His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 123: Unsettled Horizon

Crow’s POV:

What am I doing, why am I still staying in this family? Is there even a point in me being here, this can’t be how my life will remain until I die, can it? To always serve my little brother and always follow his order, I thought that Felix was a complete idiot when he decided to leave the King’s family. But now, I’m thinking if maybe I’m the bigger fool for not leaving as well. How long has it already been since Luna and Felix have fled? It’s been a few weeks that’s for sure...

“My Lord, where are you!? Please, Crow, I need your help!”

The sounds of Carla’s obnoxious voice were ruining my peace of being outside, I’ve been avoiding being in the castle for as long as I could, but it doesn’t stop Elijah from bringing me back in.

“My Lord! Please-”

“Shut up already, and just tell me what you want?”

I voiced out in annoyance as I stepped out where Carla could see me more visibly. Her quick pause and look of relief could be shown on her face as she quickly began to approach me...

“My Lord, forgive me for being a disturbance, but I need your help. It’s Elijah, he’s at it again.”

She explained breathlessly while taking a deep bow as she stopped in front of me...

“Let the King do what he wants, it’s not gonna change anything-”


“If you’re that fucking worried about your King, then go tell Emily to help you. Besides, she’s far stronger than I am, so it shouldn’t be an issue with her help.”

I said explained as I made my way past her and began to walk towards the castle. However, the light footsteps of Carla’s feet could be heard tracing behind me...

“I’ve tried looking for Lady Emily, but it seems that she left again to the Realm Kingdom. She wants to bring back Felix’s head, in fact, I don’t think she even cares about finding Luna.”

Carla pointed out in worry as she tried to catch up to me.

“I highly doubt that she’ll bring Luna alive, I also doubt that Emily will be successful in bringing Felix’s head. Elijah may have given the order for every high-class warlock and witch to kill Felix. But you and I both know it’s pointless, Felix was trained by my Father for many decades and became one of the most powerful warlocks in this Kingdom. No one can kill him other than Elijah himself, so what’s the point in sending useless demons at him when we already know the outcome.”

I said to her as I finally reached the front doors of the Castle, stretching out my hand, I gripped each handle firmly and pulled the doors open. And once I did, I was welcomed with the heavy voices of death ringing through my ears! The smell of scorched flesh could be picked up right away as I smelled the house. And the amount of blood that was covering the main halls led up towards Elijah’s room, was almost surreal. I’ve never seen this much blood before, you couldn’t even make out what the original color of the floor was anymore. I knew Elijah was losing it, but this isn’t what I pictured him doing. He no longer cares to feed on human souls, all he’s doing is killing them and letting out his anger...

“It’s gotten worse, I haven’t been home in over a week. Tell me, how many humans are still alive on the dungeon floor?”

I asked Carla as I steadily made my way inside, the bitter aroma of blood was staining the air around me as I continued my way downstairs...

“There’s none, Elijah has killed them all,” she calmly answered as she kept following behind me.

“Then why do you need my help? If all the humans are dead, what’s the point in needing my assistance?”

I asked her while trying to avoid stepping on the many corpses that laid across the floor.

“I wasn’t asking for your help to save the humans, what I needed your help in was to carry Elijah back to his chambers. He’s overheated and his demon has drained his energy a bit. He refuses to let me touch him, but I’m sure he won’t refuse you. I can’t bring in more humans if the King is down here, he’ll only kill them all once he’s back to his full power. So I need you to take him back to his room, please...”

She begged once again, I then annoyingly kicked one of the bodies out of my way as I reached the floors of the dungeon. That’s where I saw nothing but torn limbs and decapitated heads spread everywhere. Even the smell of burnt flesh was becoming nauseating for me...

“Where is he?”

I coldly asked as I tried not to breathe in the disgusting air around me. I honestly just wanted to get Elijah and leave this place already. The dungeon has become a blood bath for the King to unleash his frustration on, and quite frankly, I find it ridiculous that Elijah has lost his will to control himself. But then again, who am I to speak?

“Oh, he’s right this way, come I’ll show you.”

Carla quickly gestured as she hurried her way down the dungeon halls. With each passing cell, every single cell block remained empty. I’m sure it’s because all of the humans were spread throughout the castle. Completely slaughtered and butchered like cattle, I almost pity them. However, these humans do deserve a painful death for the sins they’ve committed in the human world.

“My Lord, I’ve brought Crow. He’ll help you back to your room...”

Hearing Carla’s voice, I averted my gaze at the direction she was looking at. That’s when I saw him, my brother, who is feared by all and holds so much power, and that’s envied by everyone. Is now reduced to this pathetic state, sitting in human blood looking completely defeated and held nothing but death in his eyes...

“Where’s Emily?”

Elijah spoke with his voice sounding heavy, he kept his head down and didn’t bother to look at Carla or me.

“She left with the other witches this morning, she’ll be back by dawn-”

“Have her come to my room again tonight, make sure she’s blindfolded as well, I don’t want to look at her face...”

He growled in frustration, as Elijah gave the order, I made my way where he was sitting and carefully helped him stand up. Despite wanting to stay away from this family, it’s not possible for me to do since I could hear everyone speak. Elijah has been using Emily’s body along with other witches that Emily brings to the castle. Usually, he kills them all other than Emily, however, Emily is always close to dying whenever Elijah is done using her. She almost died last time, yet Carla was able to heal her wounds, unfortunately.

“Yes my Lord, will that be all?”

She asked in a deep bow...

“Have you found Raven yet?”

