His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 156: Wounded Destruction

Crow’s POV:

After leaving Luna in the study room, I immediately rushed by the many witches who wanted to dance with me. The annoyance of these demons is never-ending, though I had to put up a front to not look suspicious. My eyes never once left Elijah of where he was, though I made sure to keep my distance when I was on the dance floor. However, I also needed to keep a close eye on the room where Luna was in...


“Oh, my apologies. I didn’t realize how strong I was gripping you.”

I said to the witch I was dancing with, I was trying to look calm but my inner self was in a full-on panic when I noticed that Carla was taking Luna upstairs! Shit, of course, it wasn’t going to be that easy to fool her. But why is Carla taking her upstairs instead of letting Elijah know she’s here?! Something isn’t right...

“Excuse me, I have something very important I must intend to.”

I voiced out to the witch as we both came to stop. Letting go of her hands, I hurried towards Elijah’s study room! Though I was worried about where Carla was taking Luna, I know that Carla would never harm her. Most importantly, I didn’t see Luna with the book?! So as I entered the room, I quickly approached my brother’s desk only to see an empty hole on the floor! Wasn’t this where the book was supposed to be in? Where the hell is it?! I started frantically searching for Raven’s book throughout the room but then I came to a stop when I saw the moonstone shining brightly?! Curious at who was calling, I went to pick it up...

“Who wishes to be summoned?”

I asked as I gripped the moonstone with my claws, I didn’t even realize when they grew out? But I guess my demon is on high alert right now with what’s going on...

“I was expecting it to be you who answered, Crow. My book, it’s not there, is it?”

I heard Raven ask as I suddenly heard a loud commotion going on in the ballroom! Damnit, what the hell is it this time?!

“Raven, what the fuck is going on?! The book isn’t here and I didn’t see Luna have it with her-”

“I see, I was afraid this would happen.”

She muttered with an annoying sigh...

“What are you talking about!?”

I shouted in aggravation while slamming my hand against the desk!

“There were only three who ever knew where my forbidden book was kept at. Me, your father, and Carla. And if my book really isn’t there like you said, then most definite Carla has it-”

“And you couldn’t have told us that from the beginning!? Damnit, Raven! You’re-”

“I should also mention that Felix had left a while ago. He’s probably already near where you’re at-”

“Crow, there you are! We need to go now!”

I suddenly heard V barge himself inside as he dragged Priscilla by the hand. He sounded worried and the look of panic could be shown on his face!

“What is it now!?”

I asked while placing the moonstone back down, I then made my way towards V and looked out towards the ballroom and noticed that many guards were running towards the entrance! The screaming of many humans could be heard while all this commotion was happening...

“It’s Elijah! We saw him chasing Luna upstairs and he ordered Carla to have the guards block every entrance and exit inside! There’s no way of getting out!”

Priscilla explained as she took her blindfold off in tears, she’s really worried about Luna’s life! I need to hurry up and think of what I should do!?

“V, I want you to take Priscilla down towards the dungeon, there should be a watering well down there for you to take! I highly doubt that place is guarded-”

“And what about you?”

V quickly asked as he began to pull Priscilla away...

“It’s obvious what I need to do, I’m not leaving without Luna,” I responded as I placed my hand against V’s back and began leading him out the room.

“Crow, you will die if you fight Elijah. You know that, don’t you?”

V bluntly said as he turned around and placed his hand against my shoulder. His tensed grip was heavy and I knew he was being serious as he looked at me. But all I did was give him a calm stare as I nodded my head, not too long after, I watched V rushed himself and Priscilla towards the dungeon gate across the ballroom. I then quickly began to think about what I should do!


I growled out her name as I gripped the door handle in anger!

“I know, I will be waiting for your return...my Lord.”

She replied sounding concerned.


And as I said that, the moonstone finally dimmed out. Wasting no more time, I rushed out of the room and made my way upstairs. But as I reached the hall, I wasn’t sure where Luna could be!? So I closed my eyes and tried focusing on her voice, but with all the screaming going around I couldn’t concentrate...

“If you’re looking for Luna, she’s in there with the King.”

Hearing her voice made me instantly turn around, it was Carla! She was pointing at Felix’s room across the hall!

“And why should I believe in anything you have to say?”

I asked in hatred as I approached her!

“You don’t, that is up to you.”

She calmly stated as she looked away from me, putting her hand back down, she immediately walked past me and began walking in the direction of Felix’s room. This was all beginning to piss me off! How can she look so composed and not take responsibility for what’s she’s done!? She acts so loyally when in truth, she’s completely wicked! I should be asking where she’s keeping the book, but right now saving Luna from my brother is what’s important right now! But my inner rage was building up from what Carla has done! Elijah was supposed to live his life as a human, but Carla took that away from him and had him become the devil...

“Why, tell me why you brought Elijah back here!? Everything that is happening now, is all your fault! If you would have just left Elijah in the human world, none of this would have happened! And I’m telling you this now... if Luna dies because of you. I’ll kill you...”

I growled with the instinct to kill as I felt my eyes beginning to turn black!

“You will never understand...”

She quietly voiced out in guilt as she continued to walk further away. And as much as I would have wanted to claw her face-off, I need to take back my control and focus on what I’m mainly here for. But I also need to realize how strong Carla is, there’s no way I could ever surpass her in strength with my demon. But either way, I will never forgive her for what’s she’s done to this Kingdom! So I tried to shake out my anger and the negativity clouding my thoughts as I decided to hurry my way towards Felix’s room! But once I reached the entrance, I saw how the door was broken into! Once I entered, it was completely dark in here. The only thing that shined any light was the moonlight entering the window. But as I slowly walked closer towards the balcony, my heart felt like it sank into a dark abyss. The sight of Luna’s body lying lifeless in Elijah’s arms was incomprehensible for me to accept!

