His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 161: Abomination Beauty

Luna’s POV:

“You must protect him...”

It’s so dark, and I feel all alone. Numb, and unable to feel anything. Am I dead? I must be if my body is feeling this cold. But if that’s the case, then why am I hearing someone speak to me? My self-consciousness was beginning to make me aware of what was going on. And the more I paid attention, the more I was able to understand the words of who was speaking to me. Her voice sounded so soothing, so calm and young...

"Who are you?”

“Who I am is of no importance, but you now possess my demon. You hold the power I once had, so take care of my ability.”

“Ability? What are you talking about?”

“You will know soon enough. But I ask you, to please protect him. For he is the rightful heir to the throne...”

The echo voices running through my head were making me go mad almost, just who is this woman speaking to me?! I feel like I could almost make out what she looks like from a distance, but I’m caught standing in a dark abyss unable to move. Even as I was talking to her, her voice was starting to become fainter the deeper I felt myself sinking into darkness! Just what the hell is going on!? Why am I here?! Where am I?! Eli, what’s happening to me?

“A king must fall, for a new king to rise. Your future in this world will be a heavy burden on your heart, but it will also be a blissful curse. So don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made, so protect him, my precious Crow...”


My inner voice was vibrating so violently within me as I tried to reach out my hand to her. But it was no use, as the thick black mist began to consume me, her face and voice disappeared from my sight! I was so confused and mostly frighten of what was happening to me, who was she? And why was she crying? My vision soon grew dark and I was no longer able to see anything. That was until I finally felt the warmth of someone holding my hand. It felt so soft, gentle yet strong at the same time, do these hands belong to him?

“Luna, please wake up. I need you...”

His words pained me, the way he called out my name made me want to desperately hold him! I truly thought I would forever be lost in this empty hollow of darkness, but hearing his voice made me want to crawl out of my despair! So I took every ounce of strength inside me to push through until I finally felt a rush of air flowing through me! Quickly opening my eyes, I gasped for a heavy breath of air, my lungs felt like they were on fire as I tried to get up! I was panicking at what was going on and where I was, franticly looking around I was surprised by a sudden pair of arms holding me! Their arms held me so tight and the rapid beating of his heart was so intense that I thought it was going to stop at some point! But who’s holding me? Were these Elijah’s hands? Carefully raising my hand, I placed it against his trembling arms...

“You’re okay, you’re here...this is real, Luna. You’re alive...”

His words were finally recognizable to me, and I knew who’s embrace this was. But I was still so confused about what was going on, why am I here...why is Felix the one holding me?

“Felix, what happened to me? Where’s Eli, what happened to him?”

I suddenly asked as I tried to pull away from him, but he refused to let me go as he kept me in place. All he could do was tremble more as his breathing grew heavy...

“Luna, what’s the last thing you remember?”

He asked while pulling me more closely towards him. It’s strange, but this was the first time I ever heard Felix sound so desperate for an answer.

“The last thing?”

My mind instantly went to Elijah, how he held my body. How he begged me to stay and how we both decided to end our lives together, I can’t believe I was willing to do that...

“I don’t remember much, that last thing I’m able to recall was running away from Eli,” I said to him in dishonesty as I gripped my fingers tightly against his chest.

I don’t wish to lie to him, but there are some things that I wish to keep private between Elijah and me. Even the relationship I have with Felix is so special that I don’t wish to share it will anyone. But does that make me a horrible person? I do feel guilty for what I almost did to myself, giving up life, I guess at the moment, I felt so terrible for hurting Elijah that I thought I had to show him how sorry I was by giving him my life. But I can’t do that, not anymore. With the way Felix is embracing me right now, I can’t bear to imagine what heartache Felix will be in if I died. The thought of it made me tighten my fingers more, but Felix’s body immediately jolted!


“Huh? What’s wrong-”

My words were caught in my throat when I tried to speak, but I was in total disbelief when I saw my hands! Pulling them back from Felix’s chest, I stared at the tip of my fingers and saw how black they were. But that wasn’t what shocked me the most, it was the length of how sharp my claws were!

“It’s okay, it will take some time for you to control your strength.”

He said in a calming tone as he placed his hand against mine. Looking back up at him, I was about ready to freak out but Felix was quick on explaining everything that had happened to me when I was unconscious. But as he was talking, his words weren’t processing through me mentally, I was at a total loss. Even after he was done speaking, I still had to take a moment to take everything in. This is really happening, I’m no longer human...

“How long was I unconscious for?”

I asked in worry as I tried standing myself up, he then grabbed my waist and helped me stand as he looked at me with such mournful eyes.

“I thought that you would be in a deep sleep for a very long time. I was prepared to wait years, even centuries if that’s what it meant being with you. But witnessing your red eyes finally open, in just a few hours, is truly a cursed miracle. Luna, you’re life is so precious to me, but you must promise me that you will never frighten my heart like that again.”

He said while placing his hand against my cheek, he soon leaned his forehead against mine and closed his eyes. I know that I was preparing myself for this moment, but it’s still unbelievable to me. However, I need to remind myself that I’m still the same me, I just no longer have a soul. But other than that, I still hold the same memories, the same feelings. My heart still beats for Felix, that will never change. So I to closed my eyes and tried to calm my nerves as I held his hand...

