His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Red Eyes Like Mine

Crow’s POV:

These last several days felt like years to me, hearing Luna’s voice was truly a miracle. I wasn’t expecting her to awaken so soon, though I’m glad I decided to wait to go see her. I’m sure this new change will take time for her to adjust, even the amount of energy she has now must be a bit shocking for her. Just hearing Luna’s voice was becoming overwhelming for me. Even when I tried ignoring her voice, it was just too difficult for me to do. The heavy moans between Felix and Luna were something I needed to get away from...

So I decided to spend most of my time outside of Raven’s house, though I made sure I was close by. But I still wanted my distance, fortunately, I found a secluded peaceful area that showed the entire Underworld Realm from below from where I was standing. The cliff was very high up, and I felt like I was able to relax up here. The cold air was what I needed, I’ve always lived like this, being alone...

“So this is where you’ve been hiding?”

The sound of her voice made me instantly smirk as I kept looking at the Wisteria Kingdom...

“You say hiding, I say distancing...”

I answered back nonchalantly as I finally turned around to face her. The cool winds passed by both of us as I saw Luna standing only a few feet away from me. I know that witnessed her transformation, but this is the first time I’m seeing her eyes look at me. Her beauty was very breathtaking, I’m almost felt speechless just looking at her. I don’t know what I’m supposed to say, I never had a problem talking to her before, so why does it seem so difficult for me now?

“Crow, why are you up here?”

She asked next as she began to approach me.

“I guess I just wanted to be alone...”

I quietly responded, the lock of our gaze never wavered once she stood in front of me.

“I can ask you the same thing, why did you come up here?”

I asked in a deep sigh, Luna soon decides to take a seat near a massive stone that was close by us.

“Because I made a promise, that you and I could talk once I came back here, remember?”

She answered as I went ahead and took a seat right next to her...

“I see, I almost forgot about that. After living for eighty-plus years, my memories of my young self become very faded. I don’t remember much of any good memories of my life, but the horrible memories still seem to be embedded perfectly in my mind.”

I said to her as I lifted my head back to look at the night sky above us.

“Eighty years, I can’t imagine living that long and still looking the same. Let alone remembering only the bad memories of my life, I’m sure there’s at least one thing that you could remember that wasn’t so horrible.”

Luna asked as she too looked up at the sky, but her eyes were mainly focused on the red moon.

“One good memory? If I had to think about it, I guess it would be meeting you by the lake all those years ago.”

I answered truthfully as I went to look at her, her reaction stayed the same as she kept looking at the moon with a gentle smile.

“On that night when I was crying for my mom and dad, I really thought I was never going to see them again. I was petrified, and I thought I was going to be left alone. But when I ran into you, I no longer felt that feeling. Crow, what made you want to help a little human girl like me? And why were you all alone by yourself that night?”

She asked with such sorrow in her voice as her eyes finally looked at mine. I was very hesitant about telling her about my past, but I think it’s time I opened up. And if I had to pick anyone in this world that I could trust, it would be Luna. I just wonder if she’ll change the way she looks at me after I tell her everything about my life?

“I always liked being alone, even when I was a child. I never really saw my mother, even my father was non-existent to me. However, whenever I did get to see my mother in the dungeons, she would always tell me to obey my father, get his approval and become a King. I never asked why, I just listened to what she told me. But I remember asking my father why he kept my mother locked away. The only thing he told me, was that she was dangerous. That I should stay away from her because if I didn’t, she would try and kill me. But I didn’t care, my mother was the only witch that I was close to. My brother Felix was always busy, and Emily and I always fought. I knew that the reason for Emily hating me was because our father killed her first wife to remarry his sister. My mother, who was madly in love with her own brother. But the only reason why the King chose to marry my mother was so the family bloodline could continue to live. I was too young to not understand that, but after I got older I realized my father never really care for my existence nor my mother’s. And within time, my mother grew mad and insane. Being locked away her whole life just because my father didn’t want to see her, I could no longer handle the madness of what my mother was going through, so I let her go free. I thought that maybe it would be better for her to start her new life in the kingdom. But I was too late, my mother’s demon had completely taken control of her mind. There was nothing else I can do to help her, so I brought her to that cliff I showed you long ago when you needed help escaping from Elijah. I did what had to be done, my mother, was no longer there, she became dangerous not only to me but to herself as well. So I made the decision to kill her, I ripped her heart out, and as I held it in my palm. The beating of her heart was slowly fading away. And for the first time in my life, my mother wrapped her arms around me, she then placed them on my chest...and in her last dying breath, she told me. I’m sorry mommy wasn’t strong enough to protect you, but please don’t cry, I see that you’re future will be filled with happiness. There will be someone who will protect you, that will stay by your side and that will give you a family. I love you, my son... And hearing her say those words for the first and last time, was the most painful feeling I never wish to go through again. That’s why I choose to be alone, no one can hurt you when you’re isolated-”

Soon, the sudden weight of Luna’s arms was being wrapped around me! Her strong embrace was almost making it impossible to breathe. But I didn’t try to push her away, in fact, I welcome her touch once I heard her sniffles as she buried her face against my shoulder. I didn’t plan on making her cry, but I keep forgetting how much of a cry baby she can be. So I placed my hand on her arm while leaning my head against her’s...