“What have you done?!”

I voiced out in absolute shock!

No, this isn’t real! Luna, she’s alive...she’s not dead, there’s no way! But the closer I got, the more I noticed the signs of Luna’s life fading away. The blood on Elijah’s and Luna’s mouths was more than enough for me to know what Elijah has done. Coming to a stop, I was only a few inches away from them. Though I felt my foot stepping on something, so as I looked down. I realized that it was Raven’s book, how is it here?! I thought Carla had it in her possession?!

As I went to pick it up, the shaking of my hands couldn’t stop as I looked at it. Gripping it tightly in rage, I was about ready to throw it out the window! That was until I heard Elijah’s heavy breathing, he’s still alive!? Then that means Luna is still alive! Quickly shoving the book in my pocket, I bend myself forward and reached out my hand to grab Luna. However, I was fully surprised when Elijah suddenly grabbed hold of my arm! He’s supposed to be weak right now! But even in the state that he’s in, he still has a little bit of energy left inside him!

“Don’t touch her, get away from her... get away from us...”

Elijah grunted as he stared at me with those demonic eyes of his. His cold black eyes along with his sharp horns and blood-stained teeth showed the image of what a true devil looks like...

“Look at what you’ve done to her-”

“She’s mine! She belongs to me...”

Elijah shouted possessively as he let go of my hand. He then went back to holding Luna’s body as I watched his whole body shaking! His demon is starting to die out, I have to take Luna’s body now before it’s too late!

“I don’t care if you want to end your life, but I won’t let you take Luna with you! I’m taking her back to Raven, and I will make sure she’ll live-”

“I can’t...I won’t have her be a demon...”

He said with grief as he buried his face onto Luna’s neck. And from what I heard him say, it seems that he understands what the book is for and what Luna plans on doing. From the very beginning, Elijah was always against having Luna become what we are. But I never would have thought he would go to this extreme of ending both their lives! Elijah, is your love for Luna that selfish? I’m certain that Luna didn’t fight back since she couldn’t go against my brother. How I wish I was here when you needed me the most! Luna, I won’t let your heart stop beating! You gave me your word that you will live and smile. I won’t let you die this way, with the number of tears running down your cheek, I know this isn’t how you wish to die, not like this. So I’ll make sure you keep your promise to me because we still have so much to talk about!

“Her life isn’t yours, and I won’t let you end it this way for her!”

I shouted in fear as I quickly reached out and pulled Luna’s body away from Elijah. His body has grown completely numb that he was unable to move. However, the look in his eyes showed that he was wanting to end my life!

“I’ll...kill you, Crow-”

Suddenly Elijah was cut off by Carla’s screams of horror! Turning my gaze, I noticed her running towards Elijah’s side!

“My king, what happened to you-”

“Carla, get Luna now! Don’t let Crow leave, I want him dead!”

Elijah demanded with the last remaining strength he had. Very soon, I watched as he fell over and grabbed his chest in pain, however, he still reached out his other hand towards Luna and me!

“Yes, my Lord,” Carla responded submissively.

She then began to approach where I was, her eyes gazing with murder intent. That was when I knew I had to run! There’s no way I could fight Carla right now, I need to leave before Luna runs out of time! So I instantly made my way to the railing of the balcony!

“Elijah, this will be the last time you ever see Luna as a human! But know this, Luna was never given a choice...”

I voiced out a heavy growl as I lifted my foot on top of the rail...

“What do you mean, she wasn’t given a choice?”

Carla suddenly asks in confusion as she came to a stop...

“Instead of asking me, why don’t you ask Emily.”

And as I said that, I gave Elijah one last stare as I held Luna closely. His glare was still terrifying to look at even with how weak he is right now...

“Goodbye, brother.”

With my final words being spoken, I immediately jumped off the railing and landed safely on the ground. But just as I was about to dash the fountain we had in the garden, the calling of my name almost petrified me!


The roaring of Elijah’s growl startled me! And to make things worse, Carla had jumped off the railing as well and landed in front of me! As she rose, she stuck out her hand and was gesturing me to hand Luna over...

“Don’t do this. Luna is going to die if I let her stay here! Is that what you want!? To have Luna and you’re son both die this way!?”

Carla was then hesitating as she drew her hand back and didn’t know what else to say? She then took a long pause and looked at the floor. But then her eyes looked up at the room where Elijah was, following her gaze I saw that my brother was staring down from the railing. He could hardly stand and was seen leaning against the window...

“I must do what my King has asked me to do-”

Turning my head back, I instantly panicked when I saw Carla walking towards me! Fuck, this is it, this is where everything comes to an end-”

“I don’t even know why I believed you guys could take care of things on your own?”

Hearing that familiar voice, I quickly turned my head towards his direction! I almost forgot that Raven had told me that he was here!


I said his name feeling relieved!

“Crow, hurry, and take Luna back! I’ll take care of things here...”

He said as he began to walk towards Carla and me. I didn’t let this chance slip away, so as I quickly nodded my head, I found myself sprinting towards the fountain. Immediately chanting the spell, the water I was stepping on began to pull Luna and me! The last few seconds were hell, as I watched Carla and Felix already fighting once I went to look at them! If theirs anyone who could fight against Carla and Elijah, it’s Felix! I just hope he’ll be okay...

“Felix, come back to us alive...”

Whispering those words, I took a deep breath in and prepared myself to give Luna some air. But as I placed my lips on to her, the water itself that I was in, shook with such tremendous force as the devil himself cried out a name...


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