone had ripped my heart out, this aching agony was making me breathe heavily in guilt. Even as my tear began to shed, the light water drops fell against her exposed breasts. The vision in my eyes blurred out and I could no longer see Luna clearly. It’s like she’s already disappearing from me, and I can’t stop it...

“Elijah, please don’t cry. I thought I was supposed to be the crybaby? Who would have thought we both would change within time, I can’t handle my heart anymore, not in this world. A human like me doesn’t belong here. There’s no longer a home for me in the human world anymore, you brought me here and showed me your world. I made so many promises to you that I wasn’t able to keep, and even now I continue to break them. I truly hate myself for it, but I’ve tried to change for the better because I’ve made promises to your brothers. That I will live no matter what, yet here I am, ready to have my life taken from you. I’m still unable to keep my promises to those I care for. Eli, I once said that my mind, body, and soul belonged to you. It still does, however, my heart wavers between you and Felix. I don’t think I could ever pick between you two, the love of my life is this demon I see before me, yet my soulmate is waiting for me to come back to him. I’m sorry, my beloved. Eli, I can’t do this anymore. So please, end this already before I break entirely.”

As the feeling of her hands held me dearly, I could no longer hold back my agony. My heart already felt broken when I heard her speak about me and my brother. So many things ran through my mind of regret, hatred, sadness, every negative emotion was taking its toll on me. Pulling my hands away from her, I slowly lifted my risk closely towards my lips...

“So that’s your answer then, very well. I’ll end things here and now, Luna. Your heart will always belong to me, even after death. I will always find you and love you, I love you...”

As I spoke out my last true feelings, I sank my sharp teeth against my flesh until I felt my blood dripping inside my mouth. The sight of Luna’s weak smile mixed with her mournful eyes was nothing more but a tragedy. With my mouth full of my own blood, I released my arm and lifted Luna’s head slowly towards me. Her hands were trembling, as she gripped onto my chest. The feeling of both our hearts beats calmly as we both came to the acceptance of what we wanted. Is this really how it ends, poisoning her with my own blood? If so, at least it will be a peaceful death for her and me. The vow that I made to her when I drank her blood, that I would always protect her, never harm her, is something I could no longer do. I won’t let you become a demon, Luna. So once you take your last dying breath, I will do the same...

Bringing her lips towards mine, the silence between our eyes showed so many feelings of what we’ve gone through. The years of our love were filled with passion, anger, lust, and many regrets. But this is the one thing we both won’t regret, our love will never die. It will continue to bloom even when we leave this world. So as I finally placed my lips on to her’s, we both instinctively grabbed on to each other so closely. My eyes never left hers as I felt both our tears mix together as one. Luna, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to give you the happiness you deserved. As my mind grew crowded with thoughts of guilt, I felt the blood in my mouth being drained by her...

And as she continued to drink the last drops of my blood, the feeling of her warmth was beginning to grow cold along with her eyes. The strength of her arms grew limb as she finally let go of me. Pulling my lips away from her, I no longer felt like I could breathe as I grabbed onto her desperately. My eyes soon grew black as I accepted death to come for us, however, the gleaming moonlight shined through the window and surrounded us both. My eyes then locked gaze at the ring Luna took off as it glimmered so brightly against the reflection of the moonlight. The mix of our blood shined so beautifully in this ring, and even as I went to pick it up. The beating of both of our heartbeats was slowly beginning to stop. Even the ring was starting to fade its color away.


The sounds of her weak voice calling out my name made me only hold her more closely.

“I’m here, I will always be here.”

I said to her with such sadness as I felt her weak hand touching my lower jaw. The stain of my blood around my mouth could be felt staining her palm. So I reached for her hand and placed it back down as I laid her against my body. I then carefully placed our ring onto her palm and covered her hand with mine as I placed a light tender kiss on it...

“I vow, that my heart will always bleed, always love, and always ache for you. Even in death, my Luna. My precious beloved, goodbye.”

Whispering my last words, I leaned against the wall as I felt the ring in our hands slowly dying out.

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