His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Deadly Love

Elijah’s POV:

It’s so cold, I knew it...no matter what, I will always feel alone in darkness without you. Luna, I’m sorry I took our lives away from this world. I just would never be able to forgive myself if you were to live such a demonic life like me. I wanted to keep you the way you were, but I realized how impossible that would be for you. I caused you so much pain, you’re broken, you screamed, cried, and begged, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t give you the love that you wanted because it would end up hurting me in the end. I’d rather pull you into hell with me than watch you live a blessed life with someone else. I know I’m a monster for that, but I can’t control how I feel. Luna, did I ever make you happy in the end?

“Elijah, You can’t leave me like this! I love you! So please open your eyes!”

“Please, my Lord! Wake up, I beg you.”

Who do these voices belong to? The sound of my name being called sounded so far away, but I could tell it wasn’t Luna. So who’s was it then? Wait, I shouldn’t be able to hear anyone right now! I’m dead, aren’t I?! Quickly realizing the situation, I immediately opened my eyes and raised myself in a panic! I then desperately began wandering my eyes around the room in worry, what the hell is going on!?

“My King, you’re finally awake!”

“Oh, Elijah! Don’t ever do that again, you had me worried!”

The voices of Carla and Emily caught my attention once I felt Emily embracing me! She was hysterically crying as well as Carla who was crying in silence a few feet away from us. This can’t be happening right now, no...I shouldn’t be here right now, I shouldn’t be alive!

“Where is she?!”

I growled in shock as I pushed Emily’s arms off of me, I then hurried myself up and noticed that I was in my room!

“My King, please calm down for a minute-”

Without letting Carla say anything else, I grabbed her by the throat and slammed her harshly against the wall. The cracking of her neck vibrated in my hands and I knew that I broke her neck in half. But I didn’t care, Carla has a lot of explaining to do!

“You better start talking, because I’m about ready to burn your flesh! Tell me why I’m still alive, and where is Luna!?”

I ordered as I began to pierce my claws into her throat!

“Crow and Felix took her away, I could only assume they’re with Raven at this point.”

Emily quickly explained in a calmy matter as I felt her placing her hands on my shoulders. And right as she said that... my body began to shake in disbelief! I didn’t want to believe in the words that Emily had to say, so I looked at Carla to see that her eyes never wavered and gave me a stare of guilt.

“I’m sorry. Felix, he was just too strong for me to fight against...”

Carla explained in agony as she struggled to breathe. All of my hatred was building up inside me and I wanted to crack her skull open! But I gained nothing by doing that...

“So Crow has now betrayed me as well. Carla, is the feast still going on?”

I asked while releasing her throat, turning myself around, I closed my eyes. My breathing was so heavy along with my rapid heartbeat. But I quickly opened my eyes in shock once Emily began to speak!

“Feast? Umm... Elijah, the feast has been over for a few days already. You’ve been unconscious this whole time, I was honestly frightened since I couldn’t hear your heartbeat at one point. But then it suddenly came back within a few minutes, I never been so terrified-”

“Impossible, no! I refuse to believe-”

“I’m sorry my King, but Luna is still alive!”

I was taken off guard by Carla’s abrupt yelling, even Emily was surprised! This was the first time she has ever raised her voice and I knew she was being serious. Feeling my eyes turning black, the sharpness of my claws was growing longer. I then silently began to walk to the balcony of my room and saw the pitch darkness of night. But the one thing that stood out, was the red moon shining so brightly. That’s when I knew, what Luna has done. At first, I was confused as to why I’m still living. But what Carla said is the only explanation, Luna is still alive. Which means...

“The Blood Eclipse has already started. Luna, you’re no longer human...are you?”

I quietly said to myself with anger and sadness, I failed in keeping Luna’s humanity. Her soul no longer exists in this world...

“I almost forgot about the Blood Eclipse happening this month, where powerful forbidden spells could only be cast. What a beautiful shade of red the moon is, don’t you think?”

I heard Emily ask me as she stood by my side, she to looked up at the moon. And just by staring at her, I was able to replay back what Crow said. He mentioned that Luna didn’t have a choice, he then went on that I should ask Emily why that is. Is there something that Emily is not telling me? Why am I even questioning it, after my brother’s betrayal, I wouldn’t doubt that Emily would end up doing the same?

“Emily, would you ever lie to me?”

I bluntly asked while facing her direction...

“What? No, of course not, I would never do that to you! You’re the only one who I would die for and be loyal towards-”

“Then is there anything you should be telling me?”

Cutting her off, I grabbed the back of her head and leaned myself closer to her face. I wanted to get a clear image of her eyes to see whether or not she is hiding something?

“You should know, that I was ready to die last night with Luna. I gave Luna my blood, however, our brothers got in the way of that. Now their’s only one reason why I’m still standing here, that reason being that Luna is still alive. I’m sure you could put two and two together, the Blood Eclipse, it’s obvious what Luna had done. So before I begin my rampage on this kingdom-”

“My Lord, please don’t harm this kingdom-”


I quickly set a blaze of fire near where Carla was standing! I won’t let her interrupt me, the fear in Carla and Emily’s eyes was then shown as I dug my heated claws into Emily’s skull. This isn’t good, I’m beginning to want to lose control again!

“As I was saying before, Crow left with Luna. He mentioned that Luna didn’t have a choice of living as a human, and then he brought up you’re name. He didn’t say anything after that, but I’m very curious as to why he brought you up?”

Once I finished speaking, Emily refused to make eye contact with me as I felt her body jolt a bit.

