His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Grieving Sanctuary

Luna’s POV:

“No, this can’t be happening?!”

I shouted in disbelief as I pushed Felix’s arms away from me. And just as I made my way towards the door, I reached for the handle. However, It was quickly slammed open in front of me and I was knocked over by Seporha’s body weight! She was in such a rush that she fell over as she cried in despair.

“Sephora, wait!”

“No, I have to go! They need me, my family-”

“They’re gone! Sephora, I’m not letting you go so you could get yourself killed also!”

I watched in sadness as V kept tackling Sephora to the ground! The cries of sorrow and pain wound me when I saw the look of agony shown on Sephora’s face. Even V who was trying to calm his wife down looked so completely heartbroken...

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry that this had to happen to you. Elijah lost all of his sanity! He found out about you two helping Luna, so this is your punishment...”

I heard Crow explain in grief as I saw him walking towards us. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, this is just too cruel! Elijah is a complete monster, he really plans on killing everyone?! I can’t do this! I can’t just sit here and watch everyone suffer because of me! I have to put a stop to this now before any more lives are taken away!

“Our punishment? He killed my entire family, how can he do this to us?”

V growled in disgust and anger as he held on to Sephora’s body. The slash marks on Sephora’s back showed how strong V was willing to fight against her from leaving...

“I have to stop this, I have to stop him!”

I yelled as I quickly got up and ran inside the house!

“What? Luna stop, where are you going!?”

Ignoring Felix’s voice, I went to look for Raven. though I came upon Priscilla who’s was sitting down bawling in tears. I can’t blame her for being so upset, everything that is happening is so horrible!

“Priscilla! I’m sorry, but where is Raven? I thought you were sitting next to her when I left?”

I asked while placing my hand on her back to comfort her, soon the sounds of Felix’s footsteps came rushing inside as he came towards me.

“Luna, what are you doing-”

“Priscilla, please tell me where she is,” I begged as I grabbed hold of her hand.

“She’s asleep, but Crow was able to tell her everything of what happened. Luna, what are we gonna do?”

She asked in worry as I felt her tightening her hand against mine!


Felix voiced out my name in concern, I almost forgot that Raven sleeps during the day. It was already early in the morning when I came back here. So, of course, she would be in a deep slumber by now. Damnit, I needed to ask her if she would be able to teach me to teleport in the water. But now I’m not sure who else I can ask! I can’t ask Seporha or V, they’ve already gone through such a tragic loss. And I doubt Crow and Felix will be willing to show me how-

“Luna, what the hell are you doing!? Don’t ignore me, tell me what’s going on-”

“I’m the only one that can stop Elijah!”

I shouted in rage as I let Priscilla’s hand go, I really didn’t want to discuss what I needed to do. Because I know that Felix will be completely against me going to see him!

“What are you talking about- Luna, no! I’m not letting you leave! I can’t have you go to him after everything we went through! I finally got you back to me, I can’t let you leave, not again...”

His desperate words were painful to hear, and this was exactly what I wanted to avoid. Not because I didn’t want to hear it, but because I knew it was going to hurt us so much. So I grabbed both of his hands and looked deeply into his eyes...

“I know, and I don’t want to leave you either. But how can we have a future if everyone I care for will die? We can’t, so I need to go-”

“Do you really believe that you can stop my brother? How do you know that he won’t try and kill you again like he did last time? I almost lost you once, I won’t be able to handle it a second time. Luna, I love you...”

He expressed with so much heartache in his words as he leaned his forehead against mine. Placing his hands against my cheeks, I scooted myself closer to him.

“And I love you too, so very much. I gave you a promise, that I would never frighten your heart again. And I intend to keep that promise, I won’t die. I became so much stronger, you will always be part of my heart. Because you will forever be my soulmate, which is why I have to end this, I must stop Eli...”

I whispered my words enough for him to hear, Felix didn’t speak other than leaving a light kiss on my forehead. These big soft hands of his always protected me. That would play the piano so so sweetly, and held me so lovingly. I’m going to miss his touch, so I will hurry back to these arms again. No matter what...