He suddenly asked as he made me stop walking, my brother’s body was really heavy and I’m surprised he could stand on his feet with the number of people he’s killed. There were at least 50 cell blocks down here, and there were 3 humans in each cell. That’s a total of 150 humans he’s massacred, and who knows when he’ll unleash another killing spree down here?

“No, I’m sorry my Lord, I’m trying-”

“You’re completely worthless, hurry up and find her! If you can’t carry out a simple order of finding someone, then what fucking use are you? Why am I even keeping you alive, to begin with?!”

Elijah bluntly stated as he yanked Carla’s shirt, he then pushed her harshly against the metal gate behind us! He no longer leaned against me, but I could tell that his body was still unstable with how much he was stumbling.

“I’m sorry, I won’t fail you. I’ll try harder, I promise I’ll find her. My king, I promise you-”

“I don’t need fucking promises, just find her!”

He shouted in anger as he slammed his fist against the concrete wall, the impact caused the room to shake afterward!

“Elijah, is finding Raven that important than finding Luna?”

“Out of everyone, I thought you would understand. Especially since your mother once took care of Raven. Crow, Raven’s loyalty is to the King’s Family. However, her loyalty isn’t strictly towards whoever sits on the throne, no...her loyalty is equal to everyone who’s part of the family. Including Felix, despite what he’s done, Raven will still help him. I do not doubt that Felix is trying to find her as well, or that he’s already with her. So if I find Raven, I find Luna...even if Felix isn’t with Luna. Raven can still help me find her, so I will do everything in my power to track her down!”

He growled in frustration as he slowly made his way upstairs on his own, we both then left Carla alone in the dungeon as I to followed Elijah behind...

“I see, so that’s why you have the royal families move closer to us. You want them to find Raven as well.”

I said to him as we both made it to the ballroom...

“Only the royal families know about Raven’s existence, Crow...have you heard, Luna’s voice yet?”

He asked while looking out the window at the dim light sky, this isn’t the first time Elijah has asked me if I’ve heard Luna speak. In fact, he asks me all the time when he sees me...

“No, I could focus on only one voice at a time. It’s difficult to pick her voice up, even Felix’s voice is somewhat difficult to hear. But I will say this much, Luna is alive...or else Felix wouldn’t sound so calm when I hear him talk.”

I explained to him as he continued to gaze his sights out the window...

“I don’t fucking care about Felix’s voice, I want him dead. Crow, if you do hear Luna’s voice, let me know. I need to know what’s she’s saying... if she’s okay. You’re heading to the Realm Kingdom again tonight, aren’t you? If so, keep an eye out when you’re out there, but make sure Felix doesn’t spot you, understand.”

He strictly said as he looked over at me...

“Yes, my Lord.”

I calmly responded as I bowed my head, Elijah then gave me a satisfying look before he went back to his room. It looks like he didn’t need my assistance in helping him anymore. Now that I think about it, I haven’t been in my room for a while. Maybe I should relax for a bit before I leave, I’m sure Carla is gonna be busy cleaning the mess the King made in the dungeon, so I won’t have to worry about her being a nuisance to me. As I approached the stairs, I thought back to what Elijah mention before. My mother did take care of Raven for a few years, that was until my father sent Raven away and did horrible things to my mother. It’s strange, even though I wasn’t born yet. Felix once told me that my mother wanted to have a son with my father, it’s kinda hard to believe that my mother wanted a child since she couldn’t handle me, or even handle herself for that matter.

Finally reaching the top of the stairs, I was about to head towards my room. That was until I smelled something burnt, it wasn’t the burnt flesh, but the burning of something that smelled like wood? Following the scent, I was led towards Felix’s room. I immediately opened the door and was almost shocked at what I was seeing, everything in his room was destroyed! As I took one step inside, I heard something crack beneath my feet, taking a look, I saw that it was wooden planks that were part of Felix’s piano...

“Our brother really wants you dead, Felix,” I said to myself in a heavy sigh.

Though despite the mess his room was, I continued to walk inside until I reached the balcony of his room. Taking a seat on the floor, I leaned back against the wall and stared out to the horizon, and waited...

“Hey, Crow... I’m not sure if you could hear me...”

“Of course I can hear you, idiot,” I whispered to myself in a tiresome smirk.

I’ve been lying to my brother, I had to. If he knew I could hear Luna, he would never let me leave this place. He will always wanna know every word Luna is saying, it’s already a pain in the ass dealing with him. The last thing I need is to be restricted in what I wanna do, for these last few weeks, around this exact time. Luna is always speaking with me, and although I can’t speak in return. Just listening to her voice is enough to keep me sane...

Though I can’t help but laugh, I strictly told her to not trust anyone. Yet here she is doing the exact opposite, she trusts me enough to tell me how she is. Where she’s at, and how she’s feeling. Even now, I feel like I’ve come to know Luna so much in such a short amount of time. Even on the night when she left, I surprised myself with my actions of what I’ve done. Kissing Luna wasn’t what I intended to do, but knowing that I won’t be able to see her for a while. I couldn’t help but feel, lonely.

“Hey, Luna... Elijah is a complete mess without you, and for some reason, I feel empty inside. It’s a feeling I haven’t felt in a very long time, I think the last time I felt like this, was when I killed my mother...”

I spoke out in a sigh as I closed my eyes, what am I still doing here? Luna has stopped speaking to me for a while, she probably fell asleep already. I should head out soon, I’ve been visiting many brothels in hopes of finding Luna in one of them. But it’s been no use, I never seem to find her, perhaps I should skip searching for her today and just head to the Lake of Oblivion again.

“I need to get stronger, even if it means gambling my years of living .”

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