“You know, my father never really showed any emotions. Not in front of anyone, even when I told him what I did to my mother. I saw no signs of remorse in his expression, he didn’t care if my mother lived or died. And that’s when I knew, my father only cared about the crown and the kingdom. That’s when I decided, I didn’t want anything to do with the throne. I was completely fine with Felix taking it, but after only a few years had passed. I received word that the King remarried again, this might shock you, but understand that I never meant to keep this from you. I just didn’t want you to get any more involved with the Kings Family. But now I don’t think it matters now, my father, he ended up marrying Carla. Within those few years, she gave birth to Elijah. He was an unexpected family member, and things just became so complicated, on the night when I decided to go to the human world. I ended up taking a white rose from Felix’s garden. Sometimes I would go in there just to see the flower bloom and to spend time away from the castle. It was on that night when I overheard Carla arguing with the King about wanting Elijah to come back to the Underworld. I didn’t want to hear their stupid conversation so that’s when I decided to go to the human world, I didn’t have a specific place where I wanted to go. I just wanted to be somewhere far away, a peaceful place. That’s when I ended up at the lake, the sound of water being pushed back and forth and the chill winds was all I was able to hear that night. That was until I heard the cries of a little girl, even now you still cry the same when you were a child.”

I said in a light chuckle...

“Shut up, now isn’t the time to be comparing my cries...”

Luna responded in a crying pout as she raised her head to look at me.

“You asked why I helped you, and to tell you the truth. I wasn’t sure why I did, but maybe it was because I saw a lot of myself in you when I used to cry for my mother when I was a child.”

I explained as I wiped the tears away from her face...

“I’m sorry, Crow. I’m sorry you had to go through so much, I wish I would have been able to help you back then...”

She stuttered out her words in sympathy as her eyes kept shedding her painful tears. So I placed both of my hands on her rosy cheeks as I had her look at me.

“Red eyes, just like mine. They really are pretty on you...you know, I never forgot those words you told me back then. You said my eyes were pretty as well, I can finally understand what you mean. These eyes are not of a monster but from a fallen angel. Luna, was it a coincidence that we met again, or was it fated for us to see each other like this?”

I asked while feeling my heart race heavily, this was the first time I’ve ever expressed my past. I don’t want Luna to feel like she needs to feel sorry for me, I think my life is already sympathetic as it is...

“I’m not sure, but I’m really glad I was able to see you again. Crow, thank you for telling me everything. You’re so strong, I don’t think you’re weak at all, and I don’t mean to interfere when I say this. But I know for a fact you’re mother truly did love you. So I promise I’ll protect you, so you don’t ever have to feel like your alone anymore.”

She said with such kindness in her voice, it made me happy deep inside knowing that Luna is still the sweet little girl knew. I don’t care if she’s a demon, because she’s still the Luna I care for...

“Protect me? How amusing, Felix and I were always the ones protecting you. But you’ve become stronger than I, I’m not sure if I should be offended by your promise or grateful.”

I said as I stood myself up, I then began to walk towards the edge of the cliff and look back at the kingdom. I then thought back to what my mother told me, I don’t think it matters who I have by my side, as long as I could see Luna smile. That alone will bring me happiness, however, I’m very curious about what awaits me in my future...

“Luna, forgive me for asking this. But I need to know what exactly my mother meant. She said that she saw my happiness and a family in my future. But she never told me with who, do you think you can tell me?”

As I said that, I immediately heard Luna’s steps coming towards me. Turning myself around, I was surprised by the feeling of her palm resting on my jawline. She then placed her other hand on my chest and looked at me with tears still falling from her eyes. She truly is a crybaby, but I would never change that about her. Because it will always show me the warmth of her heart she has for me...

“Of course I’ll tell you everything, you know, deep down...I never wish to use this scary power I have. Because I don’t wish to know once life coming to an end. But this demon that runs through my veins belonged to your mother once. So I’m willing to use this power only for you. Because you deserve to know, you’ve grown so important to me, Crow.”

She muttered her words as I watched her closed her eyes. I watched carefully as her face began to look calm, and during her concentration, I understood why my brothers fell in love with her. Her kindness, her trust, and her heart are so rare to find in humans. Yet she still carries the same traits even now, if only I was able to become special in her heart like my brothers were. I may never be able to touch her love, but that’s okay. I’ll keep these feelings I have for her bottled away. The last thing she needs is more of a burden, so as I came to accept that, I was stunned by Luna’s reaction as I felt a sudden push against my chest! I watched in confusion as she began to take a few steps away from me?! The expression on her face showed how shocked she was as she looked at me with her now darkened black eyes...

“Luna, what’s wrong? What did you see-”

“No, it doesn’t make sense. Why...am I there?! I shouldn’t be, the crown...”

She began stuttering her words in a panic that it wasn’t making sense, just what the hell did she see for her to be acting this way?!


Calling her out, I placed my hands on her shoulder to calm her!

“Crow, I saw you wearing the crown of this Kingdom. Everyone was bowing to you...but I also saw myself standing next to you. And I was also wearing a crown, why?”

Once she finished explaining, she looked at the kingdom from where we were standing. This doesn’t make sense, I don’t see myself inheriting the throne. Nor could I ever picture Luna becoming my queen, there has to be a reason for this!

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