“You aren’t seriously gonna let her go, are you?!”

Hearing Crow suddenly speak, I looked over at him and saw how angry he was standing by the entrance of the door. I wasn’t surprised by his outburst of disapproval, and I wish he would understand why I’m doing this.

“Crow, please don’t make this more difficult than it is-”

“Difficult!? Luna, do you fucking realize what you’re about to do?! Felix, talk some sense to you’re women!”

Crow bluntly said in frustration as he looked over at his brother.

“And what should I say? Her mind is already made up, and if I were to forcefully make her stay. Then I’m no better than our brother, I won’t control Luna’s life. Besides, I’m going with her, Luna doesn’t know how to teleport in the water. So I can take her to the secret garden where it would be safe and easier for us to be since I’m sure Elijah has many guards guarding the castle.”

I was caught off guard by Felix’s words as I jolted my body a bit away from him. The look in his eye showed how serious he was, but I can’t have him come with me. Felix is the main one that Elijah wants to kill!

“What!? You’re both fucking insane! No, you know what, neither of you is going! This is ridiculous!”

Crow shouted in rage as he walked towards the both of us, Priscilla who was witnessing the whole conversation had finally stopped crying and looked at me.

“Luna, do you think that you will be able to stop Elijah? What if he hurts you, what if we never see you again?”

Priscilla asked in fear as she stood herself up, everyone has their doubts about me going, and to be honest, I even have doubts. But I’m determined to put an end to the terror Elijah has brought down on us. So my mind is set, I won’t regret any of my choices this time.

“I appreciate all of your concerns. Crow, you know I have to go. If theirs even a small chance of stopping Eli, then I have to take that chance. I know that you’re worried, but you will see me again. It’s like what you told me earlier, I’m a lot stronger now. Priscilla, once Raven awakens, make sure to tell her what happened. I need you to be strong for me because you’re the only human friend I have left in this world...”

I spoke out to both of them, and as I went to hug them both. The feeling of both their hearts beated heavily, the sorrow that they hold for me, it makes me wanna cry seeing the pain I’m giving them by leaving...

“Don’t you dare die, because I won’t forgive you if you do...”

I heard Crow say in a hurtful growl as he tightens his arms around me.

“I’m not going to die, you will see me again. I’ll make sure to let you know what’s going on, so I hope you’ll be able to listen, I’ll protect you along with everyone else.”

Speaking softly next to his ear, I left a small kiss on his cheek as a way of keeping that promise to him. And as we finally parted, I grabbed Felix’s hand as he led me out of the house. Sephora and V were still holding each other in despair as it began to snow. I can’t imagine the feeling of losing your entire family, never being able to see your loved ones again. I would rather die than live with that pain of being completely alone. I’m just glad they at least have each other, they can still make a family of their own one day when they’re ready. I’ll make sure to give them that future, so as I departed myself down the mountain.

The feeling of Felix’s hand could be felt trembling, usually, he’s always so calm and collective. But I could see how vulnerable he truly is when he’s only with me. He’s become so precious in these past months I’ve been with him. There’s just no way I could let him come with me, he will only be walking to his grave. But I don’t know what I should do, his mind already seems set on coming with me. So as we finally made it to the lake, Felix didn’t hesitate in walking into the shallow waters while pulling me alongside him. The water was very cold, but It was nothing my body couldn’t handle...

“Luna, you know that you can’t beat him. Yes, you’ve gained an essential amount of power. But you know that you are nowhere near Elijah’s abilities in strength, and even if you managed to fight him, would you really be able to kill him? I know that deep down you still love my brother. But I could also see how much you hate him as well. Luna, what path will you make when you see him once more?”

He asked as I watched him shift his hands around my waist lightly, this was the chance I needed! To push him away once he finishes saying the spell...

