His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 160: Taken Delight

Emily’s POV:

Something’s very wrong, Elijah hasn’t been acting like himself lately. On these past few days when he was unconscious, his heart was slowly giving out until it just completely stopped beating at one point! But when it suddenly began pulsing again, he still didn’t wake up. Just what exactly happened to him? Was it my brother’s that caused Elijah to be in that condition? No, that’s impossible...but then again, Felix was able to fight off Carla and escape. Could it be possible that Felix got stronger?

As I laid in bed, I stared at that blank ceiling above me confused in my own thoughts of that night. From what Elijah told me earlier, Luna really did come to the feast. Of course, I already knew Crow was helping Luna and Felix, but I was shocked when I found out that V and Seporaha were helping them as well! I’m starting to become worried about my King’s mental state, he no longer trusts anyone, not even me. I know that this was all Luna’s fault, but it’s also my brother’s fault as well! The fact that they would choose a fucking human over their king!

“Disgusting, I hate them...”

I said to myself in annoyance, turning my head to the side, I looked out the window to see how dark the night still was. It’s been a few hours since Elijah sent me away, what could be possibly be doing? Should I go and check up on him? No, he was in a really bad mood when I last spoke to him. Fucking Crow really can’t keep his mouth shut! Especially now with how things are, he no longer has anything to hide as I do. So I guess the only good outcome of my King having trust issues is that he won’t believe anything that Crow has to tell him...

I shouldn’t have to worry about Elijah finding out the truth of what I’ve done to Luna. In fact, I don’t need to worry about Luna anymore, she should be dead by now. The poison I had given her weeks ago should have tainted her whole body by now. Wait, why would Crow and Felix go out of their way to keep Luna safe if they knew she was going to die? Immediately setting myself up, I began to think very carefully about what’s been going on.

“It doesn’t make sense, there’s no way that Raven was able to save her. The poison that she made for Luna had no cure from what she told me-”

I was caught off guard by the sudden knocking on my door! Immediately rushing out of bed, I ran towards the door and quickly opened it in hopes of seeing Elijah on the other side. But my excitement instantly deteriorated once I saw that it was Carla who was knocking...

“What do you want?”

I bluntly asked in a hurry as I leaned my head against the door frame.

“Emily, the king has ordered me to take back the dagger he had given you.”

She explained in a deep bow as she placed her hand out.

“What?! Why does he need it-”

“He didn’t say, but he was very stern, and when he ordered me to come here-”

“Where is he? I need to talk to him-”

“I’m sorry Lady Emily. He doesn’t want to talk to anyone, he wishes to be left alone in his study room once I return the dagger you have.”

She said in a depressing tone as she raised her head to look at me. And what I was able to notice was that both of her eyes were bloodshot red, what the hell was she crying about? Carla has no reason to be sad, she’s a fucking servant and nothing more. I don’t understand why Elijah insists on keeping her alive?

“I’ll give it to himself myself, so move aside!”

I said to her in annoyance as I walked right past her, though she was very persistent in following me as she tried to convince me in giving her the dagger!

This is ridiculous! Elijah gave me the daggers to end Felix’s life! I know that I lost one of them when I came across my brother! But why does he need it back!? I feel like I’m being left in the dark and no one is telling me anything! It’s like whenever something happens, Elijah sends me away! Well, I won’t stand for it, not anymore! I deserve to know what the hell is going on! So as I marched my way downstairs, I approached the room that my King was in...


I shouted out his name in agitation as I opened the doors with anger! Barging my way in, the tugging of my hand could be felt behind me as I turned to see that it was Carla who was preventing me from stepping any further! How dare she touch me in such a matter!

“Please, Lady Emily. Don’t make this more difficult for me-”

“You disgusting vile human! Know your fucking place! I don’t care if you are half a witch! You’re still a filthy human in my eyes! Now release me or I’ll-”

As I ordered her to let me go, my disgust for her has reached its breaking point! I’ve just about had it with her always getting in my way! Whenever I wish to be left alone with Elijah, she always finds a way to interrupt us! Well, I’ve had enough of it, so if Elijah won’t kill this freak, I will! So when she was refusing on letting me go, I raised my hand and was about ready to slit her throat with my claws. The look on Carla’s eyes though held no fear for what I was about to do, she just continued to stare at me with that calm pathetic look of hers.

So without hesitation, I was about ready to claw her neck in! That was until the hands of a strong demon gripped my arm tightly!? Soon, Carla finally decided to let go of my arm as she bowed deeply in front of me! Quickly shifting my head to the side, I saw that it was Elijah himself who had stopped me!


I stuttered out my words in a panic once I saw how long his horns were sticking out of his skull! Elijah has ever only shown his horns whenever he had lost control! But that isn’t the case this time, he’s completely conscious and is fully aware of what’s happening! So how is he-

“What did I say about calling me by that name...”

He said in a heavy intimidating growl. The piercing of his claws suddenly sank deep into my arm! The pain was so excruciating that I ultimately fell onto my knees and screamed in agony! He was burning my flesh from the inside out and I was unable to do anything other than cry...

“My Lord, I’m sorry, I tried to stop her but-”

“Carla, have the room I mentioned to you about ready by tomorrow night. Also, be sure to carry out my order of what I told you earlier, gather every warlock guard, and make sure every Cerberus Family member is killed by morning...”

It was very difficult to understand what else he was saying since the pain I was facing was all I could think of! But Elijah didn’t care as I felt my bones beginning to break!

“I’m sorry, please let me go!”

I screamed out in horror as I could no longer hold my body up, but even as I laid on the floor it made no difference. My arm still felt like it was being melted away by his flames!

“You’re a real pain.”