“I promise, Felix. I love you so much, more than you’ll ever know...”

Once I responded, we both instinctively opened our eyes at the same time and stared at each other’s passionate red eyes-

“Wait, do I really have red eyes now?!”

I quickly asked as I caught on to what he said earlier.

“Of course you do, all demons do. Except for my brother, but I’ll explain that in a bit, here let me show you...”

He said in a light chuckle as he pulled me towards a mirror, and what I saw will forever be embedded in my mind. Raising both my hands, I covered my exposed sharp teeth as I looked at the pure white hair and horns that were attached to my head! This can’t be me, there’s just no way! I look completely different!

“I know it’s a lot to take in, but I want you to always remind yourself. That you are still the same Luna I first met when you were human. My feelings for you will never change, the demon that is now a part of you is the spitting image of what you see. All demons have red eyes, but in Elijah’s case and the past King’s have always had blue eyes. You need to understand, that you are far stronger than you were before. You could easily snap Emily’s neck in half with one hand if you wanted to. Crow’s mother was very powerful, in fact, she was almost powerful like me. Of course, I still raise superior...”

He said in a deep growl as he stood behind me, the sensation of his big hands wrapping around my lower waist made me look at him in the reflection of the mirror.

“You know, at first I was afraid when I came to this world. I thought I was going to die down here, to live a life in fear. But now that I’m no longer human, I still don’t want to throw my humanity away because that’s what made me who I am today. So is it okay for me to still act human, even though I no longer am one?”

I asked him in a breathless heat as I watched him burry himself onto my neck. The heavy seductive kisses he was placing on my skin send chills down my back as his soft hair brushed against my jawline...

“Human or demon, it makes no difference to me on what you desire to be. Because I will always love this heart of yours...”

His words touched me deeply as he slowly began to push me against the mirror, with my hands laying flat against the glass. Felix began to move his hands down my thighs, his fingers traced lightly against my flesh and I couldn’t help but arch my head back until I was leaning on his shoulder. My legs were beginning to tremble as I felt his body pushing up against mine, my breasts were already pressed on the surface of the glass as Felix’s kisses became rougher. I know it’s only been a few hours since we’ve been separated, but it’s insane how much I’ve missed his touch and his sweet voice.


Moaning out his name in delight, his fingers immediately inched their way closer to my lower core. So I quickly pulled my hand back and placed my palm against his cheek, his lips soon found mine and we both devoured our taste of addiction. His muffled moans were heavy as I felt his hard shaft pressings up against my ass. The clenching of my thighs tightens once his fingers began to play around my sensitive region. And although it was on the outside of my underwear, it didn’t matter to me because I could feel myself getting wet with every circular motion he was giving me...

The cracking of glass could then be heard as I realized that my claws have penetrated the mirror in front of me! I have no control of my strength, but as Felix said before, I shouldn’t have to worry about hurting him since he’s far stronger than I am. Though it makes me wonder how my body will react now with his? Will I feel any different, I guess there’s only one way to find out? Quickly turning myself around, I wrapped my arms around his neck and stuck my tongue into his mouth as I felt the warmth of his breath entering inside me. He then immediately wrapped his hands around my outer thighs and lifted me off the ground until I crossed my legs behind his back. We both refused to pull our kiss away as he began to walk us towards the bed I was laying on earlier. Placing me down, he straddled his body on top of mine. Grabbing both of my arms, he pinned them above my head as he gave me one last deep kiss before pulling away.

“I don’t think you realize just how strong you are...”

He said to me in a dominating growl, he seemed to notice my reaction of confusion. So with one of his hands, he started to unbutton his shirt in front of me until his whole chest was exposed. That’s when I was completely amazed yet stunned at what I’ve done!

“I did that?”

I stuttered out in disbelief as I saw the gash of claw marks against his pecks! It wasn’t bleeding as much since it was beginning to heal, but I couldn’t believe that I was able to injure Felix so easily now!? He’s always seemed so strong to me, almost untouchable. But seeing him in a different setting from what I am now, made me feel like I could finally get closer to him. There’s no longer this gap between me being a human and him being a devil...

“You can give me as many scars as you need until you’re satisfied. Luna, don’t hold back in what you wanna do to me. Let it all go, let your demon connect with mine...”

He moaned out in a growl as he grabbed one of my hands and placed it against his wound.

“If that’s what you want from me, then I’ll ravish every touch. Felix, please the do same for me,” I said to him with a flustered heartbeat.

“You never need to ask, because I will always touch you until my last dying breath.”

He responded in a passionate gaze as he entwined his fingers with mine. This unshakeable bond that Felix and I had was always unavoidable, he’s always been by my side whenever I needed him. He’s showed me his life and he felt my soul, but it wasn’t just my soul that he fell in love with. No, it was my heart, and I’ve come to realize that a soulmate is more than just loving someone. It’s truly deeper them that, it’s connecting you’re innermost feelings and emotions to one another. Wanting to protect each other’s trust and becoming one in mind, body, and heart...

I fell in love with Felix without even realizing it, but my sanity, my humanity has already been contaminated by Elijah. I think even my heart has already been tainted by his touch, I know that I could never forget about him. But I could at least avoid him, Eli you can’t break me anymore because I’m no longer that weak little girl I once was...

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