His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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No Salvation

Elijah’s POV:

It’s been a few hours since I last spoke to Luna, and even after I told Emily and Carla to leave me alone for the rest of the day. I was surprised to hear the abrupt knocking of Emily pounding at my door as she called out to me! You would think she would have learned by now to leave me alone after what I did to her earlier? Maybe I should just kill her now, it’ll be less of an annoyance if she was no longer here.

“Elijah! Please open the door, it’s important!”

She urgently said, so in a frustrating sigh, I got off my chair and approached the door. And just as I opened it, Emily immediately pointed her finger across the ballroom. Following her gesture, I saw that Carla was kneeling next to somebody. Her body was lying flat against the ground and by the looks of it, she looks like she just came out of the dungeon floor. At first, I thought that maybe a human managed to escape, but as I began to walk my way towards Carla and the girl. I was able to notice the horns and her long black claws that were exposed from her body. It was a witch! And in closer observation, I realized who it was!

“It didn’t take that long for you to come to me, Luna,” I said as calmly as I could, however deep down I was completely shocked and very concerned as to why and how she got here!?

“So it really is Luna? I had a feeling since her face looked so familiar...”

Carla voiced out in awe as she observed her body with only her eyes.

“That’s Luna!? She really changed! She actually became a demon!?”

Emily voiced out in disbelief as she kept staring at her...

“Her clothes are wet, which could only mean she teleported out of the watering well from the dungeon. But from the looks of her skin being pale and being unconscious along with her heavy growls. It could only mean that she hasn’t fed on human souls for quite a while. In fact, I don’t think she’s fed at all since her transformation. Her aura feels close to non-existent, and her demon is beginning to take control of her body, which could explain the horns on her head not reciting as well as her claws.”

As Carla finished explaining, I wasted no time picking Luna’s body up as I kept looking at her long snowy white hair. Just what kind of demon did Luna make a contract with?


Emily called out my name as she came towards me in worry.

“The room that you prepare earlier, is it ready?”

I asked Carla as I walked past Emily who tried to reach out her hand towards my shoulder.

“Yes,” Carla responded with hesitation.

“Good, I’ll be keeping Luna in there then. I want you to bring a human heart to me as quickly as you can. And make sure it’s from a young human, understand.”

I ordered her as I began to walk upstairs...

“Of course, my Lord!”

Carla quickly responded as I heard the dungeon gate being closed.

“Elijah! You’re not really gonna kill her, are you?”

Emily suddenly asked in worry as I heard her footsteps coming up from behind me.

“Who knows? Looking at how Luna is now, I think I might enjoy making her suffer a bit before I decide to end her life with mine-”

“Please, Elijah! How can you still love her after everything she’s done!? Why can’t you just forget about her and just focus on those who actually do love you! Luna doesn’t care about you-”

“You’re wrong, Emily. No one in this world loves me, but I love Luna. Even if she could never return those feelings to me. Her life is still mine to control, and if I wish for life to come to an end. Then that is my decision to make, I no longer need your assistance. Emily, you could go do whatever you want with your life now. Fuck as many humans or warlocks as you want, or you could even kill yourself. It makes no difference to me since I’m going to burn this whole kingdom in the end.”

I said in a threatening growl as I grip my arms around Luna’s body more firmly.

“How can you say that to me?! I love you, Elijah! I beg you, please don’t destroy this world that we’re in. I don’t want death to separate us-”

“I don’t care who lives or who dies, the only thing I care for is Luna. So keep your love, Emily. I don’t want it, I don’t want you! All I want is Luna’s soul back...”

I said to her as I clenched my jaw tightly as I finally made it to the room where I will be keeping Luna at. After entering, I didn’t give Emily a chance to speak anymore as I quickly shut the door behind me. I was finally able to give a sorrowful sigh as I fell to my knees while holding Luna so desperately! I didn’t want anyone to see my weakness, not even Luna. This wasn’t supposed to happen, this isn’t how I pictured Luna’s life becoming! All I wanted was to give Luna happiness, to watch her age gracefully like fine wine. To enjoy the years we had with each other, but that’s all gone now! So as I buried my face onto her chest in heartache, I pulled her closer to me...

“It hurts, Luna...my heart...it hurts so much. I feel completely alone, even as I hold you in my arms. Why do you feel so far away from me still? What I would give, for us to be human again because at least we were both truly happy back then. Luna, my Luna, please come back to me...”

I cried out in vain as I couldn’t hold my tears from falling. I then heard a sudden growl coming from her throat and was brought back to my senses of reality. That’s right, there’s no point in shedding tears about what could never be. Luna’s soul is never coming back, she could never be human again. So after taking a moment in recollecting myself, I wiped my tears away and stood back up, and made my way towards the bed. As I laid her down, I began to chain her arms and legs as well as her entire body. These were the same type of chains that kept me bound from the lower floors of the dungeon, they helped me not lose control. I had Carla enchant these so Luna would not be able to break free from them.

I don’t know how strong Luna’s demon is, but I’m not taking any chances of her escaping again. So once I finished bounding her, I took a beside her. I still couldn’t get over how Luna looked, she was always beautiful to me. But seeing this new image of her, she’s completely breathtaking. Gently gliding my fingers on her soft smooth cheek, I stopped my fingers next to her plump lips. Her mouth was slightly open, but in closer expectation, I was able to notice how sharp her teeth were. Pulling my hand back, I leaned my head against the wall as I kept staring at her...

“You really are devil, yet why do I still see you as such a small and fragile thing to me?”

