His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Entwined Monsters

Luna’s POV:

My body was already stuck on overdrive because the intensity of his gaze was causing the heat to slide through my body. It was making me shake and tremble for his attention, his eyes caught up to my mind and I knew exactly what I wanted. In that instant, he slowly leaned himself close to me as his fingers gently moved my hair away from my neck. My heart was racing frantically as I felt the light touch of his skin grazing me. His lips soon came down and ignited a trail of hot kisses from my sensitive spot of the nape of my neck down towards my collar bone.

He kept this light pattern as I squirmed underneath his grip. Panting out heavily, his lips and sharp teeth grazed away at my flesh so sweetly, trying to close my legs together, I was surprised to feel his knee right between my inner thighs! So I shuddered with intense pleasure as he started to scoot his knee closer to my aching core. He then immediately reached for the edge of my shirt and lifted it slowly up towards my breasts until they were in full display for his eyes to see. Pulling my shirt over my head, he threw it to the ground until he began to strip his shirt off as well. His hands slid firmly down to each side of my hips, his long strong fingers soon began to pull my skirt and underwear down until I was no longer wearing them.

Watching him carefully, he started to unbuckle his belt until he pulled his pants down. My chest tightens as my heart thundered rapidly as I watched him, this was the first time Felix has been naked with me. Because I remember the first time we did it, he was only half-naked. So seeing him like this with me was truly special and only made me fall more in love with him. However, my eyes couldn’t help but look at his long harden shaft! I know that it’s been inside me once already, but it is hard to believe that something so big can fit inside me...

“What do you keep looking at?”

He asked in a flirtatious growl as he came facing me.

“I think you already know...”

I responded in a tempting growl as I raised both my hands towards him with such eagerness. I don’t know why I feel so natural with my emotions, is this my inner demon wanting to be made love to? Because I know that the old me would have been completely shy and unsure of what to do. But it’s different this time because I want to be able to express myself without feeling shameful. With a satisfying smirk on his face, he pulled me close to his body again, wrapping my arms around his neck, he wasn’t as gentle as he closed the gap between us. Instead, I felt his strong grip on both my hips and he growled feverishly as he tugged me tightly against him, grinding his dick against my wet folds. The contact of our lower sex sparked instant adrenaline through my veins! Instinctively, I arched my back in so I could feel him directly against my pussy.

“I thought you were wet before, but feeling you now I could feel how much you’re pouring out for my cock’s attention.”

He purred as I felt my claws already grazing his muscular back. Both our bodies were already so hot that I felt so desperate for him to come into me! Unable to hold back my low moans, he went ahead and placed his hand around my right inner thigh. While his other hand roamed around my left breast. My chest heaved in excitement as he played with my hardened nipple. Tugging them with his fingers, I watched as he stuck out his hot tongue and began to lick my rosebud so roughly! The stimulation affected my whole body that I was already beginning to lose my mind. He was already using his other hand to move my hips so that he could repeatedly stroke himself more roughly against my lower core that was begging for his dick’s attention...

Removing his mouth from my breasts, he went back up towards my neck and began tasting my flesh as he continued to torture me in pleasure. With each stroke of his cock and each tug on my breast, I was starting to cry out in desperation. His wicked smile could be felt against my skin as his growls grew more vicious...

“Do you like this feeling? Do you want more...”

He asked in a playful tone as he gripped my breast tightly. Nodding frantically, I was unable to speak as my eyes were beginning to water in how good his shaft kept flicking against my clit. But I wanted to feel more, I needed him inside me already! I could barely stand it, I squirmed more and tried to shift my lower core to make the connection. But Felix refused to give me what I wanted as I felt him sucking my neck so forcefully. The rush of my blood could be felt once he removed his lips away. I knew that he left a kiss mark visible enough to have everyone see it. I really can’t do this anymore, this is just too much for me!

So I quickly moved both of my hands against his chest and pushed him down until I was finally on top of him! I then wasted no time in gripping his cock beneath me as I straddle on top of his body. I couldn’t stop shaking as I felt the tip of the head of his dick teasing my entrance...

“Felix, I can’t anymore...”

I voiced out in a trembling cry of desperation.

“Well look how impatient you are, little one...”

He said teasingly in a demonic chuckle as he looked at me with his gaze. He then grabbed my hand and placed my palm against his cheek...


I voiced out in a painful moan of lust.

“Go ahead Luna, take my cock as much as you want...”

He said with such passion as he left a light kiss on my wrist. His words melted my heart as I felt his other hand gripping my waist. So without letting another second pass by, I began to lower myself onto his shaft. At first, I was expecting it to hurt like last time. But that wasn’t the case, because I felt an overflow of absolute pleasure run through my body. It felt so amazing that my inner wet walls immediately clenched tightly around his heated cock! Hearing Felix’s grunts were so inviting, that I felt my juices already starting to flow out!

“Did you already cum, Luna? How cute, show me more of that adorable face of yours.”

He whispered seductively, hearing him speak so sexually to me only triggered my inner demon more as I began to rock my hips up and down. I ground my lower waist harder against his dick nonstop, my cum began to leak out of me. Biting my lower lip, I felt my pussy already vibrating inside of me. This is what I wanted, no, it’s what I needed to feel!

“Yes, like that...it’s so good! Felix, more...I want more...”