“I know that he’s strong, and I wish I knew what was the right thing to do because no matter what path I choose, I will end hurting someone. I hate Eli with every fiber in my body, but he is also someone I could never forget about. Felix, whatever happens, I don’t want you to ever forget how much I love you...”

I said with so much affection, raising both my hands, I gently laid them against his chest and placed a passionate kiss on his lips. This was honestly the most difficult thing I had to do, saying goodbye to him for who knows how long. So as we finally pulled away from our kiss, we gave each other one last look before Felix began to chant the spell. Gripping onto his shirt, I looked down and began to cry. I knew that he mentioned before bringing us to the secret garden since he said that there might be a lot of guards at the castle. But won’t that make it difficult for us to enter his home? I get that Felix is powerful, but if every warlock guard, including Eli, were to fight him. I know that Felix will die, and I won’t let that happen! So after I heard his last words being chanted, I raised my head to look back at him...

“I’m sorry...”

His face was surprised by my sudden words and the heavy amount of tears I was shedding. But nothing prepared him for what I did next, because I immediately used all my strength in pushing Felix away from me once the water began to pull me in quickly! He stubbled himself back in shock and tried immediately to rush himself to reach me as he stuck out his hand!


Closing my eyes, his panicked voice calling out my name echoed through my ears once I felt the heavyweight of the ice-cold water, consuming me. I felt horrible for what I’ve done, but this was the only thing I could do in saving him! Please forgive me, Felix. Please understand why I must do this alone. The feeling of my body being dragged deeper into the abyss had me thinking about where I should emerge. I need to be where there’s a good amount of water to resurface at. A place where I could easily get inside the castle, oh!- that’s right! It almost slipped my mind about that place, how can I forget!?

Quickly drawing out the image in my mind, the water that surrounded me could be felt pushing my body back to the surface! I mentally prepared myself for what was to come! The open-air finally touched my skin as I emerge from the watering well that was within the dungeon floors. This was where Felix first brought me when he teleported us here, it was when he brought me to see Ren. It’s strange now that I think about it, because although it only happened a few months back. It now feels like forever ago...

With my clothes fully drenched, I stepped out of the watering well and my eyes wandered throughout the many humans locked away in their cells. Even though I’m no longer human, this is still a sight I could never get used to. Some of the humans that did look at me, held expressions of terror on their faces. So this is what it feels like to be feared, what a horrible feeling this is. But something unexpected suddenly came over me, my body grew incredibly heavy and I found it difficult to breathe! What’s going on with me!? I shouldn’t be feeling like this...

Placing my hand over my chest, my heart could be felt beating astronomically high. My body felt like it was aching and the sounds of my growls vibrated deep within my throat. Even my head was beginning to feel light-headed and dizzy, I need to get out of here! Something isn’t right with me! But what could it be?! Stumbling my way down the dungeon hall, I was able to manage to reach the stairs. But my body already felt so weak that once I took the first step. My legs immediately gave in and I fell over, but I didn’t let that stop me! I had to keep going, I have to get out of this place! So I desperately began to crawl my way upstairs, the many cries and screams of humans begging for their lives to be spared only made it harder for me to concentrate!

But after what felt like an eternity, I was able to reach the gate that led towards the ballroom. Though my entire body already had enough, all my energy was completely drained away from me once I opened the gate. It was no longer possible for me to move, I don’t know why this is happening and why it had to happen now?! With my back laying on the floor, my eyes were beginning to see everything become hazy. However, some light footsteps could be heard getting louder with every passing second. So I slowly turned my head towards the sound and was only able to see a blur of someone’s feet standing in front of me. I was unable to keep my eyes open any longer as I brought them to a close. The only thing I could do was hear their voices...

“So it didn’t take that long for you to come to me...”

“Is that really Luna?”

“Her demon hasn’t consumed any human souls...”

“How can you still love her after everything she’s done?!”

“I don’t care who lives or who dies, the only thing I care for is Luna’s life belonging to me...”

“Luna, you really are no longer human. Yet why do I still see you as such a small and fragile thing to me?”

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