His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Lurking Beast

Luna’s POV:

All I wanted was to give Crow some closure, I knew that deep down Crow’s mother really wanted to be there for him. It’s horrible what his father did to her, but I wasn’t expecting to see the images of myself with Crow! It’s doesn’t make sense, I mean, I’m relieved that Crow was still alive in his future. But I wish I knew why I was standing next to him?

“Luna, don’t overthink too much about it. Let’s just focus on the here and now. I thank you for telling me about what you saw, but theirs no need to question the future. I believe that things happen for a reason, so all we could do is just wait and see how destiny plays our lives.”

Crow responded as calmly as he could, though once I went to look back at him. He too seemed very troubled by what I said earlier. Though I know he’s trying not to make it a big deal right now, and maybe that’s good? I shouldn’t stress over things that haven’t happened yet, no good can come from it if I do...

“Yeah, I think it’s best if we just keep what I saw between us. If we were to tell Felix, I’m not sure what-”

“My brother isn’t much of a jealous type, though I’m sure he would question why you had such a vision. But I understand what your trying to say, so I won’t speak a word of this to anyone. The last thing I want is to get myself involved between you and my brothers. You already have your hands full with Felix and Elijah-”

“Can we please not talk about him, he and I both agreed already, he would rather kill me than have me live this way. But things didn’t turn out how he planned it, I’m still alive and I plan on keeping it that way.”

I said in a hurtful sigh as I went to place my hand over my ring finger, I thought I was still wearing the ring Eli gave me. But when I noticed I wasn’t wearing it, I almost panicked! But I immediately remembered what I did with it. I took it off in front of Eli when I decided to die with him. No matter how many times I look back at it, I can’t believe I was willing to give up my life so easily to him. Was I really that weak around him?

“Look, Elijah has always-”

Watching Crow cut back on his words, his eyes looked back at the kingdom in horror! His intense stand and shaking posture made me worry, what has Crow acting this way!?

“Crow, are you okay?! What’s happening!?”

I asked in concern while reaching out for his hand.

“It’s Elijah, he’s finally awakened...”

Crow muttered in a panic!

“So that’s what’s happening, your listening on what he’s saying-”

“Please, Luna! I need absolute silence....”

Crow quickly asked in desperation as he placed both of his hands on his temples. He was trying hard to concentrate and the expression on his face had me starting to worry. Maybe Crow was hoping that Elijah wouldn’t live after trying to kill me and himself. But I knew that deep down in my heart, the moment I woke up. I felt that Eli would still be alive, part of me is a bit relieved that he still is. While the other part of me wishes that wasn’t the case. But I guess Crow and Felix were hoping that Elijah was no longer part of this world. The thought of Elijah being gone hurts me, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to accept death taking him away. I almost feel guilty for thinking that since everyone has risked their lives helping me. But I can’t just ignore what I feel, otherwise, I’ll just be living a lie...

With every passing minute, Crow’s expression became more serious and mortified. He even brought his hands down to a tight fist and began to shake in anger. I know he told me that I should be kept quiet, but I’m starting to worry about the situation. What is Elijah saying that has Crow’s trembling so much?

“Damnit, he’s gone too fucking far!”

Crow growled at the top of his lungs as he marched his way towards the stone we were both sitting on earlier. He then immediately smashed it with his bare fist as he continued to shout in rage!

“Crow, stop it! You’re bleeding!”

I yelled out in worry as I ran up to him, though as I tried to stop his ruthless actions, he continued punching the rock until it was almost covered in his blood!

“That’s enough Crow, stop it!”

I finally let out a heavy growl as I yanked him from his shirt! Using all my strength, I was able to pull Crow back! Though I didn’t mean to tug him so harshly that he would fall to the floor, I just wanted him to stop hurting himself!

“Oh! I’m so sorry Crow! I didn’t mean to-”

“He’s going to kill us all...”

Those sudden cold words echoed deep within me as I to fell on my knees in shock.

“What are you talking about?”

I asked in concern, but Crow didn’t answer my question. All he did was look down at his busted broken knuckles that were slowly beginning to heal. He then reached the inside of his jacket and pulled out a moonstone!

“It’s Raven’s, I took it because during the time you were with Felix. I’ve been trying to contact Carla to see if Elijah was alive or not. I would call every day, but no one would answer. So I assumed that Elijah no longer existed in this world. But how wrong I was, how is the future that you see of us right? When everything and everyone is going to die!?”

Crow shouted in such agonizing sorrow that it broke my heart seeing him act this way...

“Crow, please tell me what’s going on? What did you hear-”

I was then interrupted by the sudden glow of the moonstone Crow held in his hands! However he showed no emotion, nor did he react to whoever could be calling...

“I think you should ask him yourself. But I don’t think he’ll listen to anyone’s pleads, not even yours.”

Crow mumble out his words as he handed the moonstone to me. My hands were already shaking, and I felt so frightened. Because I already knew who he was referring to. Crow soon began to stand back up, yet I, on the other hand, felt too numb to even move. What am I supposed to do, what do I even say!? I haven’t spoken to Elijah in almost a week, the last time we saw each other we almost died...

“You’ll be okay, Luna. Remember, you’re a lot stronger now. It’s time you let Elijah know that. Who wishes to be summoned...”

As Crow said those last words, he turned himself around and began to walk away until he was out of sight. I guess this is Crow’s way of giving Elijah and me some privacy to talk. Holding the moonstone tightly against my body, I struggled to stand as I felt my heart beating so quickly! I need to calm myself, I can’t let Elijah hear me sound so weak. I won’t let him control me anymore, I refuse to be that fragile little girl I once was! So I took one last breath and looked at the moonstone I held...

