His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Agony Of Sorrows

Felix’s POV:

I had many questions, but I had no time to speak. Other than fighting Carla, it was beginning to drain my strength a bit! But what had me really concerned was the condition of how Elijah was. It’s not that I was worried about him, but I was very panicked about what he has probably done! I wasn’t able to take a good look at Luna, but either way, I knew that something must have happened!

“I’ve about had it with all of you betraying your King, all of your lies have sickened me!”

Hearing Carla screams for the first time wasn’t surprising, in fact, I was waiting for her true colors to show...

“Don’t make me laugh, you speak of betrayal and lies? Spare me your hypocritical words, you vile witch!”

I growled as I dodged her sharp claws from tearing my flesh!

“Elijah, what the hell happened to you!? Look at me, whose blood is this?!”

The abrupt screams of Emily shouting in worry caught me off guard as I looked up at the railing to see Elijah’s body lying against Emily’s chest. He was unconscious and wasn’t responding!

“I’ll kill you!”

Hearing Carla yell, I felt a powerful shove against my body until I fell to the ground! The feeling of something sharp piercing my neck burned as the feeling of my blood ran through my throat! Damnit, I shouldn’t have gotten so easily distracted! Looking up, I saw that Carla was on top of me! Her sharp teeth were visible, along with her claws that sank through my flesh. It was becoming difficult to breathe with how strong her hands were gripping me. Half devil’s really are an annoyance!

“Carla, what the fuck are you doing?! Fucking kill him already!”

I heard Emily shout in demand, though something strange happened! Carla’s grip loosened as I saw her eyes beginning to shed tears of sorrow...

“I just wanted what was best for my son, but I don’t want him to die this way. Felix, save him, save my little Eli...save Luna. My son’s blood runs through Luna’s body...”

Once Carla was done pleading, she removed her claws and started to tremble. Her words instantly triggered my heart in terror! Averting my eyes, I went to look back at Elijah and noticed the blood around his mouth! No, he would go that far in taking Luna away from everyone, even himself!?

“I will do everything to save Luna. But I don’t give a damn of what happens to your son! You’re the one that created that monster, so take responsibility.”

Speaking my last words to her, I immediately pushed her off of me and sprinted towards the fountain as I chanted the spell in a hurry! Quickly begin pulled down, the echoing of Emily’s screams and Carla’s cries rang through my ears! Placing my hand on my chest, I felt the heavy beating of my heart aching. My mind was drifting everywhere, and I was blaming myself for not going with her! So many regrets I was beating myself over were making me hate myself! I should have seen this coming! I should’ve known that Elijah would do something like this! To go so far as to kill himself and Luna! No, Luna isn’t dead... she’s still alive. She has to be, I promised her a future with me. That I would give her something beautiful to hold on to! With the water finally pushing me up to the surface, I quickly hurried towards Raven’s house! And as I got closer, I noticed Seporha and V waiting outside by the entrance!

“Felix, you’re alive! Thank goodness, I thought I wouldn’t see you ever again-”

“Where’s Luna?!”

I quickly growled in a panic as I cut Sephora off of what she was saying to me, but as I tried to get through the door, V instantly placed his hand on my shoulder to stop me from passing! His eyes looked lifeless as I felt his fingers becoming more firm on my shoulder. I’m certain V has a lot of things he’s worried about as well, he’s left everything to help me. So I gently placed my hand on top of his as we both gestured in agreement to the circumstances we were both in. Once he let me go, I hurried inside and desperately began searching for Luna and Crow! As I ran down the hall, I noticed Crow sitting on the floor with his head hanging down in despair...

“Crow, where is she!?”

I shouted in worry as I came down to my knees in front of him. Placing my hands on his shoulders, I began to shake him when I wasn’t hearing him speak! Though no matter how much I shook him, he didn’t speak a word. The only thing he kept looking at was his shaking hands that were covered in blood! I then instinctively grabbed one of his hands and raised it towards my face. This smell belonged to her...to Luna.

“Answer me, what the hell happened!? Is Luna...tell me she’s alive!”

I cried out to him as I pleaded in devastation.

“Her heart, it was no longer beating...when I brought her back, Raven...she...”

Crow’s words were muffled as he suddenly covered his ears with desperate force! It’s as if he didn’t want to hear anything else! Even his black eyes were full of anger and sadness as he kept looking down...

“That’s enough, Crow. You did well in bringing her back. She won’t die...Raven, she’ll make sure of it.”

I tried to comfort him as I wanted to believe in my own words. But the trail of blood dripping from Crow’s fingers was the only thing I could hear as I wrapped my arms around my brother. I left too much responsibility for him to handle, usually, Crow never shows his emotions. But I know this is Luna’s doing, so I have to be composed and be strong for everyone...

“So you finally returned, Lord Felix.”

Hearing Raven speak made me quickly stand up! Even Crow who looked so broken a second ago stood up as well and approach her! Watching her and Priscilla come out of the room made me very nervous about what they would say. I honestly just want to push them aside and see if Luna was okay. But that would only make things more stressful for me...

“Luna, is she...”

“She’s alive, but just bearly,” Raven quickly answered Crow’s trembling words.

“I’m sorry Crow, but can you leave Felix and Raven to speak alone for a minute. I’ll explain everything to you along with the others. Please, come with me.”

Priscilla said as he grabbed Crow’s sleeve and had him follow her. The look of worry never left his face as he turned to look at me, and once he was out of my sight I looked back at Raven and followed her into the room. Once I entered, my eyes immediately saw her body laying on a bed. Her eyes remained closed, I wish I could say she looked peaceful but what made me want to panic in horror was seeing the hole around where her heart should be at! I didn’t even realize when I got so close to her, it’s like my body moved on its own by instinct! Holding on to her hand, I was surprised to feel how warm she still was?! How is this possible!? Where is Luna’s heart at?!