I moaned obsessively as I felt the pull of my tears running down my face. This overflowing pleasure inside me was making me go crazy and I had no control of my body anymore. I didn’t even realize I was playing with my own breasts!

“That’s a good girl, keep fucking my dick...keep cumming until you lose yourself to me. My Luna... you’re so beautiful...”

Felix growled with aggression as he wiped away my tears. He then adjusted himself beneath me until he was sitting upright and pushed my waist harder against him. He then brought his fingers around my clit and began to play with it so harshly. Our loud moans grew more wicked as we both stared at one another with so much love. I continued to grind myself on top of him as I wrapped my hands around his back. The feeling of my sharp claws could be felt tearing his skin but Felix didn’t show any signs of discomfort. If anything, his red eyes began to turn black as he brought his face closer to mine. In sync, we both devoured our kiss until it felt almost impossible to breathe!

“I love you, I love you. Felix, keep making love to me...keep fucking me...”

I moaned out between our kisses as I heard my wet juices soaking his cock. It was mine, his body, his heart, his cock...it all belonged to me. It made me feel so special knowing that I’m the only one in Felix’s heart. All the air suddenly rushed from my body, leaving me unable to breathe as I felt my womb contracting around his shaft! And as the last wave of ultimate pleasure came over me, a loud gasp escaped my mouth as I felt a huge heatwave enter inside me! I instantly climaxed as I felt Felix’s claws digging into my skin! I knew he had come inside my pulsing wet cunt! The feeling of our cum mixing only made me feel hornier, it was truly intoxicating and addicting at the same time, but once I released a breath of air. Felix began to move my waist again, only this time he had placed me on my back and was now on top of me!

“I’ll keep making love to you until you can’t take it anymore, but I don’t think will ever reach that point. Luna, I will give you a future, something so beautiful that you and I will always love.”

He grunted with satisfaction as I felt one of his fingers touch where we were connected! Lifting it back up, the image of our cum dripped off his fingertip and ran down his palm. He then stuck his hot tongue out and wiped off the cum from his finger, grabbing my jaw, he tilted my head back and inched his mouth closer to mine. Without hesitating, I opened my mouth and accepted the juices that we created into my mouth. It was sweet and so thick as our growls vibrated in the back of our throats...

With my folds tightening around his base, I didn’t feel anything other than intense pleasure. It surprised me since I usually would be tired by now, but I feel the exact opposite. I feel so full of energy and I just want to keep feeling him inside me! No wonder demons could keep going for so long, they don’t require sleep, which means I will no longer need to sleep either nor will I ever need to rest or feel tired. Will I even be able to stop myself?!

“Hey, what are you thinking about?”

Felix suddenly asked as he pulled away from our hot kiss.

“What do I do? I can’t I can’t stop myself from wanting more of you...”

I tremble out my words as I ran my fingers lightly throughout his soft thick hair.

“You don’t need to stop, we could keep holding each other until you’re satisfied-”

“But what if I don’t want to stop being satisfied? I don’t think I could stop myself from wanting to be loved-”

“Then will never have to stop, I will keep making love to you until we both lose the sense of reality. Luna, my love... you’re making me fall so deeply in love with you that it’s almost terrifying.”

He responded as he lightly grazed my lower lip with his thumb. I knew what his words meant, and I was completely terrified as well. So afraid of losing him, scared of what the future had in store for us. But right now, I don’t wish to think of anything negative. I just want to keep feeling him, to feel his love pouring inside me. To feel this overflowing fill of happiness, he’s mine and I won’t let anyone take him away from me...

The desire for passion took over us, our words grew silent and were replaced by the grunted moans of growls. His cock filled me in so much that my womb refused to be separated from him. He then began to thrust himself against me with such a quick pace that my breasts began to sway up and down by how forceful he kept pushing inside me! I don’t want this to end, these overwhelming orgasms that Felix keeps giving me were like a drug that I couldn’t get enough of!

His motion pushed me off the edge and I cried out a wave of lust as his juices crashed over inside my womb! He immediately picked up the speed, and the intensity I felt on my clit was starting to vibrate uncontrollably! I wanted to experience everything that Felix was wanting to give to me, his frenzied movements were that of a beast as our bodies melted to one another. The strength of his hands was unbelievable, and I knew if this was my human body, he would have easily snapped it in half. But I am a beast myself now, so it doesn’t even matter anymore...

Neither of us needed a moment to recover, as his furious slams against my wet aching pussy kept shaking violently! He was relentless, grinding his pelvis into my swollen cunt with each stroke. With every thrust grew harder and faster and I was losing control of my body fluids. I could no longer tell if I was orgasming or just wetting myself with his cum. I didn’t care though, I was already beyond reach from my sanity as I just wanted to keep getting fucked by Felix...

With my nails clawing deeply into his back, the feeling of his blood ran through my fingers as I felt even my own blood running down my thighs with how strong Felix’s claws held me. Arching my head back, I cried out his name in such passion that my body jerked to the heated cum he released inside me. I never knew that I could love Felix so differently this way, with how rough our bodies were. His kisses were always the same, sweet, delicate, and full of love. I hope that I could always be with him this way, but deep down I think this was just wishful thinking, because although my heart, body, and mind belong to Felix. I knew that I loved him differently, and I wish I could give him my whole heart. Because I know that I could truly be happy, but the sins inside my heart are already cursed because of Elijah.

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