His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 159: Blood Eclipse

Crow’s POV:

It’s been several hours, night has finally approached us. I was completely relieved that Luna made it through the day. Felix and I didn’t leave the room the whole time that passed, I wanted to stay here and take responsibility for what I wasn’t able to do. Luna is in this situation because of me, I know that Felix said that I shouldn’t blame myself, but no matter what he says I will always feel like it’s my fault. If I would have made it in time before Elijah gave his blood to Luna then none of this would be happening! Felix never once let go of Luna’s hand the entire time and I could see it in his eyes that he was worried sick about her. Yet he’s trying to compress his emotions inside so he doesn’t show his weakness. At this point, I don’t think he should conceal his feelings anymore. We have both already seen the good and the bad of each other...

“Well how fortunate, her heart is still beating. However, I wonder how her body will be able to handle the change?”

I heard Raven speak as she steps inside the room, Priscilla then followed up behind her and was carrying a box with her. Without even having to ask her what was in it, Raven gave me a look to confirm my suspicion...

“Felix, I’m going to need you to give Luna and me some space. This ritual can be dangerous, and could not only harm you but Luna as well.”

Raven explained with a bit of concern in her voice...

“Alright, but first tell me what you plan on doing to her?”

He asked while letting go of Luna’s hand finally.

“Priscilla, if you may,” Raven called out to her while pointing her hand towards the bottle of elixir that had Luna’s heart inside it.

Priscilla then immediately set the box down and rushed towards the bottle and brought it over to Raven.

“Felix, Crow, you both need to understand that Luna’s situation is very complicated. Her heartbeat won’t be able to last much longer, so we’re given one chance in making this ritual successful. If I were to place Luna’s heart back in her body, she will die instantly. So I will have to put the demon inside her first before placing the heart back. I just hope that her body and the demon husk are compatible with each other. Crow, are you certain that you’re okay with Luna possessing this demon that once belong to you’re mother and the power that comes with it? You do know the consequences of what Luna will carry on her shoulders if-”

“I understand already, but I’m not changing my mind about this. We already risk so much and gave up everything to save Luna’s life. So I won’t regret this decision, just open the box...”

I said to her in frustration as I saw her place the elixir down, she then reached over for the box and began to open it very carefully.

“What’s in the box?”

Felix asked in confusion as he turned to look at me.

“It’s the most important part of this whole ritual, without it. There’s no future for Luna.”

Raven began to explain as she finally pulled out the vile and held it in her hands. The strong presence of the demon could be felt as its aura filled up the room...

“And just how exactly do you plan on putting that inside her?”

Felix asked with concern as he walked closer to Raven as he stared at the vile.

“I’m going to have to carefully pour it down her throat, Priscilla, bring me the book.”

“Yes of course! After you broke the seal on it, I was able to find the page that contains the spell. Here, the words that you should be chanting are these lines...”

Priscilla explained as she placed the book in front of her, very soon, Felix and I took a few steps back as we gave Raven some space. It was absolutely nerve-wracking not being able to do anything to help. Even as I looked over at Felix, his body language in itself showed how worried he was. He was completely stiff and didn’t take his eyes off of Luna once Raven started the ritual. Paying close attention, I watched as Raven uncapped the vile and quickly but delicately poured the husk into Luna’s mouth. And once she was done doing that, she immediately chanted the spell out of the book as she covered Luna’s mouth with her hand. But in the process, Luna’s body began to jerk and shake uncontrollably!

“What’s happening to her!?”

Felix shouted in horror as he tried getting close to them. However, Priscilla was quick to stop my brother from taking a step closer!

“It’s alright! She’s fine, the demon is just adjusting to her body. We can’t interfere while Raven is casting this spell or else it will ruin everything, and we won’t be given a second chance on re-chanting the spell! So please, don’t get any closer.”

She explained as Raven continued to cast her words, as frightening as it was to watch, it was also incredible seeing the change of what Luna was becoming. Her long dark hair was starting to turn white like mine, her fingernails were beginning to turn black as her claws grew out. Even the horns on her head were exposed! Luna looks completely different now, but I know that her heart will remain the same. It’s truly is an incredible sight to see, a human changing and becoming what I am. And although Luna will never be human again, she looks...


Felix suddenly worded out as he admired Luna’s transformation. It was like he took the words out of my mouth, looking back at Luna’s body I noticed that the wound I gave her on her chest was beginning to heal itself and Raven paced herself by placing Luna’s heart back in her body...

That was probably the most terrifying thing I have ever done, ripping Luna’s heart out. I know I’ve torn many human hearts out, but this was different. This was Luna’s heart that was no longer beating, raising my hand, I looked at my palm and could still picture the flesh of her heart in my hand. I hope that I never have to do that again, what a traumatizing experience. Raising my head back up, I finally saw her wound completely healed as Raven finally moved her hand away from Luna’s mouth. After she was done chanting her last words, Felix wasted no time going towards her side! He then grabbed Luna’s hand and kneeled himself down where he could be at eye level with her...

“Is it done?”

I asked Raven with a stern voice as I walked up next to her.