He spoke out in a dark growl as he released his grip, with my hand finally being free by him. I instantly dropped my arm down against the payment and felt completely numb...

“You know what I can’t stand about you, Emily. Is that you lack discipline, respect, but most importantly you lack loyalty. As much as I hate you’re brother Felix, I have to agree with him when he said you were spoiled. You refuse to listen to me, you refuse to tell me the whole truth, and you’ve lied to me. You claim to have these feelings of love for me, but from what you did to Luna, I know now that the feelings you have for me isn’t love, but envy...”

He began to speak as he crouched himself down next to my body. Still unable to move, I watched as Elijah reached out his hand and pulled the dagger from the inside of my coat! His words were unexpected, and what was so terrifying about his voice was that he sounded so calm yet so wicked. But his pitch-black eyes were what made me scared of him! Those eyes look like they’re staring at someone they’re about to kill!

“What are you talking about-”

“So you still plan on playing like a fool, very well then. I guess it doesn’t matter now, Emily...Luna is alive. And she told me everything about what you did, I wish I could say I’m surprised but to my disappointment, I’m not. Because I thought I could trust the only sibling I had left by my side. But it makes no difference to me whether I kill you or not, after all...everything and everyone in this Kingdom will burn, including you.”

He explained so casually as I watched him put the dagger away, he then stood back up and began to walk towards his desk! My jaw honestly dropped to what I just heard him say, this moment didn’t feel real for me. And as I watched my arm starting to slowly heal itself, I was very hesitant in getting up. There’s just no way that Luna is alive, he wouldn’t... Elijah wouldn’t destroy this kingdom, right!? Looking behind me, I was hoping that maybe Carla would talk some sense to him. But she was nowhere to be found, she must’ve left when Elijah began talking to me? This is fucking crazy, I’m sure Elijah is just having a moment of anger? Yeah, that must be it, and how can he assume that my love for him is just lust?! That’s not true, I know that I love him, I would...die for him if I needed to. Wait, why am I shaking still? Am I that afraid of Elijah? No, that can’t be it. I have to play it safe...

“So she’s alive? That’s good to hear-”

“No, it isn’t good. Because the poison you gave her didn’t kill her. She still breathes, and I’m sure I don’t have to spell it out to you, of why that is.”

He bluntly stated as I looked back at him with a shocking expression as he sat himself down on his chair. He then gestured his head towards the window and I followed his gaze to see the Blood Eclipse at full display in the night sky! I was then able to put two and two together finally! It all made sense now, but this is fucking insane! Luna really went that far in becoming a demon! The year of the eclipse couldn’t have come in the worst timing, no! I won’t let Luna get the last say-so in this! It doesn’t matter if she’s no longer human, I’ll-”

“I’ll kill her...”


I worded out feeling speechless to his sudden comment, did I hear him correctly just now?!

“My King, I don’t know where you’re getting the idea of me poisoning her but it’s clearly a lie. I would never-”

“Luna told me everything, after summoning the moonstone. I was greeted by her voice, you know at first when she was explaining everything to me, I wanted to beat and scorch your body to death. My anger was at an all-time high, I almost lost control again. But hearing what Luna had to say, she made fairly good points. It’s amazing how much my heart still aches for her, but I don’t want her living this life. A demon’s life, a wicked life...so after I was done talking to her. Luna now refuses in giving up her life to me. My Luna, she really is gone and I feel nothing. My mind, my body, and my demon feel completely numb. So I will give you what you want, Emily. After I destroy every living demon in this world, I’ll end Luna’s life with this dagger, and I will do the same in taking my own life-”

“No, you can’t! I won’t let you! Elijah, you can’t do this! She’s not worth it, don’t end your life because of her, I love you-”

“I don’t know why you’re so upset, aren’t you the one that caused all of this to happen? If Luna was still human, no one would have to die...”

Elijah’s words hit me like a ton of bricks, my heart sank deep and I felt like vomiting. He was right, I’m the reasoning for what Elijah is going through! But I didn’t want this! All I wanted, was for Luna to get out of our lives. I’m fine if Elijah wants to kill her, but I can’t...I won’t be able to handle him dying with her! No, I don’t want my Eli to die! I don’t want him to destroy this kingdom either-

“So what will you do now? Will you do the same thing as our brothers and betray me too? Will you leave me, or will you continue to stay by my side and severe me until the very end?”

He asked as my vision grew hazy with the number of tears I was shedding. This was hell, my hell. Is this how my life will end? Having my King end my life doesn’t sound so bad. But knowing the reason for my death is because he loves someone else, it breaks my heart. It’s ruining me and I hate it, I can’t bring myself to leave his side. I’ll love him to the very end, so as I came to my final answer, slowly standing back up, I looked at Elijah with a tense gaze as I wiped my tears...

“I will never leave your side, I’m sorry. Elijah, I’m sorry for loving you so much...”

I cried out in sadness as I felt both my hands trembling, even my arm that Elijah had injured earlier still felt numb as it kept bleeding.

“So that’s your answer? I almost pity you, now leave, seeing your face sickness me.”

He said to me in disgust as I watched him throw the moonstone aggressively towards my direction. At first, I thought he was aiming it towards me, but the moonstone passed only a few inches away from my face! I was even able to feel the harsh wind that Elijah forced into his throw! The sound of the moonstone could be heard shattering once it hit the floor behind me! That’s when I immediately turned myself around without saying anything else that might trigger him more...

Once I stepped out of the room, I quickly closed the door behind me and leaned myself back against the door frame. I felt completely broken, and I didn’t know what else to do other than to sob as I slid my body down against the floor feeling horrible! How is it that I wanted Luna to die so badly before, but now I want her to live...so my Elijah won’t have to die. I hate this, I fucking hate this, what am I suppose to do now!?

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