“I, he’s just trying to break us apart! Think about it, he knew what will set you off by using Luna. So, of course, he’s gonna say something like that! You already know that Crow and I hate each other, so it shouldn’t be surprising that he’s trying to blame me for something. Elijah, please... believe me. I’m the only one in the King’s Family that is still by your side, and I would never do anything to hurt you! I love you and that will never change-”

“Enough, your words don’t mean anything to me! And neither does Crow’s, however, if I do find out that you’ve been lying to me. I’ll burn you along with the rest of your brothers until nothing remains from your corpses. Now leave me and Carla alone, there are some things I need to discuss with her.”

Emily’s red eyes grew tense and her breathing was also unsettling, I wasn’t sure if she was scared of my threats or afraid of me finding out something? Nevertheless, I shouldn’t forget Emily’s hatred for Luna...

“Yes, my King.”

She responded in a trembling bow once I removed my claws from her head. She was still avoiding eye contact with me and just kept staring at the floor until she left the room...

“Now then, Carla...I want you to explain everything about the book Luna took. After all, Raven did turn you into what you are today. So how about you start with how Luna knew where to find this book? And why I had no clue about it being in the castle.”

I ordered her to explain as I opened the window doors that led out to the balcony. I then took a seat on top of the railing and looked up at the moon while placing my hand against my chest. My heart is still beating, and it’s because of her...

“Your father ordered Raven to hand over this book of forbidden spells to him. Because he didn’t want humans to become demons or even half-demons for that matter. So he kept her book hidden in his study room, and after many years, he was contemplating whether he should destroy it or not. But he chose not to do it and decided to just keep it hidden from everyone. The King, Raven, and I were the only ones who knew about where the book was at it. So I’m sure Raven told Luna about it, but know that I was given orders from your father to never speak about this. So please forgive me for not telling you, I just never thought this would happen?”

As she finished talking, all I could keep doing was looking out into the horizon of the land.

“Whether you become half a demon or a full a fleshed demon. You still live a cursed life, my father was fucking useless. He should have destroyed it when he had the chance, and now it’s because of him that I’ve lost someone so important to me-”

“But Luna is still alive, you should be happy-”

“Happy? Why should I be happy? Luna isn’t by my side, she is no longer the human girl I fell in love with. Her soul no longer exists, she’s become what I am, a beast. And to add more pain to it, she told me that she found her soulmate, out of everyone. Why did it have to be my brother!? So tell me, what should I be happy about?!”

I asked as I dropped my hand away from my chest to look over at where Carla was standing! I would rather be off dead than live in this world now, I feel empty inside. So alone, I’m beginning to feel the same way I felt years ago when I didn’t have Luna by my side and it hurts like hell...

“Her Soulmate? I see, I’m sorry. I wish I could take the pain away from you, my King. But, I was surprised by how calm you are. I was expecting you to lash out-”

“Calm? Do I look that calm? Well, I guess after losing everything you once cared for, nothing really matters. But believe me, when I say this, I am very, very angry.”

I growled in a wicked smile as I raised my hand and ignited a flame. As much as I’m hurting right now, it’s still not compared to the boiling rage I’m feeling within me...

“My Lord?”

Carla voiced out in concern as she stared at the flame in my hand.

“I meant what I said, I will destroy everything in this Kingdom if Luna wasn’t returned to me. But now, I will not only set this Kingdom to burn. But I will do everything it takes, in killing Luna.”

I explained in a hurtful ache of sorrow as I looked over at the flame...

“Is that really what you want?”

Carla asked in despair as she dropped down to her knees in horror.

“It’s not what I want, it’s what must be done. And once I’m certain that Luna is killed by my hands, I will do the same, I will end my own life once everything is destroyed in this world...”

“So you really plan on killing everyone. Why can’t you just kill Luna instead and try to continue to rule this Kingdom as your father wanted you to-”

“Like he wanted me to? Don’t make me laugh, my father never wanted me to rule this Kingdom. The only reason why he chose me was because of my mother. It sickens me that those two only created me for their own selfish reasons, and I’ve grown tired of it. I’m so fucking tired of this world, so I’ll bring everything to an end.”

I responded in a tiresome sigh as I set my hand back towards the direction of the garden. With one simple gesture of my hand, I set half of the garden on fire. Pulling my hand back, I died out the fire in my hands as I got off the railing. Approaching the chair, I grabbed my jacket and headed for the door that led out of my room. But as I began walking down the hall, the faint footsteps of Carla could be heard coming from behind me. She was surprisingly quiet this time and didn’t speak a word. I guess she finally accepted that there’s no reasoning with what I’m about to do...

“Carla, I want every family member in the Cerberus Family to be slaughtered. Though V and Seporaha are to be killed by me, then send every warlock guard to kill every witch and warlock in the brothels. After that, leave everything to me.”

I ordered her as I came downstairs, I wanna make sure that Luna won’t be able to hide anywhere. But if she’s still with Raven, then I know what I should do. Making my way towards the study room, I entered inside only to then grab the moonstone that laid on my desk...

“Yes, My Lord. But what of Luna?”

She asks with grief, picking up the moonstone, I turned myself around and faced her.

“It’s up to Luna how she wants things to end, if she’s willing to die by my hands, then I might so remorse to this Kingdom. But if she refuses, then you have you’re answer of what I’ll do. Now leave and carry out the order...”

Carla soon took a deep bow and turned herself around to leave the room, and once I was certain she was gone. I began to chant a spell that would summon my voice to where Raven is at. For her sake, she better answer since her life depends on it. But to my surprise, someone did answer! At first, I was excepting to hear Raven’s voice, so I was about ready to threaten her life if she wasn’t going to tell me where Luna was. But I was completely speechless once I heard her voice calling out my name!

“Eli, is that you?”


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