“I’m sure you have several questions. But first, drink this...”

Raven voiced out as she placed a drink right next to me.

“What is that?”

I asked while gliding my fingers against Luna’s jawline. The leftover stains of Elijah’s blood were still printed on her lips...

“The wounds around your neck aren’t healing fast enough. I’m certain it’s because you haven’t devoured any human souls for a while.”

She explained in a tiresome sigh...

“I won’t drink it until I know Luna’s life is out of danger, tell me... where’s her heart?”

I asked as I looked at Luna’s chest, she wasn’t bleeding out but seeing her like this was completely heartbreaking!

“When Crow brought her back, I was unable to feel her heartbeat. She was already dead when she came here, so the only way to restart her heartbeat was to have it soak in this elixir. But to do that, I needed Crow to tear her heart out from her chest while Priscilla and I were preparing the potions, I had no idea that this would happen to her. Nor would I have thought the King would go so far into poisoning her with his blood. But it goes to show what the King is willing to do anything. Nevertheless, the timing couldn’t be more close to each other, the Blood Eclipse is tomorrow. And with my book finally returned, I’ll be able to save Luna’s life...if she lets me.”

Raven explained while showing me the glass jar with Luna’s heart in it! So that’s why Crow’s fingers were covered in Luna’s blood! It’s must’ve been difficult for him to do, hell, even I would have found it almost impossible to do something like that! But what Raven said in the end, caught my attention...

“What do you me, if she lets you?”

I asked in confusion...

“Luna’s life is hanging by a thread. The poison that Elijah fed her doesn’t only harm her heart, but her body as well. If the poison reaches her brain, then that will be the end of her. So it’s all up to her to hold up until tomorrow, and even if her body does survive. After I completed the ritual, I don’t know when she will awaken? She could be in a deep slumber for a few days, months...or even years. Everything depends on how Luna wants it to be, so I just want you to prepare yourself for what’s to come.”

Once Raven finished explaining, I began to intertwine my fingers with Luna’s. I won’t let this hand of hers go until she wakes up. I refuse to leave her side until I can see her eyes open again...

“I understand, it’s all up to Luna then. Tell me, will she feel any pain?”

I asked as I felt my chest beginning to tighten.

“No, I’ll make sure her body is numb before the ritual begins, Felix-”

“Please, leave us alone for a bit,” I said to her, never leaving my gaze off of Luna I pulled the sheets high enough to cover her wound.

“Very well...”

The sound of Raven closing the door behind her made me feel instantly vulnerable. I felt like I was finally able to show my true emotions, I didn’t even notice when I started crying or how much I was shaking. But the first thing I did was lay next to Luna’s body and hold her close to mine. But no matter how much I held her, I just felt empty inside. Luna isn’t able to feel me, hear me, or speak to me like before. How can my brother believe that this is what was best for her? For them!? Elijah will pay for this! The vow between a demon and a human should be kept sacred! To never be broken, but Elijah did the unthinkable and didn’t give a shit!

“Luna, you probably can’t hear me...but I need you to hold on for a little while longer. I know it’s difficult, but I beg you, I need you to live. I promised to give you a future you deserve, but I can’t do that if you’re not with me. Luna, please...I need you.”

Whispering my words in heartache, I left a light kiss on her soft tender lips. Placing my forehead against hers, I admired her beauty and listened carefully to her light breathing. Minutes turned to hours and I didn’t want to leave her side. I’m sure the sun is already up, but Luna’s breathing was beginning to weaken very slowly, this is probably the most terrified I’ve ever been in my life, being completely powerless and not being able to do anything!

“Felix, how is she?”

I suddenly heard Crow ask as he entered the room. Pulling myself away from her, I still held on to her hand and looked over at Crow. His hands were no longer bloody and he seemed a lot calmer...

“Her breathing is beginning to slow down. Crow, how did Elijah find Luna at the feast?”

I asked as I watched Crow walk towards Luna and me.

“It was Carla’s doing, she had Raven’s book. I tried to get to Luna on time but...”

As he explained feeling guilty, he brought both his hands to a fist of anger. I’m sure he’s still blaming himself, but it’s not his fault. Crow isn’t strong enough to fight against Carla or Elijah, it’s strange, but the way Crow wishes to be stronger...is exactly how Luna is as well.

“It’s alright, things happen for a reason. All three of us, you, me, and our brother. We made a vow that we would never kill her, but it seems that Elijah no longer cares about keeping Luna alive if she becomes a witch. You know what that means, don’t you?”

I said to him as I finally let go of Luna’s hand, I then turned myself around and approached the window. Moving the curtains out of the way, I was able to see the crisp warm sunrise beginning to peek out of the horizon. Just a few more hours, and the Blood Eclipse will begin...

“Yeah, Elijah would never want Luna to become what we are. So I fear once Elijah awakens to see himself still alive, he will lose his sanity knowing that Luna became a demon. I think her life will be in more danger after this, even Seporha and V have their lives changed forever since Elijah saw Luna at the feast pretending to be V’s wife. So the Cerberus Family is now in danger as well, things just seem to become more complicated.”

Crow responded in a stressful sigh, without turning around I stared at the bright sky and took a deep breath in.

“Crow, are you ready to do whatever it takes in protecting Luna?”

I asked in a stern voice...

“I already started protecting her from the very beginning...”

He said with a satisfying chuckle, but what does he mean by that?

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