“Yes, but now we wait for her to awaken. I don’t know how long that will take though, it took Carla a year to awaken and she only became half a witch. Were as to me, it only took a few months. So it all depends on the host, I’m just relieved that the demon was compatible with her body type. Though this is the first time I ever did the ritual where the human is unconscious, so I’m not sure if that will affect the awaking process? I’ve usually done this ritual when the human is awake and is aware of what’s going.”

She finished explaining as she went to close the book. She then handed it to Priscilla and had her put it away. I, on the other hand, didn’t know what to say other than look over at Felix and Luna...

“Then I will stay by her side until she awakens, whether I have to wait days, weeks, or even years. I won’t leave this room until she opens her eyes.”

Felix worded out quietly as he placed his other hand against Luna’s cheek.

“Do what you see fit, but this is out of my hands now. The rest is up to Luna, but know that you two brothers carry the responsibility of her now. There was reason’s why Carla and I needed to become witches, but Luna wasn’t given a choice. So keep that in mind, what you two may have wanted for her may not be what she wanted. Now excuse me, I must inform V and Sephora. Priscilla, come with me so we can leave these two alone.”

Raven said as she started to walk out of the room, Priscilla soon followed after her but before she closed the door, she looked over at Luna with sadness in her eyes before shutting the door behind her...

“Crow, you can leave also if you want. I’ll keep watch over her so-”

“You know she has a point, right.”

I bluntly stated as I approached Luna’s body.

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb brother, you know what I’m referring to. It’s what Raven said earlier, you and I both wanted Luna to live. Even when Luna was unsure of what she wanted, we kept pushing her towards this path that she is now in. Felix, when I saw our brother holding Luna in his arms. I didn’t see any signs on Luna’s body that she was struggling to get away from him. I think she consented to whatever Elijah was doing to her. I’m also certain that Luna probably agreed to die with our brother, as much as I hate to admit this. They both looked like they were at peace with what they’ve done. Despite Luna’s tears, I’m sure she was just sad that her life had to end that way, so don’t you think...that maybe we got in the way of the both of them-”

“No, the decision that we wanted was the right thing to do. You knew that Luna wasn’t happy with how things were, so we’ve given her a second chance to live a different life. I’m not saying that this new life of hers is going to be any easier, but it’s a chance for her to become stronger. That’s all she ever wanted to be, to protect others. I know this might sound hypocritical of me but, Luna’s life isn’t just hers now. She’s affected me and you, along with everyone else who cares for her. So I won’t let her die, our brother...I know for a fact that he will do everything in his power to end her life once he awakens. But I’ll make sure that he’ll never harm her again, just because Luna’s soul is gone. That doesn’t mean that she’s gone, her heart and her memories will remain how they were before. But regardless of all that, Luna became my responsibility the moment I took her away from our brother. Crow, I don’t know what you think is right or what’s wrong. But know that everything happens for a reason-”

“If that’s how you see things then there’s no point in having this conversation, but when Luna wakes up, will you be able to tell her what you just told me? That she’s not given a choice to die with her loved one-”

“I don’t care what relationship Luna has with Elijah, it’s doesn’t involve me. But when someone is trying to take my soulmate’s life away, then that’s when I need to interfere. I know full well that Luna loves my brother dearly, and I could deal with that. Because I know she will never be able to choose between Elijah and me. I’m not asking to be number one in her heart, all I want is to give her the happiness she deserves. And Elijah hasn’t been able to give that to her, her life is mine...and my life is hers.”

Felix sounded sympathetic, I watched him place a gentle kiss on her forehead. Both my brothers couldn’t be any more opposites from each other. Elijah has always been someone who’s controlling and takes what he wants without question. As for my brother Felix, he’s never been one to take control nor to enforce authority on others. It’s like fire and ice clashing to one another and Luna is caught in-between. I don’t know why, but I’ve grown so much uneasiness lately. Like something terrible is about to happen soon, and I fear that none of us will be prepared for it...

“With this new power Luna has gained, how do you think she’ll react to it?”

Felix suddenly asked as I was deep in thought...

“Huh? Oh, it might shock her a bit. But I’ll make sure I explain everything to her about it. I just hope she’s able to cope with it because it can be overwhelming. Even for us, when we first gain our powers, it was pretty difficult for us to control, and it took years for us to overcome it.”

I answered in a stressful sigh as I looked out the window to see the red moon displayed in the night sky.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. But for now, let’s hope she awakens soon.”

Felix responded as he to look at the Blood Eclipse, as my eyes stared deeply at the moon, my memory played back on that night when I met Luna. She was such a small innocent child back then. If I would have known what kind of life she was going to have after meeting me. I would’ve killed Elijah when he was still human. Then maybe Luna wouldn’t be going through such hardship because of him, but if I did kill him, then I would have never met her again. What’s even the right thing to do now? Was all of this meant to happened?

Shifting my gaze back at Felix, I watched as he pulled out a white rose from the inside of his jacket and placed it on top of Luna’s chest. He most likely picked the flower from the secret garden, I guess he was hoping on giving it to her when she came back. But with the circumstances that we’re in now, he can’t enjoy this moment. Luna, when you open your eyes again, how will you see this new world of yours?

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