“Eli, is that you?”

“Luna, so you really are alive. How unfortunate...”

He answered in misfortune as I felt my body jolt a bit. Hearing him call out my name so coldly was a bit difficult to handle. I’ve grown so used to him saying my name so sweetly with care. But I don’t think I will ever hear him call out my name like that again?

“Say whatever you want, but I’m glad to still be alive-”

“Do you realize what you’ve fucking done!?”

Elijah immediately roared in anger as I heard him slam his fist against something hard! I almost didn’t want to say anything, but I knew I had to because I won’t let Eli get his way!

“I know what I did, and I won’t regret it! You made me hate being a human, being so weak, and having you control my life! I hated everything you’ve done to me!”

I growled back in retaliation...

“Don’t you dare blame me for the actions you made! I never wanted to control your life, but the lies, the fake fucking promises you kept giving me! It made me not trust you anymore, you are the one who did this! And as far as I know, you could have been lying to me my whole life, you never truly loved me-”

“Fuck you, fuck you, Eli! I never fucking lied about my feelings for you, and I never will! Even now, I loath you...I hate you...so much.”

I cried out in pain as I felt my heart wanting to break, how can Eli say something like that!? He’s horrible...

“And I wish I could hate you too. Tell me, Luna...how does it feel? To be a monster like me? Have my brothers already fucked the shit out of that demon inside you? Are you even the same Luna anymore?”

His words were sad and disgusted, I wonder what kind of expression Eli has right now? Is he hurting, is he angry, sad? He’s probably feeling the same emotions I’m feeling...

“If becoming a monster is the only way for me to live and be happy. Then I’m glad that I became one, I no longer feel so alone in this world. Because I have Felix by my side and everyone else who helped me. So no, I’m no longer the Luna you fell in love with-”

“I guess the only way for me to find out, is seeing you one last time. Luna, I’m going to give Felix the most painful death he could imagine. And I’m going to have you watch as I destroy and burn everything and everyone you love. Along with this Kingdom, but before I do that, tell me, what was the real reason, why did you kill your soul instead of dying with me-”

“I never killed my soul! Do you think I wanted to become this demon that you despise? This wasn’t what I wanted, but it was the only choice I was given. And if you really wanna know who did this to me, then let me tell you...”

With my arms still trembling and tears running down my face, I went and explained everything that Emily did to me. From the moment she made me drink the poison, to the very end where she attacked Felix and me. But once I was done talking, Elijah didn’t speak a word. The silence was killing me as I found it difficult to breathe, will Eli even believe me? I shouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t, I’ve betrayed Elijah so much already. It makes me feel so horrible for breaking his trust...

“I knew most of Emily’s betrayal, but I should have killed her long ago. Then maybe none of this would have happened, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Because I’ll kill her along with everyone else-”

“Eli, please. You’ve done enough, I don’t want you to kill anymore. Just let this all go, because if you dare harm anyone, I’ll-”

“You’ll what, Luna? Do you think after becoming a little stronger, you think you have a chance of killing me? You will always be that small fragile girl, demon or not. You can never go against me.”

He responded in a growl of dominance...

“Is that really what you think?”

I said to him while looking at the red moon.

“It’s what I know, Luna.”

He answered back with confidence as I averted my eyes towards the horizon. Sunrise was almost here, Eli and I are now both under the same sky as devils. So much has changed, who would have thought my life would end up this way because of him. The demon that I fell in love with, the demon that I hate and cherish. Eli, the anger that you hold inside of you. I won’t let you lash it out on anyone!

“Eli, if you try to kill those who I love, then I will do everything in my power, in killing you,” I said in a demonic threat as I tried to hold back my tears.

“I wonder if you really will be able to end my life? Because if you do, then I’ll make sure a part of you dies with me.”

He responded so calmly as if he didn’t take my threat seriously!

“You really are a devil...”

I said to him in frustration as I felt my black claws beginning to come out.

“And so are you, Luna. You will come to me, one way or another, I will give you a reason. And when I see what you’ve become, I’ll break you...”

He said with such strong tension in his growl!

“I’ll like to see you try.”

“You know where to find me, and this will be the last time I call. I won’t answer to you’re cries anymore, so let’s see if everything was worth it in end for you, dismiss.”

And just like that, his voice was gone. I wasn’t sure how long I stood standing by the cliff, but I kept looking at the kingdom that Elijah said he would destroy. No wonder Crow was freaking out earlier, he must have heard Elijah saying the same threats he told me. This kingdom in front of me, it’s Crow’s home. It’s everyone’s home, it’s where we belong. And Eli is about to burn it all away! What am I suppose to do now!? Hurrying down the mountain, I ran as fast as I could back towards Raven’s home. I need to warn everyone about Elijah’s threat, wait! I’m sure Crow has already told everyone-”


As I was approaching the house, I heard my name being called by Felix who was rushing his way towards me!

“Felix, this is bad! It’s Eli, he’s-”

“I know, Crow told me everything, but something else is going on!”

He explained in a panic as we finally reached each other. Wrapping his arms around me, he began to explain what’s been happening during my absence. But what I heard Felix say made me instantly feel like I was having a heart attack!

“It’s V and Seporha’s family, the Royal Cerberus Family that has always served the Kings Family for centuries, are now being massacred...”

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