I said to her unconscious body, within those few minutes of silence. A light knocking echoed through the room and I knew that it was probably Carla. Getting off the bed, I walked over to the door, and as I opened it I was presented with a human heart that was still beating in Carla’s hands.

“This should bring Luna’s energy back,” Carla said in a deep bow, taking the heart from her hands, I turned around and approached Luna’s body.

“What will you do now that you have Luna back?”

Carla’s asked worriedly as I heard her take a step inside the room...

“I’m assuming you’re wondering what I will do with this Kingdom? Nothing has changed Carla, V, and Sephora’s family have been killed under my orders and I won’t stop until every Royal Family member is killed along with everyone in this kingdom-”

“This isn’t what you’re father would have wanted-”

“I don’t give a shit about my father, Carla your services are no longer needed. You and Emily could leave this castle now, I no longer need any of you. So just leave me and Luna alone in these final moments-”

“Please tell me why you want this Kingdom destroyed?”

Carla asked in tears as I watched her hold herself in sadness. Usually, I would be lashing out my anger at her by now, I always hate it when Carla brings up my father. But I no longer care since this will probably be the last time I speak with her. So I decided to walk towards her, seeing her eyes look at mine, I could tell that she was holding in so much sadness...

“You wanna know why? Alright, it’s because I hate this world, I hate this life I was forced into. I hate that I had to hurt so many lives in order to survive. I did everything I could to protect the one thing that brought me the purpose of wanting to live! But now it’s all gone! Look at her, look at what this world has done to her! Luna, she will have to suffer more in this world with this cursed life! To devour human souls just to live, to never be able to die in peace! None of you will be able to understand what I lost. I hate this fucking world, so why did my father take me away from my happiness!? Everything that I cared for, everything that once made me smile, is all gone. And because of that, I will burn everything that my father only cared for. He never loved anyone but this wretched kingdom, and he never gave me a choice of what I wanted. So I will destroy everything he cherished, the royale families, and the demons that walk this world. I will incinerate it all, now leave! Unless you want to be the first one that burns?”

I threatened her as I felt my eyes turning black, I then raised my hand and ignited a flame. Yet Carla didn’t flinch at all at my threats, she just continued to cry as she kept looking completely broken. Her actions of what she did next really surprised me, so much so, that the flame in my hand went out! She had wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into her embrace! This was truly shocking for me since Carla has never done such a thing! Though shortly afterward, she pulled herself away from me and placed her hand against my cheek, and had me look at her...

“I understand now. I’m sorry...my little Eli. I’m so sorry that I was selfish, I hope that you’ll be able to forgive me one day. So I will do everything in my power to change this, to give you a future that will truly make you happy...goodbye, my love.”

She whispered out her last words to me, and for the first time in my whole life. I saw her give me such a small smile of sadness, I then watched in confusion as she finally walked away from me. She never looked back once as she shut the door behind her. I wasn’t exactly sure what just happened? Did Carla lose her mind, has she gone completely insane that she no longer knows what she’s talking about? What a waste of my words, why did I even bother telling her how I felt? It’s not like it’s gonna matter in the end, she’s going to die with everyone else anyway. Wiping off my cheek where she last touched me, I went back to where Luna was at and placed the human heart I was still holding in front of her face.

It didn’t take long before Luna’s body began to twitch uncontrollably. It was only natural that her body would react this way if she really hasn’t fed at all up to this point. I’m certain she will go into a feeding frenzy just like we all do when we first devour a human soul. We almost lose control when that happens, I wonder if Luna will be able to-

“No, get that...away from me...”

I heard Luna stuttered out in agony as she tried to push the heart away from me! The chains that I put on her were tied down against the bed, she was completely bound. Though I did give the chains enough length for Luna to be able to move around. But I’m quite surprised that Luna is pushing my hand away, she’s really trying to fight what her demon wants, pity...

“So you’re finally awake, why fight what you want Luna? Go on, show me what you are, what we are. Vile beasts that live off human souls, your demon must want to go berserk at the smell of this human’s flesh. So go ahead, sink your teeth to what you truly desire-”

“No, stop it! Get away from me!”

Luna screamed at the top of her lungs as she tried to fight her urges. So I quickly got on top of her and pulled the chains that were attached to her arms until she was no longer able to move them!

“This is what you wanted, remember! The only way for you to survive and not lose control is by eating the souls that you once had!”

I growled in rage as I saw the stubbornness in Luna’s tears. I knew she wasn’t going to listen to what I was saying, so I decided to take a bite of the human heart I still held and made the decision of just forcing it down her throat!

“Fine then, if you don’t want to take it, then I’ll make you...”

I said as I brought my face closer towards her. Grabbing her jaw, I forced her mouth open and placed my lips against hers as I fed her the flesh that would satisfy her inner witch. Her body kept shifting beanthe me, wanting to get away. But once I let the chains loosen a bit, she brought her hands against my chest and tried to push me off! But it didn’t take long before I saw the redness of her eyes turn pitch black. She was finally giving in to her desires as she then moved her hand around my neck pulling me closer. Her tongue began searching every inch of my mouth for more flesh, yet the tears in her eyes never went away as we kept looking at each other. And once we parted, her hunger growls could be heard vibrating at the back of her throat along with her heavy breathing.

“Please...make this pain stop, give me more...”

She cried out in shame as she stretched out her hands. Watching her act this way was heartbreaking for me to watch because this was exactly what I didn’t want Luna to become. A monster like me...

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